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Well, I'm sorry this didn't come out at like..3 or 5, or whatever. I was with my family, and my spring break is starting on Monday. Unfortunately, due to recent events, and my involvement in separate non-Wikia projects, I myself was NOT able to make an entry this time around. That bothers me quite a bit. I hope next time, I will be able to do so.

Without further ado, here are the submissions created by the people that DID make one.

--Lego Master, the host of Spring Fanon Con 2014!


Ulti's Entry
Hello, friends! I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse and Ben 23: Hero Generation.

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Many episodes are going to be rebooted, to clean it up. More characters will appear, more of the characters' past will be revealed...lots of new things. Now for a summary of some of the yet-to-be-rebooted episodes!

  • Alpha Returns: Instead of taking place on Earth, the chaos will take place in the Null Void. Also, expect to see Dr. Animo's Null Void base. ;)
  • To The Past: It will be longer and more fabric-of-time-destroying.
  • Clown Catastrophe: How Zombozo and his Circus Freaks kidnap Ben's relatives will be shown.
  • It's Not Easy Being Students: It will focus on JT and Cash going to the Plumbers' Academy.

Ben 23: Hero Generation

Season 3 will introduce the Forever Knights and their quest to wipe out all aliens. Unlike the canon timeline, Sir George has been in-charge of the Knights since he founded them, which means no separate factions were created. Both the Ascalon and the Excalibur will be playing major roles in this season.

Hope you liked it. If you have any ideas or reviews, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed (Reviews and Ideas) for POTO and BTHU, or their respective forum pages.

Brandon's Entry
This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and its Fanon Con again! Not much has happened since the last entry but I have plenty more things to do. Anyways, lets kick off into what's in stored for SPRING FANON CON 2014!

Brandon 10

Sadly, I have some bad news about Brandon 10. Brandon 10: Alien Force, which is currently in Season 4, will be ending on May 30th as I calculate. Math isn't my strongest subject. But there will be episodes weekly until then. While Brandon continues on his hunt for the New Omnitrix, Coco goes through emotional episodes and Sarah needs to make a final decision. As the season comes closer to an end, the drama and action intensifies.

Other Brandon 10

I know that I promised Brandon 10 Comics and the reason why a big huge collaboration was cancelled was because of lack of effort but they ARE in production. In fact, they should be online in a while as scanning process has been dealt with. Brandon 10 Books will probably come out when the first comic series is completed. A video game may come into development as well but thoughts on that subject aren't official.

Brandon 10's anniversary is also coming up in April so comments on a celebration are still not released but I will update about the manner on the official threads. In other words, I'll try for an awesome party but its probably on a weekday and I'm very busy on those days .-.

Other Stuff

For Other Stuff, I might make a Spring Aliens Service, maybe? Who knows. I will still be doing my Seasonal Alien Services but a new one may come. As for other series, I'm only working on OmniSins at the moment yet not really. But I suggest that you check out my and other great sin detectors' work. The 3D programming is still a while away especially with the fact that my computer is acting crazy and in the shop. Same with music and theme songs. But hope isn't lost. It will come some day. Hopefully in less than six years. And with Brandon 10 going, will I start a non-Brandon 10 series? I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not.


There aren't a lot of things to preview at the moment. But for all you fans that want a sneak peek at the series finale... sure, I guess. But watch at your own risk.

Brandon 10

Brandon runs off into a forest.

Lightning Strikes.

Conqueror: It all ends, Tennyson.

Brandon: We'll just see about that.

Coco's Car is destroyed.

Sarah falls down.

The Conqueror stands forwards.

Conqueror: Join me or fall with the rest of them.

Heavy, Alien Voice: It has been done.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!


No movies. No video games. Seems like a dull Fanon Con this time. There isn't really much to actually give away. Unless I throw some merchandise at you.

For this very special Fanon Con, I'll give away the deleted scenes and bloopers for Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us! Enjoy!

Deleted Scene 1

Coco: It's called stake out. We wait for them to come to us.

Sarah: Sounds like it will take a while.

Coco: Hey. You signed up for it.

Sarah sighs and crosses her arms.

