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  • I live in England
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Amateur Athlete
  • I am Male
  • InsideSpace'sMind

    As you may have noticed, Camp Plumbers has launched its second season. In this season, it carries on from the Confrontation, but Ben is not a God in it. Also, this season will involve multiple missions for Alex, starting by finishign the Mission for the Charms. Charmcaster's chronologic ability is damaged from her being in Ledgerdomain, so 10 minutes for her is like 10 days.

    Divine and magic worlds collide

    Soon to be heroes make three sides

    Final battle causing pain,

    ending the divine reign.

    • The worlds of demigods and magicians collide, by Alex trespassing into Bivalvan's domain, the water.
    • Alex and Ben are soon to be heroes by fulfilling the prophecy, and they make three sides -

    Alex & Ben,

    Divine Gods

    Magic Gods

    • Alex learns a spell older than the …

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  • InsideSpace'sMind

    BTFF GIF Service

    August 30, 2013 by InsideSpace'sMind

    You've been wondering if there was a service for GIFs. Well, there is now! Leave your order in the comments!

    • (Name Of Animation)
    • (Characters)
    • (Description Of Animation)

    • Credits to Microsoft Powerpoint for this service.
    • Also, when/if you use the animation, be sure to give credits to me. I will be watching.
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  • InsideSpace'sMind

    New 2D Game

    August 20, 2013 by InsideSpace'sMind

    My first game!

    Anyway, I just started. So, I don't have that much sprites, scripts or backgrounds. But I can show you what I've got! :D

    Please appreciate my work since it is hard to create scripts!

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  • InsideSpace'sMind

    Chaturnish is a language founded by ISM. The name was given by Nate.

    English Letter Chaturnish Sound Chaturnish Letter(s)
    a oah wah
    b ahb ahb
    c kuh k
    d dah duh
    e egh egg
    f fuh f
    g guh geh
    h hau huh
    i hih hi (short i)
    j juh j
    k (no sound) (no letter)
    l luh l
    m mai ma
    n enn enn
    o oh owh
    p ph puh
    q kyuh kyuh
    r errr er
    s ess es
    t tuh tuh
    u (no sound) (no letters)
    v vuw vue
    w diblvuw diblvuw
    x ex ex







    Hi - Huhhi

    Ben Ten - Ahbeggenn Tuheggenn

    Epik - Since there is no letter for k use c. Eggpuhhik

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  • InsideSpace'sMind


    August 4, 2013 by InsideSpace'sMind

    I'm gonna take a five day break from wikia. Bye guys.

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