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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con! And to end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

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CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Fall 2017 Fanon Con!

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Okay so I finally figured out what my goddamn problem with writing this series is:

It ain't supposed to be this long.

I originally only planned it to have two seasons, but once two seasons were actually done, I was like "shit I didn't do everything to a satisfactory level better add even more shit to fix that".

That didn't work.

So now, I'm going back to the basics. Rewriting the series for the Re:Vise Project, shuffling around some plot points, reworking the script a bit, keeping the overall plot very similar but actually doing what I originally goddamn wanted to do with the series instead of what I actually ended up doing with it because I chickened out.

Also no Encore or Delta forms because those were goddamn pointless.

Re:Vise Project

As noted in the Star Spirit section, I'll be placing a lot more focus on this.

Not Applicable Movie

After a few months of planning, I can officially announce that Act 2 is scheduled to come out on October 23rd in honor of the original Halloween episode of the miniseries that came out on the same date in 2014. Given the events of Act 2, I think this is fairly fitting (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge).

Those of you subscribed to the Gazette have probably seen the following piece of art and wondered what the hell that's all about:

Napoleon Burst

In short, it's the movie equivalent to Napoleon's "Energy Connection" form from the original miniseries. I modified the aesthetic to be fire-based and renamed it to "Burst" but the mechanics are basically the same. I also extended its effects to his transformations, but they just get recolors and a new texture because hell if I'm drawing seven completely new designs lmao.

Not Applicable RPG

Been too busy to work on this much RIP.

Ben 10: Milky Way Race

I've been gradually working on this one over the year. I want to make it the best original continuity followup I possibly can, so the planning process has been full of rewrites. Fortunately, I believe I can finally announce that I plan to launch the first episode of the series on October 10th, so look forward to that!

Something I want to note about the art for the series is that I'll be using the OV art of the characters and aliens unless I feel they're in particular need of a redesign. I actually liked the OV designs for characters like Kevin and Charmcaster, and don't plan on changing anything about those; the OV designs for characters like Gwen, on the other hand...well, I guess you know what one of the upcoming redesigns is now lmao.

I also want to note that I'll only be introducing a single new alien for Ben during the entire series; he has more than enough aliens as it is, and trying to balance their appearances is going to be hard enough without adding on tons of extra fanon aliens (characters like Ehi on the other hand are fair game). Ben's new alien will be a completely original creation, not a pre-existing canon or fanon species.



That's right, 13 is back, but with a few changes. The original 13 was created purely as a way for me to test the atmosphere a few years back, and the plot I made for it was not very interesting, to say the least. This version is going to be pretty different, but still hold some connections to the original version.


Lucius Raivent. Wielder of the MediTrix. Criminal mastermind. Head of a prolific weapons smuggling ring.

Seventeen years old.

After taking over the Raivent criminal empire due to his father's sudden "mysterious displacement", Lucius begins conducting business in an isolated forest within the boundaries of a national park. He has an understanding with the park rangers; his organization keeps the place clear of any unassociated lowlifes, and they don't ask questions. Period.

Unfortunately for Lucius, the forest itself seems to have other plans.

And they don't involve Lucius leaving it alive.

I'm just gonna come right out and say it, this series is gonna be much more horror-inspired than any of my previous material, and that's saying a lot. Psychological horror is my AESTHETIC, and suffice to say I'm excited for a chance to write some myself.

The art style for this iteration of 13 will also be a bit different than my usual fare, featuring more stylized art inspired by the works of Tim Burton.

The most notable thing about the way 13 is going to be presented, however, is how it tells its narrative. Each episode will shift between standard third-person observations of scenes and a first-person monologue presented as a journal kept by Lucius himself, which presents his unique views and thoughts on certain events. I realize this is a bit of an odd idea and some people may not like it, but I believe it to be the best choice for maintaining the atmosphere I want.

With all that out of the way, let's get down to some episodes! There are still only four episodes of the series planned, though that number can be expanded later on if more content is called for. As for the episodes themselves:


  • Episode 1: The Tunnel (10/13/17)
    • A mysterious tunnel begins appearing in the forest, with no apparent explanation as to how. This would be less of an issue if mutilated bodies didn't keep crawling out of it.
  • Episode 2: The Hunger (10/20/17)
    • People begin vanishing in the forest without a trace. The only clue towards their fates is the mysterious stench of rotting meat appearing in the area.
  • Episode 3: The Room (10/27/17)
    • Lucius discovers a room in his manor in the forest that is not present on any floor plans. Stranger still, he seems to be the only one who can see it.
  • Episode 4: The Trail (10/31/17)
    • Unmarked trails appear in the forest, leading to parts unknown. Everyone that ventures down these trails is inevitably found exactly four days later, albeit without their various organs in the correct places.

