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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con so far! To end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

Well, here we go!

--Admin Team, the host of Summer Fanon Con 2018!


CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Summer 2018 Fanon Con!

ReVise Project

It's dead. Cancelled. Gone. Screw off.


Alright, I've been teasing this project for a bit, so here's the official announcement regarding what the hell this is.


Star Spirit: Imaginate is a reimagined version of Star Spirit that acts as a hard reboot instead of just a rewrite like the ReVise version was going to be. The plot is different, the designs are different, the characters are different, everything I want to be different is different.

Why the hell is it called "Imaginate"?

  • Imaginate: To imagine; to create imaginatively.

Basically it's just a way to remind myself not to be such a stick in the mud arse while I'm making shit and to think imaginatively instead of constraining myself arbitrarily.

Are you writing this or what?

Right now I'm doing what I can and keeping Imaginate as primarily an art project. Writing out the series might happen down the line if I live long enough to get my motivation back.


These are the designs I have so far if you want more eat my ass


Part of the project I want to focus on is expanding the species lore for each alien, and as I've stated for now, that starts with the designs.


Star Spirit Imaginate is just one part of a larger project I have planned. Check stay tuned for my Discord presentation tonight at 10pm EST for that reveal.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Sol's Entry
You may be wondering a variety of things (not so many about me, but hey, you've read so far so don't give up yet!) as you read this installment of Fanon Con, and so I will attempt to answer your questions for you. What can you say, except you're welcome? (And no, you cannot tell me to deflate my ego. It's not happening).

Are Sol 101 and Starlight's Soliloquy ever happening?


Since you won't answer that, have you reached any milestones in the process of creating either series?

Okay, I'll bite.

I've changed to writing the episodes online, instead of through Microsoft Word. The faith I have in Microsoft as a company is just slowly dwindling and it's much easier to format them without Word. That being said, Wikia is also an absolutely terrible medium now that I've actually learned how to use HTML and CSS. At this point, I'd be better off turning my episodes into audiobooks.

(If anyone's actually up for that hit me up in the DM's) (That's a joke, for now at least)

Aside from that fact, I've managed to finish most of the alien lineups for Starlight's Soliloquy and Sol 101. I'd say I'm half-way done with both first episodes, but that might be an ambitious claim. While we're on this deadly speeding train of thought with no ticket, here are the working titles for the first few episodes of Sol 101 and Starlight Soliloquy. Note that all titles and descriptions are subject to change.

  • All We Have is Now - In an apocalyptic Earth, an outcast name Jules heads to Paris in an attempt to keep the fight against his longtime enemy alive.
  • Here It Goes Again - Major Tom and the Human Zenith crash land on Earth following a deadly battle in orbit. In the ensuing disaster, the Omnitrix manages to... get away. Somehow. It's all very vague.

  • Take Me Out - Two interstellar assassins cross paths in the small town of Alice Springs, Pennsylvania.
  • Lucky Star - One assassin down, one to go. Unfortunately, it won't be as easy as expected, and previous plans are falling apart.
  • Melancholy Hill - In an attempt to get out of the pandemonium and chaos that has enveloped Alice Springs, the band of survivors must radio for help.
  • Green River - Sailing down a river, the survivors encounter a city overrun by strange plant-like organisms. 

Wait, why is it Sol 101 instead of Sol 10?

It got bigger.

We've been waiting for Sol 101 for so long, and don't even know the plot synopsis. What is it?

In a not-so-far future, the authority of Lore - a plane of existence where those who have become "legendary" may thrive for eternity - has been challenged by one individual attempting to essentially "usurp" the entire universe. The man, who has been dubbed "Apocalypse Now", has waged war on the cosmos in an attempt to topple the hierarchy and replace it with himself and a new world order, viewing the old corrupt and utterly an inefficient relic.

Both parties are beginning to grow tired from fighting. A fierce battle wages over Earth, with many of the old inhabitants dead or fighting in the atmosphere against the armadas of Apocalypse Now. Apocalypse Now plans to strike for Earth and win the war there, by luring out the Omnitrix. With the Omnitrix, he would be able to have unlimited access to the universe's creative power. He would be unstoppable, paradoxically more powerful than the universe itself.

But there's one problem. Apocalypse Now doesn't know where the Omnitrix is. In fact, the only one that does anymore is a man named Jules. He's not exactly what you would call the most loyal servant to Lore, especially after they kicked him out and punished him with trying to find a way to defeat Apocalypse Now. It's fitting, too: Jules is the one who let Apocalypse Now gain his first powers.

So, where is the Omnitrix, and who is this eponymous Sol character?

