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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con so far! To end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

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Well, here we go! Happy New Years Eve!

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Jack's Entry
Aphelion logo.png

Coming Next Summer... The Journey to Ben 10,000 Begins

It's still very early in development, so there is not much news to be told. I'll go into a little detail about the series.

In the series' first arc, Ben and co. are facing off against the New Galactic Order, a malignant force aimed at stripping the Galactic Union of its power and taking over reign of the Galaxy. The Galactic Union is basically the federal government of the galaxy. It's made up of the Galactic Senate and ambassadors from each planet.

The New Galactic Order is led by Chancellor Jadan, with his Empress Looma and the heir to the throne, Cincurus. Jadan's ranking officers are Lord Astraeus, Lord Kobir who are both sort of his right hand man as they are almost rivals I'd say. Under them in the power rankings are General Perses, and General Tarr. Another officer is Commander Cullu, who plays a pivotal role in the storyline. And then, the forces of the New Galactic Order are referred to as Imperials, with Jadan keeping the Elite Imperials near him. The Elite Imperials are basically the royal guards of Jadan. They are lethal.

Ben is 26, Gwen is 26, and Kevin is 27. The last canon episode was when Ben was 16. Many events happened in the 10 year span. Things have changed.

For those are wondering how much, if any, influence the reboot has, I will say that certain aliens (Shock Rock, Overflow) could appear. If there is an interesting character or villain on the reboot, I might pull them over to the show. However, it's pretty much a guarantee that all new aliens in the reboot will somehow be incorporated into the show.

For Ben's Omnitrix designs, I was so bored by the typical "black/green/white" electrical aliens so you will notice lots of color changes on aliens. It was a creative decision, as I find Buzzshock and Upgrade more interesting as they look more different from one another now. The aliens will be very colorful.

Enjoy some early designs:

Primal's Entry

Hello, I'm PrimalFan and this is my Winter Fanon Con 2017 entry! As an overview of what I'll be talking about, I'll mainly be going over my upcoming series, Ben 10: Alpha.

Ben 10: Alpha


Ben 10: Alpha is a grounded revamping of the Ben 10 mythos, streamlining multiple story arcs from the franchise and reinventing them. It is scheduled to have 9 episodes, with the first episode airing on New Year's Eve.

What should you expect going into the series? If you enjoyed Alien Force seasons 1 and 2, then you might enjoy this series. It has a dark and more mature tone compared to series like Omniverse, along the lines of AF, but it also has its humorous moments. It is rated TV-14, mainly to be safe since there are a few deaths throughout the series - some major characters - and a lot of people are mentioned to have died, and Ben does have a relationship with a girl at one point and there's some suggestive dialogue.

The series is also a revamping, not entirely reimagining the Ben 10 mythos while not following it exactly. It's going to have a couple of twists throughout the series, such as the Omnitrix not being made by - pretend I never said anything. But yes, there'll be a couple of twists, but at the same time, the series will still be recognizable and familiar; a lot of the material is inspired and some elements are based on the Ben 10 franchise (including the reboot). It's to keep the series fresh and unique (though it's not just that, it's a major part of the plot), since the creator of the Omnitrix was the equivalent of the "No, I am your father" scene in Star Wars, at the time it was a huge revelation but now it's just common knowledge like other plot points.

Speaking of twists, the main theme of the series is secrets. There'll be lots of lies, deception, and all of these secrets and lies tie into together and culminate into the series finale, which I'm really excited for!

I'll reveal some more information during my Discord presentation, such as a preview of the first episode, the number of aliens appearing in the series (and I'll let the audience guess some of the additional aliens), and more information. My Discord presentation will be on Saturday, at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST.

Episode 1: Birth

Birth is the first episode of Ben 10: Alpha, split into two parts with the first airing on New Year's Eve and the second part airing a week later.

