Welcome, one and all, to the first day of Spring Fanon Con! I'm your host, CaT, bringing you the results for the Normal Writing Contest! This season's theme was "Web". Let's see how our contestants did!

Second Place

Brandon's Entry

World Wide Dread is an episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Adventures.


The episode begins in space, showcasing the Earth.

Voice: Earth, a fascinating little world. Constantly growing, reaching out and evolving beyond what anyone could possibly imagine. But while food, health, and nature are incredible topics to delve into, let's discuss something keen that has kept the Earth rotating and the Human beings who inhabit it so advanced; communication.

The Earth then transitions over to a simulation for two early Humans who appear to be shouting at each other; there is also another one making some cave paintings.

Voice: While we are still making new discoveries about how earlier Humans interpreted culture, we do know that they had developed a form of language as well as a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings through various arts and crafting.

The simulation then transitions over to an image, showing off a series of hieroglyphs.

Voice: Even before writing, there were still signs of communication.

The image also transitions, now shifting to a footage reel of a telegram becoming a telephone.

Voice: Then came the telegram which had evolved, just like Humanity, into the telephone, which too also evolved.

Just on cue, the telephone becomes a high-end smart phone, where an arm enters the shot, picking it up. A young man is then seen demonstrating the usage of the phone by talking on it, or at least pretending to. The shot then pans to the left to make room for a shot of a young woman talking on a similar phone, as if they're sharing a conversation.

Voice: Look at them go! But we haven't even reached the highest form of communication yet; the Internet.

The footage of the two people talking fades into several other people in different locations using devices such as phones and laptops to connect to the web.

Voice: The Internet is most likely the best place to communicate. It connects us, not just as people, but as a species, allowing us to share our opinions, our lifestyles, our feelings and our latest breakthroughs with just a few taps. Yes, communication has always been an initial part of Human life and, in part, the world we inhabit. In fact, without it-

The scene slowly zooms out, showing that this is some kind of video being shown on a monitor of some kind.

Screen: -Humanity would probably become redundant.

A dark, mucky hand with long, metallic claws is then seen resting on the arm of a throne made from a black, hardened slime-like material. Before the screen, which is apart of a console of some kind, is a window showing the reaches of space where the actual Earth can be seen in the distance. The dark hand starts gripping the chair, as its long claws start to dig into the throne's arm, peeling into the black material wrapped around it. The lower part of the figure's face is then seen, with two large fangs at the side of its side which soon stretch apart as a creepy smile appears on it, bearing the figure's sharp teeth.

Title Sequence

After the titles, a park is then seen with several people attending there; some children at the playground, a couple walking their dog, an elderly woman seated a bench feeding the birds. Ben, Gwen and Kevin are be seen walking through the park on a nice stroll.

Gwen: It's such a nice day out today. Coming here might just be the best idea you've had all week.

Kevin: Heh, more like of all time.

Ben looks annoyed at Kevin but quickly dismisses his comment, taking in the earlier compliment as much as he can.

Ben, with a smirk on his face: Yeah, well, I do have my moments.

Kevin: I'll admit it's been good to get away from everything lately. The alien invasions, the planets in crisis, mystical mumbo jumbo, all of it.

Ben drops his act and looks at Kevin genuinely, taking his comment into consideration. He then turns away, thoughtfully.

Ben: Yeah, I suppose so. It's a good way to just see the world that we're trying to save more clearly.

Gwen: Funny, I would've figured you'd use this time to catch up on your missing video game time.

Ben, turning to Gwen: Well, I can multi-task, can't I? Speaking of video games, did you ever get that new Sumo Slammers mobile game, Kevin?

Kevin: I'm not really into that show anymore, dude.

Ben: But you did get it, didn't you?

Kevin sighs and whips out his phone, it's definitely not the latest smartphone or even a smartphone to begin with but it appears to be augmented with alien technology.

Kevin: Yeah, I got it. It might based on a lame show but the multiplayer is like nothing I've ever seen before. Plus, I'm about to beat my high score and reclaim the title of Grand Sumo Master from CoopTrooper33.

