Welcome, one and all, to the second day of the Ultimate Fanon Con! I'm your host, CaT, bringing you the results for the Alien Design Contest! There were a lot more participants than usual, so this took some extra time to judge. Let's see how our contestants did!

Eighth Place

WTB's Entry

Evolve is the Omnitrix’s DNA of a Kaiju’eiga from the inside of ultra-rare cosmic meteors, known as the “Zilla Meteors” that infamously possess an eerily bright-green glow, due to its high concentration of radioactive alien minerals that aid in the birth of Kaiju’eigas.


Evolve is a towering, reptilian humanoid alien with visible inspiration of Kaijus and Japanese monsters and a base form of approximately 10 feet tall in height, also having an overly-muscular physique, bulky limbs, rough vermilion-red scales, a dark-velvet-red underside, including his chest, stomach, and palms, and bony, bladed dark-velvet-red spikes running down Evolve’s scalp, the back of his head, the entire backside of his torso and pelvis, and the top of his tail, along with five-fingered hands, three-toed feet, pronounced claws emerging from his extremities, a semi-prehensile tail, and bio-luminescent light, being that of the same color as the user’s Omnitrix, radiating from much of Evolve’s body, including the tips of each of his back-spikes and claws, granting Evolve an ominous appearance.

Evolve’s head possesses short and stubby, but pronounced horns emerging from his scalp, seemingly apart of the spikes adorning his scalp, four eyes with his upper-set of eyes slightly tilted and diagonal, giving it an almost menacing look, a short reptilian muzzle, and a wide maw of razor-sharp teeth, prominent fangs, and a dark-velvet-red tongue. Evolve’s bio-luminescence are present on his face, visible on the tip of his horns, teeth, and tongue.

Evolve lacks an Omnitrix-generated suit and features the Omnitrix symbol on the center of his forehead, slightly above the space in-between his upper set of eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Evolve’s primary ability is his mutagenic evolutionary adaptation, allowing Evolve to self-evolve to automatically become able to withstand specific scenarios and situations as long as Evolve experiences discomforting forms of stimulation, such as pain or sickness, which can enhance certain parts of Evolve's physiology, such as bulking up Evolve's muscles for additional strength, calcifying Evolve's skin for additional durability, reworking leg bones for additional agility, reflexes, and stamina, and reworking arm bones for additional dexterity. Evolve's evolutionary adaption can also cause Evolve to sprout additional body parts, including eyes, additional sets of teeth, extra limbs, and also being granted additional size and height, reaching an estimated maximum size of around 100 feet. Evolve can also forcefully sprout additional body parts, even if not in pain, although to a limited extent, as it requires concentration.

Evolve's bio-luminescence is actually the glowing presence of Evolve's internal radiation that keeps him powered, and allows Evolve to project a powerful atomic blast of radioactive energy from his maw in a concentrated beam that can incinerate anything in its strike zone, channel his internal radioactive energy into sections of his body to enhance his combat, absorb radiation to replenish his stamina, detect nearby forms of radiation through heat vision, cure weaker forms of radiation poisoning by absorbing radiation from affected others, and generating high amounts of radioactive body heat that grants Evolve low-tier regeneration, mainly through cauterizing small wounds, a painless process that does not trigger Evolve's mutagenic abilities.

Evolve's base form possesses great mobility while in a quadrupedal form, expressing enhanced agility, reflexes, and stamina. Other than that, bipedal or not, Evolve possesses enhanced strength due to his bulky form, enhanced durability due to his rough scales, a semi-prehensile tail that expresses some dexterity and can wrap around large objects, an enhanced lung capacity that grants him limited space survivability, and immunity toward extreme heat and lethal radiation, as Evolve's body is fueled by it.


Evolve's mutagenic evolutionary adaption are near uncontrollable and are induced by all forms of pain that Evolve receives, even if accidental or unintentional. The only part of Evolve's physiology that is not increased by his abilities is his intelligence and in fact, the more mutated Evolve becomes, the more ferocious, animal-like traits he exhibits before eventually losing control and mentally transforming into a rampaging monster.