Vilgax is a warlord in pursuit of the Omnitrix, which is found by Ben Tennyson. Things become complicated as Ben also finds an injured alien named Azmuth, who seems to have relations with the Omnitrix and Vilgax, and he is hunted by Vilgax, and wanted by the S.E.C.T and Plumbers.


Ben craned his neck up as a streak of light shoots across the clear lilac sky, peculiar sizzles and rustling coming from the meteor, which passed over the streets of Bellwood lit by lampposts. He looked in awe, noticing the trail of the bright light that was stretched across the sky began to burn out.

"Woah," Ben said, standing still with his mouth agape. "What was that?"

A long silence filled the streets, as people stopped chattering to look at the spectacle of the meteor before it died off. A blast of sound penetrated the air for less than a second, overwhelming Ben's senses.

"Aaah!" Ben shouted, slamming his hands over his ears and holding a tight grip on it, closing his eyes and lowering his head out of pain. "Stop! Make it stop!"

People were talking, no, they were whispering. Ben could feel the awkward stares people were giving him, it was the same sensation he felt whenever his parents were about to enter his room while he was... Occupied.

"O - oh, um, yeah... sorry," Ben said sheepishly as he realized he was on his knees, staring blankly at the ground with his head burrowed in between his legs. "Nothing to be seen here folks

Ben lifted his head up with a nervous smile that could be mistaken for a trigger-happy person, laughing about what had just happened so others would see he's not and picked himself up. He didn't know why he was so disturbed by the meteor and why he reacted like that out in public. It was nothing to think about though, it would just end up being something Ben would tell his cousin, Gwen, a few days later and she'd laugh at how he humiliated himself.

He stopped in his tracks, his eyes staring blankly into the crowd. Grandpa. "W - wait, Grandpa Max... Grandpa Max's Plumbing is down there! Oh no, I better go check it out!"

He turned around and threw himself toward the back of the crowd, pushing his way past the vexed people of Bellwood. The sounds of people shouting at him were pushed to the back of his head, the only thing on his mind was Grandpa Max.


Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this Fanon Con entry, and have a happy New Year's Eve!

Brandon's Entry

Brandon 10 Fanon Con.png

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon here for Winter Fanon Con 2017! I missed the last one during the Fall, but I'm here now to share with you guys some exciting news about Brandon 10, Mutant Drake and more.

Brandon 10

Ultimate Hero was confirmed for the Winter and it technically still is. Do to a certain upcoming series, UH had to put pushed back so instead of being released in December, it'll be released possibly in either January or February 2018 depending on how things go. But that's not the only reason why the release date was pushed back. There's an upcoming special set after the first 10 episodes of Season 4, which will air during Brandon 10 Week in April. What can I tell you about this mysterious special? Not much, except it'll be the biggest Brandon 10 special yet. More details about the special will be released in the Spring Fanon Con (if it arrives before then, that is).

Mutant Drake

Mutant Drake Season 3 will be coming out sooner than you might think. While there hasn't been much development on it as of yet, both Bat and I have been coming up with plenty of ideas involving new characters, places and story lines. I probably shouldn't say anymore but... since it is coming out soon, you might be interested in what you'll be in for.

Season 3 will be more character-driven then the previous seasons as it will not only focus on their development but how their decisions affect the people around them whether it's for better or worse. And we're not just talking about Drake and Kate. Every character will get more attention. This might seem like too much but considering how many characters we already have within this universe of ours, it's only fair to make sure that they're engaging and realistic. Of course, having good characters isn't everything. Mutant Drake has been telling a story throughout these past two seasons about Drake's experiences and how he grows and changes as a person. And it makes sense considering the title of the series and all but rather than treat every other character as a special guest in his story, we want to establish a story for themselves to tell. Season 2 laid the breadcrumbs with hints about the backstories and motives of the super-powered secondary characters but Season 3 will give them the proper focus they need to tell their own stories while either co-existing or intersecting with Drake's story as well. This method will not only give us more story lines to explore within Season 3 but be able to develop our characters more and essentially evolve them into someone or even something else.