Just an awkward fourteen-year-old boy on Earth, way back in the past, being chased around by one of Apocalypse Now's deadliest henchmen, and who has come to acquire the Omnitrix. He's definitely not emotionally, socially, mentally, or physically ready for any of this.

How long will Sol last until he's hunted down? Will the Omnitrix fall into the hands of Apocalypse Now? Will Jules ever redeem himself? Can Apocalypse Now find a more sensible, reasonable goal? How many licks will it take him to get to the center of the universe? How many episodes can the author write before quitting? More importantly, will the author ever get laid?

Only time will tell if those questions are answered in Sol 101, coming this... fall? Maybe sooner? Probably later? Maybe even never, especially in the case of that last one?

Can we get more information on Sol 101 characters?

None of you are probably thinking that, but sure!

Sol Apocalypse Now Nameless Swordsman Jules
Describe Yourself: Professional heartbreaker, adventurer, and the one you'll all be looking up to (especially if you're kneeling, babes. and by that i mean kneeling to pray. because i am that much of a god in bed.) Describe Yourself: A man who has been wronged too many times by the fraudulent system Describe Yourself: (It appears he does not speak. However, based on the hand gestures he made to us, he seems to be enjoying himself or perhaps rather angry at us.) Describe Yourself: I just want to go home. First I need to find that home. (Editor's Note: Forget all of that and just imagine it says "Neckbeard edgelord.")
Home: Doesn't matter, he ran away for a reason Home: Wherever Jules came from Home: An alternate version of Earth, thousands of years into the future Home: Earth (likes to leave it intentionally vague)
Favorites: Cute girls, cool tunes, adventure (when it's not scary or difficult or requiring any actual input on behalf of the adventurer) Favorites: Dominance, victory, boring answers that leave you wanting more Favorites: Duty, honor, chivalry, moral code Favorites: His own sense of fashion and style, the thrill of dodging the law
Worst Fear(s): Dying a virgin, dying alone, commitment, responsibility Worst Fear(s): Death, defeat, nonexistence Worst Fear(s): Being the villain Worst Fear(s): Being locked out of Lore, watching Apocalypse Now win and being helpless in the process
Goals: Get laid (hopefully on numerous occassions) Goals: Eliminate the possibility of his fears ever being realized Goals: Defeating Apocalypse Now and achieving vengeance for himself and all other victims Goals: Self-redemption
Wields: Women Wields: His own body like a weapon Wields: An unbreakable reforged MacGuffin blade, Kusanagi Wields: His own MacGuffin pistol, Velvet Revolver
Abilities: Just give him some time and he'll figure something out, eventually Abilities: Nearly unlimited shapeshifting and modification of his own genetic code Famous Quote: Situation: Not very good, but on the rebound
Laika Omnitrix Human Zenith
Describe Yourself: Loyal comrade until the end Describe Yourself: Your future overlord Describe Yourself: Apex predator and pinnacle of human physique
Home: Raised in the tought, mean streets of Moscow Home: Her own planet, which she totally enslaved before becoming a wristwatch Home: The ruins of a war-plagued Earth, where he is practically a physical god among men
Favorites: BDSM, firearms, communism Favorites: Being left out, autocratic dictatorships,  Favorites: The thrill of the hunt, genetic superiority, eugenics
Worst Fear(s): The fall of the Soviet Union Worst Fears: Never being released from her wrist-mounted prison Worst Fear(s): Someone stronger than him that he can't suck up to for protection
Goals: Helping other people accomplish their own goals (the true meaning of friendship and perhaps communism) Goals: Domination over the universe Goals: Pass on his own superior genetics and remove the inferior specimen
Wields: Guns for hands Wields: It's hard to wield anything when you're trapped inside of a box. Wields: Twin mirror blades that can quite literally match anything they're put up against
Favorite Food: Food is not needed when you have patriotism Amount of Different Alien Forms: Possibly endless, but never uses the ones she thinks aren't powerful enough Killcount: Not high enough to cause the genetic bottleneck he needs to start his own super race

Why does it seem like this entire thing was thrown together at 3:00 on the day that it was due?

Because it was! I found Borderlands 2 a bit too difficult to put down, and I'm too much of a coward to just say "Whoops, my bad. My entire main blog entry sucks balls and I have almost nothing", so instead, I'm sitting here practically pulling my hair out and scavenging through things I can say to stay witty and still earn some semblance of a minor respect that I frankly don't quite deserve. In retrospect, this actually wasn't that bad and I could have done it sooner, but laziness is the devil that will do me in and I'm currently fine with that because I am way too lazy to save myself.

