HOLY SHEET GUYS! FANON CON IS FINALLY HERE! (Yes Brandon, you can celebrate now) Yep, like I promised :D And that is a LOT of entires down here. (thatswhatshesaid)

But anyway.. ENJOY *Nuke*


Sci's Entry
Hey Everyone, welcome to the ... ah forget it. There's been too many fanon cons to count.

So as you know, I've been very INACTIVE since Heroes came out on BTFF writing. This is the first time I've had such a long hiatus from Ben 10 Fan fiction. Anyways, I've decided to write a submission and if I feel like it, I'll make it into a special movie or something for Halloween. If I decide not to make it part of a movie or something, eh at least I would have had something for Fanon Con.


10 Years Ago, a man lost his mind.
A man by the name of Ben Tennyson. 
Many have theories on how he lost his mind. 
This is the true story of how that occurred.

[It cuts to photo of a sixteen year old with a goth-looking teen, a geek-like looking girl, and an old man. The picture quickly begins to burn to a crisp. ]

This was Ben Tennyson, along with his cousin, his grandfather, and his friend.
For Years they worked together. 
Fought the same enemies. 
Watched the same movies. 
But one night... that all changed.

[It begins with a transmission from a Plumber. ] 

[Plumber]: Code One! Code One! I'm on an unidentified planet. I can only explain myked surroundings as a wooden environment with plant life. I am being followed. The stalker is ... faceless. He has rare abilities that I can only call supernatural. I request immediate back-up. Imme- 

[The Transmission ends with a scream and static. ] 

With all other plumbers on important missions,
Ben Tennyson responds to this message
and goes to the mysterious planet alone.

[It cuts to pictures of the mysterious forest like planet. ]

An audio recording of Ben Tennyson was found in his space ship. 
This is the recording.

[Ben, on the recording]: This is Ben Tennyson, I'm heading to Restricted Section Alpha Sigma VII. Plumber down. Something seems odd about this message. Um, yeah. More information will be explained when I arrive there. 

This is the last recording from Ben Tennyson for four hours. 
The next recording is disturbing.

[Ben, on the recording]: I need help, immediately! Gwen, Kevin... Grandpa... oh damn my leg... I'm injured, and I've found the crash landed plumber. He's dead. I'm now currently being stalked. I attempted to fight, but my Omnitrix is glitching... it won't even turn on. There's notes and... wait, what was....

[Suddenly a loud sound of static appears. ]

When one observes the static, you can discover a hidden voice. 
Slow it down and you can hear the voice.

[It cuts to the static, playing slowly. ]

[Unidentified Voice]: I have ... have plans for you.... Ben Tennyson...

Tennyson would find him later return to his homeworld, but began to act weird. 
Over the course of a year, mysterious killings and sightings began in Bellwood. 
The Bellwood Police eventually got reports of a tall, slender figure. 
Almost, alien like. 
Tennyson's oddness and the new stalker made the people realize the truth. 
The night on the alien world resulted in Ben gaining a new alien form. 
One that could control him. 
One that could make him become it. 
That alien soon received a name from the very people he tried to protect. 


Okay okay. So you should have seen this coming. SlenderBen! SlenderBen is awesome.

Anyways, hope you liked your little Slenderman based short. I was bored so... yeah. See you next Fanon Con when I kill off Ben Tennyson in an extremely gory fashion! (lolno).

HF's Entry
Hey guys. Welcome to HF Con ! Yes, that's right I'm calling it HF Con. This my very first Fanon Con submission and from now on all my submissions are called HF Con.

Anyways, Welcome To The First Ever HF Con !

Ben 10: Omnithon

A brand new amazing series is coming soon in BTFF and I recommend you read it. It will feature the ultimate battle between Good and Evil as well as the rise of a new tyranny. Here is the trailer,

This winter.....

[Ben and Vilgax are seen starring at each other.]

[Ben]: Well Vilgax, why don't we settle this for once and for all. Me Vs. You !

......Will conclude the Ultimate battle between Good and Evil....

[A green energy ray is seen clashing with a red one.]

[Vilgax]: Tennyson, why don't you just give up!

[Suddenly a masked figure interrupts and shoots a purple ray. He knocked out both Ben and Vilgax.]

[Masked Figure]: The battle between Good and Evil is over. Now is the time for CHAOS to rise !

Ben 10: Omnithon


Next HF Con

Every HF Con, I will give you some hints of the next HF Cons which will take place.

  1. Something that will brighten everyone in BTFF.
  2. And one more thing......
Ultra's Entry
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! The Superior Deadpool arrives on Fanon Con to reveal several information (or spoilers if you wish) about Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited and Ben 99.

Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited

Remember back when Ben Again aired? Professor Paradox and Ben 10,000 mentioned that a Time War was occuring. If you were thrilled about the idea, you will be excited to know that Season 2 of Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited will have Time War as the main event! Maltruence, a being of untold power, has enslaved more that 10,000 dimensions and alternate universes. With only 7 remaining, Professor Paradox informs Ben 10 as well as the other Bens (Ben 99, Ben 23, Ben 12, Ben 3,000, Ben 292 and another Ben 10) of the upcoming threat. In the prime dimension, Ben recruits Kevin, Alan and Tetrax to form a strike team against Maltruence and his forces: The Guardians of the Galaxy! Will our heroes succeed? Plus, I have additional information about the distant future of the series.

  • Albedo will return more powerful than ever before! (Not Ultimate Albedo. Seriously...)
  • Ben will eventually unlock the Master Control.
  • The series finale will have an incredible plot twist!

Ben 99

The series is still on its first episode, but worry not, as new episodes will be released soon. Our anti-hero will face new foes and at the same time dealing with life problems. So far, no other aliens than the ones who are listed in the series page will appear. This is subject to change.

Additional Info

  • Both series will have a theme song.
  • Both series will have a reviews and ideas page. (This might take some time to create)
  • I'll try to speed up the making of episodes and I apologize for the incovenience.

A big thanks to the fans that helped these series become quite popular, as well as the users that without them, I wouldn't be the same person I am today.

SUPERIOR ALL THE WAY!14:25, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Coke's Entry
Notice: The following is a modified version of part 2 of the tenth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe, Missing Link for appearance only in the Winter Fanon Con 2012 (but the unmodified version was posted on Monday, December 24th). Take the time to read this part, then read the series from the beginning with the first episode, Infernosphere.
----===Part II===

[We open the next morning at the Tennyson domain. One Plumber ship cruises through the skies. Immediately after it's out of view, several much smaller Plumber cruisers speed through the air after the ship. At this point, our focus is moved to the Tennysons' front door. Ben emerges, dressed in his usual garbs. He swings his keys around his fingers as he heads to his car. He gets inside and listens to the purr of the starting engine. He watches the sky for a bit while the car gets ready, admiring the contrails left by something that just passed. Unbeknownst to him, these clouds were left by Plumbers on a mission. The car is ready, and at this point, his attention is drawn to the dashboard. It begins to beep and play music. Its ringtone is a Sumo Slammers theme song.]

DX Mark 10: Call from Karin Frikton.
Ben: I seriously need to find out how to change this car's number. He pushes down on the pedals as he begins his journey to school. He then taps a screen on the dashboard that shows video of the caller, Karin, who sits in her Plumber outfit inside a Plumber ship.
Karin (intercom): Ben, we have some bad news.
Ben: What?
Karin (intercom): It appears Chili truly passed away this morning. It's no longer possible for a transplant to be done.
Ben (abruptly stopping in the middle of the road, fortunately out of traffic's way): Oh, no.
Karin (intercom): Yeah...And I heard you called for assistance last night. That transport ship you hailed was mine.
Ben: Yeah, sorry it's always ending up yours.
Karin (intercom): It's nothing. We couldn't transplant Cyanne's Cyogen, though. We made it to the infirmary, and it appeared that he was far too low on the amount of Cyogen in his body to donate. We've handed him over to proper care so he can deal with his current ailment.
Ben: Ailment? What's he got?
Karin (intercom): We believe it to be a sometimes fatal Necrofriggian disease called Cyogen Detriment Disease which used to be more common amongst Khoruans, but what it essentially means for him is that, he's losing Cyogen at an alarming rate and we don't know why.
Ben (begins to drive again): Hope he gets better then. I bet it'd be painful for a mom to lose two kids that quickly.
Karin (intercom): I heard you should be one to be able to feel that pain; you have a few Necrofriggian kids yourself.
Ben: Hey, I never got a chance to even meet them. Chances are I'll never even see 'em again.
Karin (intercom): Who knows, Ben.
Ben: Yeah...alright. I'm heading to school. Tell Cyanne to get better; I'll visit him later.
Karin (intercom): Sure thing.