Aside from characters, Season 2 also paved the pathway to new elements that we would like to properly introduce or make known throughout Season 3. These elements will, in a way, expand the Mutant Drake Universe; giving us new characters with special abilities related to these elements or even new places for our characters to visit. Personally, I see Season 3 as the biggest season yet and our opportunity to explore and do whatever we want so get ready for some fresh ideas and new things in the upcoming Mutant Drake Season 3.

Speaking of the Mutant Drake Universe, Season 2 has already expanded it just a little bit with the addition of Ryder, the unnatural private investigator with supernatural abilities. With upcoming episodes of his own series underway, there's not much to say about it here except it will eventually receive a second season. As of now, the pilot episode and the next two to be posted soon and more adventures underway.

Other Stuff


Brandon 10 Season 4 Trailer

The trailer opens up with a scene of the Earth.

Voice: Where there is darkness...

Transition to the interior of a scientific-looking facility where several scientists are seen maintaining some controls.

Voice, continuing: There is light.

A scientist in particular is seen looking outwards at a blue glow.

Voice: Something is coming.

A shadow overcomes a canyon before the scene cuts into complete darkness.

Voice: And only you can stop it.

Brandon is then seen emerging from the darkness before looking up at the view.

The scene then cuts to a government facility.

General Gates, voice over: We got a situation.

Brandon: Nothing we can't handle, General.

General Gates: This is... different.

The scene shows the interior of a facility. It's dark with scratch marks on the walls.

Brandon, voice over: Something's not right here.

The scene then shows the inside of a house.

Sarah: What aren't you telling me?

Coco: I'm just trying to keep you safe.

Brandon, voice over: Everywhere I turn he's there.

The scene shows survillence drones hovering around.

Brandon: It's time we find out what he's up to and put an end to it.

An explosion is shown at a building with several citizens ducking for cover.

An ancient temple is seen in a clearing, surrounded by jungle.

A helicopter soars through the sky.

Brandon is seen hopping over a ledge with a man in a trench coat.

A search light shines on someone in the street.

Brandon turns and sees officers aiming their weapons at him.

Coco: I never should have trusted you.

Sarah's eyes glow a bright pink as she holds her head, yelling out.

Different Voice: Everyone has a dark side.

A shadow then creeps over Brandon as he reaches for the Ultimatrix, the light emitting from its column quickly dimming. He turns his head, looking terrified, until the scene is plunged into complete darkness.

Different Voice: ...Even you.


The scene then cuts to an office of some kind.

Brandon: It's about time you told me who you are.

A man is seen seated in a chair. He then slowly lifts up from the chair before the scene cuts.

Coming Soon

Mutant Drake Season 3 Trailer

The trailer opens up in the city, it's night.

On the rooftop of a building, a figure can be seen watching over the city, with their back to the view. The scene then transitions to another angle, now showing the figure to be Drake, in his Vigilante suit.

The scene then shows the newly renovated headquarters for the team.

Emmett, voice over: You know you don't have to do this alone.

The scene continues, now in an alley way of some sort.

Drake: I have to.

A shot of the city is shown once again.

Drake, voice over: John wanted me to keep doing this. To be the Vigilante.

A gathering of criminals is then seen below with the next scene showing Drake watching them from above.

Drake, voice over: So that's what I'm going to do.

Cut to darkness.

The scene opens up with a hand reaching for some controls.

Voice: Let's get to work, shall we?

The hand presses down a button, activating a machine. Several chambers can then be seen activating.

A large explosion of energy is then seen emitting from a facility.

Drake is then shown turning his head and seeing something in the distance.

Cut to darkness.

Someone is then seen growing more muscular then, the next scene shows, someone with energy emitting from their hands.

Drake: Something happened that gave these people powers.

Jake: We need to figure this out before someone gets hurt.