Anyways, stop harping on me. I brought things to show that I'm slowly doing work, even if it's work that none of you care about. For example, have a quick excerpt from Starlight's Soliloquy. The boys from TSU said I shouldn't include an action scene here, but I like to take risks. That's probably one of the reasons girls still aren't interested in me. Strange how that one works.

Press the "Expand" button, if you dare. Sorry, had to move it down to stop more ugliness.

Appalachian Wilderness. 7:49 PM.

A lean figure clambered to the edge of the forest, pausing to rest a hand against one of the native species of tree he had found on this planet. His eyes combed the groupings of lights down in the trench below, staring in wonder and ultimately trying to discern what they could be and of what importance they were. They were not the only lights on this planet, no. The lights from above still shone, but he was no longer as interested in them. The lights below his feet seemed much more homely, as if they were calling to him louder than the ones above. After a few more seconds, his mind had reached its conclusion. Removing his hand from the brown skin of the tree, he began to slowly approach the edge of the green floor. He wanted to make his way down the rocky slope to join this strange gathering. 

However, before he could place his foot on the first rough grey stepping stone, the stars made one last effort to steal his attention away. He heard a deep rumbling growl and looked up towards the sky, watching a familiar black shadow narrowly pass over the tree tops, just yards above his head.

Another hunter.

The ship headed off in the opposite direction of the hearth below, and within seconds, he was following it. He ran, his feet pounding against the strange green and brown carpet, dodging the wooden pillars and clouds of leaves. He managed to keep up with the black crow of a ship as it decelerated. The shadow slowly began to descend into the forest, flushing the leave clouds away into smoke and chipping the wood into nothingness. The knight knew that now would be the optimal time to strike, and thus he slammed a blade into the ground and catapulted himself up and into the air.

He hit his first target, gracefully catching and grabbing onto one of the wooden pillars. His muddied feet stood parallel to the trunk, while one hand wrapped around the branch like it was a spear. He remained their for a mere moment, long enough only to weave a blade from the light around his hand. It sparked as the energy came into formation, but he spent no time investigating it. His creation's purpose was not to pique his own curiosity. He slammed the tool into the tree, discarding it already and using the momentum it provided to propel himself further.

He pirouetted through the air, flying up higher and closer to the black metal skin of his rival's bird. Another blade was unsheathed and promptly slashed against the hull of the hawklike ship. The two materials collided, and sparks flew until debris took its place instead. The knight's sword proved superior, and the ship's hulls began to crack and shatter down the side. The engine was revealed, and Xiphos finally had his chance to strike down his opponent once and for all, though it might mean sacrificing himself in the process.

Due to his knack for self-preservation, he neglected this opportunity. He used the last of his momentum to launch himself down into the dirt below, rolling into a ball. Slamming his blade into the solid mud, he managed to stop his momentum. He carefully got to his feet, turned his head to investigate the area, and, once he was sure he could have a moment to recuperate, leaned up against one of the burnt charcoal pillars. From afar, he could watch the "crow" collide with the forest top. A roar of heat was unfurled onto the poor forest canopy, and instantly the knight knew he too was unsafe here. He wiped the static from his hands, dispersed his blade into glimmers of light, and continued on his run through the strange new arena in the opposite direction from where he had came.

And with that, peace, I'm out. Please leave all of your complaints and nasty comments for when you're talking about me behind my back. It really makes everything a lot easier and nicer for the both of us.

Alan's Entry
Oh. Yes. Hi. I haven't done shit in ages, have I? Oops. Well, I suppose I should give a little update on all the projects that people know I have, sans The Alan 10 Adventures cause that's my main thing.

Alanomaly's Doctor Who

This is supposed to have three seasons, and I've got all three planned, with probably some adjustments to make here and there, and I've only got like a little bit of the first episode done. It'll happen, but I'm not sure when. When it does, it'll be done on the wiki where Alan 10 is happening.


I started writing the rewrite of Batman & Robin a while back but haven't really gotten back into it just yet. This is probably gonna be the longest project cause I planned a lot for it. It's in the same boat with Doctor Who, where I'll do it, not sure when, and it'll be done on my wiki as well.

Færy Tæl

I announced this one back in 2016. It was supposed to be a spin-off focusing on the Alan 10 character, Alexis Dwyer, and was supposed to deal with the mythical creatures of Fæ. I don't really have an update on this one. It may happen. It may not happen. I'm not quite sure. It depends on how Alan 10 goes.

Ben 10 Theory

Haha nope. Half the shit I wanted to do for it was stuff that's more than likely gonna be done in CaT's biology series, and he's a hell of a lot better at that subject than I am.

I think that's pretty much it for the side projects. Now, onto the main one.

