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Host's Opening Speech

Hey there, and welcome to the Fall Fanon Con, the last part of it, where I am going to be showing submissions made by their respective users. They show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc. Rob and Cokedragon have been disqualified for not getting their entries in, unfortunately.

ALSO, side note: for those of you who may be wondering why your signatures got removed; this was because your Fanon Con templates were screwed due to that. Sorry!

So without further adieu, here we go!

--your friends, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2016!


Slash's Entry
The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Hey ladies and gentlemen allow me to present my new series, NEED FOR SPEED 2. It’s a spin-off of the original NEED FOR SPEED movie that featured famous actor, Aaron Paul. This time the main character is based off of a blonde Ben Tennyson and his name is Tony Slash.

About Tony Slash

Tony Slash is one of them blue collar guys with experience with almost any car known to mankind. Tony is one of them dudes with a pissy attitude and he’s extremely arrogant too, which is mostly why he’s pissy. He’s also 18, which adds more to his rebellious attitude. He owns 6 cars: a black 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, a 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, a 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, a 2015 Camaro ZL1 Custom, a 2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS, and a silver 2014 Ford Shelby Mustang NFS Edition.

His RP Background:

Tony's from a rich mechanic raised family. Generation after generation, his family worked at Slash motors, a performance shop in Trenton, New Jersey. After his mom retired from the family business, Tony took over and hired his cousin Courtney and his friend Alex Blade. They soon worked together to build the fastest Mustang in the world and kept it as their own. Tony owns his own Camaro ZL1, which he considers a hypercar. He built the engine that's planted in it, which is a heavily modified Twin-Turbocharged V8. He has a brother and two sisters. The brother's name is Andrew Slash, he's only 17 years old. His two sisters' names are Taylor Shift, only 25, and Morgen Slash, only 16. Tony, being the second oldest, was the current inheritor of Slash Performance Motors after Taylor turned it down. Tony is known as Anthony, Rex, and Viper. They call him viper because of his insane driving skill. He slithers past at extreme speeds, mostly beyond 200 mph.

Here’s a sneak peak at NFS 2 before it gets posted to Google Plus and the BTFF EX:

(The movie opens up to an office in a performance shop in Trenton, New Jersey. The screen pans around to many trophies from racing and all that wicked shit. Then a black Sharp racing helmet is shown, it’s sitting on the desk. A man starts talking about racing heritage.)

Monarch: If Anthony Slash ever got himself a car, worthy of it’s game, he might be towing a line at DeLeon.

(a blonde teenage girl walks over to an African American with a tablet in her hands) Alex, check this out. (she watches him move his sliding bed out from underneath a 1969 Camaro SS)

Alex: Yeah, what is it Theresa?

Theresa: Monarch is talking about Tony.

(Alex gets up and stands next to Theresa) What’d he say?

Theresa: If Tony would race in DeLeon, he would need a car full of talent and speed. An exotic car would be phenomenal. Anyways, where is Tony?

Alex: Outside, talking to somebody.

(Tony walks in and wipes his face with left hand)

Theresa: Tony, who was that guy?

Tony: A family customer. He said he'd bring in his car later this week. (he walks to a painting part of the garage and puts on the proper equipment to paint.)

)Alex gets back on the tray and slides back underneath the car) Two clicks of compression, or one?

(Theresa climbs up on top of the right fender of the car) One, no. Three, no Two is perfect.

Alex: Make up your mind already lady. *he chuckles and works on the suspension* The race tonight is a perfect opportunity for Tony to show himself that he can race, even if that means he needs to steal a car.

Theresa: Agreed. Hey, we need to take the transmission out to adjust the gearing. I don't think the gear ratios are correctly set up for the fastest speed.

Alex: Let me finish the suspension work then we'll be good.

(Theresa hops off the fender, landing on the ground. She walks over to the Driver's side door, she opens it and gets in. She opens a panel inside the cabin, showing the engine's ECU) There you are. (she smiles and plugs her tablet into a part of the ECU. She unlocks the tablet and opens a app, which shows settings for the adjustment of the ECU. She changes the ECU's Launch Control to 5500 rpm) That'll be good. (she hops out of the cab of the car and Alex scoots his bed out from underneath the car.)