Emmett: The city's in danger. We can't do this without you.

Drake looks ahead with his arms crossed.

Kate: I just don't know if I can be apart of this.

Drake: I'm not asking you to help. I just need to know why.

Kate: You already know the answer.

A jump jet is then seen hovering towards a beach.

Different Voice: This type of power can not be controlled.

Jake: Well, it's out now. And who knows how far it spread and who it affected.

An explosion is seen, sending a vault door flying across a street.

Ryan Wilson looks up from behind a flipped over police cruiser, with a gun in hand.

Drake, voice over: This city needs protecting.

Fionna is shown looking at a photograph in her hands.

Drake, voice over: All of us-

Emmett is then shown, after that scene, sitting on the grass- looking up at the sky at night.

Drake, voice over: -had something holding us back.

The next scene shows Danny running towards something, as if he's chasing it.

Drake, voice over: But now-

The scene after that, shows Jake looking down at the device on his wrist.

Drake, voice over: -we have something to fight for.

Drake is then seen fighting an armored figure on the rooftops.

Emmett is shown, standing at a podium with several reporters surrounding him, talking loudly over each other.

Jake is then shown soaring through the air towards the view, with Fionna.

Danny is seen running around some type of energy vortex.

Two large feet then crash down onto the street, crushing it with its weight.

Cut to darkness with the sound of a loud roar, echoing.

The scene then opens up with Drake standing with the rest of the team in the street.

Drake: We do this together.





And that's about it. Thank you so much for checking out this entry. I hope you're excited for the upcoming content and have an awesome time at this year's Winter Fanon Con!

Sol's Entry

Hey, this'll be my second FanonCon (the first one never got uploaded to the main blog, but hopefully this one will, let's not dwell on the past). I'm pretty new to this, not gonna lie, so if I'm terrible at this, just nod along and whisper about me behind my back.

Reboot!Sol 10

So, as I've explained before, Sol 10 is being rebooted. With all reboots, come certain things that must be done, like distinguishing it from the original. That way, if the reboot turns out terrible, people will be able to say "Sol 10 Rebooted sucked" and won't say "Sol 10 sucked". Think of it as insurance for my ego. Anyways, onto the names for the new show (it's not really a new show, don't tell anybody). When I first considered the new name, I decided to go with Nu Sol 10, as it was a reference to nu metal and music references are cool and new.

I quickly scratch that and barfed, before washing my face as I realized who I was becoming. I had to spray for hours to get the scents of Florida, spray tans, and bikini-clad women off of me.

Anyways, my mind quickly thought up new answers. Sol 11, but the Sol universe already has an eleventh dimension that I won't spoil because you guys should read the lore pages that I put work into to add purposeful spoilers sometimes. 

So, what next? Sol 9? That's a downgrade, except in multiples of 3, perfect squares, significant figures, but no one really gives a horse's quarters about significant figures (even though it is a superior system). 

So, what next? Another music reference? The only number song I know is Clutch's 10001110101, and that's way too long to remember or even say. 

So I shortened it to Sol 101 because it looks kinda like "SOL" because there's a 0 in the middle and a 1 at the end:



Don't question my logic.

That's all there is to say about that.

"Let's Move Along This Song, and Try to Find the Plot" - Dicky Barrett

So, you're probably wondering. Did Sol 10 even have a plot for you to reboot, aside from Sol getting to cop a feel somewhere out there in the great beyond?

Well, yes, and now it has 100% more Sol romance opportunities.

The first season, or "arc", revolves around Sol getting the Omnitrix (again) and finding a lost little robomech equipped with guns for hands (also a song reference) (again). The two of them ally with a mysterious man named Gadsio, who's taken it upon himself to deal with a mysterious cool kids' cult that's been spreading across the United States, collecting the same MacGuffins as Sol and co.. However, it's not just Sol and the cult chasing these MacGuffins- there's Brian Storm, a telectropath, and Edgelord, a mysterious edgy man who loves taking two long swords at once and wielding them like it's his first time picking them up. 