It's been over a year since the last episode of The Alan 10 Adventures. I have hit the biggest dry spell of writing. I tried forcing myself to write the episode that was supposed to be next, My Dear Nemuina, but it wasn't working. So, I decided to reschedule the episodes so that Magnetic Personality happens first. Luckily, nothing in particular happens in either episode that makes it so they can't be switched, so I'm fine doing this. And I also managed to get a lot of the latter done in a faster time than it took me to get some of the former done. So, I'll give you a little sneak peek for Magnetic Personality.

The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

[The scene was dark.]

Gravelly voice: What's happening here is not normal.

[The scene opened up with an overhead view of a body on a table. The body was black with pink designs on the hands, feet, chest, and shoulders. It had no head. On the center of the chest was the Simplicitrix. The body was strapped down to the table, struggling to get free.]

Gravelly voice: It's extraordinary.

[A man, whose details are not shown, was seen attaching tubes to the sides of the Simplicitrix. After attaching them, red energy shout out of the Simplicitrix and hit his hands. His hand changed to have red skin, and his five fingers turned into three orange ones. Two large, white wings grew out of his back. Two antennae shot out of the top of his head, poking through his hair. His face was then shown, having two, large, green compound eyes on his normal human face. He threw himself against a desk, and his hands slid across it, throwing all the papers on it onto the floor. His jacket ripped off.]

[The scene went black. It opened back up with Devin wrapping his arms around the upper arms of a red Tetramand in golden armor. Then it changed to Alan in his Deadpool outfit riding on the hood of a NASCAR. A dark grey Petrosapien in a purple and orange outfit held Mason by the neck before throwing him. Alexis' eyes were seen glowing a bright blue. With sword in hand, Jessica, also in her Deadpool outfit, was shown lunging at a white Piscciss Volann. Just before the sword hit, the scene went black again and the episode title appeared.]


[The scene opened back up with Alan in his Deadpool outfit driving a police car.]

Pride (voice): What's your genius escape plan this time?

Alan: You'll see.

[Alan's phone began ringing. He pulled it out and answered.]

Alan: Arthur Curry's Dry Cleaning, how may I help you?

Jessica (voice): Where are you right now?!

Alan: Uh... the soup store?

[Alan suddenly jerked the car's wheel.]


[The car was then seen having flipped over the side of the bridge, slowly making its way down into the river below as Pride screamed. The scene cut away.]

Magnetic Personality2

Episode art by Ebomnitrix.

Ebomnitrix's Entry
E-10 Horizons Fanon Con Opening

Shot 1: [The setting takes place in a backyard leading to a forest. Everything is surrounded in shades of blue, with the trees and ground glowing red. A meteorite is falling from the sky as Ethan stands before it.]

Shot 2: [Ethan face turns from surprised to his eyebrows frowning, but his mouth smiling with his teeth wide open, as he reaches out his arm towards the sky.]

Shot 3: [A block with a badge symbol at the top goes flying towards Ethan’s hand as he tries to grab it. It then squirms onto his wrist at quick speed, transforming it into a watch.]


Ebomnitrix: Hi, my name is Ebomnitrix

Kakapokid: Hey, I’m Kakapokid5

Runny: Heyo, I’m Runny

Prof Jake: Hello, I'm Paradox

Ebomnitrix: And you're about to step into the grand tour, of E-10: Horizons. (Just had to make that reference)

E-10 Horizons logo



What’s your job at E-10 Horizons?

Ebomnitrix: I am the sole creator of the E-10 franchise. I basically design the show, with how I want to see the writing done, the music done, and I design most of the characters you see on here.

Kakapokid: I’m a writer and the guy who influences on a lot of things on E-10.

Runny: I work as an assistant writer/editor.

Prof Jake: I'm one of the audio designers/soundtrack musicians on E-10 Horizons.


How did you get to work on E-10 Horizons?

Ebomnitrix: Well aside from being the obvious creator, I was pitching out a project as I had designed a personal project with Alanomaly. We decided to create our own individual sets of 10 if we had to pick 5 aliens from OS and 5 aliens from later series to join the roster. And after I saw it, I was kinda like, wow, this is a lot better than the series I have going on. So by the time it was January, I decided hey, I think it’s time for a new project.

Kakapo: Ethan was asking in the staffchat on Kuro’s server for members to help with writing, and luckily, I was crazy enough to say yes.

Runny: I was asked to join the crew by my good friend Kakapokid. They needed more members on the crew, so he asked me to help out.

Prof Jake: Ethan was looking for people to help proofread the scripts and I offered to do so.


So what is E-10: Horizons all about?

Ebomnitrix: E-10 Horizons focuses on a subject that nobody ever really focuses on, and it’s college.


