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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con so far! To end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

Well, here we go!

--Admin Team, the host of Winter Fanon Con 2018!


CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Winter 2018 Fanon Con!

The CaT Gazette

Holy shit I actually finished it oh my god.

If you haven't already, please check out the final issue of the Gazette, especially the video at the end of it. It's something I did that I actually feel proud of for once, and that never happens.

Something I have to say here about the Gazette is that it would not have reached this point if it weren't for my therapist, who encouraged me to start it up again. I had initially abandoned the Gazette after Issue 68, leaving it with no proper conclusion thanks to my severely depressed state. After starting to write it again, I realized I needed to give it a proper ending this time, so I set a goal to make 100 issues of the Gazette and wrap it up there. I honestly didn't think I could do it, but by God, I did it, and I'm actually really happy about that. Thanks again to everyone who stuck with me on this for the past couple of years.


I announced a replacement of sorts for the Gazette called CaTscratch, which would take the form of a YouTube variety show. I do have some footage shot for it, but right now I'm trying to pin down the specifics so I don't put out something half-baked.

Tech 10

Yes, like I announced in the Gazette, Tech 10 is canceled. That being said, if I can't wrap it up to my satisfaction in Project Deca, I'll release a short final epilogue story to finish it off.

Project Deca


Project Deca has been an absolute blast to work on so far. The gimmicks Attai uses are a lot of fun to write and open up a lot of creative opportunities that would be difficult to pull off with a normal Omnitrix; that being said, Project Deca has a lot of normal Omnitrix action going on in it too, since most of the series featured in it revolve around characters with Omnitrices.

While each episode of the series will primarily revolve around the conflict going on in each respective universe, don't think that means I'm going to leave the original characters and story with nothing to them. Attai Zehn is a "man with no past", but because of that, he's had very little character growth by the start of the series. Each universe Attai visits gives him a new experience and a new way to look at the world around him, and having that development take place while not shoving the tribute characters out of the way entirely is one of my main priorities while writing the series.

Something else I'd like to do is take a page from the book of Kamen Rider Zi-O and have mini-episode releases with each main episode that go into the meta of the episode in question, albeit with a bigger focus on explaining the process behind developing the tributes the way I did and how specific details were worked out.

With all that out of the way, here are some specific things I'd like to bring attention to:


I'd like to write the majority of episodes ahead of time as much as possible and then release them on a monthly basis. Since there are twelve episodes, that's one episode for every month of the year. Ideally speaking, every episode should be finished at least half a month before they premiere, leaving me a good amount of time to draw thumbnails and character art, as well as making images for the cards Attai uses and adding tooltips to the episode that give translations for his German exclamations.


Music is something I generally flip back and forth on including in a written work; on the one hand, it can enhance the atmosphere for most people, but on the other, it can end up being confusing for people who read faster or slower than the author intended and end up on a scene that doesn't match with the tone of the music. On top of that, for people who have difficulty managing multiple sensory inputs because of conditions like autism (see: me) it can just be distracting.

My plan for the moment is to include one track per episode that plays for the climax. These tracks will be added through a small Soundcloud plugin and will be completely optional for the readers.

Also I'm stealing most/all of them from Rider and you can't stop me bye

The Final Series

The final tribute series hasn't been decided yet since voting for Featured Series of 2018 is still going as of this writing. That being said, I do have rough drafts in mind for either series that wins (Ryder or Alien Biology with CaT).

Non-Tribute Characters

There's only one character from the wiki I'm planning on including in Project Deca that doesn't belong to any of the series being given tributes. Depending on which series makes the final cut for Featured Series of 2018 that may change, but for the moment, there's only one set in stone. If you've been checking Discord lately, you might know that this character is Terox from the Mig X franchise.

I'll be blunt here: Terox is my favorite villain on the wiki and I just really wanted to include him in the series somehow. Fortunately, his character falls pretty well in line with the story I have set up, and neatly fills a couple of plot holes I was having some trouble with. He's not the main villain of the series (that would be the Space Nazis), but he does still play a very significant role.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ebomnitrix's Entry

[At nightfall outside Ethan's house, the entire was surrounded in a red light as a pod came crashing towards his backyard. Ethan was staring from afar. We zoom up to his face where he made an intimidated look and reached his arm for the sky. A badge came flying out of the pod and morphed onto his wrist, creating a watch-like device.]