The call ends, and Ben continues on his route to school, uneasy after hearing the news about Cyanne and Chili.

[Our focus is shifted to the front of an abandoned warehouse. The previous 3 Plumber cruisers fly through the skies for a few miles before disbanding from their formation, all heading in different directions. In front of the abandoned warehouse, the original Plumber's ship appears, just having exited from incognito mode. Its landing stairs slowly descends to touch the ground. Kineceleran Karin Frikton in all but her Plumber's helmet, a disguise taken on by one of the Commander's group, emerges, walking down the landing. Standing on the ground, she faces the interior of the ship, and just before motioning her crew mates, an unfamiliar voice speaks from behind her.]

Voice: Hands in the air.

[We see behind Karin a human Plumber with a Ulam pistol in-hand held right behind Karin's back. The Plumber presses a button near their head that shields them with a helmet, making their identity unknown. Karin slowly raises her hands above her head, and the Plumber continues to speak.]

Plumber: Name.
Karin: What's yours?
Plumber: I asked first. Plus, I've got a weapon.
Karin: Alright. Magister Karin Frikton of the Plumbers; I promise you I'm just here on a mission. Now, what's your name?
Plumber: That's on a need-to-know basis. Karin Frikton, the Plumbers have suspected that you're behind a bigger plot.
Karin: Why would they think that?
Plumber: I don't know. He pulls a Plumber's badge out from his back pocket and taps the hourglass symbol on top. A feed begins to play.
Feed (through Plumber's badge, Karin's voice): "Ben, we have some bad news." Karin's eyes widen as she's forced to recall a past conversation. There's some crackling sounds, then more speaking. "It appears Chili truly passed away this morning. It's no longer possible for a transplant to be done." There is more crackling. "It's nothing. We couldn't transplant Cyanne's Cyogen, though. We made it to the infirmary, and it appeared that he was far too low on the amount of Cyogen in his body to donate. We've handed him over to proper care so he can deal with his current ailment." Louder crackling that lasts longer than before. "We believe it to be a sometimes fatal Necrofriggian disease called Cyogen Detriment Disease which used to be more common amongst Khoruans, but what it essentially means for him is that, he's losing Cyogen at an alarming rate and we don't know why." Crackling, then the Plumber taps the hourglass symbol once more and puts away his badge. Karin: Where'd you get that?
Plumber: Need-to-know basis. You were talking to Ben Tennyson, and you fed him the lie that a currently-hospitalized Necrofriggian known as "Chili" is dead.
Karin: I thought he was dead. When I visited--
Plumber: By the way, when did you visit? There is no record of any past visit to the infirmary from you, Karin, especially not since last night.
Karin: Uhh...well you see...
Plumber: Come with me, Ms. Frikton.

Ulam pistol held to Karin's back, he shoves her forward into her ship. After moving only inches up the landing, the ear-piercing sound of gunfire goes off. Karin's eyes close at this point as she takes in the shot, but after moments without pain, she opens her eyes. Ahead of her, she sees Elena with gun in-hand, aimed at Karin. Karin turns around to find the Plumber's body on his back, a gun wound straight through his stomach. Karin lays the Plumber's left arm over the wound and pulls the body by its legs into the ship. She lays it in a dark corner and removes her ID Mask, revealing herself to be Thep Khufan Commander yet again. He turns to Scarogus who sits comfortably in the pilot's seat.

Thep Khufan Commander: Scarogus, have you another ID Mask I can use to disguise this body? Scarogus: Yours was the only one, Commander. Took me a while to get that one alone; they've been taken off anywhere but the black market since the Atasian Wars. Thep Khufan Commander: Fine. I assume this ship is safe anyhow, and if it isn't, we'll deal with any other intruders. Elena, Albedo, where is the Necrofriggian?

Albedo suddenly becomes visible in the room as Negative Ghostfreak, holding human Cyanne by holding his hands and covering his mouth. Elena rushes over to Cyanne and holds him by his hands. Negative Ghostfreak floats backwards then transforms into Negative Anos, whose skin is maroon in place of purple and hair red in place of magenta. He snaps his finger.

Negative Anos: Step aside, Elena. It is revealed that he had tied Cyanne's hands with his red mana and covered his mouth with a red mana band that wraps around from his mouth to the back of his head. Cyanne struggles to speak, only managing mumbles past the tape. Thep Khufan Commander motions Negative Anos to allow him to speak, and with the snap of a finger, the mana band is torn and disappears.Speak. Cyanne (breathing quickly): You people are insane! And that Plumber, he said my brother is alive! You lied to me.
Negative Anos: Yeah, when you've got a greater cause, you tend to do that.
Cyanne: What's your greater cause? To kill my innocent brother?
Thep Khufan Commander: That's a side effect, happening only because of what has to be done to you.
Cyanne: And what's that?
Thep Khufan Commander: We're getting rid of you. You know too much, and we can't have the mission compromised. And we can't allow for anymore slip-ups that may compromise us any further. Scarogus, make sure all communications to and from this ship are encrypted. Also make sure we can't be tracked.
Scarogus: Yes, Commander. He turns around in his chair and begins to pull up several GUIs over his control panel.
Cyanne: Can't you guys wipe my memory or do something else to me? Why kill me?
Thep Khufan Commander: Because we can't trust you not to rat us out, because there is no means of wiping memory without the memory being retrievable, and because we *want* to get rid of you. You're taking up extra space in our cells that doesn't need to be occupied. We're throwing away a lot of risk by ridding ourselves of every last prisoner on our ship, no matter whose lives are going to be torn. The mission's come too far, and we edge ever closer. Now, Elena, Albedo, mute him, and bring him inside.
Negative Anos and Elena (in unison): Yes, Commander. Negative Anos snaps his fingers once more, and immediately before Cyanne gets the chance to speak, his mouth is covered once more, and his legs are also bonded. He and Elena wrap their arms around either of Cyanne's and bring him in front of the warehouse.
Negative Anos: Hold him on your own for a sec.

Elena nods in response, stepping behind Cyanne to have full control of him. Negative Anos reverts to Ghostfreak and by touching the warehouse's large garage door, makes it entirely intangible. Negative Ghostfreak nods to Elena, and she walks through the door with Cyanne. After completely phasing through the door, Ghostfreak himself phases through, leaving it tangible once more. From inside the Plumber's ship, we observe through Thep Khufan Commander's eyes searching through a window, just how long Elena and Albedo spend inside the warehouse. After five minutes, they emerge, both in their Plumber garbs, wiping their hands to commemorate an easy job well done. They step inside the ship.

Thep Khufan Commander: Is everything set up?
Elena and Albedo (in unison): Yes, sir.
Thep Khufan Commander: Good. Scarogus, send the signal.
Scarogus (pressing a single blue button on his control panel): Done.
Thep Khufan Commander: Then phase 2 is complete. Elena, you know what comes next.
Elena: Yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: We return in a matter of hours, then. Scarogus, retract the landing. For now, we're done here.

[From the exterior of the ship, we see the landing retract into the ship once more. The ship begins to rise up from the ground, and as the ship blasts away, it enters incognito mode once more. Our view is shifted from here to the interior of Ben's school, in the empty hallways. The bell for the end of class rings, and the halls flood with students in all sorts of clothing, all bearing backpacks as well books in hand. As everyone heads in every direction, the final door to open in this section of the hallways is one belonging to Dr. Menzio. Students file out of the classroom and join the crowd, and at the end of the line is Ben, arguing with his teacher.]

