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Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Winter Fanon Con, where I am going to be showing submissions made by their respective users. They show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc. Cokedragon will not be in this once again for not getting his entry in.

ALSO, side note: for those of you who may be wondering why your signatures got removed; this was because your Fanon Con templates were screwed due to that. Sorry!

Welp, enough chatting, here we go!

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Mig's Entry
Hey everyone, I'm Mig and below is my entry for the Main Blog, woo. There's a few updates and a teensy weensy surprise so I hope you all enjoy.

The Gamma Awakening



Should not be a surprise that I'd have more info for this here. Anyways, The Gamma Awakening is...out. For now, anyway. The first episode will be released shortly after this blog. Oh and yesterday was the day Mig X: Revolution officially came out so...thought this would be fitting for this to release.

So, about the show: there will be two plots going on that switch off and on until they merge in episode 7 of season 1. They both tie together, I just wanted to experiment with two plots and I think it worked out pretty ok. Oh and there won't be any aliens for a little while, but they're there, I promise.

The show is generally dark but with some lighthearted comedy; I realized that extreme edge is annoying and frankly inappropriate but the season has a generally "dark" atmosphere; it'll get lighter as the show progresses, but yea.

Anyway, the first episode will be Nuance, again coming out right after this blog entry. The series will begin to air regularly on Sundays starting in January 2017. There will be a two week break after this first episode though because I need to freaking work on eps 8 and 9 so yea.

I have some more news and a few pics if you'd like to see or haven't seen already.

CaT has graciously been designing my aliens for me, with Ethan helping out with some of them so CaT isn't overwhelmed and stuff. Big thanks to the both of you!

Episode Guide

I decided to release the official episode guide of the season. Of course, the plot will be hidden because yea.

The new titles and such will also be added. I was gonna add them here but thanks Wikia for your broken ass coding.

Coming Soon


I don't really have much to say about this other than it's coming soon. It's a mini-series spin off of the show and you can assume which character it's primarily about.

Yea. Dirty Sanchez. He's always been a sort of fascinating character in my mind, alongside Furtim Vernon, so I figured I wanna do a spin off of him. Plus, I was originally going to make an entire show based on him before this show became a thing.


Welp, time for some feedback from y'all. Please vote appropriately and just to be like 'kek imma vote negative on all just cuz' or whatever.


Have you read Mig X/MXR?

The poll was created at 18:14 on December 22, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.

The Gamma Awakening

Are you excited for the release of this show (finally)?

The poll was created at 18:14 on December 22, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.
What is the most appealing quality you're looking forward to?

The poll was created at 18:14 on December 22, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.


I just wanted to thank you all for your support on my work and for looking over my entry and (hopefully) voting honestly on the polls. Hope you all are looking forward for my show(s) and I hope your shows succeed! Bye!

Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con.

I have literally nothing to say except I'm canceling a few of my series (Wow, what a surprise!), namely The Troublesome Two, Ben 10: Nueverse and Monst3r (the latter of which never even got off the ground). Sorry if there were some of you who were actually excited to read those series, but I need to focus on Ben 10: Omnifinite. On the bright side, I'll be using a few of BTNV's aliens for POTO.

Thank you all for reading. See you next time! :D
Alan's Entry
Alright, let's get this started. Starting off, I've got a trailer for the upcoming Alan 10 movie that I announced a little bit ago, so let's go ahead and show that.
The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.
The following content contains suggestive comedy including but not limited to jokes that involve sexual references, crude analogies, and/or harsh language that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Gearo (narration): The Simplicitrix.


[The Simplicitrix was shown lying on the table.]


[Gearo’s Narration continued throughout the multiple scenes below.]

Gearo: A device meant to turn the user into a creature for the purposes of creating peace, despite any initial troubles that may occur.


[Alan's body was swarmed with a red energy. His body became larger and more muscular. His face grew forward, as his teeth then jutted from his lips. Alan transformed into Ripjaws.]


[Un-Named launched himself at Starbeard, and merged with him, causing his body to become blue with orange stars. Starbeard’s screams were heard.]


Starbeard: Alan Nomaly. You have defeated me in battle, and thus proven yourself worthy of keeping the Simplicitrix. By the Universal Court of Law, I grant you the right to freedom and immunity to any laws involving genetic alteration devices.


