Come one, come all!

Want to prove your Omnitrix wielder is the very best, like no one ever was? Come soon to the Tournament, where you can! (The tournament is unofficial.)

Color commentary will be provided by Otto Maton!


Your Omnitrix user cannot be from the show. The Omnitrix itself can be.

You will have to list exactly ten aliens to use. The aliens can be from the show.

No Celestialsapiens, Naljians, Atomix’s Species, or Toepick’s Species.

No killing of any kind. Once the opponent is unable to fight, you win, through any other means necessary. (Knockout, Sleep, Forfeit, etc.) No gore.

I guess I should show you the format for how to sign up. So, I’m throwing my hat into the ring. HERE GOES!

Derwin 13 and Otto Join the Battle!

Base Powers: Intelligence, Limited Electrokinesis, Otto Mecha.


  1. QK-N
  2. Mod
  3. Whispcreep
  4. Fireball
  5. Quite Large
  6. Slime
  7. Skinny Chill
  8. Oresun
  9. Spillout
  10. Kibunki

So, that’s one challenger. Let’s see nine more in the comments!

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