Ben: But Dr. Menzio--
Dr. Menzio: No buts, Mr. Tennyson. Your work as a "superhero" is dully noted, but there is absolutely no way that in your weeks of break, you were constantly caught up with heroics. All jobs present leisure at some point, and to say you didn't have an ounce of it would warrant my calling your parents. They'll be the judge of whether you had time or not.
Ben: Well, we don't have to go that far, do we?
Dr. Menzio: No, we don't, if you head to your next class and stop arguing this with me. You will have time to study and complete your missing assignments when you come in on Saturday.
Ben: SATURDAY?! That's my relaxing time!
Dr. Menzio: Aha!
Ben: Oooh...
Dr. Menzio: Now, go to your next class, Mr. Tennyson. As opposed to you in your current state, I am not afraid to speak to your parents right now.
Ben: Alright, Dr. Menzio. See you on Saturday.
Dr. Menzio: Mhm.

He shuts his door as Ben walks into the hallway. Ben is seen with a rather thin backpack with two books in hand, one thick green hardcover and another thin orange paperback. Just in front of his next class where a few kids are in line to get inside on time, his Omnitrix begins to beep at a fairly low tone. His raises his hand to his face, and upon his wrist, the Omnitrix is blinking, a green glow turning off and turning on in a loop. He taps the hourglass without popping the tower, and his eyes widen as he skims the holographically projected alien symbols. He rushes around the corner to his locker. Lacking time to get through the lock, he transforms into Streak after checking for teachers in the area, backpack and books still in hand. He puts his luggage on the floor and opens a portal and tosses everything inside. He closes the portal and reverts to human.

[Our attention moves to inside a nearly-full class with blue desks and walls. A rather rotund teacher in a dark green shirt and sweat pants with graying hair stands at a podium at the front of the room. As the bell goes off, he begins reading off his list of students for attendance. After getting through nearly everybody, he comes across one name and repeats it several times when there is no response.]

Teacher: Ben Tennyson? After moments of refusing to raise his head, he finally does so, and sees the missing Ben Tennyson, as well as the crowding of a few students at his window. Everybody, be seated now. What is the commotion?

The students refuse to be seated, and the teacher trudges over to the window. Outside, Ben is seen running out onto the grassy fields.

Teacher: Ben Tennyson!

Ben barely gives any attention to the teacher as he smacks down on the Omnitrix, transforming into Jetray and flying away.

Teacher: In all my years, I have no idea how to respond to a student with the ability to transform into *aliens*. He turns to see the students still standing at the window, expecting to find Ben fly past the window. Any student that doesn't wish to stay here on Sunday for three hours cleaning my blackboards better get seated within the next five seconds.

[As every student rushes to their seats, the teacher puts on a devilish grin in accepting that his threat was successful. He steps back to his podium, and our attention soars into the skies at Jetray talking to himself.]

Jetray: Oh man, oh man, oh man. I have to speed up. He boosts forward, flying through the air at over mach 25 speeds. In mere seconds, he arrives at his destination: the warehouse. He descends to the ground, unfortunately being unable to descend fast from his faster-than-re-entry speed. To avoid heating up and painfully crashing down to the ground, he transforms into Heatblast to cool the crash. Shoveling a 10-mile deep hole into the ground with his head, Heatblast arrives at the ground. He is quick to emerge from the ground, not even caring for the amount of pain just induced. At the warehouse, he burns a circle around the area he'd like to jump in through. He transforms into Four Arms, not even caring for the fact that he tried for Humungousaur, and bashes the hole in the door that Heatblast had outlined for him. He jumps inside the door and transforms into Humungousaur.
Humungousaur: Alright, where is she? With the sound of a girl screaming, Humungousaur's jaw drops and eyes widen. In attempt to follow the sound of the scream, he transforms into Wildmutt, beginning to run around the interior of the room he is in, a fairly small rectangular room with absolutely no contents other than a tall blue wall and a small door. He opens the door and walks inside the next room. He is on the other side of a trap. A large section of the middle of the room is a pit in which spikes dress the floor. Across the room, there is another platform on which Julie sits in a wooden chair, tied to it by her ankles and hands tied behind her back, attempting to scream through paper taped over her mouth. Wildmutt roars at the sight. He transforms into Ultimate Wildmutt.
Ultimate Wildmutt: I don't know who did this to you, Julie, but I'm here to help, and soon I'll be going after whoever's behind this. He jumps onto the side wall and begins to run along it to the other side of the room. As part of the trap, the wall begins to lean inward, pushing Ultimate Wildmutt closer to the spiked floor. Going to need some wings for this job. Transforms into Jetray and flies out of the trap towards Julie. He arrives on the other side of the platform. Standing right in front of Julie, yet another trap is set off. A sticky substance is spat out on Jetray, and the floor below him opens up, dropping him underground. Unable to fly due to the substance sticking his wings in one state, he transforms once more into Spidermonkey. He climbs out of the tube-shaped trap leading to a pit of lava. Outside of the tube, he shoots a web that sticks to the ceiling and hangs upside down on it to avoid further tricks. He unties Julie's legs, hands, and gently rips the paper off of her lips.
Spidermonkey: Julie, are you okay? She doesn't speak. You're speechless; you're traumatized. We have to get you to a--She suddenly fades into nothing. JULIE! He drops onto the chair and looks around for her. In front of him, Julie appears. Spidermonkey exhales a great sigh of relief. Oh, good. Julie, we need to get out of here. Julie merely stands before him. Julie, I'm going to pick you up now. He gets up out of the chair and stands before Julie. As he attempts to take her, she hits him, knocking him to the other side of the platform they're on, nearly into the spike pit. She transforms into Elena. Elena...
Elena: Hello, Ben. A Galvanic Mechamorph suit grows over her body, and she races over to Ben using Kineceleran speed. She picks up Spidermonkey by the neck, who kicks as he attempts to escape captivity. And goodbye. She punches the Omnitrix, reverting him to human and timing out the Omnitrix. Ben's human neck is now held by her one hand. She waves at him with her other hand, which begins to glow green as a ball of energy appears in it. She blasts him with it.

[From Ben's point of view, we watch the blast arrive in slow motion, dealing a blow to his stomach. Everything turns white, then black, as he goes unconscious.]


Once again, feel free to check out Infernosphere (or simply finish reading Missing Link; remember this is part 2 of that) and the rest of Back in Action: Alien Universe, because things are just starting to get good.

Mark's Entry
Hello my name is Mark also known as Mark Alien or by my freinds the geek :D

My seies is Mark 12 based upon my name duh, and all the series have been short or not well florished untill now so I would like to announce that a brand new movie is comeing to my, umm franchise? Any way here is a little of my Movie enjoy or you could say enyoy ;D


Sneak Peak

I was walking down the street with my "Trix" in hand when suddenly the Omegatrix disapears of my wrist then so does my arm then my other arm and then my...everything.

"BOOM" I wake up from that nightmare or dream or halucination I do not know.

What I do know is that my Omnitrix the Omegatrix has infact disapeared so i run over to my closet and bring out my spare Omnitrix it cannot evolve aliens but it will have to do.

I then grab my electronics and go I turn into chromostone

Max's Entry
This is Max's submission for Fall Fanon Con

Darkness Arising

Darkness Arising is my new dark series, in a post-apocalyptic universe, where Ben died...Check out Chimera Sui Death for the full story.

Watch out for Drakness Arising...coming soon!

Ben 23

Main Series

Ben 23 is now active again, with almost all of the team back in, making some stuff. A new enemy, with details to be added by Lego Master, will appear after the finale. Also, Khyber, his dog, Malware, Psychobos will all appear in Season 3 as well, though their appearance in Season 4 is unconfirmed. Template:Heding23 Photon is all set to become a true dictator in the movie, all though Ben and Azmuth WILL defeat them, with help by Rook, of course.




Maximus Loo2012 (Me)


Lego Master

Zane's Entry
Hey Guys! after Missing all 5 Fanon Cons, i finnaly Enter!! So i'l tell you Some Updates of my series Shun 10, Zane Miller 10, Omni-Legends and others..

