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    Ben 10: DAA Commentary

    March 24, 2012 by Ffijy8ort

    Me and Pablo did commentary for Ben 10: Destory All Aliens. We had technical difficulties and lost every comment before the Stonehedge fight. Enjoy!

    *7:35PabloDePabloOk, so we're continuing here

    • 7:35Ffijy8ortGO STINKFLY
    • 7:35Ffijy8ortDO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?
    • 7:35PabloDePabloStinkfly!
    • 7:35Ffijy8ortKinda.......
    • 7:36PabloDePabloAlso, Stonehedge is Galvan work, and Tetramands made the pyramids
    • 7:36PabloDePabloAccording to Mr. Blue Upgrade, at least
    • 7:36Ffijy8ortcool
    • 7:36PabloDePabloBellwood, downtown!
    • 7:36PabloDePabloFLYING UPGRADE MAN1
    • 7:36PabloDePablo*!
    • 7:36Ffijy8ortAw, stupid commercial
    • 7:36PabloDePabloYeah
    • 7:36PabloDePabloStupid commercials >:(
    • 7:36Ffijy8ortWE ONLY WANNA SEE BEN 10
    • 7:36PabloDePabloSo, how you liking …

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  • Ffijy8ort

    Please direct further comments here. Thank you.

    There has been pictures of the following aliens. There is Gravattack (previously Graviton).

    There is also Blox and Feedback. Just to make this clear, Rook is NOT an alien, he is infact Ben's plumber sidekick.

    There has also been a video of the Ben 10 Toy Fair thing and it has the alien showing names. Possibly one of the names that does not have a picture yet shown is something called Chicken Hawk.

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  • Ffijy8ort

    A New Alien

    February 20, 2012 by Ffijy8ort

    He will be a four-legged alien, but not like a centaur because it isn't like a horse because he has regular looking feet, but are much bigger than regular feet, making it easier for him to run across different terrains. Also I am not illustrating anymore (You: THANK GOD) because my imagination skills are much better than my drawing ones. He is most likely going to be made of something plant like, let it be rock or vines. If he is plant like he will also be able to grow fruits and vegetation on his arms and back that can either make someone a certain emotion, heal them, or make them become infected with poison or something else or die. If he is rock based, then he will be more defensed and stronger, and I might also do both rock like and pl…

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  • Ffijy8ort

    Ben 10: Legends Update

    February 13, 2012 by Ffijy8ort

    Here is a new alien sillohuete.

    His name idea is Spector, but I need ideas................

    Anyone? Well the next episode is going to be named 'Love Hurts'.

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  • Ffijy8ort

    Ben 10: Legends Spoiler

    January 14, 2012 by Ffijy8ort

    A short spoiler. I know it's not much, but here it is. The next alien is going to be based on a possum and ninja. He will have cool ninja like abilites and possum abilites. He also has more abilites that will not be revealed in this post. Also, I need name suggestions, but the the abilites that aren't revealed have to fo with Fire/Ice and Sharp Objects. His arms and back are covered in the sharp objects. His tail is also movible, also called prehensile tail. So again, any name suggestions. Also the second episode spoiler. We find out some shocking news about what is really happening on Primus and why the 2.0 Ultima was made. We will also find a new character that I have made up.

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