Ebomnitrix: My name is Ebomnitrix

Kakapokid: I’m Kakapokid5

Runny: Heyo, I’m Runny

Prof Jake: Paradox Multimedia here!

Carth: Hey, this is Carth.

TranswiththePlans: This is Roselina.

Ebomnitrix: And its time to expand your Horizons!

E-10 Horizons logo.png

Ebomnitrix: About 7 months ago the crew and I first dropped our first two episodes as a sneak peek, and since then the support for the series has been great so far! Wattpad has reached over hundreds of viewers, and people have loved what we've done with the alien designs and redesigns. And while I can admit our series hasn't been perfect, its been a wild trip so far! And we're only halfway through the first season. Now, the second half of this season is where a ton of things go down. Everybody knows everybody, the main cast knows about Ethan's secret, Ethan has become all the aliens in his set of 10, yet there's still mysteries left to be uncovered. Like what's the name of the watch, is it the Omnitrix? did we actually come up with an original name? Who knows! You'll have to stay tuned to find out. But in the mean time, and for first time viewers let's get a recap!



Terence: You've got to be kidding me...


Ethan: Let's do it!!!

[The recap begins now]:

Another Day at Horizon Plays

[XLR8 ran past a sign that said “Horizon Arts & Culture” which was mounted in front of the entrance. Before he could slow down completely, XLR8 transformed back into Ethan in a red blur. Ethan realized he was approaching towards an orange haired girl, while still going fast from XLR8's momentum. Eventually, Ethan slammed right into her and everything with black as they both screamed.]


[Ethan opened his eyes. All he saw was a blurry face covering the sun, until it eventually faded and revealed to be Alice staring at him, with the sunlight shining behind her and the leaves on the tree.]

Alice: Hey, are you okay?

Ethan: Yeah... Agh...


[The scene proceeded to move into one of the humanities buildings where the professor was introducing himself to the class.]

Professor Meechum: Good morning, students! I hope you are all ready to begin the new semester.

[Quietly, Ethan and Alice entered the room.]


[We transition to Nikki, Alice, Hannibal and Ethan speaking at the far right of the room in their seats.]

Nikki: We should definitely hang out when we get out of our next class!

Alice: Sure! [Bigger smile] My name’s Alice by the way.

Nikki: Nikki, and the guy speaking below me is Hannibal.

Hannibal: And what did she say your name was?

Ethan: Oh, it’s Ethan.


[We transition to the cafeteria. Ethan tried to move as fast as he could to grab the slices of pizza. Ethan accidentally ran into someone where this time, Ethan slammed the person’s plate into their shirt.]

Ethan: AH! I’m so sorry!

Terence: Agh! Do you know how much money I had to pay for that? Ugh! I’ll just go grab something from the vending machine…

[Terence left the scene as Nikki, Hannibal and Alice walked toward him.]

Nikki: Dang, you are running into all kinds of people today.

Ethan: Heh… yeah.


[We transition to Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki sitting outside.]

Hannibal: So, I’m gonna put you on the spot here, E. What are you majoring in?

Ethan: Oh. I’m going to create the next generation of cartoons!

Hannibal: Then it looks like we’re going into the same field then.

Ethan: Really? Sweet!


Nikki: Ever since I was 5, I always wanted to become a world famous ballet dancer.


Alice: I haven’t really decided yet.

Nikki: Don’t worry, shugs. You’ll figure it out in no time!


Terence: Yeah, I don’t want people thinking I’m some kind of softy. Everyone’s gonna look at me as someone who likes flowers and taking pictures of everything.


Ethan's Vision Plays

Gi-Kwan: You see, for years now my country has been in war with yours.

Gi-Kwan (Narration): While people have been building nuclear bombs, no one’s been able to do anything except yell at who has the bigger gun. Well, it’s time someone finally acted on it.