Sarah: So... What do you want to talk about?

Coco: What?

Sarah: You know... To pass the time.

Coco: Um... I dunno.

Sarah: Well come on. We have to do something if we're going to be on "stake out"

Coco: Fine. Knock Knock.

Sarah: Seriously?

Coco: You said that we should do something while on-

Sarah: Okay. Okay. Who's there?

Coco: Atch.

Sarah: Atch who?

Coco: Oh I'm sorry (tries to stop laughing) But I- (laughs a little) I didn't know you had a cold.

Coco then laughs while Sarah looks at him annoyed.

Sarah: I don't get it...

Coco: Because Atchwho is... Tissue...

Sarah: Oh. Right...

Awkward Silence.

Deleted Scene 2

Abigail and Brandon ride off into the city. They then ride through the city.

Abigail, driving: You're not saying much. Are you usually quiet while driving?

Brandon, holding on to Abigail: I can't drive.

Abigail, driving: Oh. Not even a bike.

Brandon: Well yeah. Sort of. Just not a motorcycle.

Abigail, driving: You sound like you're going to be sick.

Brandon: Do I?

Abigail: A little.

Brandon: Always thought it would be easy.

Abigail: Driving one?

Brandon: No. Riding in the back of one.

They make a sharp turn. Brandon gives off a terrified expression.

Brandon: Let's try and make less turns.

Abigail laughs and they drive off towards Malador's Lab.

Deleted Scene 3

Douglas walks out of Steve's apartment with an alien weapon in hand. Steve and John then follow him with weapons.

John: So you guys are alien fighter guys, right?

Paul: Sort of. I guess. Don't think you'll get any information out of you.

John: No but I've seen this stuff before on the TV. Space Trip and Alien Hero.

Paul: Aren't those kid shows?

John: Maybe one...

They continue walking.

John, to Douglas: Where are we even going?

Douglas: Shut up. We're almost there. I think.

John, to Paul: You're not going to still wipe my memory, right?

Paul: Maybe if you behave.

John: We could form a team though. Alien Fighters!

Paul: Yeah well I'm a medic and scientist.

John: Well then we're a team of alien medics saving the Earth.

Douglas: Are you serious? Who would make something like that? They wouldn't even put that stuff on TV.

Douglas continues walking away.

John: Well...


Director: And Action!

(Ryan) Brandon: You think you know me. You think I'm the guy who always saves the day. You think you got me. But the truth is you forgot one thing about me. I'm unpredicable and I help paple. Wait hang on. No sorry. Hahaha. I said paple, right?

Tom Hiddleston: Yeah. You sort of did.

Ryan: Aw man. No. And that was such a good line. I felt a roll or something.

Tom: Yeah Yeah.

Ryan: Man... I felt a roll.


Sarah, sleeply: Coco.

Coco continues snoring.

Sarah: Coco.

Coco remains sleeping.

Sarah, hitting shoulder: Coco!

Coco continues to sleep.

(Galadriel) Sarah: I think he- I think he's really sleeping. (laughs)

Crew: (laughs)

<Scene transitions to later on>

Galadriel is sitting in the car set with her arms crossed; smiling. (Nathan) Coco finally wakes up.

Nathan, sleeply: What happened?

Galadriel then laughs.


(David) John: Why not?

(Peter) Lewis: It's not my name. Call me- (laughs)

David: (laughs)

Peter: Sorry. I don't know why but I find that line so funny.


Lewis: It's not my na- (laughs)

David: (laughs) Here we go again.


Lewis: It's n- (laughs)

David: Come on! (laughs) You never laughed when we were on set last time.

Peter: That's because I didn't have any lines.


(Emma) Abigail: You don't have to lie to me.

Brandon: Lie whaaaat?

Abigail: (laughs) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Does he really talk like that?

Ryan: (laughs)


Bill examines creature under microscope.

(Tommy) Bill: Interesting.

Brandon: What is it, Uncle Bill?

Bill: Well I had the thing but I dropped it.


Stan Lee does a little dance.


Coco dumps the milkshake on Brandon's head.

