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Host's Opening Speech

Hello people, Mig here, and welcome to the Summer Fanon Con where I am going to be showing submissions made by their respective users. They show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc. Sorry for the delay!

ALSO, side note: for those of you who may be wondering why your signatures got removed; this was because your Fanon Con templates were screwed due to that. Sorry! Oh, and Green did not post anything, so pardon his absence.

So without further adieu, here we go!

--Your staff, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2016!


Jack's Entry

Zenith is currently mid-way through production. Episodes begin coming out weekly on September 9th, 2016.

This is a gallery.

Now, here is a sneak peek for episode 1, Sketch of Sin, exclusively for Fanon Con!:

Corbus stands behind Chandler and Colbat, who were stuffing non-perishable food items into their bags. [Corbus]: After all these years, why is this shit still good?

[Chandler]: Don't question it. Just eat it. In the old days, we learned the hard way. We ate whatever we saw and discovered the truth. Expiration dates don't mean nothin'.

[Colbat]: This planet came out of a devastating ice age only a thousand years ago.

[Corbus]: How do you know?

[Colbat]: My father told me.

[Corbus]: Where the hell is he now?

[Colbat]: Dead.

There's silence for a few moments.

[Chandler]: There's some more food over here.

Colbat shuffles over to another aisle, stacked with food. Chandler scoops some more into his backpack.

[Chandler]: Let's leave some, for others. We aren't the only ones who need to survive.

Colbat nods, pleased.

[Corbus]: Stop being such an asshole. We're taking the damn food because we need to eat. We have mouths to feed back at home.

[Chandler]: Shut up.

He mutters slightly, realizing he didn't want to pick a fight. Not now. He was in front of this man who dedicated so many years to helping Chandler through these issues. Colbat looks at him, nodding, which meant Chandler needed to keep his cool. Colbat takes half of the supplies remaining on the shelf and stuffs them into Corbus' backpack.

[Colbat]: There, we good?

[Corbus]: No, hold on. You honestly expect some creature to just walk up to us, to fucking thank us for the food we left them!? No. At least, I don't. This is stupid. No food is starvation, and then we turn on each other. Is that what you want, because I will gladly keep all this food to myself if you two don't want to take it. Your call.

His voice raises as he speaks as Corbus' tone grows angrier with every word. Chandler squeezes his knuckles. Hard. They look to be popping out of his skin as they furiously whined into a bright, white color. Then, Chandler's eyes flip shut. He inhales through his nostrils, breathing gently out of his parched, bloody lips. His calmness angers Corbus.

[Corbus]: Come on! Do it! Hit me. Take a swing. Let it all out. I'm an asshole, a piece of shit, but I really don't give a damn. This is your chance. Take a swing. Show me what you're made of.

Corbus mockingly puts his hands up, as if he were to surrender to Chandler's force. Through his body, Chandler was filled with built up frustration from this man. As he begins his calming down ritual, Chandler turns, walking out of the aisle. Colbat faces Corbus.

[Colbat]: Stop your taunting and jeering.

[Corbus]: Or what?

[Colbat]: I'm not asking.

[Corbus]: What is so wrong about wanting to get shit done? I'm thinking about the best for Zenith. Not about this zen "all life deserves a chance" bullshit. This is survival. We do what we have to so we can see another day. If you don't want that, you're stupider than I thought.

Chandler grins weakly, reflecting on the words he just heard. In silence, the two follow Chandler, who now seemed to be an the technology aisle. Rows of broken items, stripped of their parts, lay dangling off the shelves as others are rusted completely. Out of the corner of his eye, which sweat was dribbling down, Colbat spots a large rectangular box.

[Colbat]: There!

Chandler and Corbus turn, as they both were in front of him. Chandler slumps down his gun and inspects the box.

[Chandler]: The hell is this?

[Colbat]: A battery pack. At least, it seems to be.

[Corbus]: Take it. I'm sure Dagon or Shiloh could use it for something.

Chandler shakes the box a little, hearing the rattle of some interior wiring.

[Corbus]: Hurry up.

Chandler picks it up. It was a little heavy, but Chandler manages to shove it inside a large bag, which he swings over his chest, the strap connecting the ends of the bag, looping his chest. Corbus hurries forward down the aisle. Colbat and Chandler linger behind Corbus, shuffling slowly.

[Colbat]: You're staying calm. That's good.

[Chandler]: I don't like him.

[Colbat]: Animosity kills.

[Chandler]: So does betrayal. And if someway our deaths benefit him, he won't think twice before pulling the trigger.

[Colbat]: You might be right. He might sell us out for a quick buck or so, but that hasn't happened yet. You can't judge someone for something they haven't done.

Chandler starkly refutes Colbat's statement.

[Chandler]: No one can judge anything when there's a bullet in your brain.

[Colbat]: That's true.

Colbat notices the absence of Chandler's staff. Colbat feels his own staff, tucked away, pocking out of his backpack.