Although Evolve can gain power from both pain and sickness, Evolve will still exhibit the symptoms of whatever sickness affects him and his mutation-based abilities.

Evolve's powerful mouth beam of radioactive energy releases Evolve's internal radiation, which is potentially harmful to others, and those who linger around the scorched strike zone of Evolve's mouth beam for too long will begin to experience symptoms of very early radiation poisoning.

While Evolve can cure weak forms of radiation poisoning by forcefully removing the radiation absorbed into one's body, he can repair any already-present genetic damage they have received from the radiation poisoning.

Evolve's low-tier regeneration is literally only cauterization and thus, can only close small wounds and can't do things such as reattaching fully severed limbs or restoring lost or dead tissue.

Evolve's tail is only semi-prehensile and while it can wrap around some objects, it only expresses very little dexterity. Also, Evolve's ability to survive in space stems from Evolve's enhanced lung capacity and thus, Evolve will be forced to breath again after 20 minutes of holding his breath.




Evolve is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.


  • Evolve is XxXWTBxXx's alien design contest submission for the Ultimate Fanon Con, meant to celebrate the BTFF wiki's 10th anniversary.
  • Evolve was a potential submission from the alien design contest of a past fanon con, but was replaced with another idea.
    • The original Evolve was somewhat similar to the final product, but lacked radiation-based abilities and Kaiju inspiration in his designs, instead resembling a fleshy humanoid with grotesque features.
  • Evolve's oddly-slanted set of upper eyes was meant to give Evolve a more alien-like appearance, compared to other aliens with additional eyes, such as Four Arms and Spidermonkey.
  • Evolve's origin of being within cosmic meteors was inspired by the birthplace of To'kustars, the species of Way Big, who are born inside of cosmic storms.
    • Most noticeably, Evolve bares noticeable similarities to Way Big, including Evolve's abilities to reach a size nearly as tall as Way Big and project powerful beams of energy, along with more minor details, such as Evolve's red coloration based off Way Big's bright-red armor.
  • The species of Evolve, "Kaiju’eiga" means "Kaiju movie" in Japanese, albeit with an apostrophe separating the two words, another reference toward the species name of Way Big.
    • While being worked on, a placeholder of Evolve's species name was simply "Kaijuian" but was eventually changed for the final product.
  • The name of the meteors Evolve's species are born from, "Zilla Meteors" are named after "-zilla", an English slang suffix popularized by the English name of the Japanese monster Godzilla, a kaiju that Evolve is greatly inspired by.

This is a very nicely-written page describing what boils down to Godzilla with an Omnitrix symbol. There's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from an existing property, but not much has been changed here to give this alien its own unique identity.

Seventh Place

Boaring's Entry
Ultimate Whampire
BoaringDay Ultimate Whampire.png
General Information
Species Evolved Vladat
Home World Transyl
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stamina
Sharp Fangs
Prehensile Feet
Sharp Claws
Energy Absorption
Life Force Draining
Sonic Explosions
Corruptura Parasite
Hypnosis Invulnerability
Infra-Red Vision
Bat Transformation
Feral Instinct
Dark Matter Manipulation

Ultimate Whampire is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of an Evolved Vladat.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultimate Whampire possesses more strength and resilience.
  • Ultimate Whampire is immune to hypnotism from other Vladats.
  • Ultimate Whampire has stronger wings. It can be used to create powerful gust that blows enemies away.
  • Ultimate Whampire can perform a sonic explosion with his wings.
  • Ultimate Whampire has thicker, sharper claws that can rend dense objects like metal.
  • Ultimate Whampire uses his eyes to either hypnotize victims to entrall them or instill terror, leaving his prey traumatized with fear.
  • Ultimate Whampire can hypnotize living beings by looking at them through his eyes or injecting them with Corruptura parasite.
  • Ultimate Whampire releases from his palms instead of his mouth. His palms have small mouths where the Corrupturas emerge. They're not strong enough to bite anything, but they can be used to hide small objects.
  • Ultimate Whampire's Corrupturas are smaller, almost the size of a fly. They take control of their host by crawling onto their brains and implanting themselves.
  • Ultimate Whampire can suck and feed off the life essence of his victims.
  • Ultimate Whampire can use the life essences and make a mass of dark energy. He can use this energy to block out any light source. With plenty of life essence, it is possible for him to completely block out the sun entirely.
  • Ultimate Whampire becomes a primal monster hiding in the darkness. He opens up his maw wide open, revealing plentiful rows of teeth. He gains heightened senses, strength and ferocity whenever it is night time, or he is in area of pitch-black darkness.


