OmniWill OmniWill 8 February 2013

User Signature Request

So, i think, since i'm bored, i'll make a request thing. 

something like this:

you tell me

Name: (what you want me to put where it says "OmniWill," plus the hover text [optional]))

Left: (what you want me to put to the left, where the Suicune is, plus the hover text [optional])

Right: (what you want me to put to the right, where the Fennekin is, plus the hover text [optional])

Color: (what color you want the background, border and name to be) 

Border: (What style you want the border to be, 

  1. (slant)
  2. (circle)
  3. (box)

Additional: (any other additional things, EX text shadow, font, etc.)


    • 1.1 OmniWill
    • 1.2 Sarah
    • 1.3 Toon
    • 1.4 Kai
    • 1.5 Zon
    • 1.6 Dark
  • 2 TO DO





  • Jack
  • Bloxx
  • AB
  • Rip
  • Solo
  • Ahmad
  • XLRking
  • Cyber

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OmniWill OmniWill 18 January 2013

Taken Offense

Ok people i am sick and tired of getting offended on chat. MLP or not. I mean if you don't like MLP the only thing you're doing by constantly assaulting it is giving me hints that you actually like it. And this problem isn't JUST about MLP. But that's what's happening toward me, and personally it's offensive, rude and really annoying so please, JUST STOP. You think you're "cool" offending people like that? no, you just end up hurting people and losing friends. So point in case, please stop making offensive comments in chat.

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OmniWill OmniWill 13 January 2013

Pokemon Fan Game Crew

Ok so here's the deal, Me, Nick, Photon, and Nar are working on making a pokemon fan game. the only thing we're lacking is someone to make the battle sprites, like front and back and such..... 

Anyone interested?

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OmniWill OmniWill 24 December 2012

Will 10 Q&A/Suggestions

Ok now, so Me, Tronfan, the Creator of Will 10 and Will 10:Age of Extremis, is now taking suggestions, And will answer questions. so ask me a qustion , or give me a sugestion for Will 10 or will 10:AOE in the comments below.

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OmniWill OmniWill 24 December 2012

New Aliens

Tell me everyone who are these, I am positive that the yellow one is Shocksquatch and the Blue is rook and the Other one is blox, but other people who won't be named (ROB) say that they arn't. Tell me what do you think?

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