[Colbat]: Where's your staff?

[Chandler]: Must've forgot it at Zenith.

[Colbat]: You know, you use to love that thing. Always were training with it, have taken a swerve, Chandler. You were in the light and you're slowly going down into darkness again. When was the last time you practiced your staff rituals?

Chandler's expression turns grim as he spits then inhales. The words spoken mellifluously from Colbat's lips echo through his mind, angering him, saddening him, filled him with other emotions as it builds up.

[Chandler]: A few months.

[Colbat]: We can practice together, when we get back to Zenith. You need the practice.

Chandler's boiling emotions lead him to snap.

[Chandler]: What are you? My father? I don't need this, I don't need you.

Chandler thrashes his backs onto the ground as he storms off. He was breathing very heavily, looking deeply troubled. Colbat looks dumbfounded, awed, and despaired. He and Chandler learned so much from each other the past few years. They were best friends. Why has he suddenly changed? Colbat sighs, scooping up Chandler's bags.

CaT's Entry
Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my new submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it!

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Season 2

Tech 10: Star Spirit's second season premiered with a preview episode on May 16, then officially began with the second episode on June 20th, and will resume airing weekly after VIRGINIA HIATUS (the hiatus where I go to Virginia) ends, with the next episode set to air July 4th.

I'll be the first to admit that Season 1 of Star Spirit was a bit of a drag, but now that I've sort of found my comfort zone with the series, Season 2 is shaping up to be my best work on the wiki yet! With timeline mishaps, dragons, vampires, gods, and much more in store for the season, things are going to get pretty wild!


Alright, so, some of you may have noticed that I removed Season 3 of Star Spirit from the page and replaced it with a three-part "Final-Saga". I made this decision because, in my mind, I won't be able to top Season 2's quality, especially since I never had any solid plans set out for Season 3 anyways. Ending the series with Season 2 and a grand finale of quality makes more sense to me than to keep it running past its prime.

Since I won't be able to release the next episode until I get back, I decided I might as well release a short preview for you! (Length: 333 Words)

[Open to the front room of a candy shop. The pleasant aroma of freshly-made sweet treats fills the air, as a kind-looking, unassuming man in a white apron is going about his business, stocking candies in their cases and setting up a window display. After a few moments, two police officers walk into the store, causing a small bell on the door to let out a delightful little “ting”.]

[Cop 1]: “Good mornin’, Mr. Farnsworth.”

The man in the apron finished putting away the candies and wiped his hands on his apron, turning to face the cops with a welcoming smile.

[Mr. Farnsworth]: “Ah, good morning, officers. What brings you here today?”

[Cop 2]: “Nothing good, I’m afraid. Several children in the area have gone missing lately, and we were wondering if you might have seen anything suspicious lately.”

[Mr. Farnsworth]: “Oh my, that’s very bad news indeed. I wish I could help you, but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary recently. I spend most of my time in the shop, after all.”

[Cop 1]: “True, but we thought it might be worth checking with you, just to be sure. Thanks anyways.”

The police turned to leave.

[Mr. Farnsworth]: “Hold on a moment gentleman.” (Picks up a platter of freshly-made fudge) “Won’t you have some fudge before you go?”

[Cop 2]: “Oh, we couldn’t.”

[Mr. Farnsworth]: “But I insist!”

[Cop 1]: “Well, if you insist...”

[Cut to the cops exiting the store, each eating a piece of fudge.]

[Cop 1]: “What did our town ever do to get someone as nice as Farnsworth living here?”

[Cop 2]: “Can’t say I know. You’re a complete ---.”

[Cop 1]: “It takes one to know one!”

[The camera pans back inside the store, showing Mr. Farnsworth continuing his opening tasks. It continues panning to reveal the back room of the shop, passing by a series of candy-making equipment until it finally settles on an ominous shot of a large vat filled with strange brown liquid.]

Tech 10 Renovation Project

The Tech 10 Renovation Project is still going, though it is at a lower priority than most of my projects. I'll probably focus more on revamping the alien pages than on the series rewrite, though I will still be working on that. Not much else to say on the subject.

Other Projects

BTFF RPG X2: Evolution


The game is coming along (relatively) well, with the BTFF RPG remake bundled with it reaching the last stages of development. These games will be very different from the first, with a new look for the battle system, non-grid restricted movement, and a whole lot of bug fixes and new gameplay mechanics. This is the most ambitious project I've taken on so far, and it's only gonna get better from here!

Not Applicable RPG


I don't even know what I'm gonna do with this game. It'll be updated at some point after X/X2 comes out, but hell if I know when.

Tech 10: Double Crossed


I've decided that Tech 10: Double Crossed will be released as a special three-part event capping off the Renovation of Tech 10: Combalien Evolution. There are several reasons for this change, but it won't really affect the actual story at all.



Welp, that Spring release date never happened. I don't wanna put down anything too certain this time, so I'll just say that this movie might happen sometime this year probably.


