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    Hi all, I've been an active user latey but haven't written much, so I restarted an old project (actually my current project, it's just been on hiatus):

    So I'm working on Ix This again (finally). Here's a trailer:

    A voice speaks as the Charles 10 Logo appears in a time portal.

    Voice: This Fall...

    The scene changes to the Great Hall, and the Headmaster speaking, before he screen pans to the back wall, shadows dancing across it.

    Voice: An adventure...

    A shadow opens reddish-purple eyes, and the screen zooms in on them,

    Voice: Is about to begin.

    The eye fades into a scene of lasers shooting into the sky, creating voids, then we see a scene of people wading through shadows in a warped Firebird Academy, surrounded by a water bubble, shining flashlights …

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    So, you were probably wondering for some time, "Hey, what happened to your series?"

    BTEU: Might reboot that, eventually.

    PFSA: Stay tuned for the pilot!

    Matti 7: I had this idea since I was 8 years old. But it never got embellished. Might come back to it in 2016, i dunno.

    C10: OH YEAH! Pilot came out yesterday, Ix This comes out today, Alone Together comes out tomorrow, then fall back into a normal schedule until that crossover with BTUH.

    Ix This may or may not be a full-length episode, but Alone Together is going to be pretty short. It's the Valentine's Day special.

    Ix This and Part 2 for next Saturday, Ix in the House, had the working title of "Sorting-Out Ceremonies and Impossible Questions," and they involve a cameo appearance of Jackie Amal…

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    October 3, 2015 by Greenwatchandabluebox

    Hi all on this wiki (and possibly some of their siblings), I am writing this to inform you that ... never mind, too uninteresting. So, there's a whole lot of stuff that's gonna happen to my stuff ... umm, no way. Too ambiguous.

    OK, so what I was trying to say was that there are some updates to Earths -4443 and -4444. First of all, some new Bens in BTEU.

    As you can see, none of them are all that happy right now. I wonder why?

    "But what's Earth-4444?" That is the universe of Charles 10.

    The Preview Is Here:

    We see Blukik and Driba, though considerably more "little green man"-ish, running around on a desert planet surrounded by Muroids, and Blukik points a weapon.

    (Driba) You sure this will work?

    (Blukik) Certainly.

    (Driba) Probably.

    (Blukik) Maybe.


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