[During Gi-Kwan's Narration]:

Scene 1: [Lieutenant Steel put bullets into his gun and cocked it.]

Scene 2: [Gi Kwan's henchman ran towards the solo Echo Echo clone. Echo Echo screamed out a sound wave and it threw the henchman backwards.]

Scene 3: [Gi-Kwan signaled Alex. Alex stood out from the shadows and he smacked Jonathan with a large piece of lumber with a nail through it, he screamed as blood splattered on the ground.]


Ethan (Narration): You sent your men into the SACT, hoping that they would collect you enough alien tech so that it would create…


[During Ethan's Narration]:

Scene 1: [From Nikki’s perspective, everything began to spin from her point of view as Christine (one of Gi-Kwan's henchman) put on a mask. Nikki shut her eyes.]

Scene 2: [Waverider stomped on the ground and created more earth waves. Heatblast landed on the ground and was thrown back by the hit.]


Gi-Kwan (Narration): ...the ultimate weapon that would wipe out half of your country.


[During Gi-Kwan's Narration]:

Scene 1: [We zoom upward and away from Gi-Kwan as they went ahead and went back to work. From the shadows it was revealed his henchman were creating a giant missile.]


[Gi-Kwan made a devious smile.]


E-10 Transformation Plays

[The smoke cloud cleared the area. Alice laying on the ground, began to cough as she wiped some of the fog away and noticed Ethan who stood in front of the rampaging Mechadroid.]

Ethan: Alright, tin can, you may have played your own tricks against peopleBut I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve too...

[Ethan popped up the core of the watch and raised his arm up.]

Ethan: ...about ten of them!

[LODESTAR QUICK-TRANSFORMATION: Magnets started forming around Ethan’s hand to where it transformed into a claw. Then magnets spun around him, surrounding his body in armor covered in lodestone.]


[We cut to Lodestar as he pushed magnetic waves against the Mechadroid. Its cockpit and projector stopped glowing and its full body collapsed to the ground, shutting itself off.]


[We cut again to Lodestar landing at the side of the college. Lodestar fell on his knees and transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Man, I never had to use all that power before...

[To Ethan’s surprise he saw Alice standing above him with her arms crossed.]

Ethan: Alice…

[Ethan looked down upset. But to his surprise, Alice made a small chuckle. Ethan looked up to notice that Alice was smiling and giving him her hand.]

Alice: You big idiot.

I'll Protect You Plays


[We transition to Ethan and Alice making conversation inside his house.]

Ethan: Yeah… I’m sorry I had to keep this a secret from you. I mean we just met, I didn’t think we would get into any sort of situation like that.

Alice: No, I’m sorry, I should’ve been more understanding about it. I should’ve respected your privacy and why you couldn’t say anything about it.


[We shift to Alice walking home during the sunset, as the skies were colored dark blue and orange. She was walking on the sidewalk with a fence that lead down a hill towards a beach, with an ocean view. Alice began thinking to herself.]

Alice (Thoughts): The ability to transform into different aliens, he’s going to need someone to protect him from all the harm that is out there.


[We transition to Terence talking to Ethan and Alice at school.]

Terence: Fine, then I guess I’ll have to tell the whole campus your secret.

Ethan: What secret?

Terence: That watch turns you into those monsters. I’m not stupid. Even Clark Kent’s disguise is better than that! Anyway, you’re going to need someone who knows a lot about plants, and I just happen to be your guy. So, am I in?

Ethan: [Groans] Fine.


[We transition to Nikki, Ethan and Alice discussing this at their lunch table outside.]

Nikki: So, that magnetic guy from two months ago, that was you.

Ethan: Yeah.

Nikki: How long until you were going to tell us?

Ethan: I was never planning on telling anybody until the time came.

[They looked over to see Hannibal and Terence from further away as they were laughing in the background.]

Nikki: How long until we tell him?

Ethan: Give it time, I don’t think now’s the right time to tell him.