Teaser Logo.png

Man. Machine. Individually, they are strong. Together, they become unstoppable.

A CaT Original Miniseries.

Picking up steam November 2016.


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:

Tech 10: Star Spirit



In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Primal's Entry
Hello, welcome to my fanon con submission! I'll be talking about updates to series, reveal a few things, and some other stuff. Hope you like it!

Nate 10: Rebooted

Okay, this is my latest series, a reboot of my horrible Nate 10. This isn't a popular series, but it's not as bad as Nate 10. Not many people will be interested, but there's an ongoing plot that's started since the first episode.

New Aliens

We already have the first 10 aliens, but on Episode 6 Diamondhead will debut. It isn't much of a spoiler, but Nate unlocks Diamondhead after scanning a certain character who is to debut.

On Episode 8, two new aliens debut as Nate goes into space! Woah, cool!


I mentioned there's an ongoing plot, and there's a villain behind it. In Episode 4, Khyber is going to debut as the main villain of a two-parter but isn't the one behind it. Him and Phil seem to be under a certain villain's command.. The main villain of the series (or season, perhaps) will debut in the last couple of episodes in an amazing plot.


This is a preview of Episode 3. This is not the full episode but a scene of an episode:

A fifteen year old boy, Nate, with a black t-shirt and jeans was sitting on the curb of a sidewalk, displaying a bored expression on his face. It was late summer and Nate was starting to spend his days outside doing nothing. "Nothing exciting ever happens in Bellwood." Nate sighed heavily as he kicked a can into the street.

Spotting a comet, Nate curiously hopped on his bike. "Woah.." Nate was agape at the moment. Quickly riding past houses in his neighborhood, he took a turn and proceeded to steer himself into a large woods. "Gives me the creeps.." Nate quietly muttered to himself as he got off his bike, walking over to the crash site.

"Woah..." Nate was surprised to see a pod in the middle of the crater. Unsure of what to do, Nate slid down the crater and landed in front of the pod. Curiously reaching to the pod with his hand, the pod opened up as a black gooey thing wrapped onto his wrist. The black 'gooey thing' took on the form of a watch as it was now stuck onto Nate's wrist.

"That's pretty cool." Nate said to himself as he tried twisting the dial. The core of the watch popped out, a hologram appearing. "Most kids I know buy their watches from Walmart or something." Nate was confused as to what the hologram icons were, trying to lighten the mood. Touching one of the icons, a flash of purple lights consumed Nate.

Nate's watch glows on his wrist, traveling onto his chest. Black fur rapidly grows on Nate's arms as it races down his torso and onto his legs, stopping as blue fur is now on his feet. A black mask appears on Nate's face, the rest of his face covered with blue. "I'm.. a cat." Nate's eyes widened as he looked down at his hands, confused as to what had just happened.


It is confirmed a 3-way crossover between Omni-squad and Thaddeus 10: Galactic Renegade will happen. It is unknown when this will happen but it is expected to be released after the fourth episode.


Episode 1 and 2 are confirmed to be rewritten to be longer and to also be written in a new format. Instead of writing my normal dialogue way, I'm going to write novel-style. This is because I dislike dialogue and because it allows me to be more descriptive.

Ben 10: Ghostly Future

I've became a new co-writer for BTGF and the second episode is releasing soon. I can't spoil anything as Creeps hasn't told me if I should, so this is the only news.

Thank you for viewing my Fanon Con entry, hope to see you next Fanon Con!

Bry's Entry
Hey, guys, welcome to the Brywarrior Productions Fanon Con panel, a sub-studio of 7th Planet Studios

Primary Introduction

Hey, guys! I'm Bry, and this is my panel, I guess. I don't really know. Anyway, there are two big things I'm going to go over regarding my future projects. The first will be a trailer for my up-coming movie focusing around...well, you'll see. Anyway, here's the aforementioned trailer.

Untitled Movie – Advert:

The most powerful being in the universe, the most evil entity in existence, the most ferocious warrior to fight any battle an egg.

DDragon's Egg.png

(Deep, unseen voice): The beginning of the coming


Secondary Intro

Trailer, teaser, what's the difference really? Most of y'all don't have any idea what that means, and that's good. That helps. But those of you who do, or end up figuring out because it's really not that complicated need to keep your damn mouths shut!

The next thing I'll be showing y'all today is an advertisement for Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty, the second series in a franchise that I am in the process of constructing. This second chapter of the Bryce Bowman story line focuses heavily on Bryce finding himself after a year of deception, murder, and terror. Bryce will face bigger challenges and make more enemies than ever before in six seasons of heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat action that will have you begging for more at every turn. Wow, that was dramatic, so let's go ahead and watch the trailer.

Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty – Advert:

(Bryce; voice over): This... this war we're doesn't add up. The things we're doing, and the people we're doing them to. If this is the right thing, it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

(Unseen, calm, and robotic voice): Everyone questions their decisions. There was not one man who ever believed he was doing the complete right thing, even when it turned out to be the best thing.

