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Releasing this very early in the morning, I know. Anyway, hi everyone, welcome to the last event of Summer Fanon Con 2017, the main blog. Users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

ALSO, side note: for those of you who may be wondering why your signatures got removed; this was because your Fanon Con templates were screwed due to that. Sorry!

Welp, enough of that, here we go!

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Brandon & Bat's Entry
Brandon 10 Fanon Con

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10 and Bat24.

Ello Everyone! Brandon here for Fanon Con 2017! Bat and I are glad to be presenting stuff this time around once again. We even made sure that we have some things to show to you guys today. So without further ado, let's get right into it.

Brandon 10

Like I mentioned in my last entry, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero will air later this year. Now confirmed for the Fall/Winter. I won't give away too many things but plenty of things will happen in the final season.

The season will focus more on the characters, building onto their own personal issues that they have been facing for the past three seasons. Each member of the team has an important part in the final season and will get their own focus at some point but, since it is Brandon 10, you can expect him to get the most focus and the biggest conflicts to face. There will also be plenty of returning characters as well as some new ones. The thing about the returning characters is that the range of how recent the return is varies extremely. I'll leave that to your own interpretation.

Like I also mentioned at one point, and there will be quite some repeating in this section, the focus for Season 4 will be on Earth so don't expect to see any other planets and what not. While it was fun to do last season, the focus for this season is to wrap up all loose-ends in the series and bring them all together for the ultimate connection. That being said, you'll definitely see something more interesting than another planet come into play.

The season itself will be divided into various sections or stories. So while the first part of the Season may focus on one thing entirely, it will shift to another section, changing the story entirely as opposed to having a whole story line throughout the season like I've done with the other seasons.

When it comes to aliens, there will be a few new ones, some aliens finally being used and others returning from the Original Series. Which ones, however, will be revealed when they make their debut. The infamous second set will also be explored within this season.

Other Brandon 10

I will try to roll out the second season of Brandon 10 (Reboot) at some point and maybe get to work on Brandon 10 Comics again. At least, before the fourth season of Ultimate Hero airs. Once I've put enough time aside, I'll be sure to finish development on Brandon 10: The Ultimate Adventure.

Mutant Drake

Now, for Mutant Drake, we have quite a few things to talk about.

One thing we want to clear up is the constant delays. Now originally, if we hadn't gone through any delays, the two-part season finale would have been airing on July 1st and July 8th. Giving us the oppertunity to talk about the future of the show and what we have planned for the upcoming Season 3. However, we still have a few episodes left until then. I estimated that the season will end by August 5th if we return to our normal uploading schedule; posting every Saturday rather than how many we can roll out in order to catch up. This is definitely something we'll work on once the season is over.

Now that that's out of the way, we also came up with some ideas and designs for several characters and what not from the series which we will be showing during the presentation.

Season 2, so far, has been something new and enduring for us. Coming up with ideas for things that you wouldn't even think could fit into this type of show and seeing those ideas come to life, basically. There were also times where we thought "This wouldn't work" or "How can that connect to something later on?" but, in the end, we still managed to make it work somehow. So for the remaining episodes of the season, you can expect to see some interesting ideas being brought to life. But, what about the finale?

The Season 2 Finale will be a two-parter just like the last season's one and will bring together all the things we've discovered and uncovered during the second season. Plans finally transpiring, limits tested, things revealed and people finally working together. We won't give away the whole thing. You'll just have to see it for yourself. I will say, however, that it really does open up a world of possibility for Season 3. Now you're probably wondering what's after the finale?

Well, we will be taking a break to come up with more ideas and work stuff out for Season 3 but we will also be coming up with something new. After enough time passes from the finale, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new series set within the same universe as Mutant Drake. The spin-off will be based off of the adventures of Mutant investigator, Ryder, and will explore a different side of the city that Drake isn't entirely used to seeing in his own show. Bat will be in charge of the series while I will support in any way I can and will also act as a secondary writer. The spin-off and Mutant Drake, itself, will both be open to more writers after the Season 2 finale. At the moment, the Ryder spin-off is confirmed for only one season but the possibility for future seasons is not out of the question. While Ryder has only appeared in one episode so far, we felt that with his own series, we can explore more of his character, his story arc connected to Anton Reeves and his interesting ability to transform into his Mutant form. Although the details are still be discussed and the show, including its title, is still in development, you can expect to see it air sometime in the Fall.

But, aside from the spin-off and the Season 2 finale, what do we have planned for the future of Mutant Drake? The answer to that is plenty of things. We have so many ideas that we haven't used in Season 2 and even ideas that we want to elaborate more on later on. Add that to any future ideas we might have and concepts that we've been developing now, and yeah, it sums up to a good plenty of things. And like I mentioned before, the Season 2 finale will open a world of possibility that we can tap into when Season 3 comes around. We already have an interactive game in development with multiple episodes included, that will make the game last longer and be more playable. But aside from the game, we really don't have an idea what the future will be like. For me, I imagine the show appearing the certain way, trying to keep the outline and structure as time passes on, but with Bat, and the help of other users that came and gone, the show has changed and evolved beyond what I thought it would be like. So yeah, who knows? There could be specials, more games, maybe something live-action. We really have no idea but we'll keep at it and see what we come up with.