  • Ultimate Whampire's biggest weakness is sunlight. It burns his skin to ash if he makes contact with it. Artificial sunlight can harm him, but won't burn him to ash.
  • Ultimate Whampire has a voracious appetite, resulting in him being hungry easily.
  • When the Ultimatrix times out, his Corrupturas will dissipate.
  • Ultimate Whampire's eyes and Corrupturas are ineffective against cyborgs and robots.
  • Ultimate Whampire cannot absorb life essence from Ectonurites as they technically have none.

Alright, first off, the art is great, as it always is from Boaring; that said, this contest isn't about the art, but the aliens themselves, and while this isn't terrible, it didn't leave much of an impression on me. It just feels like a basic evolution of Whampire that doesn't do much to make him unique.

Sixth Place

Ethan's Entry
Hi, this is EBOmnitrix submitting for what's probably the first ever Alien Design Contest! This is an alien I've had designed for a long time and who I've been saving for the future of E-10: Horizons. So you're about to get your first look at an exclusive never before seen alien. So stay tuned for when he arrives, and enjoy the show!
E-10, Jackrabbit.png
General Information
Species Pumpkunny
Home World Cucurbignis
Body Rabbit
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Fire Breath
Intense Heat Generation
Seed Creation
Seed Generation
Temperature Resistance
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Jumping






Species / Homeworld

Jackrabbit is a rabbit-like alien from the homeworld, Cucurbignis.

Jackrabbit is a small bipedal bunny-like species who wears a hard material on its head, shaped like a pumpkin. Pumpkunny's faces are always on fire. Due to the amount of heat it creates, their heads are surrounded by their pumpkin shells. This is to protect the others from its heat. This also acts as a furnace to keep their heads warm so their flames aren't put out. If their flames are put out (outside its shell), it will collapse and lose the energy to fight.

Jackrabbit's are born with these pumpkins. Eventually, once they've reached maturity their shells will break, unleashing their true form. Their true form, while relatively looking the same, their heads are completely on fire with a more expressive looks. However, for Jackrabbit to survive on other worlds, they must wear a self-contained pumpkin to keep their flaming heads ignited. Other Pumpkunny's also appear in different shapes and heights, but they're mainly (including Jackrabbit) about 3 inches tall.

Powers and Abilities

Jackrabbit can spit flaming seeds that can sprout into monstrous crops and attack its enemies with its own mutated pumpkins breathers!

Jackrabbit can enhance the flames on his feet for blaze kicks and can also breathe fire like a dragon.

Jackrabbit's has flexible body movement, allowing him to jump from high distances, and use its legs and agility to fight.

Due to his small size, Jackrabbit can fit in tight close spaces.

Jackrabbit can handle extremely hot temperatures.


If their flames are put out (outside its shell), it will collapse and lose the energy to fight. Strong amounts of water can also potentially kill it!

Being small makes Jackrabbit unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat against larger opponents.

Hope you guys liked Jackrabbit, I wanted to do a little fun Outbreak sort of alien, but at the same time, actually make him useful.

The idea for this alien was based on Scorbunny, but with Halloween and Swampfire elements, so here's another ghost-type alien. Technically Ghost/Plant/Fire type alien.

This alien is canon to E-10: Horizons, but probably won't appear in the actual show. I don't know, we'll see.

Until next time, enjoy the con and as always, Stay Gold!

The pun for the name is nice, but this comes off to me as something that wasn't fully thought out. It gets points for having a relatively unique design concept, but a lot about this alien feels like a very basic concept executed very plainly.

Fifth Place

OTG's Entry



General Information
Species Antisapien
Home World Nega Timeline
Body Polygon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Negation
Voice Actor Kiyotaka Furushima

Negangle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Antisapien from the Nega Timeline in Pokémon Sky.


