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  • I live in In My Tardis
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Traveling the galaxy
  • I am Shapeshifter
  • FlameStrike96

    Update: F&B

    April 22, 2014 by FlameStrike96

    Hallo! I bring news. Gonna try to say it fast.

    As i have a lot of series and i can't deal with them, and services too, I'm Uniting with Bakugaso/Party King, who has the same problem. From now on we'll be known as F&B, untill We merge with S&R Corp. It means that our service will have a lot of some to ask for and we will also help and write each others series. If You se our logo anywhere, you know it's us!

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  • FlameStrike96

    An Other Blog

    January 15, 2014 by FlameStrike96

    Hi Guys! Flame brings news. Good and Bad. So which first? The Bad ones

    Hello! I bring bad news. Probably you remember my blog about my 1 year anniversary. there i posted a poll. it was about should i do Ben 10: Doubleverse. Well the poll eded like this: 2 Yes; 6 No. I guess i'm not doing BTDV. so all what i have been working on and other BTDV releated stuff is canceled.

    Also BenAlien 10 might get canceled, if i do not get help. if you wanna help please visit this blog: BenAlien 10, Help Wanted. if there are no responses, i will be forced to shut down BAT. :(

    I will be starting a new series! It's about Ben. The name is.......... Ben 10: ...... The New Series. Srsly, i couldn't come up withanything better. anyways it will have Dimension and tim…

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  • FlameStrike96

    Hello! I Need Help! The thing is,  i'm not that active and i have kinda ran out of ideas for BAT, so i'm looking for someone who could help me.

    1. If You can write the next part of BenTrouble, if some one already has writen 1 part you can chose to write the next one, the part after his part. If you guys finnish the episode i will put it in the page and put all of your names in the Infobox.
    2. Who would like to write an episode for BAT Him self? After BenTrouble there is Ben Knight Attack, which had a preview, that i will view back, in the Fall Fanon Con
    3. Who would like to become an Official Co-writer? place is open! Just tell me on what series have you been working on before? (IF you been a Co-writer of something, or you made your own series)

    That's …

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  • FlameStrike96

    1 Year Anniversary!

    January 1, 2014 by FlameStrike96

    Hey guys! 1st of all, happy new year! 2nd. It's my Anniversary! Yap tomorow (02.01.2014) is my Anniversary! that means i am here for a whole year! OMG, a year! what have i done in the year? Let's see...

    • I have started and finnsihed (with one season) my 1st series Deo 12! Also i found out Deo means God in Latin, yay!
    • I started BenAlien 10, wich  is now going on a Haitus.
    • I started and canceled David 13, a series i created for my B-day.
    • I brought User: Heatblast7 to that wiki, but he went inactive cuz of a slow internet and the very less time he could get to his computer.
    • I created my altarnate character Ky Strike, who right now is the Host of Alien of the Week
    • I adopted Alien of the Week from Ahmad, together with Reo
    • i made Flame's New Alien Drawi…
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  • FlameStrike96


    Heyo People of BTFF! i, Flamestrke96, am Omanning a New Serivice! It's called Flame's New Alien Drwing Service, or FNADS for short (Not realy). Okay here you can request for your alien to be redrawed my style, or post a description of your alien to be made my style. Till September request won't be finnished, maybe some will be, But as of semteber all your requests will be finnished in the 1st Week. 

    You Might be looking for my Card Service

    • Beon for Spoder
    • UAF Swampfire for Swamps
    • Slapstrike for Ahmad

    Well i'm still kinda in the OS redrws but i'l make him

    Well as i said, can't u use the one i made??? Well anyway i'll make him probably some time next week.

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