To remind everyone, the theme for this season's Art Contest dealt with a gothic theme. Legit really excited to host this cause I love dark/spooky art and haven't drawn shit like this in a year now so let's go.

DISCLAIMER: In case you are not happy with the results, this was legit difficult for a majority of the entries cause all of them are so good like damn guys you should legit be proud.

Sixth Place

CreeperDNA's Entry
Okay, so in last place we have Creeper's! I think the wings are the best part of it; I can see you're improving with your art skills.

Fifth Place

Aaronbill3's Entry
In 5th place we have Aaron's entry. The overall design of Ghostfreak is pretty well done, particularly the head and left arm. I also think the menacing :go: (idc if this ain't Discord idk what else to call it) is a cool addition to it. My only problems with it was the background looking a little bit unnatural with the grey fog on top of it, but in general this was pretty good work, Aaron!

Fourth Place

Echoson's Entry
Ghostfreak Redesign Buy a T shirt
Next we have Echoson, and this is his first entry! I find the artwork to be pretty appealing, both with the colors and the general pose of Zs'Skayr. Overall it offers a personality to the art, especially with the tongue and hand expression. The glow around him is also a nice effect. Only issue with it is it's a bit more basic as opposed to the other three, which isn't a bad thing at all. Nice job!

Third Place

Beastazoid's Entry
File 001
In third we have...Beast! Sorry to break your winning streak, kek. No but seriously yours is freaking amazing either way. I assume you just formed the outline of Ghostfreak with the markets and didn't trace it on the paper prior, which is pretty great. I absolutely love the skull-like feature on his head, I can tell that took a lot of thought. The specks all over his body are also really nice and it looks great in general. Amazing work!

Second Place

KilljoyDetective's Entry
This was a bit of a hard decision between the top three in general. You're a relatively new guy, and so far all of your art has been pretty phenomenal, dude. I love how the art itself isn't exactly flat and straight forward and curves, which is unique among all of these entries. The colors you used really set the tone and are just amazing. By far the female Ectonurite catches my attention the most, especially with the glow of the moon shining on her body. I love the cross-hatching on the shading and her general expression/standing is really nice. This is pretty amazing work.

First Place

ChromastoneandTabby's Entry
And in first place we have CaT! First of all, the general idea of the artwork is amazing (i.e., having a camera-view of the surroundings), which you don't quite see much of it in terms of scary art. I absolutely love the Easter eggs you added (zoom in around the image to see them) and it really shows how much effort you put into this. The scenery is very well done, particularly the detail on the stony path, vegetation, and the sky in the background. Also, the detail with the camera functions on the art itself makes this that much more appealing. I can tell you're improving, if that's possible.


I was very impressed with the art this time around; usually there aren't this many people signing up, so that was exciting. All of you did good to some degree, and you should all feel proud. I wish congratulations to [x] and I hope you all have a good remainder of the Fanon Con! Main Blog is tomorrow, cya!

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