(Tony walks in, looking at Theresa and Alex. He gives them both the "What the hell?" look.) What are you two doing?

Alex: Hey, genius, we're working on this car.

(Tony slowly walks over to Alex.) Yeah, I know. Why aren't you still working?!?! (he raises his voice on the second sentence.) Get back to work. Theresa, come with me. (He walks towards his office with Theresa following.) Sit down.

(Theresa sits down) Tony, you're not like this. What's wrong?

(Tony closes the door behind him.) We have a financial issue. We're down 500,000 dollars behind on rent.

Theresa: But I thought that we were good on rent...What happened?

Tony: All the new equipment and the supplies took us down $500,000.

Theresa: What's the amount in the pot today? *she puts her hands on her lap*

Tony: $5,000. We should be able to make the monthly payment for the loans or we're gone in the next month unless we make it. Don't tell Alex about this. It's between you and I, ok?

(Theresa nods and moves her hair away from her face.) Alright. You gonna help out Tony?

Tony: I'll help, just have some paperwork to do before I help you two. And Drew's coming over later with my little sister, Morgen. (he straightens a stack of paperwork.) You can go back to work now.

(Theresa nods and exits Tony's office and heads into the shop to help Alex take the transmission out of the Camaro) Hey, need some help with that?

(Alex nods) Yeah I do, actually. Get me those wrenches.

(Theresa fetches the wrenches and hands them to Alex)

(The scene closes off and then it opens to one of the last drive-in's in Trenton. A Shelby GT500 rolls up, it's headlights and taillights on. Tony gets out of the driver's seat and Theresa gets out of the passenger seat. Drew sits on the hood of his 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396)

Drew: Hey bro, Morgen's at home. She was tired so I just left her at home. So you psyched for tonight? We gotta beat Iron Bill and his Corvette tonight.

Tony: Good good. Yeah I am psyched for tonight, Iron Bill is one tough cookie. Luckily she's tuned up for the race. *he points at the GT500*

Drew: You mean that shitty Mustang? It doesn't even have a chance against all these really good racers.

Tony: Hey, stop throwing insults bro. My baby is a GT500, and she's a good car. For a Mustang, she's quite fast and throaty.

Drew: Dude, you just called that Shelby a Mustang. You went back on what you said. *he imitates Tony's voice* "The Shelby GT500 isn't a Mustang. It's a Shelby." (he laughs and smiles. His smile goes away as a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Spyder pulls up) You gotta be shittin me. It's Gene Khan. Bro, look.

(Tony turns serious as he looks at the Khan* That butthole, he didn't even go back for her. *the man draws attention to his person. A girl gets out of the car, wearing a pink dress. Her blonde hair glimmers in the night* You gotta be shitting me. It's Lexi Thomas, a girl I knew from high school. Remember her, Theresa?

Theresa: Yeah, I do. She was a bitch, but every boy tried to go out with her even though she was one.

Tony: Yeah, even I was going for her until I met you. (he kisses Theresa's cheek and the girl blushes. Tony and Drew walk towards Lexi Thomas.)

(Lexi looks at them and brushes her hair out of her face) Tony Slash, it's been a while.

Tony: It has. How's Khan treating you?

Lexi: He's fine. Gave me a job at his dealership as his personal assistant. (she looks at the man who took her here) So, how's Alex?

Tony: He's fine, helping me run my parent's old automotive shop. (he puts his hands in his jacket pockets.)

Lexi: Good. So, is Andrew racing tonight?

Tony: Yeah, he is. (he looks at his huge watch) Oh, shit!! I gotta go. (the two boys run to their cars and start the engines. Theresa gets into the GT500 and closes the door. The GT500 is shifted into reverse and it backs out and heads onto the street)

(the next scene, it opens outside the city of Trenton. Theresa takes off into the sky with her Cessna plane. There are five cars sitting near some railroad tracks. The cars were a blue 60s Corvette Stingray sits in pole position, a 1967 Ford Mustang in silver, Tony's 1967 Shelby GT500, Andrew's Orange Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396, and a silver Toyota Corolla AE86 with Japanese marks on the doors. Tony enters the zone and puts his Shelby GT500 in first gear.)