Brandon: Ah! That's cold.

Galadriel: Aw you messed up your lines.

Ryan: Yeah but its freezing out here.

Nathan: They should add this in the show more often, then.

The three laugh.


Tom: This film is very interesting to be in. I thought I saw something like this before... Just a glimpse. But its a little like-like um Thor. Especially with the new one coming out and what not.


Ryan: It's totally like the other one Cartoon Network wanted me to do but I'm just glad they remembered me for um this one. It's was nice working some of these well-known actors which I have like no idea how the filming company got us all together. It just seems so unreal, y'know. But yeah. (shows Omnitrix prop) It's Hero Time!

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Well that's about it for Fanon Con. Hope you liked it and come back next ye- er season. See ya later and Happy Spring 2014! :D

Roads's Entry
Ben 10: Revamped has just wrapped up its first season, and a lot has happened leading up to it. Azmuth has been found, and the team is now working with the Plumbers. Dr. Animo has debuted, and only one character's sacrifice could stop him. But the worst was still yet to come. Vilgax returns with his Plan B: Albedo! It's Ben vs. Ben in a battle for the destiny of the Omnitrix. Well, not really a battle, more of Vilgax and Albedo fighting while Ben free-fell. But now everyone watching Will Harangue's news channel has just witnessed Ben change from alien to human after crashing into the ground as Humungousaur. Meanwhile, Vilgax's ship exploded, with its wreckage crashing into a nearby lake, and the loss of Gwen and Kevin's powers because of Albedo's bracelet-like devices is never fully resolved. Cliffhanger much?

Season 2 is gonna be good.
Tammar's Entry
Hey, everyone, this is Tamma-errr, Nightwing coming back to you with another Fanon Con. So buckle up, because I've got tons of stuff to show you.


So by the time Fanon Con is out, I suppose BTMA has finished and CBD has started. What I'm gonna say here is that Crisis: Broken Days is written to focus on character development and how the characters are reacting to everything that's happening. Episode 11 of CBD is a special one, and the ending is pretty awesome. Expect a finale that will blow your mind.

I'm also gonna announce what's gonna happen after CBD. CBD will have 15-23 episodes, I'm not sure how much yet. After CBD, there's going to be another miniseries like BTMA, and the name will be revealed later. After the miniseries, there will be a movie to end the franchise.

Ben 10: Reality

I haven't revealed much about this one except for it's name. Well, first, it's a miniseries. Second, the story focuses on Ben, waking up from a coma and realizing that the past six years of his life was just him dreaming. However, Ben does not believe this... or does he not want to believe this? Be sure to check it out if it comes out!

Total Drama Characters

22 Ben 10 characters are in a competition on an island, and their powers are taken away by them. Yeah, pretty self-explanatory. This is more of a fun, comedic series than my usual work.

The Hero

This series will happen and it will probably be my next big thing after Crisis. I also plan to extend the universe with this one.

Bellwood Central

Nothing much to announce about this. This is more of a tie-in series, it will have it's own stories but I'll have episodes that tie-in into my other series or canon Ben 10.

Ben 10: Across the Unknown World

This is a crossover miniseries, it's gonna show Ben and co travelling in many canon universes trying to get back to their own.

The Sinister Squad

Another "big" project of mine that will run soon. This is a movie. It's about a group of Ben 10 villains who are formed by the Plumbers. They do missions, and in exchange, their prison sentences get lowered. Members will be revealed soon.

Welp, that's it for this Fanon Con. I'll see you at the next Fanon Con and this is Nightwing signing out.

Paper's Entry
The year is 4277. The Precursor Disaster that started in 4241 finally ended three years prior to the date I am writing this. Project Exodus has continued to study the deadly affects that the radiation caused on our people across all 100 colonies throughout the galaxy. The rebellions, however, continue, and I fear that Dromas is close to overthrowing Caldacon. The people joining his rebellion do not understand his cause though: what he wants is more than freedom from the random chance of being selected for Exodus. He wants, in fact, more people selected for Exodus in hopes of making significant progress, but this will never work. The radiation is too strong and will only result in more devastating effects...