Nikki: I know. But, Hannibal’s my best friend, I can’t keep secrets from him.

Alice: Please, just enough time until we can tell him properly.


Hannibal (Narration): I can’t believe you would keep a secret like this from me!

[We transition to the five discussing the situation with an angered Hannibal inside Ethan's house.]

Ethan: We wanted to tell you, Hannibal, but the last thing I want is to watch one of my friend’s die right in front of me.

Hannibal: I don’t care if I have a target painted on my back! I want to be able to trust my friends! And if I can’t trust you to tell me everything, then what’s the point?!

[Hannibal stormed off outside.]


[Nikki and Hannibal were finishing discussing this on Ethan's porch.]

Hannibal: I thought I could you trust with everything. Maybe now, I’m not so sure anymore.

Nikki: We wanted to tell you-

Hannibal: Then why didn’t you?

[Tears shed down Nikki’s eyes.]

[Hannibal left the deck and walked away from his house.]


Build-Up Theme Plays

[Hannibal with his hands in his pocket continued walking down the sidewalks at night. He soon passed a light post and the shadow of a mysterious figure appeared surrounding the light. Everything then faded to black with the sounds of a bang.]


Ethan (Narration): Hannibal has been kidnapped by Gi-Kwan.

Scene 1: [Hannibal awoken to see Gi-Kwan standing before him in the light.]

Nikki (Narration cont.): WHAT?!

Alice (Narration cont.): Those guys?!

Scene 2: [Gi-Kwan laughed manically.]


Ethan: I don’t want to drag any of you into this.

Nikki: Ethan, I promise you, nothing is going to happen. So they took Hannibal, and they’re not about to get the rest of us...


Nikki (Narration cont.): ...because we’re going with you to rescue him.

Scene: [At Gi-Kwan's base of operations, Chunks of the ceiling were blown to pieces as more soldiers, hanging onto ropes, dropped to the scene. Meanwhile, Alice and Terence helped Ethan up.]


Time For Action! Plays

[Echo Echo had duplicated an army of his own and they went running into the henchman. As SACT and the henchman were fighting in the background, both by physical contact and by shooting at each other.]


[The scene shifted upstairs to Nikki and Alice, where they saw the chains slowly dragging Hannibal to the lava.]

Hannibal: What the hell are you doing here?

[Nikki and Alice began pulling Hannibal's chains as they talked.]

Nikki: We're here to save you!


[Hannibal was blasted Hannibal out of the chains by Echo Echo's Sonic-Tower attack, and was flown away from the lava pit. Hannibal fell to the ground and struggled to get up. Nikki approached Hannibal as she tried to help him up.]


[Gi-Kwan turned over towards the control panel. He opened the glass case covering the launch button, and slammed it. Everything flashed read as the sirens went off. The henchman ran out of the building for their lives.]


[As Gi-Kwan spoke everything shook inside the base. Lieutenant Steel turned around to notice something was coming from the ground. Gi-Kwan raised his arms in the air, cheering for his success. Echo Echo took a step towards what was coming from the ground, only to reveal a giant rocket making its way up.]


Terence: What’s going on?

Ethan: Gi-Kwan just launched a missile, and we don’t know how to stop it!

Alice: Ethan, you said if there isn’t anything the SACT can do, then it’s up to you, right? Then prove that to us! I know you can do it.


[As everyone had evacuated outside. We switch to Ethan inside as he approached the missile as it was about to take off. Ethan slammed down and transformed into Four Arms in a green light.]

The Last Dinosaur - The Pillows, Plays

[Four Arms jumped onto the missile, and held onto it with his whole body. He saw that he was close to the engine down below. Four Arms felt the intense heat.]

Four Arms: Oh boy, I better get a move on!

[The ground began to shake harder, and from the outside, the viewers saw the missile take off into the sky. The rocket flew across the sky with great speed.]


[We transition to Four Arms attempting to climb closer up on the missile. The missile left the clouds as they were approaching a nearby city. Four Arms turned to the side of the rocket and tried pushing his missile with all his might. They were moving closer towards a city.]

Four Arms: Come on! Come on! Come on!


