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Second Place

Brandon's Entry
A New Beginning is the first episode of the series, Ben 10: Legends of the Universe.==Plot==

This episode begins in outer space, showing a view of the Earth as it slowly spins.

Ben, narrating: A while ago. (slight chuckle) Okay. A long while ago- I was just a kid. I had an ordinary life like the rest of you. But then something changed.

A meteor is seen approaching the Earth. The view closes in on it, showing that it is actually a pod. On the surface, a camp site is seen by a forest which the meteor crashes into it. The scene cuts over to the forest where a crater is now seen which a kid standing inside it, looking down at the pod as it opens.

Ben, narrating: An alien device had landed right in front of me and gave me powers that I could only dream of.

The Omnitrix appears within the pod and launches out, covering the view and throwing it into darkness.

Ben, narrating: It opened my world! Took me to new places-

The scene transitions to Mount Rushmore with the Rustbucket parked close by.

Ben, narrating: Showed me new people-

The scene transitions to a young Ben and Gwen having fun with a young Cooper in the Rustbucket with Max looking at them from the driver's seat.

Ben, narrating: And had me face new threats...

The scene transitions to Ben facing off against Vilgax in his ship before returning a dark screen again.

Ben, narrating: There was the war.

The scene shows Ben facing off against the Highbreed.

Ben, narrating: And there was the battle.

The scene now shows Ultimate Swampfire against Vilgax, in his true form.

Ben, narrating: I have fought against those with absolute power-

The scene now shows Ultimate Echo Echo against Ultimate Kevin.

Ben, narrating: And the ultimate enemy.

The scene now shows Ben facing off against Diagon in his suit of armor while wielding the Ascalon. The scene fades into darkness once again.

Ben, narrating: And now it's the end. The end of an era as a new dawn approaches.

Ben is slowly seen approaching as light enters the area.

Ben, narrating: And with that new dawn, we'll be better together. We'll be heroes like never before.

Ben then stops and stands in front of what seems to be an entrance as light from the outside comes in completely, making everything well seen.

Ben: We'll be legends.

Gwen, unseen: I was there too, you know. You don't have to narrate everything from here on out.

Ben turns his head and sees Gwen right behind him, walking up a ramp into the area. She's wearing a light blue back pack with a cat pin attached to it.

Ben: Sorry, I can't help it. I'm just excited.

Gwen: You're always excited. Maybe you can try being a little less excited this time around, huh?

Ben: I've been wanting to go on this trip for a while now, Gwen. But you had to finish college and I had to finish saving the world...

Gwen: That implies that you're done with saving the world to begin with.

Ben: Rook can handle it from where I left off. Besides, when we get back, I'll just instant kick their butts anyways.

Gwen: (sighs) You haven't changed, Ben.

Gwen moves ahead while Ben looks at her go. He then smiles and turns to look outside through the entrance. The scene then cuts to the outside where it is shown that they are inside of a spaceship parked on a platform just outside of a new Plumbers facility.

Ben 10: Legends of the Universe

After the titles, Ben is seen walking over to the controls while Gwen is already seated, searching her bag for something.

Ben, turning to Gwen: Whatcha looking for?

Gwen: My spellbook.

Ben: You still need that thing?

Gwen: Not really but it is a good read for trips.

Ben: Whatever you say. I can hardly make out anything on those pages.

Gwen, still searching: Ugh! I still can't find it. I hope I didn't leave it behind at- (stops herself)

Ben: Gwen?

Gwen, looking away: It's nothing, Ben.

Ben gets away from the controls and sits a seat next to Gwen.

Ben: I'm here if you want to talk.

Gwen sighs then looks at him.

Gwen: I might have left it at Kevin's place.

Ben: So? We can get it and come back before-

Gwen: You don't understand, Ben. Kevin and I aren't seeing each other anymore.

Ben: What? Why not?

Gwen: I don't know. We're just going through stuff. It's not his fault but uh- things just weren't working out.

Ben: Why didn't you tell me anything?

Gwen: Ben, I love you. We're family but this is was my business. Besides, you were doing your own thing and I was doing mine.