[The crowd began cheering. Alan hugged Alexis, then turned to Jessica and hugged her, with her kissing him on the lips.]

After saving himself and the Simplictrix from the High Council…

[Alan and Alexis walked through the aisles of a store, Alan pushing the cart whilst Alexis looked for stuff.]

Alexis: Alright. Since we're gonna be living together now, we need to find essentials…


[Alexis grabbed cartons of eggs and turned around to see Alan was already back, the cart filled with everything but essentials.]

Alexis: What the hell is all this shit?!

Alan: Essentials.


[Alexis began rummaging through the clutter Alan had piled into the cart.]

Alexis: Guns and katanas? How the hell did you- Oh. You... You used him, didn't you?

Alan: [eyes glance to the side] No…

Alexis: Goddamnit, Alan. That guy's too dangerous to use... Plus, you shouldn't be using them in public if you don't want that secret revealed. We have to grow up.

Alan: Do you even know who you're talking to?

Alexis: Apparently, the most immature hero in existence.

Alan: No, no, wrong watch user.

Alan decided to spice his lifestyle up a bit.

[Alexis and Jessica were seen dancing close to each other and grinding up on one another. Alan was then seen wearing a cowboy hat.]

Alexis: What’s the hat for?

Alan: I probably should have stayed in like you said.

[Alan took off the hat, and revealed to have changed his hair to a vibrant green color. Alexis and Jessica were wide eyed and in shock.]

Everything was starting to go perfect…

[Alan was seen doing several different dance moves. Eye Guy was seen moonwalking.]


[A ship was seen flying above Earth.]


[A large, green, four-armed humanoid with blue eyes was seen inside the ship.]

Alien: All hail the Multi-Limb Race!

All other aliens: All hail the Multi-Limb Race!


Alan: Really? The fuck kind of Adolf Hitler is this?

To save his planet…

Alien: Within a few hours, we will have all the military power we will need. Let’s see you stop me this time.


[The four-armed alien grabbed a black and blue version of Paralite, and threw him at Eatle, who shot out energy and created a shield, catching Paralite.]

He must forge together a team

Alan: An alien, a Succubus, and a heavily armed hot chick aren’t going to be enough to stop it.


[Eatle and a blue version of Wildmutt lunged at the four-armed alien, who grabbed them both by the heads.]

And with the help of his greatest enemy…

[Suddenly, there was a blue flash of light behind Alan. He turned too late to see what it was. The blue flash began to circle him. It stopped, revealing a humanoid, cat-like creature. It had a white body with black markings on his chest, black feet, hands, and face. He had glowing aqua eyes. The camera panned down, revealing the Negative Simplicitrix on his chest.]

Can Alan stop this impossible threat?

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix and transformed into a red, hooded alien, with orange and white details, and nozzle-like growths on his arms and legs.]

Next year…

[Orange electricity shot all around Devin’s body. His skin turned white and orange spots began appearing on his body. Mason’s body thinned out as teal fur began growing all over it.]

It’s time to go hero!

Alan: Hold on. “Go hero!”? Seriously? Get the fuck out of here. What the fuck do you think this is? This ain’t the canon. [whispering] Dumbass.




Alan: "Only?" Dumbass announcer. It's gonna be on my wiki, too! Jesus. Remind me to call my agent and get a new announcer.

Agent: Did somebody say Agent?

Alan: I swear to god.

Alan 10 Poster

Hopefully you all enjoyed that.

With that trailer out of the way, I'm going to announce that there is in fact a spin-off show that will happen. I'm not sure when it will happen, but it will. When it does, it will take place during Season 2 of The Alan 10 Adventures, so if the spin-off doesn't occur until after The Alan 10 Adventures is done, then there will be a lot of stuff ignored or foreshadowed during the spin-off. Just to keep the two connected. This spin off is entitled...

FT Logo 1

Færy Tæl!

For those of you who have read my show, you probably recognize the little "æ" character used here. Færy Tæl is a show with Alexis as the primary character and Alan as the back up best friend. This show will be about Alexis discovering the existence of other Fæ on Earth, and, with the help of Alan, will try to work to help Fæ become more comfortable living in a human-dominated world. Of course, it is going to have Ben 10 elements due to Alan being in it, but due to the focus being Fæ, it won't be on here. Also, the content is even more suggestive than The Alan 10 Adventures.