The MacGuffin search doesn't end there. In another dimension, our narrator, Jules, fights the nefarious Apocalypse Now, a spooky scary skeleton god who's attempting to unlock the secrets of the Omnitrix to grow more powerful than the universe. Dude has an inferiority complex, what can I say?

Here's a pic of him, he's the "series villain":


There's also a giant floating man in space who's planning to unleash a laser and wipe out the solar system, but he won't be important until later.

New Aliens

  • Outtathaway - An alien capable of manipulating relativity and physics itself. If you read Homestuck, think Becquerel. And then don't think anything else. I just stole Becquerel.
  • Glorified G - Having the ability to morph his body into various types of bullet-firing weapons, from miniguns, to revolvers, to elephant guns, to shotguns, to gatling guns, to even ... You get the idea. He's very good at killing, but I'm afraid that's all guns can really do. There's not really much room to be creative with this one. 
  • Even Flow - An alien composed of test tubes who vacuums up substances and places them in... well, vacuums. He can release them whenever he desires. 
  • Aquabat - This feelgood ska tribute of an alien sucks up water to release bubbles or can alternatively suck up air to gain super strength. Trust me, it'll make sense when you see it used.
  • Reflektor - An alien who takes pictures using reflections like a camera. He can also escape into the mirror world, like Ryuki, except instead of fighting mirror monsters he goes there to escape damage. Well, most of the time. There are a few times where he does fight mirror monsters.
  • Crunch Punch - Every good series needs an ORA ORA-lien. That's pretty much what I designed Crunch Punch to be. Steely skin, big scary hands, and saw blades everywhere. Toss a few buckets of gasoline in there somewhere and you're good to go.
  • Heavydirtysoul - Imagine someone named Casanova styled his hair to look like fake flames and went to a roller disco, but had a thing for metal chains. That's Heavydirtysoul. I can't go into his powers too much, since they're kind of instrumental to the plot.
Anyways, have some Laika from last FanonCon.

Other Untitled New Series

You heard me right! I've decided to start a new series, since nothing gets me more excited than disappointing people (mostly myself) with incomplete deadlines. I don't have much to say about it, other than I'll probably be posting it on BTFF-EX (not sure if it's more appropriate for here or there yet, though).

It revolves around a teen arriving seemingly out of nowhere, coming across a magic book that's capable of giving the user mysterious powers and that summons strange beasts from another realm entirely. At the same time, those same powers described in the book begin to spread to teens throughout the city like a disease.

Imagine bootleg Gravity Falls mashed with Heroes and Scott Pilgrim and you've got it.

Starlight's Soliloquy

(Unfortunately I don't have any new unique colors for Starlight's Soliloquy picked out yet, sorry!)

(Lmao I wrote this for last FanonCon, I don't even have to update most of it)

I'd love to say that production of Starlight's Soliloquy is going smoothly. But I'd also love to not lie. But hey, when you're working on a series involving at least thirty if not more entirely original cool and new aliens, design and development can be a bit rough!

Hey? What's that? You thought I said I had some aliens for you to view? You're really overestimating my work ethic.

Hold up, I actually do! (?) That and... What? Laika? Characters? More juicy lore and backstory for your favorite Earth-1776 characters to hold you over while I work on finishing the rest of the first episode?
Wait, no, I never got that last part done either, but I can at least give you some other information instead.


A mysterious comet containing an Omnitrix, originally sent into the Void by the Primm (a mysterious race of soul-manipulating aliens) thousands of years ago, reemerges from space and plummets to the Earth in the town of Alice Springs, Pennsylvania.


Otis Perry An eighteen year old boy, who's the man of the house. A strong football player, a good brother, and a ladie's man, and the lead 

Teresa Perry Otis's younger sister. Sucks at playing sports, but pretty agreeable.