[He rubbed his eyes, yawned and turned over to his phone to check the time. His eyes widened when he saw the time was 9:03am.]

Ethan: I’m late… I’m late!

[Ethan gets up and slipped off from his bed onto the ground.]


Prof Jake: It's about Ethan, a young man who finds the Omnitrix and goes on to try and keep the world safe from aliens and other weirdos.


[Ethan tried taking a closer look at it but the pod started opening slowly. A flash of green light gleamed from inside, blinding Ethan for a second as he blocked the light with his hand.]


[XLR8 dashed over to the robbers to grab their attention.]

XLR8: Hey, dudes! Are we really gonna do the classic hero vs bank robbers thing?

Robber: What the hell is that thing?!

Robber 2: Who cares? Blast it!

[They began shooting at XLR8.]


Kakapokid: It’s basically this new take on the concept of Ben 10 featuring college students and the crazy stuff they do.


[At the entrance of Splattown, a group of 8 adults stood on the left while another group stood at the right as an argument was breaking out.]

Arthur: Oh, you wanna go?!

Hannibal: Yeah, man, let’s see whatcha got!


Runny: E-10: Horizons is a fun, fast paced series, that deals with relationships, self-doubt, and redemption.


[The scene took place at a hallway, where Ethan and Terence were having a conversation. Ethan was looking down as he continued to express his emotions with a sad look on his face.]


Ebomnitrix: It’s about all kinds of things, and that’s what makes it special.


What makes this E-10 different compared to the other E-10 series?

Kakapokid: It has me as a writer.

Runny: I haven't read much of the previous E-10 series, but from what I have read this is a much more grounded and well written series. Definitely an improvement over the others.

Ebomnitrix: It’s really different from the previous E-10 series, it’s a lot more centered on other characters than just your main one. And what makes it so interesting is we get to expand a whole universe where you get to see things from other people’s perspectives, it’s amazing. What’s also different is we are definitely dropping the Ning and Team 10 characters from the cast, so we’re not doing any crazy self-insert characters anymore.


Who is your favorite alien in the show?

Ebomnitrix: In this series, I have a ton of fun writing a bunch of aliens, particularly XLR8.


XLR8: Whoa! I’m getting major Flash vibes right now.


Runny: as far as aliens go, Echo Echo is my favorite, but in the series... I'd have to give it to Lodestar. He's got a couple of new powers that are really neat.


[The robot began aiming it’s cannon at Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Alright, big guy! Let’s see how you can handle my magnetic personality!


Kakapokid: There’s a few new aliens I love that don’t get to appear for a while. But, from what you’ve seen, I guess Goop because he’s a cool alien overall.


[Goop’s arm shifted into a hose and sprayed acidic slime at the vines. The plant monster screamed as its vines began melting into the ground, turning brown, then into nothingness.]

Alice: Phew, Thanks Ethan.

Goop: No problem.

[Terence looked up to see Goop approaching the plant monster.]

Terence: Ew, what are you?

Goop: Goop. Literally.


Prof Jake: I can’t talk about this alien yet, but he is an alien I got to help design and he is a really unique alien. Can’t wait for you to see him.


Lieutenant Steel: COME ON KID, USE IT NOW! USE IT NOW!

[Ethan nervously sweating, he raised up his arm over the watch.]

Ethan: Hah! [Slams down]


What stuff are you excited for in the upcoming episodes?

Ebomnitrix: Other than the series premiere, once we’ve built up all the personal relationships, I think you’re going to enjoy what you’ll see in Episode 10 and what we’ll do with that by the end of the season.

Kakapokid: I’m really excited for people to see E3, E6, E10, and E14, because they are all amazing episodes and my favorites of the series.

Runny: I'm really excited to see these characters grow, and to see what we manage to write next for this season and for the seasons beyond. I'm also pretty excited to (hopefully) write an episode myself.

Paradox: Honestly, seeing what kinds of stories we develop, and of course, what music I’ll be working on for each episode.


Ebomnitrix: Now, we know some of you have read the series premiere today. Now stay tuned for what else we have in store when new episodes continue this October. But, until then, I think it’s fair we give you a sneak peak. So enjoy and stay tuned for the Chat Presentation, presented by the staff behind E-10 Horizons. Until next time, Stay Gold.


E-10, Horizons, 10 Days Trailer (Spiky Seeds, Short)

[Inside the chemical showers, the glass doors shattered, with steam surrounding the entire room. As the fog began to fade, the frightened students looked up to see a plant creature coming out of it. The Professor dropped his phone and the plant monster roared at the group.]


[Ethan accidentally bumps into a familiar face, which dropped the two of them to the ground.]