Let that sink in before reading this one.

Ethan's Entry
Hi, my name is Ebomnitrix, of course a lot of you know some of the work I've done on here with some of the shows in particular. Now introducing a brand new series I hope you all enjoy, E-10.

Check it out!


[A figure on the rooftop, took a footstep closer, he begins to speak at the enemies below.]

Figure: Hey…

[The full body shown, was revealed to Heatblast.

Heatblast: Do you have any idea what time it is? Just because the sun is bright and out doesn’t mean I have to be.

[Meanwhile to the side of the building, the Agent is watching.]

Agent: The fact he picked that as his delivery line. Now I hope he gets his ass kicked.


[Heatblast slid back.]


Heatblast: Your move “Mr. President”


[Ethan's hands grew larger as he spun and transformed into Slapstrike.]


[Ethan spun around with his body growing bigger, the shards grew on his other hand]

Diamondhead<: This...


[Diamonds started surrounding his face.]


Diamondhead: is...


[Diamondhead looked at himself, about to make a reaction.]


Diamondhead: Awesome!


[He fired shards from his arms and as they hit multiple trees, they began tumbling down one by one.]


Diamondhead: Ugh...


[Music Shifts from 3:21-3:39]

[Fasttrack started running out of the alleyway and ran down toward the burning building.]


[Heatblast dashed toward the ground and knocked one of the robbers off his feet, he fell to the ground.]


[Fasttrack created a vortex, surrounding the burning building.


[Fasttrack lost the grip on his foot and both he and the Agent started bouncing off the road a dozen times into a red bricked building]


Maggie: Don't you ever learn when to think before you act?

Agent: Maggie this is Ethan we're talking about, of course he doesn't know when to think!


[Music Shifts again from 2:06-2:15 then fades til 2:22]

[Maggie transformed into Kotchya and dashed at the creatures.]


[The Black Sun armor started to grow around Sif's chest, then latched onto his head.]


[As Hail-O continued to fire hail at the Agent, he countered it with a sonic blast from his sonic probe.]


[Ethan slams down.]

E-10 logo


Cat's Entry
Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my new submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it!

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Season 3

Tech 10: Star Spirit's third season is...still not coming for a while. I have a lot of other projects I want to focus on first. Since this will be the last season, I want everything related to Earth-83 squared away before I start on this. In addition, this is the last season of Tech 10...well, ever, and I want to make sure not only that everything goes to plan, but that said plan is actually good. On the bright side, this gives anyone lagging behind a good chance to catch up on the series.



You might remember the Elegy forms I announced at the last Fanon Con, and while they're still going to be in the series, I have a bit of a different plan for their execution than I talked about last time. Saying any more than that would give away like half of S3's plot, so I'll leave it fairly vague. For now, let it just be known that they have a lot to do with Kunenga Energy.

Tech 10 Renovation Project

This is still progressing, slowly but surely. I actually introduced a new villain exclusive to the Renovated version of the series, along with foreshadowing to the overall arc of what's seemed like filler content so far. Things are going to get a lot more complex from here on out.

Tech 10 Character Shorts

I did manage to get Warlord Kroz's character short out between cons, so go check that out. I still plan on releasing character shorts for Igneoux and Aquadilus, but those might not be coming for a while.



Progress on the second episode of 13 is continuing, albeit incredibly slowly. I have the entire outline for the thing written up, I just haven't found the motivation to turn it into the actual written format yet.

Ben 10: Milky Way Race



Still working on this one. I'd like to have it mostly planned out before episodes start happening, unlike some other post-OV series (cough cough).


Hoo boy this thing.

Okay, so I announced some stuff about this series last Fanon Con.

Almost none of that stuff applies now.

Yes, I've been reworking the series over these past few months, and I've ultimately decided to go an almost completely different direction with it. The synopsis might sound similar, but the execution will be extremely different. It's still going to be an Earth-83 story with little to no story connections to Tech 10. The Omnitrix of the series is still called the Reform, and a couple of the characters and aliens are being carried over from the original concept. Here's the new synopsis that may or may not still apply by the time the series actually debuts:

The family of Tess, a 16 year-old girl, moves to an old coastal city that has recently undergone massive gentrification thanks to the efforts of a recently-disappeared eccentric billionaire. Once they arrive, they discover the area has become infamous lately for a rash of mysterious murders that result in gruesomely displayed corpses, a fact that the local media has attempted to cover up as best as possible.

