Well, I decided to create this so you can check up for recent updates about what I'm doing once a month or 2. Maybe you can help me.


You probally know what monobook is. You can change to Monobook any time. But check the Spanish Pokemon Wiki, go to your prefences, and check out their Monobook. It's amazing. I was thinking about having our Monobook very similiar to how they make their side bars with new stuff when you hover over it.

We should update it to have our pages better to organize and portalize torwards. We should look forward to that in our Monobook.css and Monobook.js.


Here is something I recently discussed here on the bottom. It's an image with links on certain areas of the image when you hover over it. I'm planning on doing that on the JUU main page, but I need Bink's help making the image. The image will have the JUU logo in the center with "Episodes" (episode list and specials list), "Aliens" (alien list), "Characters" (character list), and "Others" (video games / toy line / DVDs / trivia) while the fan list and plot would be somewhere else on the JUU main page.

This is very complicated because it involves mathamatical genious to solve the areas. Obviously, you need the points on XY corridinates to find the area where you want the surroundings. This is where hard to do, so I'll need help to find out how to find the XY corridinates of a PNG image file. But I'll only need 4 corridinates to surround it for mine because I'll just use recangular links on the image. Circles and rectangles (squares included with rectangles) only need a few, but if you want to do a particular shape, you have to form lines all around the image to solve it.

About Tabs...

Tabs are incredibly easy to do, but it's unorganized. I decided on making tabs for tabs, but I thought to myself, pages are better without the tabs. I mean, things like when BTMTT has tabs at the center for episodes, not at the top for everything. If you're about to do tabs for everything, please think about this. I feel that mine and Brain's user pages are fantastic with tabs compared to Roads'. It's also best for those who don't have working browsers that support tabs.

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