Reading these episode descriptions means you're probably thinking that this is either going to turn out pretty good or pretty bad, and I honestly think the same thing, though obviously I'm trying for the good. To give you an idea as to how this might turn out, here's a short preview of part of an episode:


The creature's head snapped around to look at me. Our eyes locked (although I hesitate to call what I saw "eyes"), and despite the relative openness of this area of the forest, I felt more cornered than I ever had before. After a silent period of time I cannot even begin to estimate, the creature suddenly lunged at me; not an uncommon hunting tactic, but nevertheless unnerving to be on the receiving end of.

Without even considering the presence of my weaponry, I turned and ran. I could hear it chasing me down, gaining on me with every stride of its misshapen legs. As it closed the gap between us, a slight but unmistakably fetid stench became noticeable. The smell helped to break me out of my panicked stupor, allowing me to reach into my coat and grab one of my pistols. Not daring to slow down even for an instant, I bent my arm over my back in a rather awkward manner and fired off several shots.

Most of the bullets missed and flew off somewhere into the forest, but I heard the distinct sound of a single shot ripping through flesh. Immediately after this, the mild stench suddenly grew almost unbearable, as if someone had torn open a hole in a bag of rotting meat. The creature chasing me made no sound reacting to the presumed injury, but became audibly slower.

I managed to make my way to the manor and lock the door behind me. I assume if the creature was particularly determined, this wouldn't have done much to slow it down, but as soon as I closed the doors, all sound from the outside seemed to vanish, including the noise of the creature's pursuit.

I currently sit in the upstairs study, attempting to relay my experience as best I can while trying to sort the situation out in my head. I believe this would be much easier without the distraction of the creature dominating the forefront of my mind. Granted, there is a reason for that beyond irrational fear; it's staring at me as I write this.

Lucius put down his pen and gave a quick side glance out the window to his right. Sure enough, the head of the creature was still directly outside, its eyes boring into him like a pair of drills. He tried his best not to think about how it was watching him through a second-story window and instead think of a plan to get him out of this alive.

Resourceful as he was, even he had to admit his current prospects seemed rather grim.

Last Notes

That might not be the final cut of that scene that makes it into the episode proper, but I think it gives a fairly decent indication of what you're in for with this series. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

(Oh and if you're wondering why Lucius doesn't just transform and fight the thing in the scene you just read, his aliens are being hella nerfed to make it so actual tension can happen.)

DecaSystem Tech

DecaSystem Tech is currently on the back burner while I work on my current projects.


What do you think of Napoleon's Burst Form design?

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What's your favorite Burst alien recolor?

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What do you think of 13's new art style?

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What did you think of the 13 scene preview?

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In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Creeper's Entry

Alright this is my first Fanon Con and already I'm out of ideas.


So I guess I'll give you the lowdown on each of my series. not that anyone cares

Hell on Earth

I have started to write Mutants and have planned out the series finale. The Last Stand has been changed into a two-parter and everything running smoothly.

That's it, I hear you say?

Nope! I'm announcing a new alien to debut in Mutants and a promo for the episode (which doesn't actually have the alien in it but eh)


Fauna is a Therapevour from an unnamed planet (not unknown, the planet literally doesn't have a name). It is a humanoid tiger that can release a pinkish-red energy that heals anything it touches.

Mutants Preview

I take one last glance at the screens before pushing down the Omnitrix dial.

Everything goes black.

Something looks up at the Ectonurites and they freeze. "W-w-well hello. Sydney is off sick so I will be your host today. Would you like the instant death or the-the-the-"

It holds its finger up. A bright light. The Ectonurite's bones fall to the floor. I try to move but I can't. The transformation is in control.

"Surprise! Bonemeal, it's good for plants-and you know a plant here...ASPARAGUS." It unleashes a slower flash so that I can see that it's an explosion. A few Ectonurites are enveloped, and don't come out.