Ben: I'm also your friend, Gwen. I'm here for you, no matter what's going on.

Gwen: Are you?

Ben: What's that supposed to mean?

Gwen: You weren't there for Grandpa Max when he needed you.

Ben, getting up: I don't want to talk about it, Gwen!

Gwen: You just said you were going to be there for me! I want to talk, Ben. We need to talk.

Ben exhales and sits back down.

Gwen: Why weren't you there for him?

Ben: I just couldn't be there, Gwen. I couldn't stand to see him like that. I looked up to Grandpa Max. We all did. He was always there for us. But how many times have we seen something happen to him? When he blew himself up to stop the Highbreed or when his nervous system was damaged by Aggregor?

Gwen: And he always gets up from those, Ben.

Ben: Not this. Nothing like this.

Gwen: You don't know that.

Ben: You're right. I don't. I've even been to the future. I've seen him alive and well. But after the Time War, I guess anything is on the table. Looking at him now, I just don't know how to cope with that.

Gwen: Is that why you want to leave so badly? Even after I said no the first time around?

Ben: I guess.

Gwen: He collapsed, Ben. He's getting older, it's going to happen.

Ben: I just thought that after all I went through, I would at least get a break. See the universe that we're protecting. But it just feels like we're slipping back into the same problems. Maybe even worse.

Gwen: He's going to be okay.

Ben: Are you sure?

Gwen: No. But we have to have faith, Ben. And not dwell on the past or even the future. This is about now and how we'll be better. How things will get better.

Ben: You're right... Thanks, Gwen.

Gwen: Sure thing, cous.

Ben: The door's still open, in case you change your mind.

Gwen: If you're going, I'm going. We both could use a trip, start something new.

Ben: A New Beginning.

Gwen: Yeah.

They both smile. The scene then cuts over to the outside of the ship which is seen lifting off from the platform. Inside, Ben is seen seated at the controls while Gwen is now seated in the co-pilot chair.

Gwen: You sure you know how to fly this thing?

Ben: Yeah... Maybe.

Gwen: Oh boy.

Ben: Relax, I had plenty experience from Sumo Slammers: Space Wars.

Ben pulls the throttle down and the ship blasts forwards into the sky, away from the platform at high speeds. From space, the Earth can seen as the ship flies out of its atmosphere and wraps to lightspeed. On board the ship, the shaking of the ship stablizes and the two start to relax. Gwen ungrips the arm rests of her seat.

Gwen: Maybe I should drive next time.

Ben: Last time I checked, I got my liscene before you.

Gwen: Whatever.

She looks outside the main windows, seeing a vortex of light energy transcending around them.

Gwen: Where are we heading to anyways?

Ben: I was thinking about checking out some of the new planets that the Plumbers recently discovered.

Gwen: Aren't some of those planets hostile?

Ben: Yeah but we won't get too close.

Gwen: Famous last words?

A portal then forms and the spaceship exits through it before it closes. The ship now flies towards two planets; one being a medium-sized, green planet while the other is a large, red planet. On the ship, an image of the green planet appears on a screen among the controls, giving various stats and information about the planet next to it.

Ben: Andromus, peaceful planet with a lot of vegetation and some cool views. This should make a nice camping spot.

Gwen: What? Like when you got the Omnitrix?

Ben: Except with less robots and more marshmellows. Anything than whatever Grandpa Max would make.

They laugh for a moment.

Gwen: He would have loved this.

Ben: Yeah... He would have.

The ship then rocks suddenly as if something had impacted with it. Ben turns to the controls which are flashing with an alarm.

Gwen: What was that?

Ben: I don't know. (looks out the windows) But something tells me it's not good.

The view then shows an armada of starships firing at the ship. Both Ben and Gwen look out in surprise.

Gwen: Ben, what did you do?

Ben: Me? I didn't do anything.

Gwen: Didn't I say one of those planets was hostile? We're probably outside of the neutral zone or something.

Ben: We're fine. It's them that are stepping out of their boundaries.