(Tony sighs and revs his Shelby GT500 with a black body and red stripes) Let's get this over with. (he smirks and gets ready to floor it)

(a train horn blows and then passes by. All the cars take off with the Corvette leading, the 67 Mustang in second, Tony's Shelby Fastback in third, Andrew's Chevelle in fourth, and the Toyota in last. All the cars but the AE86 make it across the tracks before the train comes. It's hit in the passenger side door because it's driver is on the right side. The Corolla is completely destroyed.)

(We're down to four cars, each drift onto main street in Trenton. The Corvette is passed by Drew and his Chevelle. The Ford Mustang shifts and is right on the Corvette's tail end.)

(Suddenly, Theresa's voice crackles over the radios in each car) Alright boys, I have some traffic up ahead. Be careful.

(Tony drafts the Ford Mustang and he pulls the e-brake, drifting 32nd street. He swerves past several cars.)

(At Slash Performance Motors' Dodge Ram 3500 DRW, Gene Khan's Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Spyder pulls up and the man walks towards Alex) May I watch?

(Alex looks at him and nods. Back to the race, the Mustang is eliminated by Tony. Down to three racers, a Y intersection appears and Tony heads into the oncoming lane. Meanwhile, a sweeper rolls down the road and is sweeping (Duh..).)

(Tony joins back with Drew and Iron Bill and passes Drew and Bill.) Sorry little bro. (Drew slams on his brakes before colliding with the sweeper. Only two left in the race and one mile remaining.)

(Tony drifts onto 45th street, with the Finish line up ahead. Iron Bill floors it and shifts up, the V8 roaring.)

Gene: That was luck.

Alex: It's not luck, it's skill. (he monitors the race)

Gene: Hm...

(Both cars are neck and neck. Tony shifts again, inching by and he crosses the line. He barely wins this race. He slows down and turns his headlights off. Tony rubs his face and smiles.)

(Theresa yells in her plane and the becomes serious.) Guys, save me a beer. Guys?

(Back at the shop, Tony, Alex, Theresa, and Drew sit on chairs and drinking beer. Gene's Mercedes pulls up. He gets out of the car.)

Gene: Still running your parent's old shop? Nice work.

Tony: What are you here for, Gene?

Gene: I have a business proposal for you. And it's a big bucks project.

Tony: What's the project?

(Gene smiles and sticks his hands in his hoodie pockets) I want you to build the world's fastest Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, Need For Speed edition. I'll have the body here tomorrow.

(Drew gets up from his seat) You said Shelby, right Mr. Khan?

(Khan turns around and faces Drew.) Yes, Andrew. It was designed by Carol Shelby. It's one of his prized cars. I'm gonna sell it for 2.7 million dollars. So you'll get about a quarter of the profit.

(Tony looks at his friends and his brother.) So, what do you think?

(Theresa gets up and walks to Tony. She whispers in his ear.) Remember what we talked about earlier? We need that money and quickly. We can pay monthly for now, right?

(Tony nods and looks at Gene. Drew interrupts his train of thought.) Tony, before you say your answer. Think about this, the car was designed by Carol Shelby himself and is now worth a lot of money. You're always saying we need the money. If I were in your shoes, I would say yes no matter the person who offered it.

(Tony holds Theresa's hand. She nods, telling him to do it. Tony focuses on Gene.) Yeah, we're in.

Gene: Good, I'll have it in tomorrow. (the man turns and walks to his SLR. He opens the door and gets in. Then he drives off.)

Tony: 9:00 tomorrow!!! Don't be late or you'll be fired!!

(The scene closes to Theresa and Tony kissing as everyone else left the shop.)



CaT's Entry
Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my new submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it!

Tech 10: Star Spirit


Season 3

Tech 10: Star Spirit's third season is...not coming for a while. I have a lot of other projects I want to focus on first. Since this will be the last season, I want everything related to Earth-83 squared away before I start on this. That way, I'll have more cohesive stuff to work with.