"See? I'm asparagus no wait that's wrong, I'm Mr. Opposite! The opposite of sanity!

Hybrid Hero

I present to you...alien designs!

Floweytale and Stick Land

See there's a little voice in my head saying 'Cancel it, you'll never come back to it.' But then there's a louder voice saying 'You might so...'.

It's cancelled. If I want to come back to it I can uncancel it.

Alien of the Week

I didn't adopt this for nothing. It'll come back eventually, but my focus is on other things.

Fuuto Mystery Tour

Ladies (you know who you are) and Gentlemen...please give a warm welcome to the newest project... File:DescendLogo.png Created by Jose and I, Descend follows a 20-year-old Ben Tennyson, as he deals with old enemies, new problems and a mysterious network of illegal devices which could spell the end of the world if not stopped. Will the good guys win, or will Ben 10 be no more...

Here's a preview btw.

[Ben opens the door to a room with grey walls. Clothes are torn haphazardly across the floor and a TV us set to the news in front of of a couch. A mini-fridge is placed below the only window, filtering blue light into the otherwise dark room.]

[Ben]: Jeez, I really need to clean this place up.

[He contemplates using the Biomnitrix, but something on the TV catches his eye.]

[TV]: Numerous reports of a man who goes by the name Bill standing on the tracks between stops of a train have come in. He claims that it's a 'magic trick' and that he'll 'get off on the next stop'. People have gathered on the platform area, waiting for the results.

[A second later, Rook's hologram appears on the left Biomnitrix gauntlet.]

[Rook]: Ben-

[Ben]: I know.

[He runs out of the room and it cuts to the train tracks, where a 20-year-old in a business suit, Bill, is standing on the tracks. People are gathered around, trying to get him off but too scared to go on themselves. Ben is standing with the crowd in a trench coat. Rook's hologram appears again.]

[Rook]: Ben, you should do something.

[Ben]: I want to see what he does. Only crazy people would do this without a plan, and pretty I'm sure they don't wear business suits.

[The train comes around, and people start panicking. At the last second, Bill takes out a grey, cylindrical device and taps it.]


[Bill pushes it into his chest, and particles gather around him, and he changes into an Ectonurite and turns intangible, passing through and into the train.

Ben taps both Biomnitrix gauntlets, showing the symbols of Ghostfreak and Upgrade, and smacks them together. His eyes morph into one green circle, and his legs morph into a tail. Chains grow on him and his entire body becomes black, with circuitry spreading over it. A white cuff appears on his neck.]

[Alien]: Ectograde!

[Ectograde flies into the train and sees Bill, back to normal, rubbing his head.]

[Ectograde]: Do you know how dangerous that was?! You could've gotten stuck in the train's walls or worse!

[Bill]: Relax, I've been practicing for a week, though I did hit my head on something when I got in.

[They begin to approach the next stop, but the train doesn't slow down.]

[Ectograde]: Hang on- this train should be slowing down by now...

[Bill]: So that's what I hit my head on.

[Ectograde gives him an angry look.]

[Ectograde]: When we get off this train, you're arrested by Plumber law for endangerment of the General Public.

[Bill]: What?! I can't go to prison, I have a family, I'll crumble!

[Ectograde]: Relax, it's only for a day.

[The train shakes, knocking Bill sideways.]

[Ectograde]: I have more important things to do right now.

[Ectograde flies into the wall and morphs with it, spreading his circuitry patterns across the train.]

[Ectograde, through intercom]: Attention all passengers, we will now be stopping. Have a nice day.

[The train slows down and stops just as it reaches the platform. Ectograde un-morphs with the train and turns back, leaving panic-stricken passengers to get off. Bill leaves last, stepping out to a crowd of applauding people. Shouts of "I can't believe it!" and "He did it!" are spread across the crowd. Ben takes him aside.]

[Ben]: Sorry, but you'll have to leave your fans until tomorrow, unless you want to be cuffed in front of them.

[Bill reluctantly accepts. Still waving to the crowd as Ben takes him away.]

Diamond's Entry
Wow! My first Fanon Con entry!

So, if you know me, you probably know about my series, Diamond Man’s Untitled Series. I'm still working on a name for that(been working on it for 7 months and I still don't got a name). Well, I've got some stuff to share about it.

Character related

(Since other panels about shows reveal character information, I thought, why not?)

