You know how there has been the User Reility Show and Userama right? Well I thought about making a new thing called "Ben 10 Fan Fiction Island". It'll be where 18 campers go on the camp and do stupid stunts on the island til and see if your teams win! Don't get it? I wouldn't either. Okay, so here's how it works. 18 users from this site sign up to be in Ben 10 Fan Fiction Island (BTFFI) by commenting below or sending me a message on my talk page. So when it starts, I'll start it and these 18 contestants will be broken up in 2 random teams (meaning 9 on each team). So these 2 teams will compete against eachother in a challenge in almost every episode. When one of the teams win, the losing team must have a bond ceremony. The 9 contestants must leave a vote on who they want to eliminate from their team. The person with the most votes will be eliminated from the site. The same thing happens in many other episodes (a few episodes will be aftermaths so no contests). When the teams will be lowered and have few teammates, it will become every camper for theirselves. When it's every camper for theirselves, one person will win the episode challenge and get invincibility for that episode. Meaning, that that person can not be voted. Once there are onto the final 2 campers, there will be a huge match with everyone there and see who wins the prize!


  1. Omernoy
  2. ET
  3. Kross
  4. Nami
  5. UH
  6. RocketSlug
  7. Roads
  8. Dan
  9. Earl
  10. CL
  11. 12345
  12. Silver
  13. Batking
  14. FusionFall
  15. Odd
  16. Survivefan
  17. Binks
  18. Snowie
  19. Charbel
  20. Redo
  21. Will
  22. Brain
  23. Alex
  24. Brandon

Chef- Agito

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