(Bryce; voice over): But what if we are wrong? What if we believe we're doing the right thing, but we end up killing the heroes in the process. Doesn't that make us the villains.

(Unseen, calm, robotic voice): Well, get up and you fight. You fight for what you know to be right, even if that becomes the opposite of what you had been fighting for.

Bryce's face comes into view as he looks up. He puts on a black face mask and flips his black hood over his head, then lets his dark-brown bangs droop over his face.

(Bryce): Then I have work to do (the eyes in the mask light up bright green).


BBDB Sneak Peek

WOW. I am just full of the drama today. Okay, so yeah that's a thing. That was also a teaser, wasn't it... Whoops... Ah, well, you'll live. Okay so the last thing I'm showing you guys today is Bryce's costume that he receives in Season One of Devil's Bounty.

Titan Prime.png

There you go. That's what it SHOULD look like. I may make a new picture, but it's not likely.


I want to thank you guys for being here today, and I hope to see all of you at my Chat presentation on the first at 8 p.m.

Diamond's Entry
I don't have much to reveal to y'all but let's jump into it.

Reuben 10

Reuben 10 is my newest series following it's prototype series: Luke 10: Omega Alien. Now I know what your all thinking...

"My God, another series by DF that will be cancelled six episodes in."

Well dear reader I say thee "NAY!". (Well, maybe YAY considering I might lose interest six episodes in and then cancel it)

Without further ado

I release to you

An action packed preview:


In space a large red and orange ship fires lasers down upon the small green ship fleeing from their attackers. Suddenly a blue light flashes in front of the small green ship and a warp hole opens up. A large sleek white ship flies out. Inside the ship, one lone man with blue hair and red eyes flies the battleship. Meanwhile aboard the red warship a tall squid like alien rises from his chair.

(Vilgax): Nebulon. I knew you seek to steal my prize.

Nebulon's face flashes onto the screen.

(Nebulon): Oh, Vilgax you hurt my feelings. However the device is mine, and no squid faced would-be tyrant is going to take it from me.

(Vilgax): I'll make you eat those words.

(Nebulon): We'll see.

His face disappears from the monitor. Vilgax sits down once more.

(Vilgax): Direct all weapons to that cruiser.

(Droid): But sir, the Galvan ship will-

Vilgax crushes the robot's head and then throws the body at two more robots. Meanwhile Nebulon places his hands on two floating blue spheres. His ship fires blue laser beams at Vilgax's ship. Small explosions erupt across the hull. Three missiles collide with Nebulon's ship scratching the glossy white hull. Nebulon growls and flies towards Vilgax's ship. Vilgax grins and presses a large red button on his chair. An emp wave strikes Nebulon's ship deactivating it. Just then the small ship fires a large green laser at Vilgax's ship destroying the bridge. In the bridge Vilgax is crushed under flaming rubble. His left arm has been blown off along with his legs. He crawls out from under the wreckage and pulls a lever. A large red laser strikes the Galvan ship destroying it but a small pod is jettisoned out and begins to fall towards Earth. On the moon stands a lone figure in a flowing lab coat. He has messy black hair and bulky green goggles.

(Man): And the legend begins.


Well, that's it. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo.png

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here with yet another Summer Fanon Con: 2016 Edition. I might have taken a break from Fanon Con before but I'm back now so let's jump right into this thing.

Brandon 10

By the time this entry comes out, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero would probably be having its season finale which means that there were will a break until Season 4 airs. Hopefully, that wait won't be as long as the one for Season 3 as there is now better management for other projects. So while Season 3 might just be ending, Season 4 has been in development for a while now so I'm able to share with you all what I have planned for Season 4.

So, Season 4 will be bigger and more final because it is, in fact, the last season for the series which means this season will be including Ultimate Hero's series finale. But aside from the series finale, there will be many returns, new characters and new aliens or, at least, aliens that will finally be used. I'll also be diving into something new or something that will be expanded upon heavily within the Brandon 10 Universe. In fact, this is the part of the series where everything that has ever happened will finally make sense. Everything will connect and it'll become as clear as anything, hopefully. If you haven't been paying attention so far, you might get a little confused. While Season 3 was the first season to introduce space travel in Ultimate Hero and had it constantly in various episodes, Season 4 will be based more around Earth. Season 4 will also introduce a new villain which takes a major role in the season and it will generally be touching upon barely touched topics from previous seasons, mainly the third one.

Brandon 10 will also be having a major special event in the future.

Other Brandon 10

Now that I finally figured out tabs, at least, I hope I did, the Brandon 10 DVDs will look more presentable and actually have content on them for the Special Features.

There is also the possibility of an upcoming Brandon 10 game which might not be actually playable but we'll definitely have improved graphics.

Other Stuff

Mutant Drake is getting some updates as well but this will be discussed in the Mutant Drake entry with co-writer, Bat24, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out.


Since Season 4 is just starting to enter development, there aren't any previews at the moment.