[Four Arms pushed with all his might until finally the missile had changed direction. The missile turned towards the sky, and Four Arms grabbed onto the missile for dear life, as they soon left the Earth’s atmosphere.]

Four Arms: I did it...

[Four Arms was beginning to lose oxygen, as he took heavy breaths. Eventually his lungs gave up, and his arms let go of the missile, leaving his body to plummet towards the Earth.]


[We shift to Four Arms continuing to approach Earth, as he finally opened his eyes and began taking deep breaths. The group ran towards where Four Arms was possibly going to land. Four Arms continued to fall as it made him increase his speed.]

Four Arms: Come on you stupid watch!

[Four Arms turning the dial, he eventually touched the symbol, and his body was surrounded by a green aura, and transformed in a white light.]

Goop: Goop!?

[Everyone ran it towards Ethan's position and stopped moving as Goop splat to the ground. They made it to Goop, as he tapped the symbol on his chest, and changed back into Ethan a green light this time, making a different sound. They all stopped to their surprise.]

Alice: Ethan, you changed back?

Ethan: Yeah! I did it! I finally figured out how to change from alien to alien now! Woo-hoo!


[Ethan walked over to Hannibal as he raised out his fist.]

Ethan: So, we cool now?

[Ethan smiled and gave him his fist.]

Hannibal: Yeah, we’re cool.

[We zoom out to Ethan and Hannibal giving each other a fistbump.]


It's Action Time Montage Plays

Hannibal: Hey, Ethan. You know what you should do?

[Ethan gave him a curious look as his response.]

Hannibal: You should go over and ask Alice out.

Ethan: Are you crazy?!

Hannibal (Narration): Look, it doesn’t even have to be a date. You can just invite her to dinner or something.

Scene: [The scene reveals to be Alice and Ethan sitting in their tables at a new restaurant. Alice wore a white shirt with a red skirt and Ethan wore a green collared shirt and jeans.]


Alice: So, what? You’re going to Lady and the Tramp me now? Is that it?

Ethan: Maybe.

[Alice’s face turned red as she turned to the side.]


[We transition to Heatblast battling Zombozo and the Circus Freaks outside the restaurant.]

Zombozo: Oh geez kid, as if you couldn’t get anymore amusing already.


[Heatblast prepared a large fireball and he launched onto Zombozo, sending him back with some of his costume in flames.]


[GHOULSEYE QUICK-TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose as the background shook around him. A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation.]


[We transition to Ghoulseye battling Tattooed Man inside a warehouse during the day.]

Tattooed Man: You won’t beat me!

Ghoulseye: Oh yeah? Well I’m just getting started!


[In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a largely shaped bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm. Ghoulseye summoned multiple giant arrows.]


[Ghoulseye launched the arrows and they went flying towards Tattooed Man. Ghoulseye charged towards Tattooed Man as well.]

Tattooed Man: NOOOOOOO!!!

[The arrows hit Tattooed Man. Ghoulseye’s body, surrounded in an energy field shaped like an arrow, made its impact. The arrows and Ghoulseye created an energy explosion around Tattooed Man.]


The Start of E-10 Plays

[We transition to outside at night as the group was leaving the warehouse.]

Ethan: It’s time I gave myself a hero name, How about…

[Ethan did a superhero stance and raised his arm over the watch.]

Ethan: E-10!

[There was a slight pause between them.]

Hannibal: I dig it.

Alice: I like it, it sounds catchy.

Terence: Now you’re just trying to make it sound like it’s obviously you.

Ethan: But it’s a clever combination of my name and the number of aliens I have!

Nikki: What happens when you get an 11th one?

Ethan: Uh… Let’s not get into that.

[The group was walking towards Hannibal’s car.]

Hannibal: How about E-leven?

Ethan: No way!

Alice: What about TE-welve!

Ethan: Stop it!

Nikki: Your name sound like a video game rating.

Hannibal: [Deep voice] Rated E-10 for ages 10 and up!