He is a yellow robot made of triangles. In Altered Form, he is humanoid and in Origin Form, he has wings with no legs.

Powers and Abilities

He can negate anything. He can negate powers, decisions, emotions and more. Heck, he can even negate negation.

In the Nega Timeline, he enters his Origin Form, and can fly.


Outside of the Nega Timeline, he is in Altered Form, and cannot fly.

Species and Homeworld

He is an Antisapien from the Nega Timeline.

The Antisapiens were created in the Prime Timeline of Earth-521 with the Chronosapiens and Spaciosapiens. Unlike the peaceful Chronosapiens and foresightful Spaciosapiens, the Antisapiens chose conquest. They marauded around the universe. They’re why Anur Vladias is the way it is. They negated the Vladat’s lives. Eventually, the Chronosapiens and Spaciosapiens worked together, to send the Antisapiens to some random other dimension.

The Nega Timeline was like most. Then the Antisapiens showed up. Within a year they had taken over pretty much everything in the Milky Way. Except for Earth. When they got there, they were, of course, challenged by the 11-year old Ben Tennyson, they just used their powers on him once. All of Ben’s emotions were negated, and dulled into ennui. He became Nega Ben. The Antisapiens then expanded their rule across the Nega Timeline.


His name is a combination of negate and angle.


Despite heavily drawing from Necrozma, this alien feels unique enough to have its own identity, and its powers are interesting in theory; unfortunately, with no limits on said powers, this is an extremely overpowered transformation that would essentially kill the tension if it was ever used.

Fourth Place

Atom's Entry
Troglobrute is a Arthrosapien from the planet Terradino.
General Information
Species Arthrosapien
Home World Terradino
Body Humanoid Athropod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Durable Shell

Enhanced Strength



Retractable Antennae Used for Ensnaring and Inducing Paralysis

Underwater Respiration

Enhanced Digging



Troglobrute is a large arthropod with a humanoid posture. Its large head is covered in armor plating and has four retractable antennae. The rest of its body is protected by a much harder outer shell made from fossillized rocks and remains. His eyes also produce a constant menacing glow.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durable Shell
  • While Arthrosapiens are skillful in battle, they often meditate peacefully deep in seaside caves and have evolved to possess telekinetic abilities.
  • Powerful acid spray that can melt through hard rocks and metals
  • Retractable antennae that can ensnare foes and paralyse them temporarily by injecting a toxin
  • Underwater respiration and agile swimmer
  • Adept at digging and burrowing


  • Certain parts of his body may be exposed and not encased in armor making him vulnerable
  • Slow Movement
  • Extremely large creatures or creatures made of inorganic material may be immune to his paralysis


  • The Arthrosapiens have lived apart from the events and warring factions of Terradino for thousands of years, instead preferring to live in peaceful isolation.
  • Arthrosapies are considered to be the most intelligent species on Terradino.

It's a neat idea for an alien but seems a bit run-of-the-mill aside from the telekinesis, which feels out of place with everything else about it.

Third Place

Sol's Entry
Space Oddity is an alien that exists within Earth-1776 and is also Sol's entry to the Ultimate Fanon Con Alien Creation Contest (god, that's a long name). 
ChromastoneandTabby/Ultimate Fanon Con 2019 Alien Design Contest ~ Results!
Space oddity.png
Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Species Sentient collective universe
Approx. Height Ever-growing
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Powers They're their own universe, what more could you want?
Weaknesses Very sluggish, easy to cancel their transformation and revert them back to the Omnitrix user
Namesake David Bowie - Space Oddity

No, dammit, it's not another Alien X knock-off. This guy doesn't really have any god powers aside from "invulnerability", okay?

Since Space Oddity is the embodiment of an entire universe, they do not have a proper gender and thus are going to be referred to using them/their pronouns.


Space Oddity usually assembles themselves as a humanoid (to match the transformer's preference).

When first transformed, their size is on a molecular level, but quickly springs up to an "average" if not "above average" size.

