Hi there everyone, today's Creative Writing competition results are in. To refresh everyone, the theme for this season's creative writing dealt with the concept of "Panic" which can be attributed to vacations going awry and the sort. Anyway, Brandon, Reo, and Primal signed up for it, and below are their entries:

Third Place

Primal's Entry
He had to write this, not for fun,

But to finish it, get it done,

He only had until 11:59,

When it was the deadline,

He felt his heart pace,

He felt it going on a race,

He felt the sweat and tears lost that night,

As he did not know what to write,

The anxiety which was all organic,

Had sent the author into a panic.

Now, the entry isn't necessarily "bad" or anything, but I feel like it could've been more creative than it is. Basically, the poem is about...writing the entry itself, which is pretty lame to be honest. It gives a sense of panic, definitely, but overall it's kind of bland in my opinion. Nice work, though.

Second Place

Reo's Entry

A sudden sensation of fear,

Better wash it down with some beer.

It prevents reason and logical thinking,

Just don't forget about blinking

Feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation,

Hope you don't wake up in a cop station.

Consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction,

And trust me, there will be no satisfaction.

It may occur singularly in individuals,

And heavily mess with your visuals.

As well as manifest suddenly in large groups of peeps,

And then they all be acting like massive creeps.

The word derives from antiquity,

And it sometimes becomes an iniquity.

But it's a tribute to some greek god,

So be wary of the lightning rod

Remember that it's just an emotion,

So no need to drown yourself in an ocean.

Please, nobody panic,

You're off the titanic.

Creative Writing Contest for June 201

Honestly, it was kinda close with yours and Brandon's entries. I like how both of them offer a more creative look into panic, but some of the lines here are a bit...out of place, and have a couple grammatical issues. Some parts of the poem like "massive creeps," "large group of peeps," and "animalistic fight-or-flight reaction" could've been replaced or at least "simplified" so that it doesn't feel like you're trying too hard to rhyme. Other than that, you stuck to the theme of the writing and it's not that bad, good work!

First Place

Brandon's Entry

My head feels tight, like someone's grabbing it with all their might.

It's pulsing with tension as I race against the clock.

Sweat coming down like a gavel struck against a block.

Faster than that. I'm literally drenched right now.

Just a matter of time before it comes.

Don't think about time, Don't think about time.

I've got plenty of time. No need for- for-

Okay, all I have to do is take a deep breath.

In, out. In, out. Time is, running out.

This is too much for me. This is just way too much!

Heart racing so fast, it can turn back time.

Except it can't. Time just keeps moving like some kind of madman.

Ignoring my pleas and moving its hand with every passing second.

Tick, Tick, Tick.

My fingers punch against the keys.

Each punch makes me feel like a professional wrestler.

Crowd cheering, opponent getting weak, me... actually winning.

Five seconds left in the ring.

Five seconds left on the clock...

You're running out of time, man!

Now is the time.

Time to- to-

No, I can make it. I have to make it!

Typing, typing, tired, tired.


There's no time for sleep! No time for fun.

It's either this or- or- I'm done...

I've got to make it. I just got to make it!

But what if I don't? ...Then that's it.

I won't have anything, they'll just leave my side. I'll have nothing.

I'll be nothing. Nothing without this stupid- ARGH!


Please, look into your heart and just stop, Time. Stop! Please...

Three Seconds.

I'm not going to make it...

Two Seconds.

Deadline approaching! Just keep doing it, you're going to make it!

One Second.

Am I even going to make it?!




It's done... It's finally done.

It's over. It's all over.

I can finally relax.

No need for stress, No need for anger, No need to- to-

Wait... What? What's this?

..."Internet Network Not Found, Please Try Again Later?"


And for first place we have Brandon's entry! I enjoyed how it told a story and constantly reminded the reader of the time crunch and the pressure with it and offered incite to the narrator's thought processes so it doesn't feel as blank and dull. Also that internet bit at the end is relatable af just replace the internet tarding out with Wikia being Wikia. Anyways, I don't have too much else to say, but nice work, Brandon!


Overall, to be honest, I'm not too impressed with how all of them ended up being poems; I felt like you guys could have thought of more unique and creative things to do, but they weren't necessarily terrible or anything. Congrats to Brandon on the win (once again), and good luck to all of you for the rest of Fanon Con!

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