Tess herself almost becomes a victim to one of these murders, but is saved by the mysterious appearance of an ancient artifact known only as the Reform. With the strange powers of the Reform and the help of a friend with unexplained abilities of his own, Tess must follow the trail of clues left behind by the missing billionaire to discover the ancient tragedy lurking beneath the city they live in, even as the city itself seems to be acting against them.

It gon be edgy as hell boyee

Aliens I can confirm as currently planned to appear in the series are as follows:

  • Fishnu (Working title; I don't have an actual name for this one yet lmao)
    • A jellyfish-like alien. It can fly, contort its tentacles into various shapes, and do other stuff I haven't pinned down quite yet.
  • Blastburn
    • A humanoid alien with an armored robotic shell. It has the ability to fire blasts of superheated air at its targets.
  • Cat Lap
    • A cat-like humanoid alien. Though it appears to be a normal speed alien on the surface, it actually has the ability to control the velocity of any one object at a time.
  • Stardust
    • A humanoid alien with a starry appearance. It has the ability to create and manipulate stardust. Fairly straightforward.

A preview of the pilot for this series will be readable in the first episode of The Launch Pad, which should be out by the time the Main Blog has been posted. For this blog presentation, have this teaser trailer:

[???]: "...Not...again."

[The back of a large humanoid form is seen. The figure is hunched over, bleeding heavily and taking ragged breaths.]

[???]: "Never again."

[Cut to a dark stone hallway. A suited man whose features are obscured by shadows is walking down the hall, scraping a knife along the side of the walls as he goes.]

[Male Voice]: "Don't bother. This city won't let me die."

[???]: "What are you talking about?"

[Cut to a dimly lit hospital room, where a large humanoid alien stands above a severely injured man.]

[Injured Man]: "For whatever reason, this city doesn't want me dead. On the other very much doesn't want you alive."

[Cut to the middle of a highway, where a jellyfish-like alien is dodging and weaving through heavy traffic.]

[Injured Man]: "You're too close to the truth..."

[Cut to the outside of an ancient citadel sitting on the bottom of the ocean.]

[Injured Man]: "The truth behind the city itself."

[Cut to the inside of the citadel. A panning shot slowly begins moving through the ruins.]

[Injured Man]: "I don't remember my past...but...there is a name. A single name. A spirit you must avoid at all costs."

[The panning shot slowly moves to reveal a sealed door covered in various runes.]

[Injured Man]: "They called it...the Skinwalker."

[The shot fades to black. After a few moments, the sound of claws dragging against metal can be heard.]

[???]: "And the reign of man shall fall."

Coming 2017

Video Games

Cancelled. Cancelled. They're all canceled. None of you are free from sin.

Rebooted Cinematic Trilogy

Oh yeah, we're doing this now bois.

Those of you who keep an eye on the forums probably already know about this to some extent, but allow me to get more into how this is going to work. Basically, the idea is to give people who want to read Star Spirit but don't have the time to read two series worth of backstory beforehand a way to experience these stories in a convenient manner. Maybe then you little shits will actually READ TECH 10 REEEEEE

Phase 1: Not Applicable (Movie)


The recap movie for Not Applicable is being worked on, and will come out, first. This is because N/A takes place before Rebooted for the most part, making it only logical for it to be the first movie created in chronological order. Basically, expect a modernized retelling of the Not Applicable short with much better storytelling, more backstory, and a lot less filler.

This movie already has a decent amount of content created for it, so I recommend checking all that out on the official thread.

Phase 2: Tech 10: Reboot Ω

Tech 10: Reboot Omega (a title which will make sense if you've actually read Rebooted) will be a recap movie for the first season of Rebooted, serving the same modernizing/expanding/filler removing purposes of the Not Applicable recap movie.

Phase 3: Tech 10: Reboot Δ

Tech 10: Reboot Delta (which will make even more sense as a title than the last one to readers) will recap the second season of Rebooted, doing all that good stuff we talked about with the other two movies again.