Shun 10

So for Shun 10... It is Finnished with 1 season and 13 episodes. Well actualy 15. There was a Goop Fest special episode - A New Alien. Also the 15th episode, wich is How Shun 10 Should Have Ended writen by Paper or Sci (IDK). When i writed the Goop Fest special it made me want to make a Sequal, but probably no. :(

Zane Miller 10

As for Zane Miller 10... The Carbdozer is out, i got bored of writting the ep. There might be some Fanon Aliens Added, like Metalmono, Frozen Stream (If i get Premission from Flame) and Ice Blade, who will get a new Design. Electric Trap wil come out soon.


For Omni-Legends... Heatblast: Vengeance of the Cold wil come out soon. Also There are other Aliens living in Omni-World, Just the Benaliens are Notable. The Colders are Necrofriggians Heatblast Deafeated together with Diamondhead, but They survived. In HVOTC Diamondhead dies, It's Commformed. Also Commformed then Snare-Oh was a hero with the name Benmummy. In Benmummy: The Forrmer Hero he turns in to Snare-Oh.

My Other series

As for them... All of them have been Canceled. But they are free to adopt. I would like you to do that. Keith 10: Rise of Keith had only 5 eps and no more commformed so probably no Adoption for it. Zack 17 had also 5 eps, but a lot of commformed ones too. I would like to continue it, but i have ran out of ideas my self for it. Kai 10 had 1 ep and is totaly canceled.

Well That's About it guys! See you on the Next Fanon Con

Richard's Entry
This is my first time doing something for Fanon-Con. I'd like to show the images of some future, unmarked episodes in the Richard 10 franchise which all feature one of my personal favorites, PhDoctor.

The order of the episodes are: The Three Doctors The Five Doctors 2 Doctors & 8 Angels Time Crash 10, 11, 12 13 Is The Lucky Number


The Three Doctors


The Five Doctors


2 Doctors & 8 Angels


Time Crash


10, 11, 12

All 13 PhDoctors

13 is The Lucky Number

Here are some more detailed plots of these episodes than the ones on their pages.

The Three Doctors

This episode takes place during the time of Third PhDoctor. When a Dalek suddenly appears on Earth in Richard's timeline, the Celestialsapiens get an idea to break the first Time Lord Law, which is never let a Time Lord meet his future or past incarnations. While in the TARDIS, the Second PhDoctor appears and informs Third about the Celestialsapiens' plans. The TV in the TARDIS turns on and the First PhDoctor appears, informing them the Celestialsapiens are having trouble getting him to the others, being temporarily stuck in a time eddy. While the Celestialsapiens work on getting First to the other two, Second and Third work on trying to figure out how the Daleks got there, and what they're doing.

The Five Doctors

This episode takes place during the time of Fifth PhDoctor. While searching an old town in Western Germany during World War II, Fifth discovers there are Cybermen working for Nazi Germany. He suddenly falls to his knees. Slowly he makes his way back to the TARDIS. Back during the time of First PhDoctor, a strange ship chases and kidnaps First. During the time of Second PhDoctor, the same ship chases and kidnaps him. Same thing happens to Third PhDoctor and Fourth PhDoctor, although Fourth gets trapped in a Time Eddy while being pulled into the ship. Suddenly, the ship takes the TARDIS with Fifth. With all the others being in close range, Fifth manages to get back up. They all begin to work together to escape the ship, save the TARDIS, and save Fourth so they can stop the Nazi Cybermen.

2 Doctors & 8 Angels

This episode takes place during the time of Eighth PhDoctor. Eighth is studying the mythological creatures called the Weeping Angels.When he hears the sound of the TARDIS, he remembers this meeting, and Second PhDoctor comes out of the TARDIS console. Eighth explains to Second that he remembers meeting him, but not exactly what happened. They both look back at the Weeping Angel book that Eighth had. They begin searching about where they might be, and are taken hostage by 8 of them.

Time Crash

This episode takes place during the time of Tenth PhDoctor. While about to take a random trip, Tenth's TARDIS goes haywire. While trying to fix the TARDIS, Tenth bumps into a familiar face: Fifth PhDoctor. Tenth realizes straight away this is his past incarnation and starts reminiscing about his adventures as Fifth, much to the latter's confusion. Fifth, irritated, decides that the strange person wearing older versions of his clothes and looking like him in his TARDIS is an obsessive fan of his. Tenth, to his own bewilderment, can't convince his past self otherwise. Meanwhile, the collision of the TARDIS with its past (or future) self threatens to tear a hole in the universe - one the exact size of Belgium (which, as Fifth remarks, is a rather undramatic description). To the irritation of Fifth, he decides to work with Tenth to stop the accident.

10, 11, 12

This episode takes place during the time of Twelfth PhDoctor. While working on the TARDIS, Twelfth feels a presence in the TARDIS. He gets up, and realizes his past two incarnations are in the TARDIS. He begins to explain who he is, but Eleventh already knows, because he remembers being Tenth and seeing it happen. Twelfth and Eleventh use contact to clue Tenth in on what is going to happen. They all head outside and see Eon and Time Lapse creating a whole in the universe. Once back in the TARDIS, they try to work on getting back before it happens, but something goes terribly wrong: The TARDIS is inside of the TARDIS.

13 Is The Lucky Number

This episode takes place during the time of Thirteenth PhDoctor. A black whole is sucking the energy from Zvezda. The Celestialsapiens call upon Thirteenth to figure out what is going on. When the TARDIS gets stuck in the world of Anti-Matter, one by one, the other twelve PhDoctors show up in the world, through a paradox created and controlled by the Celestialsapiens, as long as they have energy. All thirteen incarnations end up in a palace. They realize they must face an enemy of power equal and opposite to their own, while also realizing it is an old foe who they once thought was destroyed.

On September 27th, the day Fanon-Con is held on, these episode pages will be updated with these plots. They will eventually be made after Fanon-Con.

Omi's Entry
Omi's first Fanon Con entry! WOO.

So, I'm going to go over quite a lot in this entry.

New Series

I have no serious Ben 10 sequels. All of them are either half comedy or completely insane random comedy sheet. So here's a possible Ben 10 sequel that I'll make sometime.

After a massive war with a relatively unknown species, the Kriegguerians led by General Faltherre, Ben and the Plumbers fail and the Kreigguerians add Earth to their large intergalactic empire. After several failed attempts at defeating them, Ben and the gang are banished from the Kriegguerian's empire, and cannot return.

Five years later, Azmuth finally tracks down Ben in a bar on X'Nelli. Azmuth says that he has a plan, but he needs the full team. So Ben, Azmuth and possibly a new partner guy travel the galaxy in search for Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Grandpa Max and maybe other guys. Also, Ben has some new aliens:

Smashhammer: A super strong alien with hammer fists.

Overheal: An alien that can generate beams that enhance natural regeneration. So he heals. Also like his name says he can even overheal to make a guy stronger/more durable.

Lightning Dust: Some sort of blue rock alien who can fire out electric dust which can conduct electricity or just electrocute someone. Redstone.

Ricochet: An energy alien thing who can turn into a super bouncy electric ball thing.

Marksman/Headshot/Snipe/RifAlien (I dunno how to call him): An alien with incredible aim and a scope who can fire small high velocity darts from his fingertips. Snoipah.

Blindeye/Sensor/Sixth Sense (dunno how to call him): A super agile martial arts alien guy with incredibly enhanced senses except he's frikin blind.

Tankor/Tank (dunno): A super durable, super strong alien who can fire explosive rockets from his shoulders or arms or something. And since he's a tank, he's really slow.

Rocketjump/Doublejumper/Jetboost (again, dunno how to call him): An alien with rockets on his feet which allow him to boost himself in the air. He also has rockets on his elbows which allow him to have a rocket powered punch.

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Season three of BTSF began with Ben's Birthday, an episode about potatoes and wizards.

I'm going to write here about some upcoming important episodes.

A two parted episode will be The Minecraft Adventure. Jeve Stobs and his brothers Gill Bates and Parkus Merrson (aka Tonch) lock Ben, Gwen and Kevin in Minecraft, and for them to get out they must defeat the Enderdragon (not the frikin overused Herobrine). Ben will get four new aliens in the episode; EnderBen, BenGhast, BenCreeper and BenVillager.