And that will be the end of my Summer Fanon Con 2016 entry. Thank you all for attending my entry and I'll see ya later with some more stuff in the future.

Mig's Entry
Hello citizens of BTFF! I'm Migster7, or Mig, and welcome to my 7th Planet Studios panel.

Below is my submission for this summer's Fanon Con! This'll contain a particular major announcement and a few more details. There is a poll down below; I'd appreciate hear feedback from all of you. Without further ado, let us begin.

Newest Project

So, my last project here was Mig X: Revolution , which some of you may know of, or have heard of before. Now, I once said that that was my last project and all, but I also said the same for Mig X , so I guess that makes me a bit of a liar. Well, I lied once again ;)

My next project will be the true last addition to the Mig 10 Franchise , trust me on that this time, cause I mean it.


Now, here's the synopsis that I cooked up:

7 years after the events of Mig X: Revolution , the world now faces threats everywhere. As a result of Terox's defeat, his corruption leaked out into the world and entered a new host, who has infected many people, now known as the Unnaturals. Alien menaces have taken this to their advantage and formed alliances, meaning sure destruction for Earth and its defenses. Daniel Rivers, alongside other familiar and new faces, have banded together to fight off the threats of this new world People fear this isn't enough, and everything is falling apart...humanity needs him more than anything.

Fall 2016


Narrator: Another day, another death. This is all I know.

(Loud footsteps are audible, breaking glass beneath every movement; a loud screech is heard, followed by a scream, and a loud rumble).

Narrator: At first, you begin to question your morals, question what the point of all of this is.

(Sirens are heard echoing all around, with the sound of scream of rage; the sound of a car swerving follows, with yet another loud rumble).

Narrator: But then, you get used to it. It becomes natural, like breathing or blinking.

(The sound of a sword coming out of its holster rings; voices begging for mercy begin to scream out, louder and louder; a quick scream and the sound of blood hitting the floor hush the screams).

Narrator: I will admit, though; it can become exhausting, and tiresome.

(A light started up, shining down on a cracked pavement; a figure began to walk slowly towards the spotlight, with a cloak hitting their heals as they walked).

Narrator: My name does not seem to bring back any memories. It feels artificial, so I dare not say it.

(The figure turned around slowly, revealing their front side; they wore a hood and an entire rob with orange patterns on it, and sported facial hair; inside the eye, two orange eyes glowed).

Narrator: I am a Silver Reaper, and I serve the Knight until death.

(Behind this man, a glow of redness began to shine; a hand reached onto his shoulder, which glowed with unstable red energy).

Figure: (demonic tone) Show them no mercy. There is only bloodshed.

(The cloaked man's glowing eyes shut, and a deep breath was heard; he raised his arms into the air, and opened his eyes again; he threw his arms forward, which sparked and glowed; screams were followed, and then silence; the light shut off).

Narrator: Help I?




Welp, that is frankly all I can show at this point without further spoiling anything in the serious, though one of CaT's works reveals something else.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my entry! I hope you're all excited for this, and good luck to everyone else in Fanon Con! Have a great day, guys! :)

Rob's Entry

Summer Fanon Con 2016


What is up, my hombres? Welcome to my Fanon Con entry, this is your host, Killer Keemstar PokeRob! I will be announcing things here for a few of my series, movies, and special events coming up for you guys. Some information will also be found in the group Fanon Con entry created by myself and ChromastoneandTabby, so make sure to check that out! So, yep, that's really it for the intro. Let's get riiiiiight into the news!


Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con.

Ben 10: Omnifinite

It's time for change.

I know I haven't been editing recently on the wiki, but that's because I have an announcement to make... Earth-50 is being completely rebooted. I can already hear your groans, just hear me out. I did this because I didn't have a plan for POTO. I needed to make sure I had a plan if I were to make the series I wanted to make. For the past month, the POTO staff has been helping me shape the series, and I can't tell you how happy I am to announce this. Here's the official synopsis for Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse.

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse takes place in Timeline 1 of Earth-50, where Omniverse never happened. After a year or so of having the Omnitrix, Ben decided to once and for all live a normal life, and leave Gwen and Kevin as Earth's protectors. However, following a tragic incident, Ben must now return to the hero business with a new Omnitrix called the Infinimatrix to stop a threat so powerful, it may need all the help he can get, all while balancing his normal life.

Yes, it's pretty different from the previous two POTOs, but I figured it was the right way to go. As for the previous POTO, well, I can't really say anything about it now, but it won't go to waste, trust me. So, what does this mean for the other Omnifinite series? B23HG will most likely continue as normal, BTTOW may need some fine tuning, and BTM will have a backdoor pilot in POTO, which will then spin off into its own series. POTO's pilot will be titled Responsibilities: Part 1, and will premiere shortly after Fanon Con. Here's an excerpt:

He takes out his phone and answers it.

[Ben]: Hello?

[Gwen, from the other side of the call]: Hi, it's Gwen. Just thought I'd check on you.