As the series progresses, there will likely be one or two new aliens introduced before it ends, but the main priority will be focusing on the form potential already present (i.e. STAR Forms, Requiem Forms, Fusions, Ultimates). In addition, there will be a new form introduced. This new form was teased both in the Gazette and on chat a while back, and here's the official announcement: the new alien forms are called Elegy Forms.

Elegies are defined as mournful or plaintive poems, funeral songs, or poems of lamentation. In contrast, Requiems are defined as either a mass for the dead or the music played at said mass. The two are coordinate terms, but confusing them would be a mistake; similarly, Elegy and Requiem forms will be similar, but different.

Where a Requiem Forms is obtained by receiving a mortal injury while transformed, an Elegy Form must be worked for, and will be very difficult to achieve. Elegy Forms will be rare, with only one alien planned to receive one for sure. In addition, these forms will tie into Theo's studies of Celestial Magic, making his mastery of the subject an even more important goal.

Tech 10 Renovation Project

With Star Spirit on hiatus, this project will receive more attention. I hope to have it finished in full before Season 3 debuts, as some of the inter-dimensional antics will tie into the older continuity.

Tech 10 Character Shorts

A couple years ago, I created a Character Short for Tech 10: Rebooted focusing on Dethrouge, his goals, and his inner conflicts. Upon further reflection, I've decided that there are a lot of characters in the Tech 10 franchise that would benefit from shorts such as these explaining motivation and backstory. I'm going to try and get all the Rebooted-based shorts done by Star Spirit Season 3's debut, but shorts for the other three series don't necessarily need to be on the same priority level. Confirmed shorts include:

  • Character Short: Igneoux (Rebooted)
    • This short will focus on Igneoux's adventures after the end of Rebooted. It will be told in a first-person noir style to reflect the original Tech 10 format.
  • Character Short: Aquadilus
    • This short will focus on how Aquadilus came to Earth and became friends with Tech.
  • Character Short: Warlord Kroz
    • This short will explain Kroz's backstory, focusing on his training and his rise to power.



Some of you (oh who am I kidding, none of you) may know that I tried making a miniseries by the name of 13 a while ago. It didn't really pan out, but looking back at it, there's still a lot of potential there I never tapped into. As such, I will be renovating what's already there and finishing up the series, changing it to a four-episode miniseries.

I know that's not a lot of episodes, but it doesn't really need to be longer than that to tell the story I have in mind. The tone is fairly different from most of my other projects, so if you're not the biggest fan of those, you may just like this.

Ben 10: Milky Way Race



I mean, Ben 10: Milky Way Race will be an action/adventure series set after Omniverse with the titular race as both the kickoff and time limit to the plot. The race will be done on a long-distance checkpoint system, setting the stage for all sorts of things along the way. It will tie in to Tech 10: Rebooted a bit as well, explaining where the hell Ben was when all the universe-ending stuff on Earth was going down.


My next main series project once Tech 10 ends. Here's the basic synopsis:

The family of Dex Archer, a 12-year-old from a large town on the coast, has moved to a relatively small town in the forested mountains of Virginia after inheriting a house from his estranged grandfather. On the surface, this town seems perfectly normal, but it slowly becomes apparent that something ominous is lurking beneath the surface. With the help of the Reform, an artifact capable of strange things, and a friend with odd abilities of his own, Dex resolves to uncover the truth behind the town's dark past and set things right.

This series will be far more small scale and mystery-based than Tech 10, and while it will contain a couple of references to it, it will ultimately be its own story with no significant connections to any prior series.

Video Games

BTFF RPG X2: Evolution


The game's development is currently on hiatus. It's not cancelled, but I'm sort of sick of working on it for the moment.

Not Applicable RPG


I don't even know what I'm gonna do with this game. It'll be updated at some point after X/X2 comes out, but hell if I know when.


Tech 10: Double Crossed


This movie will be released somehow at some point. I'm not sure of the exact format, but it will cap off the Renovation project.