[The familiar face was revealed to be Terence as he wiped the dust off of him.]

Terence: Oh, it’s just you.


[Ethan, Alice, and Terence arrive in the gymnasium where the SACT soldiers are attempting to fight off the plant monster.]


[Ethan dialed up Heatblast and slammed down on the watch.]


[We zoom out, revealing Ethan had transformed into AmpFibian instead.]


[AmpFibian, surrounded by the Plant Monster’s clutches, created a jolt of electricity. The blast electrocuted the plant monster.]


Alice: How’s the alien fighting business?

Ethan: Exhausting.


[The Echo Echoes launched their Echo Chamber attack. Sound waves from every direction of the room, blasted at an african american and he screamed out of the top of his lungs, holding onto his ears. Enraged, he launched an attack on the ground, and multiple shockwaves were launched at the Echo Echo clones, throwing them all back, unconscious.]


Ethan (Narration): Not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of being the overworked type.


[Four Arms jumped over toward the giant missile to stop it from taking off.]


Nikki: So, what’s been going on between you and Ethan?


[Wildmutt jumped out of the restaurant, with Alice riding on his back. Wildmutt began making a run for it from the foes inside.]


[Ethan finished speaking and eyed at Alice. Alice’s eyes widened and her face turned red. She punched his shoulder and Ethan grasped it.]


Nikki (Narration): You two are always sneaking off together.

Alice (Narration): Oh, like you and Hannibal?


[Hannibal grabbed Nikki’s arm and pulled her away from the car. They started running away as the Robot from Dimension 12 drove over Hannibal’s car.]


Alice (Narration): I’ve seen the way he looks at you.


[Hannibal and Nikki finished hugging and then soon their eyes met.]


Hex: The full moon is finally out and I am seconds away from gaining my true power!


[Hex launched an energy blast and Alice grabbed Nikki and ducked, they ran to hide behind a aisle.]


Diamondhead: And that’s not gonna happen!


[Diamondhead’s hands formed into shooters and started firing diamond shards at Hex.]


[OP Shot: Ethan's figure was black as he stood in a green spotlight.]

Shot 1: Ethan raised his leg back with his foot sliding back.

Shot 2: Ethan raised his left arm back, with the light reflecting off the watch's symbol.

Shot 3: Ethan moved his right elbow back as he moved his head up.

Shot 4: Ethan's lips started moving as he said "Spiky Seeds"

Shot 5: Ethan quickly slammed down and a green light flashed on the screen.]

E-10 Horizons logo




If you've read the series premiere, what did you think?

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Which characters are you excited to see and develop the most?

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Which alien are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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What are you most excited for?

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From what you've seen so far, dyou think this will be better than any of the other previous series?

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Reo's Entry
Hi! I haven't done one of these in a while and I'm not sure on what I want to say. Let's just get into it. I'll be talking about a lot of possible plans, but I have to say, I can't assure that any of them, except for Alien of the Week and Reo's Ideas, will be carried out and completed. 

Alien of the Week

No fancy heading, I know. Can't be bothered to do that.

Anyway, Alien of the Week will be continuing based on the plan I have shown on the series page. No episode for the 1st week of July due to the fact that I am away at a sing and dance festival for the entire week.

I do wish to feature some special guests on the show other than the alien themselves. I've had Reo Jones in mind as one. These special guests would work as a small BTS teaser and an update on my other projects.

I Think that does it for that series. I know, nothing special, but it's pretty much the only series that I consistently write.

Reo's Ideas

A Few upcoming episodes are:

  • I Met Myself on a Bench at the Park Accidentally (Parallel Minds) - A recent Idea that has been on my mind. It's made me feel rather weird and not so good, but it's still an interesting story. An Action story with a psychological twist.
  • Paradox - Ben 10 x Doctor Who?
  • Deen 14: The Evolution - An old project that I and Ahmad created set in the age of Ben 10 000.
  • Reoverse - My big connected universe of completely non-Ben 10 stories that I made up a while ago.

Also for Reo's Ideas, I want to write a few more Reo's Untold Stories episode. I think the UPOTU untold story is something I could do, but I still want to finish the season before I do that.

Speaking of UPOTU...

UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

The reason why I haven't been writing this series isn't that of a lack of ideas, sort of. I keep on forgetting what happens in the episode Us Against the Universe. Even though I have the rest of the episode figured out, I can't move forward with a big hole in my story. So Until I can remember what I planned for it, at least bits and pieces or until I make up a new story for that, there shall be no UPOTU.