Another episode will be the 100th episode in the series. It will probably have carploads of clips related to the series and stuff like that. And it will be written by all active BTSF cowriters, so that's cool.

And there is the Shortest Trilogy EVER. The only thing I can say about this episode is that I started writing it three monthes ago and I haven't finished yet. The single alien Ben is going to use is Fasttrack, so that's something.

The season finale is The Negative 10 Returns. The Potato Mage returns and builds a new Negative 10 from Ben's old enemies in BTSF so he could get vengeance: The Potato Mage

Morgan Freeman


General Lfhater

Upchuck Norris

Mrs. Harris

Jeve Stobs




Ben is screwed. Or is he?

Well, probably not because he's going to be alive in season 4.

Simien 10: Polyverse

The Simien 10 reboot is quite fun to write meanwhile. So here's some spoilers about some episodes:


When the Sphinx and the Easter Island Statues come alive, the team must investigate and stop the monsters from reviving an exetremely powerful alien as old as time: Morphius.

Morphius is a Mutaforman, an ancient species which by sight could change into whoever they see, giving them the powers of the form. Zynon has fought him in the past, and locked him up in the Teotihuacan temple. Now, he is back for vengeance and to return to his previous plan, which is reviving the Mutaforman race once again.

Encephalonus Z:

Encephalonus Z has basically the same plot as Home Sweet Home in the original series, except the gang are just going there for Zynon's business trip.

Zilemm somehow finds a way to Encephalonus IV, and uses a Bionian plant from another villain of mine (who will also appear in one of the episodes), to take over the planet. When the team discovers about it, it's pretty much impossible to defeat him since all Cerebrocrustaceans are hypnotised to obey him. Since even Gas Planet fails to defeat Zilemm, he needs to use Atomix Atomizer to save the day (obviously).


The first kind of story arc, with the episode "A Change of Brains". Anyway, after Zyrokks finds his way into Zynon's research about alien evolution, he managed to evolve himself, and now he wants to have revenge on Zynon and rule Encephalonus IV, as Ultimate Zyrokks. In order to stop him, Simien will use... well, you know, ultimate forms. The ultimates will be about the same as in the original series, including different names for the evolved aliens, such as Meltdown, Gigabite, or Gasketball.

Time Travel Trilogy:

After Zynon is infected with a deadly disease given to him by Zilemm, the rest of the team must go back in time to find the cure Zynon himself made extinct, in order to save Zynon.

However, an unexpected event in Zynon's past causes the Watchmen, an order of time travelling "cops" who prevent temporal paradoxes, to chase the team in order to take them down. But they have something else in mind other than preventing paradoxes...

A part in the trilogy will have Simien meet his future galaxy-saving self. He will unlock Simien six new aliens: Blackout, Greasemonkey, Yinyang, Lightyear, Toxic and Clockwise.

The Omni-Knights

The Invasion is the two part season finale which waited quite a long time.

The Troconneuse launch an attack on the Earth with their spaceships. During a long fight with Paul, Paul is defeated and the Prototrix is taken, given to Dark Paul. They enter the dungeons under the castle, taking the third gem from there (as mentioned in the episode). The gem is used to open up the Odolat Zeleza, which has unlimited energy in it, something the Tortor Cult is very found of. Paul is in a jail cell on their spaceship with Azmuth, a Petrosapien and a Biosovortian, and they must stop Velmenni from getting the energy thingy.

Paul gets a new alien in the episode: Slicor. Previously The Unknown Omni-Knights Alien, Slicor was revealed in the template after I wrote Ipnotizzare's Revenge. Slicor's name also appears in some Simien 10 things. Slicor is a super agile alien with metal skin. He has sword arms like the ones Kevin can make for himself. The sword arms are incredibly sharp and can cut through almost anything.

Also, he now has ten aliens at the beginning of season 2, with three new ones: Airbug, Mindswap, and Destroyer. Biohazard is pretty much op, so he's probably not going to appear much. Also, since Buzzshock is redundant due to Electromagnet, he probably won't appear that much.

The Epic Omi Crossover





Yup, I'm making a sequel thing and I'm not continuing the old one.

It will feature five series: Simien 10: Polyverse, The Omni-Knights, Ben 10: Stupidity Force, Plumbers and Len 10 (possibly Weirdiverse once it will be made).

Anyway, this rogue Televisian guy finds Omi, a Gourburian Pelarota with a nice hat and kidnaps him. Omi electrocutes him or something and he accidentally releases Simien, Zynon, Paul, Peixes, Cibus, Ben, Eggy and Len to that universe. And they need to save me from that Televisian guy.

It will either come out on February 17th, for my fourth anniversary here, or maybe January for the new year thing.

Ermac's Entry

FADE IN A car swerves out of control. Voice A: He's the reason. Fire is seen on the streets of Bellwood. Voice B: I find your hatred for him absurd. Voice A: Then, you are nothing. A electrical wire is seen electrocuting a man. Voice A: He's not worthy. A warehouse is seen in a destructive manner. Voice A: I despise him. A hand uses scissors to trim out a image of Ben Tennyson. Voice A: I am Albedo. Ben Tennyson is seen lying unconscious. Albedo: You are the fool, Azmuth. And, you will die. Ben Tennyson is seen selecting a alien. Albedo: Your last decision is now. Ben selects a alien. A duplicate of Ben walks out of the shadows. A Forever Knight: Albedo has returned. Vilgax: Ben reveals his true nature. A coward. Mr. Kantz: Ben Tennyson is gone. Cooper is seen in his house. Albedo: Once Ben returns, he'll be devastated. Vilgax: Where is Ben Tennyson? Cooper is seen in the hospital. Mr. Kantz: He has came back. John Stadwick: Where is Kevin? He's a punk... A plumber helicopter is seen. Cooper: He looked just like Ben... A person's face is seen charred. Suddenly, the Plumbers from the helicopter are seen backing away. Azmuth: If Ben cannot stop you, I will do it myself. Azmuth is seen approaching a unknown figure. Albedo laughs. FADE OUT Albedo still laughs. Albedo: Good luck...

Lego's Entry
{Hello everyone, today, I'm excited to be participating for Fanon Con at last, and I hope everyone enjoys what I have in store.

This is for the Ben 10: Negative Rising Season One Finale.

The New Era: Part 1

Ben slowly gets up from the ground.

(Ben, using his Omnitrix as a communication device): This is Ben Tennyson, any available Plumbers, please respond.

(Max): Ben, you're alive!

(Ben): Duh, why wouldn't I be?

Max doesn't respond for a minute.

(Max): Ben, Xarlek has won.

(Ben): WHAT?!? No..he..couldn't have, I SAW HIM DIE.

(Max): BEN, that was just an illusion, Xarlek is fully alive.

(Ben): How?

(Max): He used Hypnotick's illusion powers on you.

(Ben, trembling): Liar!

Ben transforms into Jetray and tries to fly out.

(Max, his voice changing): Fool.

(Jetray): Wh-what?

(Xarlek): Max is dead, I am alive!

(Jetray): But..the Limax..he lived..

(Xarlek): No, he died soon after, he could never heal.

(Jetray, trapped in an invisible cage):

(Xarlek): Give up.

(Jetray): NEVER!!

He transforms into Alien X.

(Bellicus): No.




(Bellicus): No.

(Ben): Look, Max is dead.

(Serena): One of the greatest Plumbers in existence?

(Ben): Yes, I have to stop Xarlek, for real this time.

(Bellicus): No.

(Ben): Why not?

(Bellicus): Alien X is not for you to simply stop any issue, only for emergenc-

(Ben): THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, can't you see??

(Azmuth, appearing like a boss): Max is alive.


(Azmuth and Bellicus): NO.

(Ben): I hate you guys.

(Azmuth): Good, you deserve your misfortune, Eon.

(Ben): I'm..wha..?

(Azmuth): Sorry, wrong reality.

(Bellicus): Motion to ignore Ben Tennyson?

(Serena): Motion car-

Ben's eyes start glowing as he punches Bellicus.

(Ben, enraged): MOTION DENIED.