[Ben]: Gwen, I'm fine.

[Gwen]: Good. You doing anything later?

[Ben]: Well, no, not really. Why do you ask?

[Gwen]: Kevin and I are gonna patrol town to see if anyone's causing trouble.

[Ben]: Aaaaand you want me to come.

There are a few seconds of silence.

[Ben]: (sighs) Look, cuz', my hero days are over. I made that choice. Plus, I don't have the Omnitrix and people never really liked me anyway. I'm better off this way, Gwen. I'm where I wanna be.

[Gwen]: Don't you realize you were meant to do greater things? You're throwing away your potential. I'm not asking you to stop an invasion or anything, you should go back to your roots. You know, bank robberies. You don't have to save the world.

Ben looks at his group of friends, who have almost finished eating, whereas his hamburger is only half-eaten.

[Gwen]: Grandpa misses you, Ben. He says you haven't dropped by the diner in ages.

[Ben]: Alright, if it makes ya happy, I'll meet you there for dinner.

[Gwen]: Perfect. See you there.

[Ben]: Wait, is Kevin gonna be there?

[Gwen]: Yeah. Why? I thought you two were best friends.

[Ben]: I guess so. I just haven't spoken to him much since I retired. We don't have many things in common.

That's all for the Omnifinite franchise for now. More info on my other series below.

Other Series

  • 10 and Beyond is officially canceled after a long hiatus, but elements from it will be added to one of my series off-wiki.
  • The Troublesome Two and Ben 10: Nueverse will continue as usual, though I'm considering canceling the latter to focus on the Omnifinite franchise.
  • Monst3r's pilot is still being worked on.

I've also decided to use a new strategy to post episodes. I'll rotate between series. I'll finish one episode of POTO, then go on to B23HG, then BTTOW, so on, so forth.

Well, that about wraps it up for this Con. I would like to thank my staff for helping me with the POTO reboot. Thank you all for reading, too. See you next time! :D

Dioga's Entry
Hey guys! Here's my plans for the future.


Unfortunately, I am slowing down with stories here, which I partially blame on the lack of new Ben 10 episodes. I plan on finishing each of the series I'm working on. Eventually.

Come September, episode release days will be limited to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and most likely Sunday.


For those unfamiliar with this series, it is a dimension filled with primarily characters from the first three Yu-Gi-Oh! series, with a few Ben 10 characters. It focuses on the battle against good and evil, it centering around the conflict between regular humans and those who are human/alien hybrids.

I really love this series, especially the way I integrate the effects of society on the story, and how it is the real driving function of the series. The current arc, the Earthbound Immortal Arc, will end season 3. Season 4, lasting about 17 episodes like the other ones, will reveal what the future is, and bring to a head to the conflict of human and hybrid, and whether they can live together or not.

Ryder 10: Wanderer

Ryder will be taking a bit of a hiatus, due to me being unable to be motivated to write the episodes. Only 20 episodes remain, as it only has two more seasons. Hopefully, it will finish by the end of the summer, referring to the end of the summer season on September 20th.


Omnimania is on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. While I greatly enjoy the series, I am currently putting it off to work on other projects.


On another fan fiction site I'm on, Ultimate Pokémon Fanon, I'm starting up a Pokémon story featuring Ben 10. Ben will travel the Pokémon world and capture Pokémon, naming them after his alien forms. If you like Ben 10 and Pokémon, I suggest you look into it once it starts.

Reo's Entry


Welcome to Reo 54's Fanon Con...let's get started.


Omni-Legends has past a some-what of a reboot. Here's some spoilers


That's the title and the titlecard for the 1st episode/movie of the series. It focuses on DIamondhead as he finds his path to being a hero. Diamondhead encounters an old friend turned enemy and must take him down before this friend destroyed the Omnitrix World.


The 2nd epsidoe/movie of the series focuses on Jetray as he has just joined the Omnitrix world. While exploring the land he meets a challange. He accepts not knowing what he's going will it end for him?


I know what you're gonna say. Why bring HumungouBORE into this. Well he is a though guy and the team needs one. And i want to make him better than the canon did. Anyways, Humungousaur joins the omnitrxi world, but he is not sure how to control his powers. Thus he is seen as and enemy by Diamondhead and other protectors of this land. is he truly bad, or still a hero at heart?

Well yeah. first 3 epsiode titles and titlecards are out. I don't know when the actual episodes will be out, but hopefully soon.


My new series that i wanted to write has been cancelled, but i will show you the 1st episode.

TV-14 icon.svg.png

This content contains material that may be unsuitable for children age 14 and below.

The Episode starts outside a mansion. A Man can we seen staggering towards the door. The scene cuts to inside the house were the same man can be seen opening the doors and walking inside. He's wearing black jeans and a light brown leather jacket. This mans slowly walks towards a big door. he opens it up revealing a big room with a desk in the middle and a bunch of bookselves and cuboards. on the desk is a open briefcase the man walks towards it and notices a bunch of syringes inside. He takes one and smiles. He injects it in his vein as the screen fades black

End Scene

In the same room as before. the same man wakes up now leaning against the desk. He grunts a couple of times and looks around. he notices the 10 empty syringes on the ground. he starts to realise what he has done.