Enzaeon Omnitrix hunter with a sicknasty gun and claws capable of tearing apart most forms of matter with justone shot or a bullet. On top of this, he already has quite the collection of Omnitrixes.

Xiphos Another Omnitrix hunter, he's a member of the Takyon race. The Takyon, originally created as slaves to the Primm, are capable of creating and bending light, which they can use to stun their enemies or even cut objects. They also move at an incredible pace.


  • Touch of Grey- An alien capable of binding the fate of two objects together. This alien, used by a villain, helps to set the plot in motion.
  • Pyrocumulus- We actually did start the fire, but now we can't put it out. I like to think this alien's my own unique twist on fire aliens, to be honest. Pyrocumulus has control over heat, but not control over fire. He can objects to combust into flames or melt other objects, as well as control the wind, but he can't really do anything once the fires have been started.
  • Plastic Love- An alien capable of touching any object and making it as pliable as plastic. Perfect for open heart surgeries.
  • Longview- An alien that can link together two places in space with the use of planes. And no, I don't mean aeroplanes. I mean giant squares.
If any of you guys steal those ideas, I swear to god I'll chase you down.
More to come, obviously, but considering this is a last ditch effort... I think I did pretty well, no?

Haushinkaiconb.png Cogoftimerought1.png Christianheartb.png
Ethan's Entry

Ebomnitrix here, kicking you guys into some knowledge about what’s going on with me and my series and what else I’ll be doing for 2018.

So for one, we’re going to be talking about E-10 and the future of the series.

You see, about a few weeks ago I announced that E-10 was having production issues to the point it was almost cancelled. The writing for the series has also been sloppy and a lot of things weren’t done as it was originally planned, as episodes have been altered so it would benefit the main storyline and even then it was a bit of sloppy mess. Well after settling these issues, we’re back up to speed and I’m going to start changing a few things for the series.

For one, Episode 17’s plot messed with a ton of situations that were supposed to happen later in E-10, and a lot of that was adding Sif's and Cloud's "Bizarre Adventure." Which also had a big impact on the Rogue Agent story. But on the bright side, I can fix this issue, it's just the thing is, from this point forward I won't be letting ZeVikingSif help out on E-10 as much anymore due to the creation of many plot issues that luckily can be resolved, it's just... it really impacted on the series production. Not to mention at that time I told you on the forum that I was no longer allowed to use the Agent's character because of that situation, the plot add on and how it changed things from what was originally planned. Luckily Alanomaly and I straightened things out, and E-10 and the whole series plot will continue just as planned. But as far as writers go, for now on I'm announcing if anybody is going to help writing the series, they actually have to care about what they're going to add and see how that affects either the plot of the episode or the series as a whole. While I don't mind adding in side-stories for characters, if it takes away the point of the series arc or the plot of the episode, then what's the point of that episode if its just taking away something that was supposed to be better. Episode 17 and 18 right now I'm fix a couple of the addressed issues, but it won't affect other future episodes. So for those who have read up to this point or not, you won't have any trouble understanding what will happen further on.

Now the final change to the series is how I will release the episodes from this point onward. First off, what hasn’t changed is episodes are still going to be released weekly, and all episodes in each set arc will be spreaded apart from one another yes.

However, now I’m stretching out the releases of each arc so I can give myself more time to work on them until most of the episodes are finished, just as how Arc 1 was handled and some of Arc 2.

Now to answer all your questions, E-10 will continue, and more episodes will release in the following year.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, a teaser of what's to come...

[At the storage center and location of the base, it is revealed that everything outside is now cleaned up. The sunlight reflects the screen as we zoom inside.]

Cloud: Do I really need to wear a supersuit?

Agent: Yes.

Cloud: But I’m just fine with what I got?

Agent: You have a secret identity to maintain.

Cloud: How come you guys don’t wear supersuits?

[We turn to Ethan and Sif.]

Sif: I have armors.