(Azmuth): Ben!

(Ben, enraged): SHUT UP AZMUTH!

Azmuth grabs Ben's shoulder.

(Azmuth): BEN.

The two are transported to reality.

(Ben): Oww..

(Azmuth): You are letting your emotions control you.

(Ben): I am?


The Omnitrix starts glowing silver.

(Azmuth): Self-Destruct Mode activated. Detonation is in 24 hours. Good luck, Ben.

Azmuth disappears as Xarlek jumps down from a ledge and grabs Ben.}

Jack's Entry
Here is a sneak peek of the first movie for OmniBlade: Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlaying star systems is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Saturn. While the congress of the Union endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched two Plumber Magisters, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict..... The camera pans downward to reveal a small space cruiser heading towards the camera at great speed. Camera follows the cruiser as it heads towardthe beautiful orange brown planet of Saturn, which is surrounded by hundreds of Trade Federation battleships. In the cockpit of the cruise, the captain and pilot maneuver closer to one of the battleships. "Captain." A young, but noble, apprentice speaks. His jet black hair goes shoulder length. The boy's uniform is that of a normal Plumber's with the exception of his shoulder pads, which were handcrafted by his master. This boy, Kevin Levin, leans forward, interested in the battle cruisers. The Captain turns to an unseen figure sitting behind her. "Yes sir?" The female captain responds. Kevin's master, a bulky figure, a silicon life form. Diamond like shards cover his flesh. A Petrosapien. Magister Tetrax answers, "Tell them we wish to board at once." "As you wish." The captain, a Kraaho, Ester, replies. The CAPTAIN looks to her view screen, where Nutray, a green alien trade viceroy, waits for a reply. "With all due respect for the Trade Federation, the Ambassodors for the Supreme Chancellor wish to board immediately." The captain tells Nutray. Nutray smiles, "Yes, yes, of you know, our blockade is perfectly legal, and we'd be happy to recieve the Ambassador...Happy to." The screen goes black. Out the cockpit window, the sinister battleship looms ever closer. The small space cruiser docks in the enormous main bay of the Federation battleship. A protocol droid, XM-69, waits at the door to the docking bay. Two worker droids watch. "Be prepared for anything." Ester opens the hatch doors as the two Plumber masters walk down a corridor with the droid. "And try not to get killed." Kevin smiles, "You know me." "Now is not the time for arrogance young Levin, focus your senses here." Tetrax tells Kevin, drawing his blade. XM-69 walks over. "Hello there, I am XM-69 I will be your escort to the control room where you shall meet with Nutray." The droid speaks, turning another corner. Tetrax and Kevin keep their blades ready, looking for trouble. Soon they reach a small but comfortable chamber with a long table. "Hello Plumbers." Nutray speaks from the other side of the table. "This trade federation will not allow any Union to trade here." Tetrax takes in a deep breathe, "This is why we are here. To negotiate." Nutray nods, "I have acknowledged that fact, but the real question is, why bring weapons? Don't give me that protection crap. If we are to have peace, hand me the two OmniBlades." Tetrax feels his blade, slowly pulling it out and then tosses it to the droid. "Master no!" Kevin exclaims, shocked at his master's judgement. "Do it my apprentice. We will cooperate." Tetrax death starres him. Kevin silently takes out his blade and rolls it across the table.----

For my other preview, it is for ER 2, very top secret so...yeah:


Before the
Birth of Lauren

The blackness of space, a jewel of mystery, brewn with millions of stars. One single, lone planet, brightly lit. The auroa around it shows the bright joy of life there, no war, no conflict. The camera zooms in, onto a technology filled city, Lanon City. There is a building with many aliens inside. Two in particular were sitting at the counter, taking shots.

"My point is Rabernathy is that if the genics were some how to be altered, then how the evolution of a species work? There is no point to ruin the fate of an entire species to test out a super soldier serum." one man tells the other, Rabernathy.

Rabernathy shrugs before taking another drink, then coughing from the heaviness of it.

"Very well." He shrugs before getting another drink. Zorak starres at Rabernathy.

"The simple idea of it seems interesting, but the results would cause havoc." Zorak reasons. Rabernathy nods.

"Maybe we could test it on another species. The space exploration age is just beginning. There might be donners out there." Rabernathy suggests.

"It's possible. But that supposed species may not be sentient or trustworthy. Your heard about the Gourmands being betrayed by the Pyronites? The Perk race population is dropping increasingly fast. I'd be suprised if the Murks help them through the conflict." Zorak responds, looking down.

"What is it?" Rabernathy questions.

"I was offered to go to the Gamma Quadron, a inhabitated planet titled Earth." Zorak reveals.

Rabernathy chuckles, "That excellent news. Tell you what, drinks are on me." He tosses a few Taydens to the bartender who nods in thanks.

The two men walk out of the bar and turn seperate ways.

"Remeber Zorak," Rabernathy tells him, "Focus on the future, not the past."

Zorak smiles as the walk away from each other. Rabernathy goes on a platform which hovers up and flies towards his home. The six moons were up in the sky, illuminating a path for the alien. The platform reaches the destination as Rabernathy steps off and the platform flies away for others to use. The father of Lauren puts his hand on the door, unlocking it with mana. Tired from this, he slowly walks to bed. His wife, Lazara lay still, eyes closed. Rabernathy lies next to her, his eyes feeling heavy. Slowly, they drop.

In the morning, the walls shift around, revealing a giant glass window to let the sun rays in. This awakes Rabernathy. He kisses the head of a sleeping Lazara then goes to a pod room where he changes and showers. Grabbing a case like object, he quietly creeps out the door, his wife still asleep.

"Goodbye my wife." he murmurs to her before the doors gently close.

Rabernathy runs to the platform station, hopping onto one. He locks in the coordinates and the circle lifts in the air and takes off. The platform heads for a dome like building, Incorporeal, one of the biggest companies in the Universe. Incorporeal is run by a council, no one has ever met them.

"Rabernathy, please report to office 6059 immediately." a speaker says.

Rabernathy sighs, taking his eye off of the microscope and leaves the chamber, walks through a series of corridors and into the office.

"You told a civillain of our plans for the serum?" the agent questioned.

Rabernathy stutters, "I-I- Wel-I"

"You're fired. Pack up your desk and leave. You are never allowed within three hundred feet of this property or I shall call the authorities."

Rabernathy nods before standing up and going back to the chamber, collecting his belongings. He takes the trials with him though. Running some errands, Rabernathy does not return until nightfall.

"Sweethart, there is some news I must share to you. This must be kept a secret or else we all could be killed." Lazara tells him.

Quickly he turns around, nervous. "What'd you do?"

"I-I'm pregnant." she smiles.

Rabernathy faints. He awakes in bed with his wife asleep. He slowly moves out of bed, grabbing one needle. Moving quickly, he flicks the dose a couple times before injecting it into her stomach. Lazara groans, still asleep though. Rabernathy sweats, waiting to see if the baby will survive. The tension keeps him awake the rest of the night.

Three weeks later, all is well. The baby is healthy, three months old. Rabernathy is now a merchant working closer to his home.

Zorak knocks on the chambers doors.

"Enter," he hears a deep voice command.

He bows before the great council. "My lords, I request to learn reason of my vessel's cancellation to the backwater planet?"

"We discovered hints of Bluk, a highly illegal drug aboard the ship. You and your fellow crew members will be incarcerated until we found the true user here."

"What, this is an outrage. I can't be arrested. I'm the general. I promised you, the council, to remain in the shadows.You can't do this." Zorak shouts as two guards drag him away and the doors close shut.

"We just did."

Part 1: Rise

Null Void
July 16th, 2013 Time Unknown

One breath. Then another. A huff of the chest. The Anodite woman huffs a few times more. She tries to move but there is a piece of shrapnel in her lower chest. She crawls a little, looking around. Where was she? A damaged ship.

The alien calls out a single name, “Cur?”

No response. She starts to worry, crawling towards the cockpit. The door opens and a brutal smell of decayment washed over the alien. She calls out again.

“CUR?” She screams now crying, desperate for help.