Tech 10: Double Crossed


This movie will be released somehow at some point. I'm not sure of the exact format, but it will cap off the Renovation project. Probably



This is right under the Renovation project on my list of priorities, and will probably be done first, come to think of it. I have a couple scenes already written, but that's about it, so...yeah.


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:


What upcoming content are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 06:07 on December 22, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.

Star Spirit

Have you read Star Spirit?

The poll was created at 06:07 on December 22, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.
Who is your favorite Star Spirit antagonist (that isn't Aeron because I mean duh)?

The poll was created at 06:09 on December 22, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.
Who should I draw lewd art of? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The poll was created at 02:30 on December 23, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

(P.S. If you take this one seriously you were probably dropped on your head as a baby. Twice.)

(P.P.S. That doesn't mean I ain't drawing lewds I'm just saying.)

Rebooted Cinematic Trilogy

Which movie are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 06:19 on December 22, 2016, and so far 7 people voted.
What aspect of the recaps are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 06:19 on December 22, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Omyx's Entry

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

new series oh shit waddup

Well as you can probably understand from the title Simien 10 is getting rebooted yet again since to be honest, Polyverse was pretty boring and paragraph format doesn't allow for too much action or character development.

Simien 10: Blood Monkey will be a weird spinoff show that basically only shares the characters and aliens, and uses a ton of gimmicky shit.

In the new reboot Simien, Vorkus and Ic are basically hired guns for a illegal weapons dealing gang under the command of Zynon. When Zynon's brother Zyrokks returns after 7 years to destroy his brother's empire, Simien and company must stop him.

To make things interesting this time, almost every character in the series has his own Omnitrix, including the villains. Every Omnitrix stores up to 6 aliens, which is displayed in an infographic kinda thing called a Hex.

Here's Simien's Hex for example, along with his new design.

About this image

As for other gimmicky shit in this series, expect Homestuck writing quirks for each alien, weirdly themed Omnitrixes, and episodes named in a consistent theme.

First episode premiers this Saturday, so remember to tune in or whatever you do when you read a fanfic.

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

time to get excited for the next BTSF SHITPOST

10 Ben vs. The Negativer 10 will be the next multipart BTSF episode, which will come 3 or 4 episodes after the latest episode Overtown.

As you may be able to understand from the title, the episode is a kind of a riff on the And Then There Were None episode with multiple Bens vs multiple bad guys. In the trilogy, Ben must recruit 9 other Bens from other dimensions to fight 10 of Bens greatest villains who have stolen Omnitrixes from other dimensions to take revenge at Ben. As a teaser, here is the list of the 10 Bens and the Negativer 10 along with their various Omnitrixes.

10 Ben

  1. Ben Tennyson (BTSF Dimension)
    • Ultimatrix
  2. French Ben (French Dimension)
    • Frenchitrix
  3. Tennyson-sama Ben (Anime Dimension)
    • Nanitrix
  4. Be?nn Tennys?nberg (Viking Dimension)
    • Viking Ultimatrix
  5. Double Ultimatrix Ben (Ultimatrix Hax alternate dimension)
    • Ultimatrix
    • Ultimatrix
  6. Ben 23 (23rd Dimension but insane)
    • Omnitrix
  7. Benguru Slamchez Cohen Tennygrandson (Ultimate Ben, Evolved Dimension)
    • Ultimate Omnitrix
  8. Len Lennyson (Len 10 dimension)
    • Weirditrix
  9. Gwen Tennyson (Gwen 10: Stupidity Force dimension)
    • Ultimatrix
  10. Hat Ben (Hat Dimension)
    • Hat Omnitrix

Negativer 10

  1. Vilgax
    • OS Omnitrix
  2. Albedo
    • Albedo's Ultimatrix
  3. Ben2
    • Ultimatrix2
  4. Upchuck Norris
    • Upchucknorristrix
  5. Morgan Freeman
    • Morganfreemantrix
  6. Genghis Khan
    • Dictatortrix
  7. Clancy
    • Stinktrix
  8. Jeve Stobs
    • iTrix
  9. Khyber
  10. Zed
    • Nemetrix
Chris's Entry
Welp, well this is my first time doing this so hopefully, I cover the one thing I would cover. Well, I'm here to talk about Chris X: The Series. It's this series that I've had basically ongoing for 5 years but I've truly never wrote it well. But I'm here now to show you the teasers me and some other friend done. Note: Some of these scenes may or may not be included in the series.
Chris X: The Series Trailer
(Scene opens to a messy and graffiti-covered street)

[A van comes into the scene and stops in front of a group of teens. The side doors of the vans slide open and a bunch of uniformed, masked soldiers come out with their guns pointing forward.]