[Ethan groaned while the others laughed at him as everything panned up to the sky. The setting then changed to night as a familiar looking figure with a red cloak entered inside an abandoned warehouse. He lifted everything up in the air as the objects were surrounded in red aura. He soon found a golden gem laying down on the ground. He dropped everything and the gem floated toward him.]

Figure: Ah, the Polytimos Somnium. Just what I was looking for.

[He turned to the screen, revealing himself to be Hex.]

Hex: I have everything I need now, to take the blasted boy’s watch for myself.

[Hex laughed maniacally as everything faded to black.]

The track ends.


[From the ground level, we see a figure taking fast steps on the ground. We zoom up to a masculine figure, with a jacket wrapped around him, as he ran down the sidewalk, taking deep breaths. The figure was revealed to be Ethan.]

Ethan: Oh man. Can’t believe I’m going to be late, again!

Ethan (Narration): Stupid XLR8, I should’ve just let the police handle those robbers.


[XLR8 QUICK-TRANSFORMATION: We zoom up to Ethan with his arms raised up as a helmet formed around his head. He spun to the front, and we zoomed out as his body finished transforming.]


Ethan: Whatever, I can make it on time!

[Ethan increased his speed.]


[Ethan noticed that Alice, Hannibal and Nikki were laughing with a new student, as Terence casually chilled to the side.]

Ethan: Who’s the new guy?

Terence: His name is “Gary Alexander Stewart”.

Ethan: Like the writing term Gary Stu?

Terence: Yep, but with a wart.

Ethan: Wow, how original.


[We transition to outside the Splattown building.]

Voice: WELL, WELL! If it isn’t Hannibal Lincoln.

[Hannibal turned to the voice and glared at ‘em.]

Hannibal: Connor...

Connor: I’m surprised you brought your whole Horizon goons with you. I guess that means you’re back for more.


Terence: Do you mind telling us what’s going on?

Hannibal: These guys are rivals of mine from since I was 12. Every Saturday we used to go out and play paintball together until we got out of High School. But ever since they went to Gaia they’ve changed.


Connor: Do you really think you can take on all of us?

Ethan: Oh yeah, Horizon vs Gaia. Let’s prove which school is the better school to take on Splattown, and any other paintball matches!

Connor: Oh it is on!


[Shooting montage]:

Scene 1: [Steven jumped in the way and got shot.]

Scene 2: [One of the Gaia members almost shot Ethan, but he jumped in time to dodge the paint and began run faster.]

Scene 3: [Hugh took a deep breath and adjusted his cap.]

Scene 4: [Both Alice and Terence ran in screaming as they blasted paint at the Gaia students with their guns.]


Hannibal: You just had to open that big mouth of yours, didn't you?

Ethan: Shut up.


[We transition to inside a dental office.]

Hex (Narration): How does it feel to be the one defeated this time?


[Four Arms reeled his fist back and unleashed a powerful right hook, but Hex nimbly evaded it. Four Arms hit the wall instead, engraving a hole in it.]


Ethan: I don’t know, since I’m still standing here undefeated!


[Hex blasted another energy beam and XLR8 dodged the attack. XLR8 gave him a upperkick and it sent Hex back by a couple feet.]


Alice (Narration): You’re the first friend I’ve made here, and I’ve practically seen you put your life on the line almost every week. And with all the good you do, do you know how much that means to me?

Scene: [Alice gave Ethan her hand and she helped him up.]

Scene: [Wildmutt roared out of the transformation and jumped into action.]

Scene: [Diamondhead raised his arm toward the ground, and he created his shardmine attack. It sent Waverider flying back towards the other unconscious Gifted members.]

Scene: [Ethan turned around to notice a crowd was cheering for him.]

[We cut to Alice wiping her tears to Ethan's surprise.]


[We cut to Kraab waiting outside by his ship in the forest.]

Kraab: I know you’re here, human! Show yourself so we can end this quickly with as little casualties as possible. [Snips claws]


[Action montage begins]:

Scene: [An army of Echo Echo's ran towards Kraab.]

Scene: [Inside a hallway, Hannibal ran down charged at a couple of soldiers wearing black biosuits.]