Owen’s been through a change in every season. Before Season 1, he discovered his anime powers, and in Season 2, he got his Celestialsapien right arm. Well, Owen is going to be going through a new change in Season 3! Stay tuned for more details.

Staff and Caesura are in their mid-20’s.

Owen was originally going to have a college level sister, but it was scrapped as she added nothing to the story.

Owen actually wasn't going to have anime powers! He was going to be trained to use the Omnitrix, and Owen’s ‘Sailor Moon’ transformation at the beginning of the first episode was just going to be a joke, but I thought Owen with an Omnitrix would be lame, so I had Owen and his powers be in front center, and the Omnitrix would be like a sub plot.

I will admit, Owen being part Appoplexian at a point was a big mistake. I was just going through a Rath obsession at the moment, and I thought it might throw people off about Owen being part Celestialsapien.

Luffy is bisexual. He has a firm believe that no gender should be loved more than the other.

Ok, I have a really stupid story about Aspidites’ creation. And bear with me, it is VERY stupid. I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw a picture of an Ekans around a Pidgey from Pokemon Go(there was a caption about Sasuke from Naruto) and the idea just popped in there.

Also on the subject of the animals, Buggy, Luffy and Zolo were inspired by Snaptrap and his animal companions from TUFF Puppy.

Gamean is based off of Collectimus.

DohRe had an irish whistle in her debut episode, but she actually plays the flute.

Bhar had a birthday off screen, and he is 17 now.

My favorite character is Agate, but DohRe is the most fun to write for.

Staff and Caesura are based off of the Vreedle Brothers.

Dimaserrans(Rifter and Agvarok’s species) are evolved forms of Merlinisapiens(ChamAlien’s species), that's why they look so similar.

Vilgax does exist in Owen’s universe, it's just unlikely they’ll ever have a run-in.

Buggy, Luffy and Zolo all have birthdays on the same day.

Owen has grandparents, you just haven't seen them yet.

The Green Savior and Blue Destroyer will reappear, I just can't specify when.

Each season was meant to have 30 episodes, but it was slimmed down to 26 for 1st, 23 for 2nd, and 26 for third.

DohRe, Staff and Caesura are also based off of Team Rocket(DohRe would totally be voiced by Jessie).

I don't have a personal favorite ship, so don't ask me.

Owen is based off of me, but Emerson IS me.

Ok, that's all I have for characters. Now for some….


There will be episodes about Bhar and DohRe’s backstories coming soon!

Owen will be becoming a snake again, this time in a new way, and a different way.

Agate’s family will be growing. (Ok this one is pretty cryptic)

There will be an episode where Owen will travel to the future, and meet up with his future companions! I even have a preview for you. Just wait on that one for a bit.

The movie for my series will be happening midway through Season 3.

We're also getting an episode focused on the villains, and what they do when they aren't going after Owen.

I don't know when new episodes will start coming back, hopefully this entry will satisfy you guys. I'm trying to have 5 finished before I start releasing more.

There will be special episodes about Halloween, Christmas, and Owen’s birthday.

I've started thinking up concepts for a brand new series! But you most likely won't see it until my current series is over.

And now onto the previews!!!!!!


The Future episode

Owen and his future self are walking down to the lake house, where Buggy, Luffy, and Zolo live. The lake house is much more renovated, and taller.  

Owen: Have they really changed that much?

Future Owen: No. I mean, they've changed, but not much. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Owen nods, and they step up to the door.

Future Owen: I'm gonna leave you on your own. It'll be funnier if you're by yourself.

Future Owen jogs away.

Owen: Uh…..Ok?

He turns to the door, and knocks on it. The door slowly opens.

Owen: Hi-

He looks up to see Future Buggy, who is a few inches taller than him.

Owen: Wooooaaah, he got tall.

Future Buggy is surprised.

Future Buggy: Owen? Is that you? When did you get so small?

Owen: Long story short, I traveled into the future, and future me wants to meet you guys.

Future Buggy grins.

Future Buggy: Well, come on in! Man, I've missed seeing you so small like that!

Owen steps in, and Future Buggy shuts the door. Owen looks around, and the place is much more furnished, with more windows, chairs, and tables.

Owen: Wow, you guys have done some work on this place!

Future Buggy laughs.

Future Buggy: Heh, yeah. Hey Zolo! Come say hi to little Owen!