The ship shakes again as it gets hit once more. The engines are now seen sparking up and the ship starts gaining speed as it approaches the planet below.

Ben, trying to access the controls: They must have damaged the navigation controls.

Gwen: We're going to crash?!

Ben: Hang on to something!

The ship is then seen crashing onto the planet's surface. The scene then cuts to later where the ship is in a crater with smoke emitting from its engines. On board, the controls are seen sparking up from time to time with wires hanging down from the ceiling. The main window is broken with a trail of knocked over trees and pushed aside dirt leading to a multi-colored sphere made out of cube-like shapes. The cubes then start to unform from each other and reshape into a gorilla-like alien, standing over Gwen who is holding her head.

Bloxx: You alright?

Gwen: Fine. I just don't remember crashing to be that bad.

Bloxx: You obviously haven't been in many crashes.

Gwen: Where are we?

Bloxx: Looks like the planet surface. In a jungle or something.

Gwen looks at the ship, in dire need of repair.

Gwen: Looks like we're stuck here for a while.

Bloxx: I'll call the Plumbers. They should be able to give us a ride and settle whatever the heck is going on here.

Bloxx taps and holds the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. When he releases, a green ring appears on the symbol.

Omnitrix, in Ben's voice: Please say a command.

Bloxx: Contact the Plumbers.

Omnitrix, in Ben's voice: I'm sorry, Ben, but I'm afraid I am unable to do that.

Bloxx: What do you mean?

Omnitrix, in Ben's voice: There appears to be something blocking my signal from reaching the Plumbers. Would you like to keep trying?

Bloxx: Yeah. You do that.

Omnitrix, in Ben's Voice: I will let you know when I am able to contact the Plumbers. Is that all?

Bloxx: Yes.

The green ring then fades and Bloxx transforms back into Ben.

Ben: I blame Azmuth's dumb upgrade to the Omnitrix. I'm pretty sure my smartphone can get a better reception than the Omnitrix.

Gwen: I don't know, Ben. There's something going on here. I can sense it.

Gwen turns around and raises her hands up. Her eyes glowing pink. Ben walks around her and looks at her face while he remains that way.

Ben, folding his arms, mockingly: Okay, Gwen, what do your Anodite eyes see?

Gwen: Someone. Approaching.

The forest then shakes. Gwen's eyes flicker to normal as she and Ben both turn and see a large robot approaching them through the dense jungle.

Ben: So much for no robots...

The robot continues approaching. Gwen's hands light up with mana energy.

Gwen: Ready?

Ben: Oh yeah.

Ben activates the Omnitrix once again and looks up at the approaching robot.

Ben: It's Hero Time!

He slaps it down and a green flash overcomes the screen.


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First Place

Also Brandon's Entry
What is Creation?

Is it the art of crafting? To build something out of nothing?

Or is it the birth of a new being? To give life to someone?

What it really is, is to bring an entity into existence.

People are born nearly everyday.

Machines are built almost all the time.

But a line was drawn at one creation.

A creation that would stand the test of time, itself.

A girl found herself onto a world that was new to her.

She belonged there but she also didn't.

She was born there but she was created here.

The girl was different, the girl was special.

When it was created, parts were used.

It was meant to be better than its predessor.

It had the same capabilities, maybe even more.

But I wish I could say the same about her.

She was different. She was special.

She had a way with life and life found a way with her.

It was created to learn, to be something new.

But she was born to live, to be something- someone like you.

So I ask again: What is creation?

Is it building, crafting? Making something from parts?

Or is it loving, living? Making someone with life?

I think it can be both and not one or the other.

She taught me that. A creation of my own design.

At first, a machine built with my very own hands.

Now, a person that see as more than a friend.

The girl is different, she is special.

And her name is Eunice.

I'll be honest Brandon, you really impressed me this Fanon Con. I'm a very nitpicky person and not generally a fan of your work, but you really showed how well you can work with a theme and write something good when you have the right concepts. I couldn't personally find any objective faults in your Creative Writing entry, and the fact that it actually leaves an impact of some sort on the reader is particularly impressive. Good job.


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