Man: Fuck. Wha the hell did i do last night?

He slowly gets up and sees the empty briefcase.

Man: Oh, shit. Was that...was that my dads? if he finds out, i'm fucked. Who knows what was in those things.

He once again looks at the syringes. he pics them up and puts them in the briefcase. he starts searching for his phone. he sees it on the ground on the other side of the room. He walks over to it and pcisk it up. he selects a number and calls.

Man: Hey, yo, Marcus!

Marcus (Trough phone): Hey, Kane! what's up?

Kane: Can i come over? I think i messed up big time.

Marcus (Trough Phone): Sure, Mate! What happend?

Kane: I'll tell you when i get there.

He hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket. He touches his other pocket for his wallet and makes sure it's there. than he walks out of the room closing the door behind him.

End Scene

At Marcus' place. Marcus let's Kane in to his small flat.

Marcus: Hey! What's going on?

Kane walks inand takes a seat on the sofa.

Kane: Dude, i messed up. I messed up big time.

Marcus: What did you do?

Kane: Last night, when i got homw from the party i was drunk AF. And for some reason i walked into my father's room and i found some syringes there. I thought they were drugs, so i picked one up and injected myself.

Marcus: When did you leave the party? Cause when i left everyone was already passed out.

Kane: Oh, we were out smoking in the backyard.

Marcus: You were smoking weed without me?

Kane: No, just cigarets. No weed last night. Anyways, this morning i woke up in the same room with 10 empty syringes next to me.

Marcus: Dude....

Kane: I have no idea what was in them.

A man blasts in trough the door and shuts it behind him.

Marcus: Sean?

Sean: Guys, something terrible happend last night

Kane: You too, huh?

Sean: No for real. i think we robbed a store.

End Scene. Comercial Break

Sean: I Think we robbed a store

Kane: Well, that adds to my problems.

Marcus: How did you find that out?

Sean: My father told me, he said they are investigating a robbery where some teens broke into a store in the middle of the night.

Kane: Sounds like us.

Sean: Anyways, what are you doing here?

Kane: Long story. Took the wrong drugs.

Marcus: Kane, Your hand!

Kane's hand is shivering. It's starts to shake more rapidly.

Kane: What?

He looks at his hands and is confused.

Kane: I don't feel a thing.

Then his hand just stops and it starts to grow larger and starts to become red, as the growing effect starts to upwards towards his sholder, Kane starts to feel pain and screams. All his muscles enlarge as he screams and becomes even more red. Two more hands break out from the side of his ribs. his clothes are ripped.

Sean: What the fuck?

Kane stops screaming and loooks at Marcus and Sean. He ripps off the remains of his clothes.

Marcus: WHat the hell just happend?

Kane: I think this is one of those formulas kicking in.

Marcus: We need to get you to your father's Lab.

Kane: My dad's gonna kill me. Well, not kill, kill me, but he'll find a wat to punish me real bad.

Marcus: Atleast they will be able to help you.

Kane: Okay..let's go.

As Kane walks out the doors, he bangs his head against the frame.

Kane: Oh, Fuck!

The 3 walk out of the flat and shut the doors..

End Scene

Later at the lab enterance. Sean and Marcus walk up the the guard.

Guard: ID please

Marcus: we need help.

Guard: Can't help you.

Marcus: You can't, but the people inside can.

Guard: Can't let you in without IDs

Marcus: How about we show you our friend.

Sean: Yo kane!, Come here!.

Kane comes out from behind the corner

The Guard reaches for his gun.

Guard: I'm gonna have to ask you to stand down.

Marcus: He's the son of Doctor Dustin.

The Guard takes his radio.

Guard: Listen up, i have a 2 kids here and a mutant who claims to be Dustin's son. Should i let them in?

(Someone trough the radio): Hold up, We're coming.

Men in uniforms soon rush trough the doors holding their guns and pointing at Kane.

Leader: Shot him!, but don't kill him. we need him alive!

The soldiers aim and shoot at Kane, who manages to block some bullets with his hands and then he knocks down some of the soldiers.

Leader (Into the Radio): Conor, Take him down.

The scene zooms away to a sniper on the roof of the building.

Conor: Copy!

He aims and shoots at Kane. The camera follows the bullet as it flys and hits KAne right in the head knocking him down.

Leader: Okay, men, we need to get him down to level -3.

The Soldiers let go of their guns and walk to Kane, they pick him up and start to carry him, Kane soon starts to shake and shrink, returning back to normal. Marcus and Sean follow the men inside.

End Scene

Kane wakes up on a table. He realises he's strapped to the table. Soon a scientist comes.