Space Oddity's tissue grants a direct view to the universe that lies within, although it is obviously a very "zoomed out" view. From external view one can see thousands if not billions or trillions (potentially more) of stars and nebulae, just on the surface of Space Oddity's epidermis. If one were to reach out and touch them, they would actually be grasping the universe inside of Space Oddity's physical form.

In the center of Space Oddity's "face" is a singular spiral galaxy.

There are several orbital fields surrounding various parts of Space Oddity's body.

Space Oddity wears a massive comet as a speedo, for decency's sake.

Powers and Abilities

Space Oddity's powers revolve around their tissues being another universe entirely; in essence, Space Oddity is their own pocket universe. 

  • Space Oddity can expand their size/mass at will.
  • Space Oddity can move three dimensionally (i.e., levitation).
  • Space Oddity can absorb energy-based attacks into themselves, essentially shrugging them off.
  • Space Oddity can retreat into themselves, into a pocket universe of their own creation/constitution. They can also grab other beings and objects and place them inside of said pocket universe.
  • Space Oddity has control of their own gravitational field.
  • Space Oddity can create wormholes between dimensions, realities, and universes, though they cannot travel through time (unless it is to a parallel universe that is at a different point in time... i.e., Space Oddity can facilitate transportation from Universe A at 3:25 AM 9/10/2019 to 2:25 AM 9/10/2019, but not from Universe A at 3:25 AM 9/10/2019 to Universe A at 2:25 AM 9/10/2019. Why not? Intergalactic police).
  • Space Oddity can create miniature stars, black holes (which are significantly less powerful than a real black hole, you know, because that would be a bit too much for practical use in combat), orbits, and planets in the reality they enter.
  • Space Oddity can "superheat" (incinerate) or "superfreeze" (freeze-dry) an object, but they must be touching it.

Aside from the powers listed above, Space Oddity is not capable of any "godly" feats, especially in the world they were transformed in.


Every time Space Oddity's transformation end, the link between the "host universe" (i.e., the universe where someone is being transformed into Space Oddity) and the inside universe(s) ends.

The longer Space Oddity exists, the bigger he gets. Space Oddity cannot shrink themselves (aside from when they retreats into their constituent universal tissues).

Absorbing too much of the wrong thing can harm Space Oddity's inner biology. Space Oddity is also open to threats from their constituent universal tissue. (Although, admittedly, it can be pretty damn hard to harm an entire universe...)

Space Oddity's transformation can be entirely disrupted by powerful enough radio waves, radiation, or electromagnetic currents.

Space Oddity's "skin"/outermost membrane can be hooked or pierced by a stabbing weapon and then "slashed open", which would disrupt the transformation.

Space Oddity's senses are overwhelmingly bogged down and disoriented, leaving the transformer feeling sluggish and perhaps even in a near-drunk state. It is hard to communicate with the transformer and it is hard for the transformer to notice what is happening around them.

Because Space Oddity's transformation can be interrupted in a variety of easy ways, they are essentially a glass cannon.


  • Space Oddity was inspired by Alien X, Galactus and Eternity from Marvel Comics, Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen, and the Genesis Frog(s) from Homestuck.
  • Yes, Space Oddity's art was traced around an anatomy drawing. I thought it figured for something so "godlike".
    • His speedo is meant to evoke the same mysticism as Doctor Manhattan's crotch.

Very nice alien idea, but the design isn't particularly interesting or unique.

Second Place

Shadow's Entry
Sandbox 210.png
General Information
Species Threldat
Home World Hecapus
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Data Conversion

Digital Materialization
Mechanical Intuition
Technological Disassembly
Technological Repairment
Technological Modification
Technological Constructs

Sandbox is the DNA sample of a Threldat from the planet Hecapus.


Sandbox is a broad-shouldered alien whose body is covered in natural blue armor that gives it a more robotic appearance. His head isn't separated from the body by a neck. He has a pair of yellow eyes, a large mouth without teeth and a yellow horn with an orange crystal on it.

The upper part of his arms is unarmored, revealing his natural purple skin, while the lower part is bulkier and with a blue device built into each palm.

He wears the ██████████ symbol on a shoulder-plate on his left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Sandbox comes from a species of Engineers and architects and like other members of his species, he has impressive knowledge about most technology, and even more impressive skill at constructing, fixing, modifying and disassembling technology.