Ethan: I have aliens.

[Camera pans to the Agent]

Agent: And absolutely nobody knows who the fuck I am!

Cloud: Terrific...

[Outside a convention center.]

Mayor (Narrating): Our city has been infested with alien attacks over the last several months.

[Diamondhead dashed to the samurai, and their blades collided into each other’s creating a shockwave.]

Mayor (Narrating): The damage done to this city, has costed us lots.

[In a burning building, a child cries as the mother held her child dearly.]

Mayor (Narrating): Despite our efforts, nothing has changed except for one thing. The Changesman and his team.

[Sif, Cloud, Ethan, and a mysterious new character stand to light as they prepare to fight.]

Mayor: We don’t know who these people are but they seem to be there to help. Now that a new light has shined into our city, we will be advancing police forces and present to you the statue that will stand as our symbol of life, for our fair city!

[The Mayor removes the cloak and to everyone’s shock were a new group of robots, known as the Cybermen. As a crowd of Cyberman surround the scenes. A bunch of highly armed upgraded Weatherheads bursted through the windows. The Cyberman then touched onto the mayor’s forehead and a blue energy blast wiped him away from existence. The crowd began running for their lives as Ethan took a glare at them.]


[We cut to the TARDIS]

Ethan: Agent, Who are they?

Agent: They’re known as the Cyberman. A race of intelligent robots from the future that plan to wipe out all organic life among the universe.


[The Cyberman fire energy beams that starts wiping away human life. Ethan saw his friend jump to the ground and was obliterated by an energy blast.]

Ethan: NO!!!!! [Echoes.]


Ethan: So they’re like the Weatherheads, that’s not so bad.

Agent: No they’re worse. They experiment on living human bodies and erase all emotions that transform them into Cybermen.


[A human is shoved into the armor of the Cybermen, and the person screamed for mercy before they seal him in.]


Ethan: Oh my god that’s way worse.

Agent: Yep.

Ethan: Why…

Agent: Oh trust me, it gets worse. [Walks.]

Ethan: Oh that’s a relief… [Rolling eyes.] Not!

Agent: I get the sarcasm!


Sif: So both the Weatherheads and the Cybermen are after something. Who knows what it is?

Ethan: Whatever it is, it’s something they want at City Hall.

Sif: Then let’s go after them.

Agent: No it’s too dangerous. One blast from them will wipe you away from existence.

Cloud: In other words it’s like Dodgeball?


[Dodgeballs flew at Cloud’s face throwing him back into the wall.]


Agent: Yes Cloud, like Dodgeball.


Lodestar: I've got it covered!

[He created a magnetic wave from his hands and it started splitting the Cybermen's body apart.]

Lodestar: There that outta do it.

[Everything started to shake as the group turned around to their surprise.]

Weatherheads: You may have helped us stop the Cybermen, but you will not be able to stop us!

[The Weatherheads began combining as they grew weapons, multiple limbs, their heads spreaded apart and they stood at fourty foot tall.]

Lodestar: Oh that’s going to be a problem…


Agent (Narration): We now know the Weatherhead’s next move.

[Everything began spinning around a ginormous weather tower as Ethan stared straight at it.]

Ethan (Narration): A Cosmic Storm...

File:E-10 OP 2 - Promo 2.ogg

Sif (Narration): That will definitely destroy the entire universe.

[A blast is scene shooting up from the moon into space. The scene then cuts to the base as Ethan spoke to the team.]

Ethan: Then we need to stop them, Together!

[The team nodded in agreement.]


[Sif began clashing with Cast-O as they charged toward each other.]


[A mysterious character held a sonic device in their hands and blasted Hail-O]


[Cloud summoned a mysterious spirit and it wiped away an entire army of Weatherheads in a blast.]


[Maggie stepped into the light of the garageway.]

Maggie: Hey guys, I’m back…


[Ethan stretched his arms out as silver fur began surrounding his entire arm as his hands transformed into claws. Ethan’s mouth began to change into a snout.]


