OK, it looks like the wiki has calmed down the last few days, but as you can see in the title, our problems are far from over. We still have much work to get done.

Admin Meeting

I can hardly call yesterday's admin meeting successful. As for the details of the meeting, I will wait until Jon says something about this, because I was unable to attend half the meeting. I'm pretty sure we got nothing done. As for a future meetings, I don't think one is scheduled for July, but I think we should have a meeting in one months to discuss stuff that we will be discussed in this blog. The meeting will be the week of June 18, most likely.

Uncategorized Pages

Count them. There are 388 uncategorized pages. This is a simple issue to fix. If you are reading this, click the link above and properly categorize 15 pages on the list. Having 20 people read this would result in adding categories to 200 pages. If you feel like it, categorize more. The more you categorize, the better. If everyone helps, everyone wins.

Short Pages

I have talked about this before. This wiki has atleast 1,000 articles that are smaller than 300 bytes, which classifies it as a stub. Most of these are articles that say Alien is an alien in Series. Do we really need these pages? Yes. Do we want these pages? Not in the condition that they are in right now. Mark them with the {{Stub}}, which automatically adds the Article stub category. Since there are many of these, add the template to five pages per day. Note: Some pages may already have the stub tag, so don't touch these unless they are yours.

Fixing these two categories is a great start to helping clean up with wiki. Find something else that need's fixing. Contact an (active) Admin and they will reply as soon as we can.

~~Paper out.

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