In addition, Sandbox's body is connected to a pocket-dimension that he controls with his thoughts. He's capable of scanning any technology or matter that enters the dimension and learn all of its properties in mere seconds.

The orange crystal on Sandbox's horn and his mouth are both able to scan both matter and energy and converse it into data that gets absorbed through his horn or mouth and transported to the pocket-dimension where Sandbox can do anything it was with it.

In turn, the blue spots on Sandbox's arms have the reverse ability of Digital Materialization, or in other words, Sandbox is able to turn the data he has absorbed into solid matter.


Sandbox is heavy, slow and very bulky, which makes it hard for him to run or move through tight passages.

Although Sandbox doesn't have any limit on the size of the construct he's trying to convert into data, there's a limit on how much he can covert at a given time, which means that absorbing anything the size of a car, or a house would take him at least a few minutes. In addition, if Sandbox gets interrupted while he's converting something, the data that hasn't been absorbed would be however lost. The same goes if he gets interrupted while materializing data.

Sandbox is unable to absorb or create organic matter, however, he's able to both absorb and create matter that resembles organic, such as fake skin.

Though Sandbox has the power to absorb energy, he's only able to use it to power-up his inventions, and can't use it directly in combat.


  • TBA


  • Sandbox's name, as well as the whole idea behind the alien, is inspired by the term "Sandbox" used in gaming. Like how in Sandbox games the player is given the tools to craft his own gameplay, this alien has the power to craft anything with the only limits being his own imagination.

Badass concept for an alien; the only thing that really throws me off is the design, which comes off as a bit disjointed.

First Place

Aaron's Entry
Doublecross Sketch.jpg
General Information
Species Fracturemen
Home Planet Barren Hollow
Body Mirrored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Alternate-Self Summoning
Sharp Claws
Chronokinetic Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Weaknesses Limited Control
Split Personality
Feral Nature

Doublecross is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fractureman from the Barren Hollow. He is a free use alien.


Doublecross is a squat organic humanoid with sharp claw-like fingers on each hand, and three-toed feet. His pointed head appears mouthless, and has a single large beady eye in the middle. Atop his head is a large sweeping spine that sticks backwards.

Doublecross's body is mirrored nigh-perfectly front-to-back. He has four legs total, and he has two forearms each connecting at the elbow. He has a second head, whose spine sweeps forwards neatly avoiding contact with the primary head's horn. Both bodies can appear to act independently, though will usually act in tandem.

Powers and Abilities

Doublecross possesses the unique ability to summon alternate versions of himself from other timelines. These selves do not come from distinct timelines or dimensions (such as the Ultimate timeline or Dimension 23), but come from minor offshoot timelines that, in the grander scale, fade back into the main timeline seamlessly (sometimes resulting in the Mandela Effect, but more often going unnoticed).

These alternate selves act independently and usually cannot be controlled by the original self, but this in turn allows them to act with greater conviction and a lack of concern for the collective.

All selves are functionally identical to the original. They do not possess new or unique powers to the original. The only variation outside of personality is the potential for an individual to not possess a hind-body. All of them are relatively strong, fast, agile, and nimble. They are scrappy, pack-hunting creatures with razor sharp claws and a tendency to aim for vulnerable areas, such as the eyes, neck, or belly. They have a tendency to fall into a group mentality while attacking that leads them to be far more brutal than their user would normally allow themselves to be.

As a side effect of his powerset, Doublecross possesses total chronokinetic immunity and experiences only absolute time. Were a time-manipulator to attempt to freeze time, or slow Doublecross's perception of time, nothing would happen. He cannot be sent forwards or backwards in time, and cannot be moved across timelines or dimensions unless called by an alternate version of himself. In addition, this ability has an area-of-effect. In a fairly large radius around Doublecross and any alternate selves (each one having their own area-of-effect), no manipulation of time can occur.


When a temporal clone is damaged to near the point of being beaten, they will reactively and subconsciously return to their native timeline before they can be incapacitated. If the original is hurt in the same way, the others will be sent back to their own timelines and the links are severed. The links will heal as Doublecross recovers.