Zolo walks into the room on all fours, and then stands up in surprise.

Future Zolo: What? Owen? Wow, you weren't kidding when you said he was little!

Owen: I came from the past, and I want to see how you guys are doing.

Future Zolo: Well, I'm glad to see you!

He turns around.

Future Zolo: Hey kids! Come say hi to Owen!

Owen is confused.

Owen: Kids?

Behind Zolo, 10 tiger cubs and 5 panther cubs run up to Owen, and Owen’s eyes widen.

Owen: You got kids?! And they're adorable!

They all jump on top of Owen, and start licking his face.

Owen: Oh my gosh they're so cute!!!!!!

Owen plays with them for a bit.

Future Zolo: Alright kids, let's leave Owen alone.

The cubs scurry over to Future Zolo.

Owen: Man, it's so cool that you got kids! Who's the lucky woman?

Future Buggy chuckles.

Future Buggy: He met a nice panther named Zoey, and they started dating. You should've SEEN Zolo when he was trying to flirt with her. It was pathetic, but she loved it.

Future Zolo: So, let me introduce you to the kids!

He starts naming the tiger cubs.

Future Zolo: This is Corina, Bridget, Harry, Zolo Jr., Ichigo, Liam, Veronica, Spader, Mark, and Ryou. And…

He starts naming the panther cubs.

Future Zolo: This is Zakuro, Renee, Kiki, Leo, and Raven. Oh! And I almost forgot.

He holds up a small cub, which is half the color of a panther, and half the color of a tiger.

Future Zolo: Little Elena!

Elena meows, and Owen is fangirling over how cute she is.

Owen: Awwww, she's adorbable!

He sets Elena down.

Future Zolo: Alright kiddos, go play with your mother.

The cubs all run into another room.

Owen: So Buggy, have you done anything special?

Future Buggy thinks.

Future Buggy: Mmmmm, not that I can think of. I have started getting into voice acting. I got some small voice roles in some TV shows and video games, but no major characters. But future you is working on a video game, and I get to do a lot of voices!

Owen: Sweet!

He high-fives Future Buggy.

Owen: So, where's ol’ Luffy?

Future Luffy: Up here!

They look up to see Future Luffy trotting down the stairs, with another bullfrog. Future Luffy is a lot bigger and taller, the same size as Owen. And he is a lot wider.

Future Luffy: Hey there mini-Owen.

Owen is totally shocked.

Owen: Uh-hey…...You got really big.

Future Luffy laughs.

Future Luffy: I've been told that.

Owen: Who's your friend?

Future Luffy looks at the other bullfrog.

Future Luffy: Oh, this is my friend Sheryl.

Future Buggy whispers to Owen.

Future Buggy: He means girlfriend…

Future Luffy growls.

Future Luffy: Oh come dude, she's just a friend.

Future Zolo: Yeah, a girlfriend!

They all begin arguing.

Owen: Ugh, I guess some things stay the same.

Future Owen opens the door.

Future Owen: Yah done here?

Owen: Yep.

Future Owen grabs Owen, and they walk out.


Now a preview for a Season 3 episode, Dungeons and Phoenix. It revolves around Agate, Owen and DohRe playing a tabletop game.

Dungeons and Phoenix

We open on Agate and Owen sitting at a table with Gamean, playing a tabletop game. DohRe sits down and joins them.

DohRe: So, tell me how this game works.

Owen: It looks complicated, but it isn't that hard. You just pick a character, and the game master-

Gamean: Me.

Owen: Will read through a scenario, and you have to try to get through it, and finish the campaign. Except the game master is unpredictable, and a whole bunch of stuff can happen!

DohRe: Huh. Well, any game with my beloved will be amazing!

She blushes and looks at Owen lovingly. He rolls his eyes and picks a character from the character box.

Owen: As always, I will go with my wizard, Aspheron.

He places a wizard figure on the board.

Agate: And I will go with my orc, Bruterus.

He places down an orc figure on the board.

Gamean: Now DohRe, you need to pick your character.

DohRe looks at the pieces. She then picks up a lady figure with brown hair, a velvet red dress, and no shoes.

DohRe: I like this one.

Gamean: Ahh, the siren! Excellent choice.

DohRe reads the character card.

DohRe: With her enticing looks, and beautiful dances, the siren can seduce almost any man. Ooh, I like this one!

She places it down on the board.