Scientist: Hello. My names is Doctor Russel Walton. I'm a coleague of your father. So, Kane, What happend to you?

Kane: I came home from a party last night very drunk. for some reason i went into my father's room. there i saw some syringes. i injected myself thinking thise were my drugs. atleast that's what i remember. I woke up with 10 empty syringes next to me.

Doctor Walton: Do you know what your father was working on?

Kane: Can you please unstrap me.

Doctor Walton: It's just in case you transform again.

Kane: This wont hold me anyways.

Doctor Walton: You father was working with DNA samples and now these DNA samples are in your body, making you a hybrid. i doubt it will kill you, but if you keap on smoking and drinking as well as doing drugs, it will.

Kane: So what am i supposed to do? study?

Doctor Welton: Well, who said we are letting you free. You're staying here, at the lab, untill we fully understand your powers.

Kane: Who knows how long that will take!

Doctor Welton: Yup, and no one even knows you are here.

Kane: My friends, Sean and Marcus know,

Doctor Welton: They're down in prison. i think i'll use them as my next test subjects.

Kane: You son of bitch!

Doctor Welton: say that again, i didn't hear you.

Kane: If you do anything to them...

Doctor Welton: You'll what? you can't do anything while you're strapped to that table.

Doctor Welton walks away and steps into the elevator.

Doctor Welton: Take care!

The elevator doors close as the screen fades black and Kane screams.

End Scene


Yeah. i'm not gonna write more of this...


There's a lot more i want to do, but i don't want to start, because i know i will drop it soon afterwards. I hope you enjoyed this entry. Leave a like if you did and sub- wait, this isn't gold

Brandon 'n Bat's Entry

MD Logo.png
Welcome everyone to the first ever shared entry with Brandon 10 and Bat24 which will representing the recent series, Mutant Drake.


Mutant Drake is, for those of you who don't know, a series about the protagonist, Drake, who has these microscopic machines inside of him known as Nanogenes. These Nanogenes give him the ability to transform any part of his body into a powerful weapon. He's been working with a containment group known as the MCA who works towards keeping the public safe from Mutant interaction. Along the way, Drake has made some friends and some enemies as he's learned more about his powers and himself, including his past which he seems to have forgotten. Now the series is continuing again with it's second season, putting Drake and his friends on even more adventures.

Season 2

Bat: Hey guys. This season, the relationships that are blooming will be a love triangle, between the main characters: Drake, John and Kate. This will affect the story because it will put some distance between some characters while bringing others closer together.

Brandon: We mainly decided to add this in because we wanted to focus a little more on the drama aspect of the series. But don't worry, it won't turn into a series based on romance and what not. It'll still have it's action and the other aspects that were appreciated in Season 1.

In Season 2, Mutant Drake will be receiving new characters that will become apart of the main cast, most of them being Mutants. One of the Mutant characters that'll be introduced has his main ability focused on strength while the another character is based on speed. They will be more elements like those being explored through these new Mutants.

Bat: Speaking of new characters, there will be a character, who will be an extension of The Mutant Drake Universe.

There will also be a new main villain, who will be a business man type of character. His goal is to expose Drake which will definitely be causing problems for his team. He is also running for mayor, making him have all control in the city

Brandon: During the new season, we'll be exploring other locations outside of Manhattan and New York as the season will be mostly focused on the United States. So now we know where Drake is going but where will we take the show?

Bat: Lets see, hmm. We're trying to have this season be a launching pad for other seasons to come. Brandon: Exactly. In Season 2, we're building up new elements, new concepts and new storylines that will hopefully lead to more seasons of Mutant Drake. We're trying to establish things, develop personalities and so much more.

Final Thoughts

So that's our entry for Mutant Drake. We hope that enjoyed our Fanon Con entry and are looking forwards to Mutant Drake's return coming soon.

CaT 'n Rob's Entry

Alrighty everybody, if you've been paying attention for the last few months, you probably know what we're gonna talk about here, so let's get right to the chase: It's time to announce a few things for the upcoming Tech 10/Mack 10 crossover movie!

First thing's first, the title! After some debating, we came up with a working title for the movie:

Tech 10 • Mack 10: Timeless Heroes

Keep in mind that this is a working title, and may change at a later date.

Next up, we've decided on a projected release date of August 15th. Considering that Season 2 of Star Spirit will be airing weekly by then and life usually has unexpected ways of screwing people over, this release date may or may not be 100% accurate, but hey, it's something.

Of course, we're releasing a teaser poster and a vague hype summary as well, so here they are:

TextArt 160628110800.jpg

When the greatest villains of two universes team up, the Earth's only hope lies in the unlikely team-up of two timeless heroes!

And finally, we're revealing a powerful crossover-only villain sure to present our heroes with a real challenge!


PT -1.png
PT -1!

Who is this mysterious villain? Where did he come from? What will he do? You'll have to read the crossover to find out!

That's it for now, but we hope it was enough to get you a bit hyped for the movie! Have a great day!

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