[The teens put their hands up and the soldiers grab them one by one. As they load up the last teen, a little ball bounces in and the soldiers look down as it slowly goes towards them.]

[Voice]: Peek-a-boo!

[The soldiers look up and see a giant stone creature come down at them. The soldiers shoot the creature but the bullets have no effect on it.]

Alien: You call that a shot?

[The alien grabs one of the soldiers and headbutts him, making him faint. One of the soldiers tackles him but he doesn’t budge an inch. The alien grabs him and throws him to the rest of the soldiers.]

Alien: *smiles* Was that all?

[More vans come and even more soldiers come out of them]

Alien: *stops smiling* I just had to ask…

(Scene changes to a forest at night)

Boy[Narrator]: Everyone wants power.

[A shooting star passes through the night sky, but then it changes directions and goes directly towards the viewer. A flash of white happens.]

(Scene changes to a dark and ominous office)

[A man with an expensive-looking dark gray suit and red tie comes into the office. Some light hits his face and shows some the outlines.]

Boy[Narrator]: Some more than others.

[The man grabs an apple from a desk and goes to the window-paned wall. He looks toward the city and takes a bite out of it.]

(Scene changes to a closed bank at night)

[Two men are breaking into a safe with a drill. A crack is heard and they open the safe. Both begin to put all the money they can in the bags.]

Boy[Narrator]: But luckily there are some that use that power for the good of the world.

[A boy in a mask with a black hoodie comes down from the ceiling and the robbers look at him. They get out their guns and the masked boy puts up his sleeve to reveal a weird-looking, blue watch. They shoot and the masked boy presses on the watch and a blue-colored flash occurs.]

(Scene changes to a shopping center in the city)

Boy[Narrator]: And unluckily, there are people who use their power for the worse of it.

[An explosion occurs and the masked boy comes out flying out of a shop. He hits the ground and a costumed alien with an arrowhead symbol on his left torso comes walking out of the shop. The alien puts out his hand and shoots a bomb out of it.]

Boy(masked): Crap!

[The boy presses on the blue watch and a blue-colored flash happens again.]

(Scene changes to a messy room, with papers and trash all around)

Boy[Narrator]: But there’s no need to worry because I’m here to save it.

[A teenage boy with a dark red shirt gets into the room and goes to his closet. He gets a blue jacket from the closet.]

Woman[voice]: Chris, are you ready?!

[The teenage boy turns around and reveals his a sort of big nosed, long black-haired, tan kid.]

Chris: Don’t worry! I just needed to get my jacket.

Woman[voice]: It’s summer!

Chris: And?

[Chris puts on the blue jacket and gets out of the room. The camera begins to zoom out and a car leaves the house.]

Chris[Narrator]: And trust me, I don’t think there’s anyone crazier than me to do this job.

[Several scenes flash through containing various aliens. A stone-like alien shoots out shards from his hands. A glowing blue alien shoots out an energy blast. A black-and-blue technological alien goes inside a machine throwing purple energy. A blue dragon shoots water from his snout. And finally, an electric alien throws a ball of electricity towards the screen and it goes black.]

(Scene changes to a fancy party with people in some fancy suits and dresses)

[A man with sunglasses and a black suit and tie gets on a stage and begins tapping on a glass of wine. All the people in the room turn to him.]

Man: *smiles* Well now that I arrived, it seems that the party is just getting started.

[The screen goes black and the logo appears]

Chris X The Series Logo

Tune in on March 2017

Teaser Poster

Alright, now here's what I've been waiting for. This poster looks amazing but I didn't do it. That honor goes to CynderWolf07, who worked tirelessly for weeks (some with procrastination but still!) on this. Now, I present you with this.

Chris X The Series teaser poster
Well, that seems to be all that I have. Hopefully you all like it. Welp, it's time for me to leave all you guys. See you around the next time!
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