To whoever is reading this, Dromas is upon us. You must look for me. The current subjects of Project Exodus are our only hope. Show this to them, and hope that Dromas does not find you first.

This the dramatic prologue to a new franchise/mini-series I have created, title Colony 77: Unleashed, and today, in a Fanon Con exclusive reveal, I am going to be sharing several key details about the series, and when you can get your eyes on it.

What is your home planet? You better answer Earth, but by the year 2400, even if you don't live on the Earth, you may be part of its galactic empire, otherwise known as the Terrestrial Galactic Empire. Earth has conquered planets near and far, using its distance from all of its opponents as an advantage. By 3100, the 100 Colonies Pact had been formed, dividing the current conquests into 100 separate, individually governed colonies. The empire continues to conquer new lands, however.

There are seven key colonies where most of the action takes place: 1, 2, 21, 64, 77, 89, and 100. I will be releasing information on each colony once or twice a week in the coming weeks in anticipation of the series premiere scheduled for late May or early June 2014. I will also be mixing in information on key characters, as many of the colony descriptions include characters in them.

A final note on Colony 77: Unleashed before I move onto my other two projects with announcements: it will be released in a format far different from anything that has even been seen on this wiki, but more of that to come later.

Now onto my second announcement: Earth-251. Because I think I'm the only one who still knows what this is.


Anyway, I would like to blame Sci, Jack, and Toon for delays inform all of you except for Sci, Jack, and Toon that while I have not touched the Earth-251 documents themselves in the past several months, I have, however, been thinking of new ideas for the franchise, and I am planning to restart The Hunter 2 with a new plot, new characters, and most importantly, a--

We interrupt this transmission to bring you breaking news. Paperluigi ttyd has just been murdered by Sci100 for firing metaphorical gun shots at him during his press conference at Fanon Con. We are sorry but we are unable to bring you the rest of his press conference, which will be locked away forever in our archives.

Where was I?

Oh right, the next part of my announcement, and by far the most important:


New episodes have been being released at a pretty good pace as of late, haven't they?

In all seriousness, I'm:

  1. Too lazy to release the episodes
  2. Unsure of whether I want to release the episodes now, or wait so that I'm not unable to release episodes later when I actually feel like it

I plan on fishing writing episodes 14-18 by the end of April, and finishing through 26 by the end of June, so that I can spend the first half of the summer planning the second season, and the second half of the summer writing at least the first half of it.

Like with Colony 77: Unleashed, I will be releasing updates and spoilers, albeit not as frequently.

As a side note to all my announcements, I will also be revamping my personal navigation template, to be more about the series themselves and less about the information in the series. The separate series templates serve that purpose.

Thank you all for reading this. All -6 of you :)


Jack's Entry
OmniBlade is still happening! Episode 1: A Tainted Legacy is coming out in 2015!

I'm here to announce a all new, superhero crossover super awesome featuring the best of the best characters. I present, the Jack Movie. The release date is June 9th because it will celebrate my birthday! Here is the official synopsis: In the real world, a young boy is mysteriously transported throughout the Multiverse and is forced to find relics to save his home from an ancient threat and a impending doom inevitably coming to him.

Other projects I'm currently working on is Ben 10: OmniHero, Jack 10: Power, The League of Heroes and another upcoming series. Jack 10 is going to very different than the canon series. I'm not ripping any thing off. And for Ben 10: OmniHero, NO MORE BATMAN SCENES STOLEN FROM THE MOVIE. lol. I've also been having problems with writing Energy Revolt 2: Killer Within but I will get it done. I promise that. The Knight of All Evil franchise is being reborn and currently, I working out characters and plotlines that will make it a good trilogy.

My biggest work ever! So many users have joined and production has officially begun! I have no trailer yet, but I'll reveal some episode titles that are coming up!

  1. The Last Son
  2. A Knight is Born
  3. A Search For Hope
  4. Parternership
  5. King of Piscciss
  6. Speedy Quick
  7. World's Finest
  8. Formation
  9. Mission One
  10. Antihero Work
  11. Away At Work
  12. A Deadly Team Up

Keep in mind the titles aren't final. Stay tuned and sign up!

