Hello everyone, today the results for Creative Writing are here. The theme for this was "Creation," which is pretty fitting for spring time. Now, let's get into the results:

Second Place

Primal's Entry
The Omnitrix.

I've spent so much time on it, Days I would go, days I'd throw a fit.

The Galvanic Mechamorphs to me are like a son or daughter, But the Omnitrix was and is my passion, I made the right choice sending it to Earth, Into the hands of him.

I made the Omnitrix with my sweat, Tears, And love.

Despite my hard front, The Omnitrix was in a soft place in my heart.

I thought this entry was pretty decent, though it feels a bit short. Some of the lines vary from one word to a sentence and it's kinda uneven that way. It's pretty easy to understand and all, but I don't really see too much effort put into it.

First Place

Brandon's Entry
What is Creation?

Is it the art of crafting? To build something out of nothing?

Or is it the birth of a new being? To give life to someone?

What it really is, is to bring an entity into existence.

People are born nearly everyday.

Machines are built almost all the time.

But a line was drawn at one creation.

A creation that would stand the test of time, itself.

A girl found herself onto a world that was new to her.

She belonged there but she also didn't.

She was born there but she was created here.

The girl was different, the girl was special.

When it was created, parts were used.

It was meant to be better than its predessor.

It had the same capabilities, maybe even more.

But I wish I could say the same about her.

She was different. She was special.

She had a way with life and life found a way with her.

It was created to learn, to be something new.

But she was born to live, to be something- someone like you.

So I ask again: What is creation?

Is it building, crafting? Making something from parts?

Or is it loving, living? Making someone with life?

I think it can be both and not one or the other.

She taught me that. A creation of my own design.

At first, a machine built with my very own hands.

Now, a person that see as more than a friend.

The girl is different, she is special.

And her name is Eunice.

I found this one to be a bit better than Primal's. I like how this one tells more of a story and adds another layer to it with the way the creation (Eunice) impacted the narrator. Good work


Congratulations to Brandon for winning (yet again)! Both of yours were kinda close, but kudos to the both of you. I think Brandon will be receiving another medal for this. Thanks for reading, good luck with the rest of Fanon Con!

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