But what I do want to mention, because I plan to actually finish this series, is a sequel. 2 sequels in fact. One of them following UltiVerse and his adventures in the new place where he will be and the other one focusing on Reo and his struggles on being a good person and other matters that are catching up to him. Both series would be heavily distanced from UPOTU, especially the latter.


There are two reasons as to why I'm not writing this series. A) The episodes are rather long and I was not sure on how to write something like that, how much story do I need or rather how stretched out it should be. and B) I have a bit of a lack of ideas for the few starter episodes. Not for Episode 1, but for Episode 3 mostly.

I have decided that the episodes would be split into 5 parts. I will try to make each part of the length of 2/3 of an Albedo 10: Negaverse episode.

Albedo 10: Negaverse

I love working on this series, but I was at a little bit of a struggle back before I stopped. My health issues were the perfect reason to stop. I want to continue the series, but at the current point, I am not sure if I want to continue the storyline that I have started.  The series has a chance of returning in July if I don't start seriously working on Omni-Legends.


Truth be told, I have no idea what is the ending of the story. I left it in the air for a reason. I love the world that I built within Different but I don't think I shall be working on it for a long time. Maybe at some point in August, I will pick it up but I highly doubt that.


I've been working on a few other projects in the meantime. So here are 3 that I might at some point bring over to BTFF, but I don't guarantee anything.


It's a Deadpool-ish series about a clone of Ben Tennyson, who has a healing factor. He's 4th Wall-breaking character. Aiden Genson is his name, or so he thinks. He's essentially 6 months old, but he looks to be 21, while Ben Tennyson is only 18. Gen simply has a fly time battling against various threats as an Anti-hero as well as pranking Ben on various occasions and just having overall fun in life. 

Obviously, there's a deeper story underneath all that fun. Gen believes that he was actually a person before becoming a clone. He believes that person to be Aiden Genson. Let me just say, it's not quite like that.

Note: Episode 1 Written.

Sean Hollis: The Series

Sean Hollis is perhaps my favourite out of all of these because it's the actual reboot of Shun 10. It follows Sean Hollis, the new Shun. Sean gets shot by one of his teammates during a mission that could help take down the very organisation that they work for. Afterwards, Sean his blamed for stealing a powerful device from the organisation, but the device is nowhere to be seen. Problems start to arise when Sean wakes up one morning with the device on his wrist. It's an alteration of the story I had underneath Shun 10.

Astral I

No. this is not the game Astral I. While is does feature the same 7 characters, Rob, Eve, Dan, Vicky, Jerome and Tina as well as Victor. It's now a space adventure series, rather than what I had going on for it at first. It follows the 121st Unit of the IGPK. It's an adventurous story with some bits of comedy in there as well as mystery.

Note: Episode 1 Written. Episode 2 in production.


I think that about does it. I wanted to talk about my current feels, but they switch from day to day, so I'll exclude that. As I said at the start, I don't promise anything, but I will try to deliver. Please go vote for the Alien of the Week over at the series page here: Alien of the Week.

Thanks for reading this!

~Reo~ 13:28, June 24, 2018 (UTC)

Lt. Omni's Entry
Logo by CaT
Season 1 has come to an end. To read all of the first season, check the series' episode guide or, if you've been reading the series already, check the series finale. But then that leaves some of us pondering: What will come of season 2? Well, if you've seen the finale, you know what the plot is about. However, that doesn't explain everything that will be happening. With this new season, Yellow will be hopping through different dimensions, timelines and universes throughout the Omniverse with the help of his crew, and their new "aid" Professor Paradox. Some of these universes have been shown in the Ben 10 show such as the 23rd Dimension, Prime Dimension or Gwen 10 Timeline. And some have been seen or explained about in the series such as Yellow's Universe, or the No Ben Timeline. More will be explained in the presentation, so come if you're interested... or just wanna be there... please come, I'm beggin' ya!
Aaron's Entry
Alright LADS forget that weak shit in the rest of this blog THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME HERE FOR LET'S GET INTO IT!
Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Logo by CaT
Shit's finished yo.
Go read the finale, or the entire series if you haven't already.

In case you missed it, don't forget to check out No Watch, No Problem!. It's a short prequel put together by me and Ultra depicting No-Watch Ben's life post-Omniverse and prior to Reboot Revolution.

Also I'm thinking of making a short series of episodes based on the reboot/Delta Dimension in the future. It'll have a bunch of cool shit. We're talking a money-loving pirate gang, A squirrel that gains an Omnitrix and subsequently becomes sapient, and a living mountain. Half crazy stuff I couldn't get away with elsewhere, half a love letter to the reboot.

Ben 10: Road Trip

Logo by CaT

So it's been like way over a year since I announced this thing, but I can now officially announce that it IS actually going to be a thing and I am currently working on it.