I am going to continue my reviews of the canon episodes because I like to hear your opinions in the comments. Thank you all for reading them. I hope you enjoy them.

That's all from me. Stay classy BTFF!

Ahmad and Charbel's Entry
So, today, we are posting this not entirely original scene, of the upcoming episode, Invasion of Galvan, Part One, the Season 1 Finale, despite the massive time from now till then.

Invasion of Galvan, Part 1

Marcus: Yup! I am the real inventor of the Novatrix, all Metarid did was simple rewiring. But he sure wasn't able to do it with me!

Xilvia chuckles lightly.

Xilvia: So, how fast can you fix stuff?

Marcus: Before you even blink! All I need is metal scraps and I'll make masterpieces!

Xilvia: Hmm.... How about that pile over there?

Marcus: That pile? Sure! What do you want me to make?

Xilvia: Hmm... Surprise me?

Marcus: Close your eyes!

Xilvia closes her eyes and Marcus smiles, then runs towards the metal scrap pile and starts working at rapid speed. In a moment, he dashes towards Xilvia.

Marcus: Okay, open your eyes!

Xilvia opens her eyes and sees a giant neon sign heart, with an arrow coming into it. "Marcus" written on the tip of the arrow, and "Xilvia" is written on the end of the arrow.

Xilvia: Woah... (she blushes)

She turns to face him and smiles, and he smiles as well. They both lean in next to each other, and their lips draw in closer...... Suddenly, a missile hits nearby, creating a powerful explosion wave that sends them both flying and destroys the neon sign. They land atop another pile, and the smoke fades.

Xilvia: What happened?!

Marcus and Xilvia turn to look at the missile crash site, and find a large pole attached to a boulder. Hanging from the pole is the Osmosian Flag.

Marcus: Oh no. Osmosians.

Xilvia: What?!

Marcus: The Osmosians are planning to invade the planet! We must warn the others!

He turns to the metal pile and quickly works in super speed, fixing a rocket vehicle. When the smoke fades, Marcus has a motorcycle rider suit.

Marcus: Jump in!

He jumps in the rocket vehicle, and Xilvia jumps behind him. The rocket vehicle takes off in super speed.

So yeah, that's about it.

Ahmad's Entry
Hello, for one of my four entries this year, I am planning to show you a preview of one of my upcoming epic movies.

Raid Re-Unleashed

I've been preparing for this in a long while. The epic sequel of the Raid Unleashed movie, I continue the high tech stories with Nex, Sam, Emily and Soundwave, except this time, things aren't going as they did last time.


We open up on an unknown planet. A figure sneaks in, and crawls towards the door of a large warehouse.

Figure, whispering: This nuke oughta open the door.

We can now see him closely. He has a face resembling Nex's, but he is wearing a different rugged suit with black and grey colors. Nex quickly then runs backwards, and we can see a nuke planted on the wall explode. Nex then runs in through the hole. He takes out a spray and sprays the area, this reveals multiple lasers as a security system.

Nex, whispering: Okay, Okay, Stratotracter Nano-microchip.

Nex runs in between a gap of laser beams. He takes a flashlight and uses it to examine the warehouse. We can see multiple metal crates. Nex takes out a nuke and plants it atop a crate. He then runs back, and it explodes.

Nex, whispering: If only the nukes are more silent!

Nex fetches the crate, and sees a huge hole on the top of it. He puts his hand inside, and takes out a small chip.

Nex: Bingo!

He turns to his guanlet, and presses a button. It opens, and a spot for the chip is revealed. Nex puts the chip into the guanlet. He then closes it.

Nex: Now, I'm ready!

He willingly steps into the laser beam. An alarm sounds, with red light covering the screen. The walls around Nex explode, and multiple guards wearing black Plumber-like suits burst in, wielding blasters.

Guard: Put your hands up!

Nex: Ergh... No.

He points his arm at one guard, and fires a powerful nuclear beam at him, tearing through him. The guards all gasp and open fire at Nex. Nex taps his foot, and his jetpack activates, bursting him higher into the air.

