Since I created the voting polls and I was the only one who had access to the results, I decided to make the blog myself to make everything easier. Anyways, the voting period has ended and the results are below! 

I don't really have much too much commentary to say but I'll try my best to at least say something.


Funniest User: CaT

CaT is known for his sarcastic sense of humor and can make some p good memes.

Nicest User: Ulti

Not a surprise so I don't have anything to add here aside congrats (again)!

Most Missed User: Sci

Also not a big surprise, but in case you somehow didn't know, he was a huge asset to the wiki until his "disappearance" last year. Rip.

Best Bureaucrat: Mig


Best Writer: CaT

CaT is popularly known for the Tech 10 franchise among other things. Congrats!

Best Artist: CaT

The dude's got some amazing talent.

Most Talented User: Aaron

And so does Aaron. Aaron does a variety of art, writing, etc that has its own unique charm to it.


Best Canon Recurring Character: Kevin

He's neat, though I'd call him main rather than recurring, I guess.

Best Canon Anti-Hero/Villain: Charmcaster

She was the only choice but she's pretty good overall.

Funniest Canon Hero: Kevin

Yeah same thing as what I said earlier I suppose; he's neat.

Most Relatable Canon Hero: Ben

I disagree, but I can see where people relate. He's pretty generic, honestly.

Favorite Canon Couple: Benlie

Ben x Julie was interesting even though it utterly failed.

Most Relatable Canon Villain: Albedo

I don't find him that relatable, but I can see why.

Best Canon Villain: Albedo

He was the best until...some things happened. But hey, if you like him being an 11 year old, then by all means.

Most Unique Canon Power: Upchuck's Swarm Gasatromy


Best Fanon Recurring Character: Fair's Fair Fairy

A pretty unique character made by CaT. He appeared more frequently during Star Spirit's second season.

Best Fanon Hero: Sol Masquerade

Sol's self-insert character (kind of); his personality is entertaining and he makes the series, Sol 10, even better.

Best Fanon Anti-Hero/Villain: Moranna Ceres

Theodore Logical's mother; her journey from Rebooted to Star Spirit is pretty neat and her design is pretty nice.

Most Relatable Fanon Hero: Isaac Logical/Tech

Yet another one of CaT's characters from the Tech 10 franchise. He is featured as the main protagonist of Tech 10: Rebooted and plays a sort of mentor-like role in Tech 10: Star Spirit.

Most Relatable Fanon Villain: Apollo

Not entirely sure how people relate to someone who wants to essentially merge with Earth's core, but aight. Anyway, Apollo is the main villain of Death of Ben 10 by Aaron and he's a very unique villain.

Best Fanon Villain: Apollo

Already gave my two-cents above, but yeah. Pretty good villain.

Most Unique Fanon Power: Butterfly Reflect's Reflective Omniscience

A relatively new creation by CaT, this alien has the power to: "emit a strange temporal energy that allows those exposed to it to see seemingly random visions. When Butterfly Reflect cocoons itself using its wings, this energy continually reflects off its metallic body, creating an artificial mirror room that allows Butterfly Reflect to see all of time and space at once." No wonder it won.


Best Canon Omnitrix Alien: Upgrade

Upgrade is pretty unique, and his design is cool.

Best Canon Nemetrix Alien: Crabdozer

Crabdozer appeared the most (I think?) so I guess that's why.

Best Canon Ultimate Alien: Ultimate Echo Echo

The only ultimate that was actually "ultimate," in my opinion.

Best Canon Omnitrix Alien Redesign: Chromastone (OV)

I disagree but his reappearance in the finale was a nice moment.

Best Fanon Omnitrix Alien: TIE! Bomb 2 Hell and Silver Mt. Zion

Both were created by CaT and both have their fair share of badass designs and powers, so it doesn't shock me that they tied. Both debut in Tech 10: Star Spirit. Congrats!

Best Canon Nemetrix Alien: Last Shadow

Last Shadow is a predator created by Aaron who hunt the Cranvius Sapience. Their design is pretty interesting and one of the few predators on the wiki that stand out, in my opinion.