Looking around, she sees dead Anodites everywhere. The woman screams at the top of her lungs. She looks down, a photo with her and Cur.

“M-My n-name is Forana,” she whispers, remembering everything. She calls out once again, "CUR?"

Biting down on her lip, Forana pulls out the shrapnel, screaming in agony. She limps over, falling out of the open cockpit doors, onto the boulder outside of the ship. She moans, her vision going blurry.

Suddenly she is unconscious. The camera zooms out to show Zarok's ship in ruins on a large boulder in the internal prison, the Null Void. The screen cuts to black and the logo appears.

Downtown Miami

"The Hood"
10/14/2013 Late Morning

Six men shoot at Kyle who hids behind a barrel. Lauren creates a mana shield and hovers forward. She punches down two thugs and kicks another's ankle, making him fall. The other three on closing in on Kyle when he pops up and shoots all three of them.

The few remaining take a few more shots before turning and running back. Lauren's eyes glow as an unconscious thug levitates and she uses him to track his origin. Going inside his mind, she sees all of his memories. Finding the one in a warehouse she looks around. Crime bosses everywhree, drugs smeared on the table with half-naked girls dead on the ground. Cigarettes are lit and the ceiling is surronded with smoke. One man is wearing a black suit. He is slightly overweight.

"Yo, Skullhead. You got my cash?" one man asks.

The man in the black suit, Skullhead, laughs before dropping his cigar. He picks up a crowbar, leaning forward and whack the man in the forehead, bashing open his head. The man Lauren is possessing kicks over the dead crime lord.

"Tell his crew they work for me now." Skullhead lights another cigar and putting his feet on the table.

Lauren gasps as she comes back into her own body. Suddenly she sees a vision of another Anodite, moaning in pain.

"Well, I'll see you at home." Kyle smiles, leaning in to kiss Lauren. Lauren closes her eyes, kissing back. Drake and I are over right? He hasn't called me or anything. I guess we're through. I'm not cheating, we were never really a couple I guess.

"I-I have to go the ship." Lauren stutters.

Kyle, confused starts to ask a question when Lauren takes flight.

"At least there will be no one complaining about my meatloaf now." Kyle smiles.

Camera shows Lauren at super speeds overhead.

Ulti's Entry
Hello, friends! I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and POTO's sequel, Ben 10: Omni-Generation. Apologies for the short entry.

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Season 3 is currently in its twelfth episode, and we have two more seasons to the finale, in which Evil Ben gathers quite a bunch of villains for intergalactic domination.

Let me spoil a few things for you. When season 4 arrives, Ben and Gwen will get new outfits, but not just any outfits. These outfits are hi-tech, protecting Ben from most dangers and enhancing Gwen's powers.

Next, as you know, certain Infinites have been converted to Ultimates due to the fact that it needed logic ('How does Ben turn into Infinites without going Ultimate?' is what you might have thought), though a few new Infinites will be introduced: Infinite Way Big, Infinite Brainstorm (maybe), Infinite Astrodactyl...

In the upcoming two-part called The Ultimate Team-Up, Ben will gather recruits to form a big team called the Matrix Squad (name might be changed).

Ben 10: Omni-Generation

There will be no hiatus between the last episode of POTO and the first episode of BTOG. Ben and co will be one year older than the prequel. More about thenew villain is going to be revealed right now, and he's a little different from the previous Fanon Con.

His name is Sikopode. He is a member of an unknown species. He knows all of Ben's aliens' weaknesses, and therefore, knows how to counter it. He also has telepathic abilities, being able to destroy weak opponents just by a brain interference. He has a Necrofriggian right-hand man called Farr Kon, who is also ruthless, yet he's loyal to Sikopode.

Hope you liked it. If you have any ideas or reviews, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed (Reviews and Ideas) for POTO and BTHU, or their respective forum pages.

UltiEpic! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 08:42, June 11, 2013 (UTC)

Toon's Entry
Hey guys, its moi. So I've got a lot to talk about today. Now some of my series I have dropped or given to such as Omni Legacy and Plumbermore. Plumbermore is now owned by ISM and Omni Legacy I stopped writing.. But my other series, well, check them out down below. :D

Total Drama Omniverse

There's a lot to expect coming up soon being planned or in production. BIG specials, new episodes, and in about a year or so...a new season. The name of the new season has not been yet decided.

And to wrap up this part of my panel, I'll give a sneak peek of the new episode which is planned to be released on Sunday.

The following contains spoilers related to Total Drama Omniverse. Please proceed with caution.

[View of the space café. The camera zooms into the café to reveal the contestants sitting at several tables, all eating away. Figy is in line as food gets put on his tray.]


Chef: That’s all we have left…you ate all our food!

Figy, in confession box: If this guy only knew how long I’ve gone without food, he would give me everything they had. On the house, too!

[Figy walks back to his table and starts eating his food.]

Kross, in confession box: When we came here, I was dumbfounded that we were actually going to get served REAL food.

[Kross picks up a cup of green liquid.]

Kross: Well, that looks like limeade…that’s good enough for me!

[Kross takes the cup and drinks the green liquid. The scene cuts to Brandon walking over to the trash and throwing away his food as Ben is right next to the trash can.] Brandon: So, Ben, why are we here again?

Ben: Okay, well maybe I got a little lost driving in space, but this is the only place that I could find nearby that we could eat and relax at. And enjoy it, cause this is all you get, heh heh…

The spoilers have ended. You can read the next section normally.

Hean 10

A reboot of Hean 10 is in production. The first episode will be released soon.


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed! :D


Ahmad's Entry
{Okay, when preparing the schedules for the end of Ahmad 15, Season 1 should've ended by now. But I do not want to rush up on Ulti, so let him take his time to create his part of the season finale. (I hope that by the time this is read, the finale already aired). I've already written 4 episodes in advance, so don't worry. While we're talking about Season 2, let me reveal some spoilers:
  • As I've revealed in multiple occasions, Ahmad will be wielding the Strike Omnimatrix.
  • Ahmad will be 13, as Season 2 takes place DIRECTLY 6 months after Season 1.
  • A fourth semi-main character will debut, though he will take a small break after his debut episode, then crash down in consecutive appearances.
  • Ahmad will use many new aliens (or at least, aliens he always had but never used before).
  • Fasttrack is gonna take a break for a while. Sorry.
  • A new Anti-Alien Organization will rise.
  • Darkstar will appear.
  • Oussama will get an Omnitrix... But this Omnitrix is not like other omnitrixes, it doesn't transform users into users, it does something else instead. 'Nuff Said.

Okay... I can't say more.... All I can say  is "If you thought Season 1 was epic, believe me, Season 2 is gonna be MUCH more epic". See the Trailer Below. BTW, the Lines spoken between " and "s are parts of a prophecy that will give you spoilers for the Season.


Get ready.... This fall... You're gonna see something like you've never seen before....

Ahmad is standing on top of a cliff, in front of a figure.

Ahmad: Oh really? How do you think that will happen!?

(Screen fades to Black)

Ahmad wakes up on a red island, and the sea is black.

Ahmad: Where am I?

Mysterious Person: "New Threats will unfold,"

We see a giant hill made out of sand, and a child, wearing a red suit with an emblem is sitting on a throne at

the top of the hill. Swarms of Soldier Children surround the hillside.
Child on throne: I am Delin, the leader. And this is a D.E.T.E. base. We, the D.E.T.E. are an organization brought together to eradicate all the alien spies among us. 

"A device affects our world,"

Suddenly, Ahmad's Strike Omnimatrix starts to glow, and it starts to create a ball of energy all over his arm.

Ahmad: I regret saying that! Its gonna blow!
The Strike Omnitrix explodes, creating a bright flash that covers the screen.

(Screen fades to Black)

"Whenever the Darkness of Evil blocks our way,"

We see a mysterious figure with glowing eyes and scar across his face smiling evilly.

Darkstar fires black energy at Chromastone, who radiates the beam.

"The Sun of Good will rise the following day."

An explosion happens, and a member of Ultimo's Species flies out of the explosion.

A male Anodite radiates, firing a wave of mana.

