CaT, the hell is this? Didn't you say you were done with Tech 10 aside from the Star Legacy movie? Why are you doing something with it again?

Well, I'm not.

Sort of.

Okay I should explain.

Basically I'm going to go through the Rebooted Tech 10 continuity and revise a bunch of stuff, which means new art, page updates, and varying levels of rewrites. Don't get this confused with the Renovation project; that was basically paving over my old stuff with new stuff entirely. The Re:Vise is just making what's already there better, which is much, much, less work. I just want to get this stuff on a more consistent level of quality, since right now it's like:

  • Rebooted Season 1: Ew
  • Rebooted Season 1.5: Okay
  • Rebooted Season 2: Good I think
  • Star Spirit Season 1: Why why why why
  • Star Spirit Season 1.5: Okay
  • Star Spirit Season 2: Good

Yeah there's kind of a pattern there. Gonna try to get everything there up to "Good" but no promises.

So yeah that's about it. I might make a thread for this in the Forums to post updates on my progress and stuff idk.

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