Best Fanon Ultimate Alien: TIE! Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell and Ultimate All☆Star

Once more, both were made by CaT. Ultimate Bomb 2 Hell's design is very neatly done and his powers have obviously been upgraded; Ultimate All Star's design is very well done, especially with the blue color, and his powers are very unique. Both debut in Tech 10: Star Spirit.

Best Fanon Omnitrix: The StarTrix

The StarTrix is the Omnitrix that is used by Theodore Logical in Tech 10: Star Spirit. It has a variety of unique functions, particularly presenting the alien selected behind the user.

Best Fanon Omnitrix Alien Redesign: Big Chill (E-10)

Ethan's Big Chill, the same version of the canon, is featured in E-10: The Series. His design is very nice looking and offers a new perspective on it. Good job!


Best Fanon Series: Death of Ben 10

Aaron's show that follows an alternate version of Ben who tasked to stop a Pyronite warlord by the name of Apollo. The series was divided into three separate acts. If you haven't read it, I suggest it; Aaron put a lot of effort into it and it's very entertaining.

Best Still-Running Series: The Alan 10 Adventures

Alan's show that airs both on BTFF and his own wiki. It follows Alan Nomaly, alongside two sidekicks, as he fights his evil brother known as Richard Nomaly and counters other enemies with the Simplicitrix. It has a lot of humor and "mature" moments, if that bothers you or whatever. Anyway, congrats Alan!

Funniest Series: Omni-World

A series created by Ancy before his downfall. Personally, I've never read it, so I don't have much to say, but from the looks of it, it was essentially about the Omnitrix aliens living in the real world and stuff. Anyway, it had a shit load of fans at the time, so it had to have been good.

Best Canon Movie: Secret of the Omnitrix

It was very good.

Best Canon Video Game: Cosmic Destruction

Not my favorite game, but it had its moments.

Best OS Episode: Ken 10

An extremely good episode, in my opinion; the futuristic setting was fun to explore.

Best AF Episode: Good Copy, Bad Copy

Not surprising since Albedo won two other awards before this.

Best UA Episode: TIE! Double or Nothing and The Forge of Creation

I didn't like Double or Nothing, but Forge of Creation was pretty nice.

Best OV Episode: And Then There Was Ben

It had some nice moments, not gonna lie.

Best Reboot Episode: Omni-Tricked (in general)

Don't have many comments.

Saddest Canon Episode: Catch a Falling Star

It was sad that it existed, lmao.

A movie made by Coke, it was the first season finale of his series Back in Action: Alien Universe. I never read it, but it seems...kind of messy and cluttered, in my opinion, but there had to have been a reason it caught people's eyes.

Best Fanon Video Game: BTFF RPG

Wow, an actual video game! Anyways, the BTFF RPG was created by CaT that featured a few users on the wiki and their aliens, and it was very fun overall, though few managed to fully complete it lmao. Anyway, nice job!

Best Fanon Episode: Interlude

An episode that took place between the second and third seasons of Tech 10: Star Spirit, it was a very well done episode overall. The characters are what made the episode and I suggest giving it a read.

Saddest Fanon Episode: Deaths and Entrances

Rip sorry I misspelled it in the voting but whatever you knew what I meant. Anyway, this episode is the first part of Star Spirit's season 2 finale. I haven't gotten to that point yet, but from what I can tell, a couple people died and probably had a major impact.

Best Fanon Crossover: BTFF RPG

Already discussed it earlier, but once again, it was very fun and brought together various BTFF elements.

Most Detailed Series: Tech 10: Star Spirit

I feel like at this point I don't really need to say anything. Star Spirit was essentially the main aspect of BTFF for a while, and almost everyone read it and enjoyed it. It had so much effort put into it, with the art, the plot, the characters, and even music. Very nice work, CaT!

Most Creative Series: Sol 10

Sol 10 is fairly "new," and was created by Sol, obviously. The way its written in second person and the logs and etc is extremely unique and I don't think I've ever seen a series like this on the wiki. Hopefully it continues; nice work, Sol!

And there you have it! I apologize if my commentary was lackluster in certain sections, but I tried to give feedback to everything in some degree. Anyway, I congratulate everyone who won awards and we will see you all again in 2018!

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