Owen: Ok, ready to start?

Gamean: Yep. Here we go!

The scene switches to where we see all three characters in a wooded forest. Gamean narrates what happens.

(When characters narrate something, it happens)

Gamean(narrating): Our three heroes land in a densely wooded forest, confused by the unfamiliar land.

Aspheron(Owen): Well Bruterus, it’s seems we have another journey on our hands.

Bruterus points to DohRe’s character.

Bruterus(Agate): And we are joined with a new face! Tell us stranger, who are you?

We cut back to the game board. Owen leans in and whispers to DohRe.

Owen(whispering): DohRe, name your character.

DohRe snaps back into reality.

DohRe: Oh….Uh-I am uh……

We cut back to the characters in the woods.

DohRe’s Character: I am Valessia, the most beautiful maiden in my home town, Lathena. I can charm men easily. Say Aspheron, would you like to be charmed?

Valessia leans in to Aspheron, who pushes her away.

Aspheron: Luckily for me, I am protected from most spells. Even your charming personality.

Valessia blushes, and steps away.

Gamean(narrating): Our heroes look around, and starts trotting through the forest. They walk for what seems to be hours, until they reach a cave.

They are standing in front of the cave.

Aspheron: I say we go inside. It may be a way out of this cursed forest.

Bruterus: But what if it is filled with traps, or monsters? Our quest might end before it begins.

Valessia steps inside.

Valessia: I’ll go first. I am tougher than I look.

Aspheron and Bruterus look at each other, nod and follow her into the cave.

Gamean(narrating): Inside the cave, it is dark and gloomy. To dark to move forward. What do you do?

Aspheron slams his staff on the ground.

Owen(narrating): I illuminate my staff, lighting our path.

The staff lights up, showing the way.

Gamean(narrating): Our heroes trek through the cave, and they reach a locked door, with a magic protection around it.

Aspheron: Fiddlesticks. What do we do?

Agate(narrating): Bruterus grabs his enormous sledgehammer, and slams it against the door.

The door remains locked.

Gamean(narrating): The door is undamaged. But suddenly, it glows, and glows, and….

A giant light comes from the door and blasts Bruterus.

Gamean(narrating): A giant light blasts Bruterus, doing the same damage his hammer would have done! Minus 25 health.

Aspheron helps Bruterus up.

Valessia: Well, it seems you men can't figure this stuff out. There must be a secret mechanism around here.

Valessia feels the wall.

Gamean(narrating): In the spot where Valessia touches the wall, a long snake pops out.

A long blue snake pops out of the wall. The characters draw their weapons.

Snake: No need to worry. I am friendly. I can unlock this door for you, for once small fee.

Aspheron and Bruterus look at each other.

Bruterus: What’s the fee?

Snake: One of you….

He opens his mouth, and spits out an apple.

Snake: Must eat this poison apple, which will reduce your maximum health to half for the rest of the game. I'll also take all of your poison potions, and healing spells. And it may be a while before you find more of those….

Bruterus: Ludicrous! That's pretty much throwing one of our lives away.

Valessia steps up, and we cut back to the game board.

DohRe: Can I dance for the snake and entice him?

Gamean: You’d have to roll a 21 or higher to be able to do that.

DohRe picks up the dice, and rolls it. She rolls a 26.

DohRe: 26!

Agate and Owen high five DohRe. We then cut back to the game, and Valessia starts to dance.

Gamean(narrating): Valessia dances, and radiates a brilliant pink light, which the snake gazes into. She dances fiercely, each move bringing the snake closer and closer into a hypnotic trance. When her dance is completed, the snake is completely enticed.

The snake’s eyes are full hearts.

Snake: Oh, my beautiful. I'll give you anything!

The snake opens his mouth, and coughs up a key. Valessia picks it up, and snickers.

Valessia: Thank you.

She stomps on the snake's head, killing it.

Aspheron: Wow.

Bruterus: She is a fascinating woman.

End of preview.

And for the final preview, a teaser for Battle of the Multiverse, the season 2 finale.

BotM Teaser

We open on Owen, standing on a cliff, watching a battle down in a wasteland, with many different people.

Owen: Ah man……

Suddenly, a black haired version of Owen appears behind him, with a left hand Celestialsapien arm instead of the usual.

Evil Owen: Hey there.