This is right under the Renovation project on my list of priorities, and will probably be done first, come to think of it. I have a couple scenes already written, but that's about it,, screw it, sneak peek:

Solaris slowly reached towards one of his Khopesh blades, using his other hand to gesture to Man O‘ Swords, who was quietly sneaking up to the monster from the aisle opposite him. Man O’ Swords nodded back to Solaris, and the two began creeping towards the hulking beast simultaneously. After reaching striking position, Solaris held up his free hand and began counting down from three.

As soon as his last finger went down, the two leaped from the shadows and stabbed the beast’s back, causing it to let out a roar of pain. It angrily shook them off and whipped around, huffing and preparing to charge at them.

“Crap, I thought that would’a done more to disable it!” Man O’ Swords exclaimed.

“So did I, frankly.” Solaris replied.

“What now?”

“Good question.”

“Move!” A voice shouted from behind them.

Solaris and Man ‘O Swords dove off to opposite sides of the aisle, barely dodging a large cannonball that flew past them and smashed directly into the creature’s head, knocking it out with a nasty ‘crack’. Solaris and Man ‘O Swords turned to find Cap approaching them, carrying what appeared to be a massive smoking cannon with a handle attached to it.

“Told you I had a cannon.” He smirked.

“Thanks fer the save, Cap, but, uh...” Man O’ Swords gestured towards the unconscious beast. “Whaddaya plan ta’ do with that?”

“What kind of question is that?” Cap replied. “We have one hell of a journey in front of us, you know.”

“That’s not much of a clarification.” Solaris remarked.

“Use your heads, lads.” Cap tapped his scalp. “We’re gonna be making us some Hell Lizard jerky!”


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:

Tech 10

Are you excited for Star Spirit Season 3?

The poll was created at 05:02 on September 29, 2016, and so far 11 people voted.
What are you looking forward to the Renovation of the most?

The poll was created at 05:02 on September 29, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.
Who is your favorite Tech?

The poll was created at 05:02 on September 29, 2016, and so far 7 people voted.
What character would you want a Character Short about?

The poll was created at 05:09 on September 29, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.


Which upcoming series are you looking forward to the most?

The poll was created at 05:09 on September 29, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.
What is your favorite free-use alien I've created?

The poll was created at 05:09 on September 29, 2016, and so far 7 people voted.
Please clap.

The poll was created at 05:11 on September 29, 2016, and so far 11 people voted.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. First things first, thanks to the attendees of the latest Support Group, I've upgraded my strategy for my series. I'll be uploading episodes a little less frequent, because I'm going to plan more of the series, to make sure the series are the best they can be.

Anyway, let's get to the submission. Unfortunately, I don't have much for you, you would've seen more if you attended my chat presentation.

Ben 10,000: Omni-War

I've decided to put it on an indefinite hiatus, because I want to focus on my other series. I may bring it back when I get ideas.

The Troublesome Two

I'm considering canceling it, but I'm not too sure yet. I need to focus on my other series. What do you think?

Ben 10: Nueverse

I will be revisiting the series soon. I'm going to try to make it different from what I wanted it to be before, i.e. a rehash of the original series with new aliens. I'm going to make some drastic changes. Stay tuned for more.

Thank you all for reading. See you next time! :D

Aaron's Entry

hey guys it's scarce here

Okay I'm not too good at intros and stuff like that (which is most of the reason why I don't have a youtube channel) so let's just jump right into the post. That's what you're here for.

Age of the Unitrix

Age of the Unitrix is taking a small hiatus. Don't worry, it's not cancelled. This is the reason I have two writing projects right now, it's so I can flip-flop between them as my tastes change. That's also the reason DoB10 has been getting more attention and came out of hiatus recently.

Death of Ben 10

My first series, Death of Ben 10, has started it's third and final Act. This might end up being the longest act yet, by accident, so buckle up! Also, I will be making a 'retrospective' page/blog after I'm done with the series. I feel like what I learnt while making DoB10 could be useful to those who are looking for advice to improve their own work. It'll also be an entertaining piece detailing everything I did wrong and why I screwed myself while writing, for those who couldn't care less about my advice.

