As you may have noticed, Camp Plumbers has launched its second season. In this season, it carries on from the Confrontation, but Ben is not a God in it. Also, this season will involve multiple missions for Alex, starting by finishign the Mission for the Charms. Charmcaster's chronologic ability is damaged from her being in Ledgerdomain, so 10 minutes for her is like 10 days.

Prophecy Meaning


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The following section contains some spoilers about an upcoming episode. Read at your own risk. -ISM

Divine and magic worlds collide

Soon to be heroes make three sides

Final battle causing pain,

ending the divine reign.

  • The worlds of demigods and magicians collide, by Alex trespassing into Bivalvan's domain, the water.
  • Alex and Ben are soon to be heroes by fulfilling the prophecy, and they make three sides -

Alex & Ben,

Divine Gods

Magic Gods

  • Alex learns a spell older than the gods, that causes pain, in the war, causing
  • Ra'ad to destroy the throne of the universe, making all the gods equal in power. Basically a draw.

New Characters/Stories

  • Spellbinder - The dad of Charmcaster, a Celestial Magician, married to the Goddess Zennith of Wisdom, making Charmcaster a Demigod + Magician, and being a powerful character with godly roots on both sides. Raised from the dead by Shadow.
  • Adwaita - The killer of Spellbinder, also a Demigod + Magician, son of Galapagus, inherited Galapagus' torso.
  • Cooper Daniels - The son of Verdona, explains why Gwen was attracted to him when Gwendoline was mortal.
  • Shadow - As he is a magician, and a descendant of Zs'Skayr, that means that Shadow is one of the most powerful magicians.
  • Alex - Since Ben was a God of Divinity, he has godly roots. Meaning he is one of the most powerful magicians.

List of Gods

Divine Name Magic Name Power(s)
Ra'ad Fulmus The power to manipulate storms, weather and limited control over air.
Bivalvan Hydrus Indestructable armour, power of water and earthquakes.
Galapagus Aeros In divine form, has power over wind and little magic. In magic form has power of air magic and little wind.
Vilgax Vilgax The power of fire (limited), and the amazing ability to pick a fight even when there is nobody in the particular country.
Zs'Skayr Mortuus The power over death and wealth. Death more in Mortuus, as his name is Latin for dead.
Verdonna Verdona The power over love (amokinesis).

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BTFF users, the story of Agreggor capturing the Andromeda Aliens is a replay of the battles the gods have fought over the centuries.

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