Alright so below I've laid out three different layers of reveals. Read 'em in whatever order you want, it doesn't make a huge amount of a difference. The Preview at the end is the most interesting part IMO, taken straight from the beginning of the first episode Burning Bridges

There may or may not also be some mini-episodes in between proper episodes to cover different things that might ruin the pacing of actual episodes if tacked onto them. IDK. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Character Reveals
Ben 1010 Crop
Ben Tennyson
Forced by Azmuth to accept the new T2 Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson has one week to prove to the brilliant Galvan that he is still worthy of wielding it. That's going to be much harder with only 10 aliens again...
SD-1 Crop
The AI computer of Ben's new starship, the Stardust 1, SD-1 was originally developed by Blukic and Driba before being overhauled by Azmuth at Rook's request. Much to the First Thinker's dismay, he was unable to restrain her independent personality.
Ignis Crop
The unwilling ruler of the now-broken planet Pyros, it is up to Ignis to crush the rebellions against her. With full access to what remains of Apollo's forces, she must restore order through tyranny to bring peace to the planet once more.
Alien Reveals
MindMatter Crop
Species: Sentient Chemicoal
Deceptively capable for a floating pile of rubble, MindMatter possesses advanced telekinetic abilities and his shattered body makes him a difficult target to hit. Although not as strong as his other aliens, his long reach more than makes up for it.
Triedge Crop
Species: Necroterran
Capable of manipulating the forces of life and death themselves, Ben quickly learns that this alien is not to be toyed with. His strategy when using this alien is to switch to any other alien as soon as possible, for no other alien is as cruel as Triedge.
Hivemind Crop
Species: [ [ ERROR ] ]
[ [ NO DATA ] ]

Ben wanders the streets of Undertown, hidden beneath a brown cloak and not without aim. On any human street his attire would draw suspicious attention, but here among alien tastes his dress sense was of no one’s concern but his own. Despite this disconnect, his discretion would be immediately uncovered in either community -his face was a well known image of heroism and hope across this galaxy. This fact that ate away at him inside, especially after his last conversation with anyone he would have considered a friend.

Even if he had ruined the only friendships he cared about, he still had a duty to maintain. Ben was a hero, and heroes saved lives regardless of who was in danger. Today, he planned on saving the Plumbers. He thought back once again to his conversation with Timekiller, and the Lenopan creatures with mechanical implements bleeding out of their liquid bodies that he had been shown attacking the Plumber Base.

Timekiller: “ If they are what I think they are, someone in Undertown may be able to identify them.”

He thought back even further to the hooded figure he had seen Liam purchasing weapons from a few days prior. He had disappeared with a cyan-coloured teleportation at the first sign that Ben intended to subdue him. The weapon was a dark metal colour, but Ben remembered little else of its design. It’s not as though he’d have been able to tell which race might have designed it if he remembered more, though. The one thing Ben did remember, that he had paid little attention to at the time, was the piercing red eyes of the hooded figure. They were little more than two single red lines, but they stuck in the front of Ben’s mind. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d seen them somewhere before.

He arrives at the Gas House. Ben’s first visit to Undertown many months ago had brought him here, at least now Ben better knew how to deal with its patrons. Ben brought his Omnitrix to bear and slid through the aliens. Heatblast, Swampfire, Humungousaur, Lodestar, and finally his alien of choice. The black faceplate slid away to reveal the inner core, which Ben pressed down gently.

The large rotund alien entered the bar. Its sickly green skin hidden beneath the cloak, which the Omnitrix had attempted to wrap around him. He tore it off almost immediately and threw it aside, it was of little use in here and was only getting in his way. He coughed loudly, drawing the gazes of the occupants through the blue haze.

ImmoBile: “I’m looking for information. Anyone who knows this symbol should be aware that I’m not to be messed with.”

He points to the green hourglass symbol on his belt. A pair of glowing red eyes turn to meet him through the haze. Although Ben cannot make out the features of the silhouette attached to them, the voice sounds familiar.

???: “What a coincidence, me and my friends here have actually been looking for you.”

ImmoBile: “Ominous. What do you want from me?”

The figure steps forwards, and two other figures rise up behind it. Jets of steam fire out of the central figure, clearing the blue gas and revealing a brass-clad Piscciss Premann cyborg -one Ben had known for years. Besides him, a purple armoured Sotoraggian assassin and a red-clad Chimera Sui Generis with a large hammer on her back.

Kraab: “A little Anodite birdie offered to pay us in Taydenite to bring you into Plumber custody. You’ve made some enemies, Tennyson, but I can’t say you didn’t choose well.”

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