Nex: Here's a nuclear fusion grenade!

Nex throws a nuclear fusion grenade at the guards, then flies off. An explosion takes place at the warehouse, destroying a lot of stuff within radius and laucnhing a nuclear wave towards the city. Several aircraft jets with a Plumbers' Insigna on it fly towards him, blasting missiles.

Nex: Incoming!

He fires a nuclear beam at the missile, obliterating it, then fires at another, destroying it. He shoots more nuclear beams at the aircraft, destroying them. Their remains start smoking and plummt towards the ground.

Nex: Now that's another day done!

Fade to black.

AB's Entry
At first, I wasn't sure if I was gonna do Fanon Con or not, but I didn't want to miss out on one, so here's my submission.

In order to balance all my series, I was planning to do a rotation thing, where the publishing of each of my episodes would go in a certain order. I started the rotation, and put Nayvin 10, Evan Billion, Pizza Party, Ben 10: The Final Fight, Ben 10: Powerful, and Total Drama Billion all in it. However, I ended up just deciding to post my better series more often than my other series. So you'll be seeing more of Evan Billion, Nayvin 10, Pizza Party, and Total Drama Billion, and less of Ben 10: Powerful, Ben 10: The Final Fight, Star of a New Hero, and Dustin 11.

Just to make sure I didn't waste your time, here is a sneak peek of the next Nayvin 10 episode, Holes in One.


Nayvin, Epis, and Timi were discussing the 7 aliens. Nayvin was drawing on a whiteboard. He drew Gobroco, Oclipoc, and Math Master.

"I've defeated Gobroco, Oclipoc, and Math Master. Math Master told me the names of the other 4: Hol, Kri'ou, the Drinker, and Tidsaurus. For the Drinker, I'm just going to draw a mouth," Nayvin said, drawing a mouth on the whiteboard. "Tidsaurus is most likely a dinosaur."

Nayvin drew a T-Rex head.

"Kri'ou...where have I heard that name before? I can't remember. Stupid amnesia," Timi said.

"I'll draw a K for him," said Nayvin, drawing a K. "And for Hol, I'm just going to draw a, well, hole."

Nayvin drew an oval with some lines going into it. He drew big X's over Gobroco, Oclipoc, and Math Master.

"3 down, 4 to go," Nayvin said.

Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs.

"Quick, hide!" Nayvin whispered to Epis and Timi.

They jumped into a cabinet and closed the door. A few seconds later, Morissa walked into the room.

"Nayvin, who were you just talking to?" Morissa asked.

"My, uh, imaginary friends, Epis and Timi," Nayvin fibbed.

"...Okay. I'm gonna go cook, since mom and dad are out eating for their anniversary."

"It's their anniversary? I forgot! Well, you go cook."

Morissa walked back upstairs. Epis and Timi jumped out of the cabinet.

"Phew. I could hardly breathe in there," Epis said.

The phone started ringing.

"NAYVIN, GET THE PHONE!" Morissa yelled.

Nayvin walked over and picked up the phone. Mrs. Simonson was on the other end.

"Umm, Nayvin? This...white snake guy is, kind of, attacking the restaurant and asking for the parents of Nayvin Simonson. Do you know him?" Mrs. Simonson asked.

"White snake guy? No," Nayvin responded.

"Okay then," Mrs. Simonson said. "Me and your dad will probably come home now. We'll be there soon."

She hung up.

"The restaurant my parents are at are getting attacked. By an alien, probably," Nayvin informed Epis and Timi.

"We've gotta get over there and stop him! Who knows what he might do to them?" Timi said.

"One problem. We've gotta get past Nayvin's sister," Epis said.

Nayvin transformed. He became blue and bulkier. Two large holes formed in his shoulders, and large rocks floated out of them.

"Boulder Slide!" Nayvin said quietly, trying not to get Morissa's attention.

Nayvin controlled the ground to swallow him, Epis, and Timi. He controlled the ground to move them towards the restaurant.


Mrs. Simonson was still talking on the phone with Nayvin.