"A side is Evil, the other is Bold"

The Screen is cut in half, with Ahmad and a blonde girl, with grey eyes and a red shirt are each on a fragment

of the screen. Each reveals an Omnitrix on their wrist and slaps it down.

"Even through time, the hot and the cold"

Ahmad is in front of a boy that looks like him, except with black hair, purple eyes and a dark purple shirt.

Ahmad: Who are you?
Ahmad lookalike: I'm... you. 

"And in the end of it all,"

"One Shall Rise, and One Shall Fall!!"

We see a mysterious figure with glowing eyes and scar across his face firing a black energy beam at a female

Anodite, who counters with a mana beam.

We see Ahmad laying on the ground, unconscious.

(Screen fades to Black)

Ahmad is in a weird spaceship, with a group of giant black robots blocking his path.

Ahmad: You want me? Come and get me!

Ahmad transforms into Squidstrike and grins.


Flame's Entry
Hello People! this is my 1st fanon Con, so if anything is Wrong don't be mad at me. So, i'll be giving you Updates about BenAlien 10, Alien of the Week and my totaly new series, that is yet to beggin Ben 10: Doubleverse.

BenAlien 10

So BenAlien 10 is in the start of season 1. The episode BenTrouble will be writen till the Fanon Con, so no preview from that, but you will get a preview from Ben Kinght Attack. Okay So now Some of the BenAlien 10 episodes have been changed, and some are still uncommfrormed. some of the aliens will be dicht and repplaced with fanon aliens. Speaking of aliens we have a new alien called Bensquid, who is scaned from Vilgax's Hand in BenAttack. Also Season 3 is Cannceled and the Sequal is commformed to be..... BenAlien 10 Force!!! Oh and it's Sequa is Ultimate BenAlien 10

The Preview

We see Benbolt in Ball form. He rule sto some forever knights and hits them down!

Benbolt: Benbolt is the Ultimate Foreverknight Buttkicker!!!

Gwen: Ben!?

Benbolt gets hit by a gigant Pan

Benbolt: a Pan? What are we making Dinner?

Eonch: No! We're making Fried Benbolt!

Benbolt: Sounds Good! Wait Benbolt!!???

BEnbolt turns in to a ball and Rolls away

Alien of the Week

Well now you can Vote for the Fire alien of the Week!! Next Week... Best Buttkicker Alien!!!! Yeah! So The Shocksquatch ep will come out Tuesday, sorry, i was busy! An Reo will write the other Fire alien week ep in that week, i hope. And the week after that, Best Ice ALien!!!

Ben 10: Doubleverse

L Ben 10 Doubleverse, aslo know as BTDV is an upcomming series, that features Ben, who after a Hard Knockout Has Started Living 2 lifes. in one it's the same Old UAf Bellwood, but in the other everything has changed. Kevin never Becomed Good. Ben Has the rebooted Prototype Omnitrix. Albedo has the Ultimatrix. Oh and about Kevin, he has even more powers. Gwen Leaves to College, but comes back near the end of season 1. Ben Doesn't meet Rook, but at first works alone. Later, at the middle of season 1 he meets a new Partner - Syon Bluo, a Human/Lecio hybrid who has Lexiconicy - the power to transform a written word into the actual object/thing.

That's it!

Well guys that's it for my 1st Fanon Con Entry! I hope u Enjoyed. See ya!

DF's Entry
==Ben 10: Super Omniverse==
BTSOm Logo by Nick

Credits go to Nick.

BTSO, is a newish series featuring Ben (of course) as he saves the world with Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Grandpa Max.

Ben now has the new Supertrix a device made by Professor Paradox and Azmuth allowing him to turn into many new evolved forms for example: Super Diamondhead, Super Humungousaur, Super Ditto ctc, and new regular forms for example: DNBen, Saberfang, Electrohacker etc.

In the first few episodes (including Ben Quest) show Ben going through dimensions and fighting villains from other dimensions. The Last few eps of Season 1 feature Ben and a large group of friends fighting epic battles against Vilgax and a new Faction. 

Now for some sneak peaks of season 2!

The first ep of Season 2 What's the Buzz? will show Ben as Buzzkill the meanest alien in the galaxy. But can Ben handle this new alien and defeat Techadon Weapon Master Brothers Inspector 6 and Inspector 7 from stealing the Supertrix?

Charbel's Entry
Well, I’m going to reboot my first series here, Fred 40. I started writing it 3 years ago when I first joined. I was still a noob so the series is pretty messed up. I’m going to delete the old one and most of the pages that are related to it.

Changes I will be using dialogue format. The main characters won’t be deleted; I’ll just be changing them a little. The series has a lot of villains and minor characters that will be deleted. Most of the aliens won’t be used, and I’ll be making new ones.

So that's about it. Hope you enjoy my series......once it's been rebooted.

Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Brandon 10 will continue with Season 3 episodes featuring Brandon, Coco and Sarah. There will be new and recurring characters and as well as new aliens as well. Unlike season 1 and 2 for Brandon 10 Alien Force, Season 3 will take place in space as well as in Bellwood. There will be a Time Travel episode, a Dimensional Travel episode and plenty of more awesome episodes. A movie for Brandon 10: Alien Force is also in development.

Brandon 10 will get a new system such as Q&A and Update Forums. Discussions may also be added in. Plus: Brandon 10 Comics and Brandon 10 Books. A pretty productive season.

I won't give out too many spoilers about the series or any other plans of mines but the season and the rest of everything else will be pretty awesome. Brandon will go through some alone and life lesson episodes, Coco will go through some personal and emotional stuff and Sarah has to struggle with making a decision about something important to her.

Besides Brandon 10, I am thinking about starting an art service and I may or may not get involved in writing other series. Watch out for the new Brandon 10 Video Game coming soon. Here's a cheat code and a sneak peek for the game:

Brandon, Conqueror, Loch Ness, Brandon (Unlocks All Aliens)

Voice: Do we have the necessary components, Droid?

Droid: Yes, sir.

Voice: Excellent. With these materials, I can take over the Earth.

Figure turns around to reveal himself to be The Conqueror.

Conqueror: And destroy Brandon 10.

Now that we're giving sneak peeks, I minus as well show the trailer for the new movie which is still in development so this is the short trailer. Enjoy.

The Following TRAILER has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES.

Screen shows real life car driving down a road.

Unseen person walks by.

Voice: There's been a lot of alien activity in the area lately...

Screen goes black and then transmissions to a screen of a real life Bill.

Bill: But this is something different.

Shot of Bellwood is seen.

Voice 2: You told me that I had to be someone that can save us all.

Bill's Voice: You know you're not ready.

Shot of the back of someone's head; black hair staring at the city.

Figure: Then when am I?

Music plays during screen of car dodging attacks then a screen of Sarah and Coco sneaking behind crates. A girl turns her head in surprise. And a figure walks slowly from the shadows which his hands glowing. Building explodes. Car spins out. People are running and screaming.

Voice 2: What do I do?

Music continues playing when a spaceship is seen in the sky. Real life Coco and Sarah stare up at it. Girl jumps away from an explosion.

Bill: You have to be a hero instead of acting like one.

Music stops, screen goes black then transmissions to a screen with a figure standing there and another figure approaches him from a distance.

Figure 1: Do you have any last words?

Figure 2 walks out of the shadows and reveals himself to be Life Action Brandon.

Brandon, looking up at the camera: It's Hero Time.

Screen cuts to: "BRANDON 10: ALIENS AMONG US"


A big and yellow alien walks away slowly. A large piece of debree is thrown at him and he turns around and punches it in half. Alien is revealed to be Crusher.

I'll release a contest for the movie and hopefully some awesome art for the game.

Which New Alien should be in the Game?

The poll was created at 02:25 on September 24, 2013, and so far 8 people voted.
Are you excited for the movie?

The poll was created at 02:29 on September 24, 2013, and so far 9 people voted.
What did you think of my first Fanon Con entry?

The poll was created at 02:29 on September 24, 2013, and so far 10 people voted.

So that's about it with my Fanon Con entry. Hope you guys liked it! See ya.

Hope you enjoyed Fanon Con! Make sure you sign up for the 2013 Winter Fanon Con!

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