Scene: [At the outdoor lunch tables at Horizon, Nikki gave Hannibal her hand.]

Scene: [More tears flooded down Ethan’s eyelids and he cried on Alice’s shoulder. Alice surprised, she hugged him to comfort him.]

Scene: [Terence was smacked backwards.]

Scene: [AmpFibian's body was surrounded with static electricity. A group of villains tried to tackle him to the ground but AmpFibian released a shockwave, throwing all the villains back.]


Hex: NOOOOOO!!!!

[A white energy burst blinded the screen.]


Nikki: So, you ready for the new semester?

[Ethan took a deep breath and smiled with a confident look on his face.]

Ethan: Yeah.





Sol's Entry

Hey. I haven't done much, so I don't expect you to read much. I'm super sorry about that; I've been rather busy with three AP classes, two Honors classes, and one elective that's more pushy than I plan on being at Junior Prom! Plus, girl problems don't actually get better as you age, they just get worse.

But, to say that I haven't done anything at all would be a fallacy. I've made some progress towards Starlight's Soliloquy and Sol 101... Of which, unfortunately, I don't think I can share much with you. Hold on, I'll check.

Okay, fine, I do have something, though, it's definitely not much. I would just feel weird if I didn't show you something. And, hey, at least by showing you this, it gives me more motivation to write more.

This scene is a random scene I have written for the first episode of Starlight's Soliloquy, Take Me Out.

"Wait, you can't do this!" Adam protested, turning around to face Tessa before she could leave the house once and for all. She turned around, and he was now the center of her attention. He bit his lip, not wanting to screw up his words. "Just... leaving us alone in your house," he continued on. "It's... weird. It goes again the... like, laws of home ownership," he joked, attempting to find a better word. "We can't just stay here when no one in your family's here."

"The baby is," Rose stopped her brother there, not wanting to upset Teresa and disappoint her as she thought her brother was leading up to. "We can stay because the baby's here. Right, Tess?" Tessa bit her lip, just like Adam, and slowly nodded. It made sense to her, she supposed.

"No, listen. It's not that. It's just that... You know... What if our parents stop by? What do we explain? We won't be allowed to come over if it's just us, and no one's home... Isn't Otis here? To be like, our chaperone at this, uhh... Sleepover?"

Teresa's teeth released her lower lip, allowing her mouth and mind to work in tandem and form a reasonably witty response. "You want Otis? Go ahead and find him," she let out, perhaps a bit too spunky with her tone. Maybe siblings do take after one another, though they might never admit it. "I... Don't mean to sound rude, believe me. But if you want to go on a little quest of your own, go find wherever he and his girlfriend went and chase them down. Tell him to come home. He just ran off with her and..." She stopped there, letting out a dissatisfied grunt. "Ugh. You know what his car looks like? Go find it. Bring him back here. I'm going to go find mom."

Before either of them could say something else, Teresa raced out the doorway and down the sidewalk, running down the side of the road as her jacket and hair flowed in the wind after her.

Rosemary stayed inside, more focused on the baby, but Adam was more focused on the less-behaved sibling. He followed her for a brief second, taking two or three steps down the front porch's concrete steps. "Wait, Teresa!" he hollered, but it was clear she wasn't going to turn around and stop for him. She was a woman on a mission.

So, yeah. I hope that was something for you. 

Progress is definitely being made. Sol 101 episodes 0 + 1 lurk ever so closer, and so do Starlight's Soliloquy episodes 1-4. Plus, Starlight's Soliloquy will have at least three shorts airing. And, when I say short, I mean, they're probably about episode-length for some of the series on this wiki. Haha. I only want to die inside a little.

Anyways, Sol out! I got more stuff I'm planning on releasing in the Discord presentation later!

Did I say planning? Because, I'm not. I have to make that up on the spot, too! If this seems rushed, well, that's because I made it in like, less than fifteen minutes, three hours before the deadline. I know, I'm impressed too!

God, wouldn't it be swell if I had some time powers?

Anyways, Sol out! This time for real!

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