Owen turns around, but not fast enough, as he is blasted into oblivion by the evil Owen. He flies into the distance as the screen fades into black.

Emerson(narrating): It’s the Battle of the Multiverse buddy.

We then see Owen, with Aspidites coiled around him, but he is wearing his clothes from Season 1, and he has a hypnotized look in his eyes. He is also missing his Celestialsapien arm.

Man(narrating): I’ve gathered all the evil versions of you from all the different universes. Except evil attracts good, and unfortunately the good versions have also made their way here.

We see normal Owen standing in the wasteland, holding hands with a blonde haired girl who looks a lot like him. They are both holding hands. Girl: You ready?

Owen: Yep! Let’s do this!

They start to glow with a yellow aura, before we cut to Owen sitting in Agate’s house. Agate is in the corner, wearing a red bathrobe. He pours a cup of coffee.

Agate: So, what did you want?

Owen: I need your help.

We then see Owen and Agate talking to Ex’Spira, then the three of them talking to Agvarok.

Owen: Alright! The team is complete!

We then see a montage of scenes. Agva’Spira bulldozing through a field of enemies, Agate breathing fire onto more enemies, and Owen face to face with the evil version of himself.

Finally, we see Owen, Agate, Ex’Spira, Agvarok and DohRe joining hands, falling back behind, then thrusting their arms forward to shoot a massive energy blast.



Ok, I guess that’s everything I wanted to put on here. I hope you enjoyed what you read, and please check out my series!

See you next Fanon Con(maybe)!

Omyx's Entry

Blood Monkey

o shit fanon con

Since Blood Monkey is my main series nowadays (and since nothing else has really been updated since its release………………………), it’s time for some JUICY info about the upcoming eps and the series’ second season.

Season 1 is almost at an end, with episode 5 in the works and season finale soon after. Between season 1 and 2 will be two mid-season episodes, also known as interludes.

The first will be a mini-crossover with Sol 10, focusing on Sol’s team accidentaly entering the Blood Monkey dimension and meeting up with Vender, who needs Sol’s help to reclaim his Hexatrix which has been confiscated by the police.

The second interlude, titled Family Business, will again focus on Vender, who tries to escape Undertown to start a new life, only to be joined by Phobius on his run from his murderous psychopathic sister, Deimios.

As for season 2, without spoiling too much, it’s time to introduce some of the new major characters we’ll be seeing in the season.

New Characters:

High King Ramal Krednik

High King Ramal Krednik is the current ruling king of Buconeron, the alternate dimension home to the Calabozons, Dark Hole’s species. Living for over hundreds of thousands of years, Ramal’s portal creation skill is vastly greater than any other Calabozon, allowing him to open portals instantly by thought and see the entirety of the universe almost at all times.

High Counselor Chance Rolloc

Chance Rolloc is the High King’s most trusted advisor, and second-in-command in his rule of Buconeron. Despite his experience and proximity to the High King, some suspect Chance to be conspiring against his higher-up.

Chance’s portal abilities aren’t as powerful as Ramal’s (despite being much powerful than most Calabozons), instead relying on his Prototype Hexatrix in a fight, which, unlike Hexatrixes who transform the user, allows him to summon his alien forms directly using his portals.

Alien Hex:

Arcade Fire

An odd stumpy alien made of flaming wood, Arcade Fire can manipulate fire, and travel across or through solid matter by merging with it. Arcade Fire can also spread a flammable wooden cover across any material by touch, on which any fire never goes out.

Arctic Monkey

A cryokinetic monkey-like alien covered in frost. Along with generic cryokinesis, AM can freeze from a distance and manipulate frozen objects telekinetically, also allowing him to freeze objects in place regardless of gravity. (nice jojo reference omi!)

Death Grips

A massive skeletal monstrocity, Death Grips is a bulky undead black skeleton standing on six goat legs. Death Grips can easily traverse between the reality of the living and the dead, allowing him to simply phase to the undead dimension and back, or even send any living being to the unescapable Underworld by simply grabbing them.

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is a large brown rat-like alien who can manipulate a purple type of energy that nullifies alien powers, causing anyone hit to become as weak as an average human, removing any superhuman abilities.