"Umm, Nayvin? This...white snake guy is, kind of, attacking the restaurant and asking for the parents of Nayvin Simonson. Do you know him?" Mrs. Simonson asked.

"White snake guy? No," Nayvin responded.

"Okay then," Mrs. Simonson said. "Me and your dad will probably come home now. We'll be there soon."

She hung up. The white snake came crawling towards her.

"Were you jussssst talking to sssssomeone named Nayvin?" the alien asked.

"Why would you think that?" said Mrs. Simonson, sweating.

"Don't try to trick me," said the alien.

He grabbed Mrs. Simonson and crawled up the wall to the ceiling.

"Jordan!" Mrs. Simonson called.

"Minnie!" Mr. Simonson called back.

The alien clawed a hole in the ceiling, and jumped through it. Jordan went to the man at the counter.

"Excuse me. What is on the floor above this one?" Jordan asked.

"Just some storage. Why?" the man answered.

"Just wondering."

Jordan ran into the hallway where the bathrooms were, and ran into a door that said, "EMPLOYEES ONLY".

"Hey, get out of here! Employees only," an employee said.

"Snake abducted my wife!" Jordan responded, running up the stairs to the storage floor. "Let go of my wife!" he demanded.

The alien crawled to Jordan and whacked him with his tail, making him fall into a box next to Minnie.

"Let me introduccccce myssssself. I am Hol, the asssssssasssssin," the alien said.

"Are you going to kill us?" Minnie asked.

"Not unlesssssss you tell me where your ssssson, Nayvin isssss," Hol answered.

"Why do you want to know?" Jordan asked.

"He hasssss something I ssssseek," said Hol.

Hol held one of his fingers up to Jordan.

"Now, I repeat, tell me where Nayvin isssss!"

Now have a good rest of your Fanon Con.

Powerful Lords's Entry
Welcome to the Mighty Submission of the Powerful Lords, Dark Essence (Ahmad), Speedair (Reo) Night Demon (Charbel), Dark Falcon (Flame) and Black Scythe (Bry)! And below is the long awaited poster!


Powerful Lord Movie: Chaos Rising

The Powerful Lord Movie, entitled, Chaos Rising, is currently in production, with five scenes written in advance!

Below is a special sneak peek of the movie, for your eyes!

Sneak Peek

The people in the New York square were living as normal as anyone would. The screens are showing regular advertisements. When suddenly, an earthquake occurs, knocking everyone off their feet. A building ignites, burning with black fire.

Person: What the-?!

Another building explodes, as Chaos Stone creatures come out. The main advertisement screens now show a terrifying wall, with a message written with blood. It says "THE POWERFUL LORDS ARE HERE".

Person: They truely are coming!

The advertisement screen now shows the Dark Essence grinning.

Dark Essence: Hello, earthlings! I am the Dark Essence! This message is now on every technological device there is, and I am to notify you. Of course you all had nightmares of destruction yesterday, thanks to Night Demon here, and now, it will indeed occur! While the Powerful Lords would eventually conquer dimensions, we are just out for blood now!

Another explosion occurs, and Black Scythe comes out of a building riding a Polarfang. He points the Eternal Suffering upwards.

Black Scythe: Attack!

Shadow Beasts, Chaos Stone Creatures, Air Spirits, Dream Eaters and Molten Soldiers erupt from the ground, marching forward. People try to get up and run away. They're screaming. The ground is still shaking. The Air spirits surround multiple people. Than they take over them.

People (taken over by Air spirits): There is no escape, no escape. You will all suffer!

Dark Falcon flies into the air, releasing a powerful stream of black fire towards a building, absolutely melting it.

Dark Falcon: Hahahahaha! STUPID!

He flies off, and a blackhole opens, sucking in objects. Screams and noises fill the enviroment, as the blackhole transforms into a portal. Stepping out is a horde of more minions, lead by Shades.

Shades: The master comes!

Speedair glides out, and levitates three cars out of the way. Then, Dark Essence steps forward, releasing a wave of darkness that harms multiple humans. By now, only corpses are around.

Dark Essence: The city is now in chaos, and soon, so will be the entire world. As I have said before, Chaos is Rising.

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