Other Stuff

When it comes to other stuff, there isn't much to announce. I have been posting drawings to my Deviant Art account, varying from Ben 10, Brandon 10 and Mutant Drake things, so if you're interesting in seeing art based off of those things, be sure to check it out.


No previews as of yet.


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And that's it for now. If things worked out right, we've already did our presentation so yeah that's really it. Hope you all enjoyed our entry and have a great time for the rest of Fanon Con.

CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Summer 2017 Fanon Con! I originally had a longer entry but Wikia decided to glitch out and erase everything I wrote.


The Elephant in the Room

I cancelled most of my projects because I ran out of interest and nobody was really paying attention to them anyways.


I cover the majority of projects I didn't cancel here, but for the record, CaT Reviews!, CaT Riffs, and Mack 10 are still things. They're just not the kind of series to receive Fanon Con entries for obvious reasons.

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Tech 10: Star Spirit's third season is 100% dead. I have no interest in completing a third season for a series full of wasted potential that hardly anyone reads. The only material left in production for the series are three intermediary episodes and the finale movie for the Tech 10 franchise as a whole. I don't have anything new here I haven't announced previously, so moving on I guess.

Okay there are a couple things

  • Despite what I said on the Discord, Encore Forms are still gonna be a thing. I realized I can rework the pacing to include them and make everything flow better overall.
  • Beyond Encore, the final new form for the series (and the Tech 10 franchise as a whole) will be the Delta Form. Essentially a culmination of everything in the StarTrix, the Delta Form can only be used by a single transformation, and I'm pretty sure it's not too hard to guess which alien is going to end up going Delta.

Re:Vise Project

For those of you unaware, I gave up on the Renovation Project since nobody gives a shit about OG Tech and and instead shifted my focus to the newer series with the Re:Vise Project, which basically exists to polish up Rebooted and Star Spirit and make everything flow better.

Not Applicable Movie

Still in production. The biggest thing I'm struggling with right now is figuring out how much of the source material I should actually keep in, adapt, change, or toss out entirely.

Not Applicable RPG

Surprisingly resuming production, the Not Applicable RPG is planned to come out alongside the final act of the Not Applicable Movie as a tie-in game. It's being remade from the ground up in RPG Maker MV, the latest edition in the RPG Maker series.


Something that might be controversial about this game is that the aliens aren't appearing directly, instead being represented by equivalent fantasy RPG classes. This is due to me being too lazy to make 300 custom sprite animations my belief that it will enhance the overall fantasy RPG experience.

"Alien" Class Bios


High offense and defense supplemented with chemical weaponry make Sludgehammer a formidable tank.


50% Bat. 50% Drill. 50% Crab. 100% ignorant as to how percentages are supposed to work.


From Carbon Dioxide to Diamond, the materials Carbon shifts through make him difficult to predict.


A hard-boiled transformation that strikes from the shadows when least expected.


In spite of his name, Sharktank is not actually a tank class. He can use water magic real good, though.


The laws of motion took one look at this guy's powers and began swearing incoherently.


He may be frail as a stick, but he can burn you and eat your soul if you're dumb enough to call him out on it.

Ben 10: Milky Way Race

Yes this is still happening I just find it difficult to write for.

The Main Event

I've been dropping hints about this project's existence for a couple of weeks over on the Discord, and it's finally time to reveal it. Without any further ado, I present...

How would you go about life if you were dead to the world?


Dex Archer. 14. Average build. Odd fashion sense. Weird hair. Dead for about a week.

Hold on, what was that last one?

After being brought back to life after an accident by a mysterious device called the DecaSystem, Dex is unwillingly drafted into a government-controlled tournament where himself and nine others with systems like his are forced to battle each other to claim a prize of $10,000,000 and return to their normal lives all while a secret plot brews underneath the surface.

Main Characters

Dex Archer
  • Dex Archer: The main protagonist. Easily frustrated and unconfident, Dex wants nothing to do with the tournament and just wants to get back to his normal life. Uninterested in claiming the prize money for himself, he teams up with Isaac Logical to help him win the tournament and end all this as fast as possible.
Isaac Logical DST
  • Isaac Logical: An outspoken asshat who only really cares about winning the prize money and is more than willing to play dirty in a fight if need be.
  • CaT: Also known as 'CaT the Cat', CaT is a snarky, lazy, genetically modified tabby cat that can speak English and shoot lasers from his tail as a result of being infused with Crystalsapien DNA. He's technically the primary host of the tournament, and is supposed to play a neutral role, but can easily be bribed with snacks.


The main transformation devices in DecaSystem Tech are the MatrixSystems. Each MatrixSystem has a set number of aliens and theme for said aliens reflected in the name of the system. Each system has a limited amount of power it can expend at once, so the more aliens on a system, the less power each alien will be capable of outputting overall, balancing the ranking system.