Production has also noticeably slowed down. College is hard, man. Also the next chapter feels like 'filler' to me. It isn't, and it is needed to advance the plot forwards, but because it's mostly going to be dialogue-based I find it hard to bring myself to write it. It will get done. I literally cannot skip the next few chapters like I did with the middle of Act 2.

The next segment will contain massive spoilers for Death of Ben 10, so avoid it if you don't want spoilers.

Ben 10: Road Trip

In case you didn't read the last few lines, this section contains major DoB10 spoilers. Turn back now lest ye be spoilt.

Ben 10: Road Trip is my newest series, and sequel to Death of Ben 10! Therefore it will air sometime after DoB10 wraps up, so don't expect it anytime soon. Or even this year (idk How long this will take, that implies I have a schedule).

Having survived the Pyronite invasion and fought off Apollo, Ben Tennyson now plans for his galactic road trip! But Ben quickly realises that the universe won't give him his well-deserved break, when he has to deal with the consequences of his past! Did you really think we were the only ones who mattered? That we were the only ones whose fate lay in the hands of Ben Tennyson?

This series will be written in a semi-similar fashion to DoB10. Short form episodes (named chapters) that stitch together to form larger stories. This time each 'act' is instead each 'episode', with multiple episodes forming a single season. Not sure how many episodes to a season, I'm still in the planning stages of the series.

That being said, the first three episodes are all (roughly) planned out already. Each episode will typically take place in a unique location to the last, so I am happy to announce the first three planets Ben will be visiting!

First Ben will be wrapping up his time on Earth, planning out his trip only for him to discover that he has other problems to deal with first. Not the least of which being Azmuth messing with his omnitrix again!

Then Ben will have to visit Pyros. Why? To return Sella to her beautiful now-free planet! ...Except that's not how the world works, and Ben just killed their ruler. Pyros has descended into chaos, and it's up to Ben to establish order!

But not to worry. It's not as though Ben's every killed the warlord ruler of any other planets before, has he? ...Oh. Oh no.

Also: I'm making a poll to see what planets people want to see in this series!

What planets would you guys like to see in B10:RT?

The poll was created at 05:13 on September 30, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

Non Precipi and Cranvius are planets on this wiki, one I made myself and one made by Alan, in case you were wondering what they were. I couldn't figure out how to add links to the poll itself, so there you go.

Honestly, the more I plan for this series the more I realise how far I am from beginning writing...

Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal!

Okay so there are three/four aliens left to make from the thread, excluding those I said I'd make based on planets. Well those may or may not actually get made, for which I'll explain below...

Duck Tape

Not getting made. Sorry Waybig, but that was a really dumb idea that I really cannot bring myself to make. It's nothing personal, I just have a problem with aliens who so obviously only exist for their alien names. It doesn't really work from a species angle, which in turn breaks down everything there after. I also hate aliens made of human inventions or devices. No offence Rob, but yes that includes Striker. Haven't had the chance to read Mack 10 yet, and his powers are at least unique for his appearance, but I just dislike the idea of aliens evolved to resemble human appliances.

Fal Con Do

Apparently I never explicitly said I wasn't going to make this alien. Awesome name, better than Tae Kwon Falcon anyhow, but he is literally just Kickin Hawk. Just make him a X-trix version of Kickin Hawk, that'd be easier. Again, sorry Waybig, but I'm not designing this alien. This suggestion isn't even bad or offensive to me. In fact if Kickin' Hawk didn't exist, I'd have jumped to make this alien as fast as I could.


This one might be made, but as I've said to Ultra, I cannot draw animalistic aliens at all. I will probably try to get this one done in the future, if only because I like the premise of making the other Manzardill species that populate X'Nelli.


This one IS getting made, but not using the species name and home planet Alan gave me. No offence to you Alan, I like the species name you made (Hogverrucas is slightly dumb, but fitting). Basically I realised this alien would look similar to Faucet, and came up with a great idea that is based off of that. Also I forgot for quite a while what a Mongoose was, and assumed they were similar to actual Geese. I was actually relieved to find out they were different. Cannot draw birds.

The Alien for CaT's Planet

I know exactly what I want for this alien, problem is I need to come up with a unique design and a species name.

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