Literally all of you suck I mean holy shit

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Mig's Rant
This happens every year in some degree, but this year is just no.

Guys, if you sign up for Fanon Con, stick to it. You had a week in advance to prepare, it isn't even that long like at most it'll take an hour or two, AND for those of you who spy on the admin thread we discussed themes and shit there for a little while now.

I understand that some people have excuses, but things like "I forgot about CWC!" is flat out irritating and honestly very disappointing. I genuinely hope everyone has their blog entries done or they're working on them, same with art, because this is ridiculous.

Also, dropping out last minute or replying last minute is irresponsible on your part. Like, seriously? If you know you can't or won't do your entry, at least let us know before the final few minutes or hour.

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Yopo's "Entry"

i am alone

(hot topic manager runs up)

hot topic: dude mig's here

mig: i'm edgy

(mig stabs self but the knife is so strong hot topic dude dies also)

me: ayyy lmao


~a poem by yopo~

Technically this wins by being the only entry but it's also late as shit so I'm not accepting it. This contest has no official winner. Seriously.



Enjoy the rest of Fanon Con if you can be assed to show up, and for the love of god, have your entries for the art contest and main blog done by Thursday and Friday respectively you disrespectful shits.

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