System Transformations

Non-Standard Systems

  • ZeroSystem Nil - N/A (Serves mostly as a communication device)

Related Aliens

  • Chromastone - A DNA Sample of Chromastone merged with a mackerel tabby to test permanent Alien DNA-induced alterations with the MatrixSystems; ultimately creates CaT.

Tournament Challengers

  • ??? - UniSystem
  • Dia Valentine - DuaSystem
  • ??? - TriSystem
  • Lucius Raivent - QuadSystem
  • Napoleon Eldridge - QuinSystem
  • Miguel Brook - HexSystem
  • Morina Tsuru - SepSystem
  • ??? - OctaSystem
  • Isaac Logical - NonSystem
  • Dex Archer - DecaSystem

Other System Holders

  • CaT - ZeroSystem Nil

Quick Note

I think it should be fairly obvious from the aliens and characters that DecaSystem Tech is meant to be my big sendoff series to Earth-83. I don't know how much longer BTFF is going to be a thing, and I want to create the best sendoff I can to my serious work while it still is.


Are you looking forward to DecaSystem Tech?

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In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ethan's Entry
Hi, my name is Ebomnitrix, and as if you already didn't know me, I'm the creator of the new BTFF series, E-10.
E-10 logo

For the last 7 months we've been gathering you info back and forth about the series, when it's coming and what's to be expected, we've had to delay the series back a month so we can provide more excellent and exciting content on this website.

In one week from now, the series will debuting new episodes every Thursday night through the course of this Summer. As of right now, we have 10 episodes completed after a 7 month working process to get these episodes done. More will be provided as me and my crew will work more over the course of this Summer to provide even more episodes to air alongside those episodes to give you a much extended lineup.

Tonight we will provide a lot more exciting content on our Chat Presentation. We will have art, episode sneak peaks, a Q&A and everything lined up ready for you to witness. We just wanted to give you a big heads up about what is going on.

Now to go on with the news, as of right now, we have about four writers and a guest writer to write the episodes for the show. We are now offering more writers or guest writers and artist to help contribute to the show (if you want to), we'd really appreciate it. To contact me about more info, you must:

  1. Be a member on the BTFF Discord
  2. Message me, with my username in a private to discuss more for future episodes.
  3. You must be able to contribute something to the episodes.

By doing this, you will be credited in the episode as a writer or guest writer. For artist they must do the same for the following and have at least one drawing done to be credited.

The reason I'm asking for your help is because Arc 2 is now in production, we're working on a very specific story-arc that will change the tides and tone to the series that will slowly shift to our big game changer. It will air this Fall and will be titled: Maggie's Burden.

E-10 (Maggie's Burden Logo)

That's all the info we can provide for you on the Main Blog, I'll see you all tonight for the Chat Presentation, Stay Gold!

Prime & Brian's Entry

hello i’m brian

And I’m Prime

and we’re here to talk about our new show-


14-year old Madoka Kananep is forced to pilot the giant robot EVA-01 by his estranged father, in order to protect earth! Rejecting this responsibility, Kananep runs off, but along the way, she encounters a small, cat-like creature that offers to make a contract with he-



This isn’t it, woops.










People are mysteriously chosen to wield the Gauntlets - alien devices that, when used with a Core, allow the users to transform and bestows them with powers that defy physics. The mastermind behind all of this tasks the chosen few with collecting all the Cores using any means necessary - and when they do, a single wish will be granted. A young man named John Hayden gets roped into the unfolding mysteries as the Omniframe plot invades the Earth and his life.

What seems like a cruel joke by God soon reveals its true nature, as ideals and friendships clash on the battlefield...


John Hayden


A good-hearted but naive man, whose life is turned upside down as he unwittingly gets himself involved in the conflict.

Jordan Caldwell


A cold and emotionless man at first glance, no one can really tell what he's thinking behind his hard face. It's unknown what he fights for, but he's determined to have his wish granted. Using the Methanosian Core, Jordan transforms to the Stand Proud Omniframe.

Seth Mallory


An escaped convict who enjoys the brutal fight and seeks the wish for selfish reasons. He uses the Orishan Core to transform to the Scarlet Savage Omniframe.

Mikhael Enderson


Mikhael is the youngest son of the rich Enderson family, but despite that he never finds himself satisfied with his life and tries his best to distance himself from his family's wealthy lifestyle. Using the Conductoid Core, Mikhael transforms to the Point of no Return Omniframe.

more details will follow soon, but for now this super rushed, last-minute job will do.

if you're even a bit interested, you might want to check out Omniframe's blog! we'll sometimes post updates there, and there's a nice surprise waiting for you! you can find the password on my userpage, just squint a bit and you'll find it i promise.

Aaaand that pretty much finishes our entry for this con! Thanks for reading, and we hope you look forward to it!

also this is our first fanon con p-please be gentle

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