Lieutenant Steel: I need you for a mission.


[Sif looked down, depressed.]


[Slapstrike dodged the samurai’s attack.]


[Agent jumped in front of Josh who was about to be blasted, causing a flashing light to occur.]


[A latch opened out and the group of Weatherheads were sent flying into space. Both Cloud and Maggie were projecting their forcefields. The Agent and Sif were covered, but Diamondhead was not. Diamondhead attempted to create shards from the back of his feet but struggled to hold on. Eventually Diamondhead lost his grip and was thrown into the vacuum of space.]

Maggie, Cloud: ETHAN!!!

[Everything went dark.]


Ethan: But I do have one last surprise!


[A burst of red cosmic lightning started blasting from the clouds towards Ethan as he slammed down onto the Omnitrix. A bright flash occurred as everything went from light to dark.]

E-10 (Solar Radar Logo).png

Solar Radar, the final arc of the first season. Solar Radar as you already know, will feature the closing arc to the Weatherheads. Everything that’s happened in the last two arcs will now tie into this these next 8 episodes.

First, Ethan and the Agent will start out on a time traveling adventure in order to save all of their friends from harm when the Cybermen and the newly upgraded Weatherheads rise to the attack. What are they after, and what is going to happen to their friends? All that will be revealed on February 22nd, in this two-part opening event.

Meanwhile the other 6 episodes will be about a storm that will threaten the universe itself, Ethan and the gang will face bigger challenges as the group finally begins to open up more at an emotional level, and just when things begin to heat up, Maggie returns to the team with an unexpected surprise. All this and more as the final 6 episodes will begin premiering weekly starting April 26, all concluding to a three-part finale.

As you can also tell from the other recent news, there will be a couple more new aliens joining Ethan's line up. While the other ones I’d like to keep as a surprise, you will get to see the design of Blitzwolfer here, who was designed by DeviantArt User Insanedude now known as Insane-Mane:

E-10, Blitzwolfer.png

While everything I’ve announced up to this point has gone directly over to the Discord Presentation. I will now provide some exclusive information.

A second season of E-10 is coming this Fall, and it will entirely be themed on “Hunters”. The team will now have to step up their game in order to survive the coming threats that awake them. More information about Season 2 will be provided at Summer Fanon Con 2018.

So now that I’ve told you about what’ll happen to the series, let’s talk about what goes outside of that which is… the release of 2 web comics for 2018.

Fandom Heroes: Fandom Heroes is a comic series created by King-Ninners, that features entirely inserted characters from worlds like Kill La Kill, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Avatar: The Last Airbender and of course BTFF’s E-10. E-10 will be included to expand upon his universe that will tell a completely different version of him.

This version of E-10 will take place in an entirely alternate counterpart to his BTFF self as it will revolve more around events of the 2016 Ben 10 Reboot. This version of E-10 has already wielded the Omnitrix for over 6 years and will hop from world to world to stop the opposing threat to which all of the main characters of their worlds find themselves in. It will be released on DeviantArt, Google Plus and an exclusive Amino app later next year.

E-10: Adventures! (Working Title): The next webcomic will be told by me that will tell a mini adventure that will reflect on the events between Seasons 1 and 2. It will be based off mythology, monsters and time travel, and will take place in December.

More information about both webcomics will be announced at Spring Fanon Con 2017 where hopefully I can give out more information about other characters and more.

Another exclusive announcement, I will also be working on another series on the side that won’t premiere until 2019. I can’t say what it’s about at the moment where I can confirm now that things are still be tossed out in the air at this point. However, it will be an Omnitrix-based series, It won’t be another “Insert Yourself-10” series, and it will tell an original story about what the Omnitrix came to be.

That’s all I have to say for now. Stay Tuned for the return of new episodes of E-10 coming in February and April. Until fellow users, Stay Gold!

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