The extent to which the user can control the second body or any temporal clones is extremely unclear and can vary massively depending on the user. The two bodies have been known to fight among certain users, making the alien difficult if not impossible to utilise.

As stated above, Doublecross can slip into a feral group mentality while attacking that can lead to an impairment of judgement and inhibitions. This can be bad news for the user, and is very often much worse news for whatever Doublecross perceives as a threat.


The Fracturemen are a peaceful, if reclusive species. They are often seen as aggressive, however, as individuals are prone to lashing out and attacking thin air- giving the appearance of madness. In reality this is them assisting an alternate version of themselves, but their chronokinetic immunity means they remain in their own timeline while doing so.

It is unknown when, why, or how the hindbody of a Fractureman appears. Adolescents do not possess one, yet almost all adults do. Given the Omnitrix's choice to retain a hindbody, it can be assumed that this is some form of evolutionary feature. One scientific belief states that this gives them a dual-timeline presence and a permanent connection to the greater multiverse, since a Fractureman never leaves their own timeline yet it is believed that the hindbody is an alternate timeline Fractureman, making the hindbody a permanently summoned self pressed onto both timelines.

Earth-1010 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-1010 continuities.
The Fracturemen are extinct, and have been for many millennia.

Their race was, at the height of their power, greatly feared by the Chronosapiens despite the Fracturemen's relative pacifism and total ambivalence of the Chronosapien race. In the earliest centuries of the Heaven Wars, this fear was exercised in the form of a total genocide against the Fracturemen. Those who escaped this purge were unable to find refuge anywhere due to heightened xenophobia anywhere they went, and eventually perished alone in the cold depths of space.

This race is not present in any Codon Stream in Earth-1010.

Earth-775775 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-775775 continuities.
During the early years of the Unitrix program, the Fracturemen were left in the pool of aliens available commonly within public releases of the Unitrix.

Due to the havoc this alien was able to wreak among certain individuals who failed to control it, the alien was quickly removed and placed into the list of banned species.


Why the Barren Hollow is named as it is remains one of the greatest modern mysteries of the galactic history, albeit a fairly mundane one. The planet is a lush and thriving paradise of dense forests and exotic oceans with amazing biodiversity. It is unclear whether the planet was named by its natives or by external discoverers, but the Fracturemen name of the planet translates to Barren Hollow all the same.

The 'Hollow' part of the name, however, has a fairly obvious connotation. Barren Hollow is a ringworld- a planet-sized ring of rock possessing a gravitational pull either under its mass or facsimiled by way of generating centripetal force. Barren Hollow's gravity is formed under Centripetal force, creating a ring of life on the inside of the ring. Some species can survive on the outer layers of the ring too, however. The planet's axis of rotation is pointed directly towards its local star, the far side is far below freezing temperature and is home to no permanent inhabitants, though some species do travel here to rest or sleep in safety as the sun-facing side has no night time.

Many Sentientsapiens are shocked to learn that the planet is full of life, and will often remark that this was once not the case. However, this was always the case.

Earth-1010 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-1010 continuities.
Barren Hollow is a dead world. Toxic nuclear winds persist even this long after the war has ended. What little remains of the atmosphere is pounded by devastating solar winds. The planet is under a Class-α Quarantine under the Ornithis Travel Advisory Laws and is therefore inhospitable to any creatures without a Type- Resistance Factor of 90 or greater.


  • Certain elements of this alien have been toyed with for over a year before being finalised here.
    • The design, and name, originally belonged to an alien that could see two futures at any given time- the absolute future and a future that would never come to be- with no ability to discern between which one was the truth and which was a lie. Each body would see one of the two futures.
    • The alien was, at one point, going to possess an "anti-matter virus". Not like an antimatter virus, but one that literally rips apart matter in any form.

Unique, cohesive design with well-thought-out powers and some good worldbuilding ideas thrown in. Definitely deserves the #1 spot.


Congratulations to Aaron for winning, and thanks to everyone for participating! That's it for the second day of Ultimate Fanon Con, folks! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for when we announce the results of the Ultimate Character Creation Contest! Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Fanon Con!

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