Radiohead is a tall white humanoid with no facial features besides a simple black speaker for a face. Radiohead can manipulate sound to an incredible degree, allowing him to create sonic explosions anywhere within his range, create powerful deafening blasts or even use it to fly. However, Radiohead will usually use his ability in mischevious ways; misleading by perfectly replicating voices of an enemy’s teammates and creating obnoxious or terrifying sounds continuously playing in his enemies ears.

Run The Jewels

A fast moving and agile humanoid who can quickly form weaponry made of gems or fire them out as rapid attack projectiles. RTJ’s gems have different properties for each type, for instance red crystals will violently explode upon destruction, blue crystals grow ice spikes, black crystals will create a powerful vacuum and so on. These properties can be used to a fuller extent once creating weaponry, for instance a blue crystal mace will create deadly spikes upon contact, and a red crystal warhammer will explode with each bash.

High General Erdan Iogibb

High General Erdan is the General Commander of the Buconeron Guard, Buconeron’s elite army which defends both the normal dimension (Earth-808) and Buconeron itself from extradimensional threats seeking to break through. Erdan is one of the most powerful people in Buconeron, but, like Chance, does not have portal abilities as strong as Ramal, instead using his own Prototype Hexatrix for combat.

Alien Hex:


Blur is an incredibly fast moving alien whose skin also vibrates very quickly, causing him to appear as a barely visible blur once standing still. Blur can turn himself invisible at will, and use his fast and powerful fists to deliver deadly tremors or quakes to anything he hits. Coupled with his super speed, Blur is a deadly force of destruction and confusion on the battlefield.

The Creator

The Creator is a green-skinned humanoid who can generate and manipulate a dark green material known as Tryle. Tryle can possess almost any property in matter and can be shaped freely, allowing The Creator, who is also incredibly knowledgeable in mechanics, to create almost any device or object in thin air within seconds. The Creator can also use this to regenerate himself or others by creating replacement organs.

Lizard Wizard

Lizard Wizard is a lizard-like humanoid dressed in dark robes. Coming from one of the most powerful mana-sensitive species in the universe, Lizard Wizard can cast almost any magic spell easily by chanting it. These can range from simple fire and lightning spells to teleportation or even time travel spells.

Mount Eerie

A massive towering giant made of rock and dirt (similar to a mountain), Mount Eerie can summon the ghosts of the dead and control them. These ghosts possess generic ghost abilities such as invisibility, intangibility, flight and enhanced strength. Mount Eerie is also exceptionally strong and durable.

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth is a large dark grey beastly humanoid with powerful strength and agility. However, his strongest power is his mouth, which can create a poweful vacuum, sucking in and chomping down on anything or anyone unfortunate enough to get in its way.

Smashing Pumpkin

A pumpkin-headed plant-like alien, Smashing Pumpkin can create pumpkin drones with ease by shooting out seeds. These pumpkin drones will usually take shape as small four-legged beast-like monsters, but can evolve to become humanoid or even take over other living beings and controlling their bodies by placing a pumpkin on their head.

The Lightning Storm (Michael Relic)

A member of The Worst’s species, Michael Relic is a part of the Hex Heroes, a government program allowing the use of Hexatrixes as a “superhero”, effectively making them superpowered police officers fit for dangerous situations. A quippy loudmouth, Michael calls himself The Lightning Storm and generally fights crime as part of a duo with Jamie Elpine, the Food Dude.

As his name suggests, Michael’s Alien Hex consists of only electric aliens.

Alien Hex:

Food Dude (Jamie Elpine)

Jamie Elpine is human Hex Hero who usually works alongside The Lightning Storm as part of a superhero duo. A silent foil to Michael’s talkativity, Jamie rarely speaks unless in alien form.

Jamie’s Hex Hero name is Food Dude, due to his odd choice of nothing but food-related aliens in his Hex.

Alien Hex:

Onapros Frostana

The Glacon big boss of Bellwood/Undertown, Onapros, also known as Don Glacier, is the most powerful gang leader in the two cities. Don Glacier’s mafia is in control of many smaller gangs within the city, such as the Miedo Family, the Flourana Mafia and the Cripton Gang before it split.

That's it for the characters, and for one final treat, here are the episode names for all of season 2.

  1. Power
  2. Monster
  3. Runaway
  4. Lost In The World
  5. Watch The Throne
  6. Good Guys
  7. Mad City
  8. Institutionalized
  9. Mortal
  10. Blood

That's all for this fanon con, stay tuned for episode 5 coming out soon and the following season finale later this year.

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