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  • Migster7

    2017 is going to be over real soon (thank god), and it has been a very...interesting year, to say the very least. I feel like we say this kind of thing for every year, but this one was just a mess.

    Anyway, let's take this New Years Eve to reflect on our Year of Ambition and see how well that went!

    • Aaron has been promoted to Content Moderator.
    • The page count for the entire wiki has been reduced significantly due to stub pages and etc.
    • The Ben 10 Fan Fiction Discord server was made earlier this year, and a big success at that.
    • Featured Episode has been implemented.
    • A few notable pages (i.e., the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Channel and Character Portal) were deleted.
    • Our Medals system created by CaT was implemented.
    • The Candidates for Archival category has bee…

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  • Migster7

    {{Template:Fanon Con Submission|Jack|

    Coming Next Summer... The Journey to Ben 10,000 Begins

    It's still very early in development, so there is not much news to be told. I'll go into a little detail about the series.

    In the series' first arc, Ben and co. are facing off against the New Galactic Order, a malignant force aimed at stripping the Galactic Union of its power and taking over reign of the Galaxy. The Galactic Union is basically the federal government of the galaxy. It's made up of the Galactic Senate and ambassadors from each planet.

    The New Galactic Order is led by Chancellor Jadan, with his Empress Looma and the heir to the throne, Cincurus. Jadan's ranking officers are Lord Astraeus, Lord Kobir who are both sort of his right hand man…

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  • Migster7

    Welcome back to Fanon Con everyday, today we have the art contest results! To remind everyone, the theme for this had to do with "Crystals," so let's see the results.

    Primal's Entry
    In second place we have Primal's entry. Now, this isn't necessarily bad or anything, in fact I think you did a good job. Compared to Brandon's, it's just kind of a little bland and predictable.

    Brandon's Entry
    In first place we have Brandon. I like the scenery of this one and how you chose to design an environment with multiple different crystal variations, so nice work there. I believe it's supposed to be Mor'Otesi from the AF game?

    Overall, both of you did a decent job. I just wish there were more people who joined in, but regardless, congratulations Brandon!


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  • Migster7

    18 and Stuff

    November 20, 2017 by Migster7

    Yes I know me and CaT are like twins kind of with our birthdays.

    Yeah so I officially turn 18 today. It's kinda...weird, I guess? Like being a legitimate adult and all. I dunno, it doesn't feel that much different, but obviously it'll become more and more obvious, especially considering I have to sign up for the U.S. draft and all.

    Anyway, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for making my life happy here! I really appreciate all of you and I'm really thankful for the friendships that lasted and the new ones that formed.

    All y'all are great!

    Anyway, I also released The Terminus of Gamma today. It's the FINAL piece of the Mig 10 Franchise I will release, trust me on that this time, lmao. It's a bittersweet ending, I know there will be some critici…

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  • Migster7

    Hello everyone, welcome to the November 2017 Alien Fest! We've had a few new users join recently, so below are the "rules" for how this works. For those of you who already know, you don't really need to read:

    • You can only vote one alien in the comment section.
    • You can only vote once.
    • You cannot vote aliens who did not appear in any show.

    As you can see, this time we're going back to the traditional voting style: commenting. Polls can easily be manipulated, and people who aren't even members of the wiki can vote, so it's easier and more fair to actually vote below.

    Anyway, here's who you CANNOT vote:

    • Cannonbolt
    • Way Big
    • Upgrade
    • Goop
    • XLR8
    • Rath
    • Chromastone
    • Ditto
    • Clockwork
    • ChamAlien
    • Fasttrack
    • Heatblast

    The "list" now includes Gax and Shock Rock, though it'd be preferab…

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