Ben: You... do realize that that's Cooper, right?

Kevin: Wha- Cooper?! Ah no way I'm letting that guy beat me in this game.

Gwen: More like he's letting you have a chance at beating him. Given his ability to control machines and interact with them on a psychic level, I'm pretty sure he could have won the whole game within a matter of seconds.

Kevin: Yeah, well, he's gonna regret giving me a fair chance. It's Sumo Time!

Kevin activates the game app on his phone and starts playing away. Ben rolls his eyes and smirks.

Ben: Well, I guess it's just you and me, Gwen. (chuckle)

Gwen: I guess so. But seriously Ben, thanks for taking the time. I know being a hero has been more work than fun lately.

Ben: Nah, I mean, sure it could feel like too much but that's why I have you guys, all of you guys. Having a team makes this job a whole lot easier. By working together and communicating with each other, we can pretty much stop every problem that comes our way.

Gwen: Even Vilgax?

Ben: Pft. Especially Vilgax. Yep, from here on out, the world's got nothing left to fear.

Just as Ben says that, a clanging sound is then heard. It's subtle but still manages to catch Gwen's attention. She turns his head, seeing Kevin's phone on the ground. The screen is showing an image of Kevin.

Gwen, looking up to Kevin: Kevin, you dropped your-

She pauses, her eyes widen in shock as she looks at Kevin. Ben stops and looks at Gwen, soon becoming confused by her look.

Ben: Gwen, what's wr-

He turns to meet her gaze, seeing Kevin.

Ben, surprised: Oh.

Before them, Kevin stands but somehow looks blank. His pupils have vanished, leaving only white glaring eyes, and his mouth is open slightly.

Gwen: Kevin?! Kevin, talk to me!

Gwen goes to Kevin and holds his shoulders. Ben makes his way by their side, looking at him.

Ben: What do you think happened? I mean, is he alright?

Gwen examines him, noticing his blank eyes. Her eyes then becomes pink as she reads him using her mana.

Gwen: He's alive, breathing even, but I don't sense anything. (looks at Ben) It's like he just left his body behind.

Ben: Okay... that's weird. Can you reverse it?

Gwen: I don't even know what caused this. (her eyes return to normal) Maybe it has something to do with Osmosian DNA. Could he be suffering from a delayed reaction to his earlier mutations? Or-

While Gwen thinks out loud, Ben turns his head and looks around the park. His surprise elevating.

Gwen: Or maybe, he was exposed to something on one of our missions again.

Ben: Gwen.

Gwen looks over at Ben. Then looks past him, looking surprised once again. Around the park, several other people have either dropped on the ground or stood there in a similar state as Kevin. Some of children go to their motionless parents while a dog tries to capture the attention of its motionless owners. Even the birds have found themselves on top of the elderly woman, who lays on the bench motionless.

Ben: It's not just Kevin. The whole's park affected by whatever this is.

Gwen: What- what could have caused this?

Ben: I don't know but we need to do something about it.

Ben and Gwen turn back to Kevin, who remains as he was. Gwen places her hands on his shoulders and holds him close to her. Ben, however, looks around Kevin, looking for signs of anything. He then looks down by Kevin's feet and notices his phone. Ben kneels down before the phone, picks it up and looks down at the screen. Meanwhile, Gwen continues holding onto Kevin.

Gwen: I'm sorry I let this happen to you. I'm supposed to be training to be a powerful Anodite but what's the point of having this power if I can't even use it to save you.

Kevin remains there, without a response. Gwen lets out a sigh and leans her head against his broad shoulder.

Gwen: I just wish there was something I can do. I just wish- you were here with me.

After a short moment, Ben yells out.

Ben: Gwen! You need to see this.

Gwen gets off from Kevin and gives him another look before going over to Ben.

Gwen: What is it?

Ben: Kevin's phone, look at it.

Gwen takes a look, there's a moving image of Kevin on the screen, he's looking ahead at them.

Gwen: Okay, it's just his wallpaper or something.

Ben: That's what I thought but then I remembered Kevin never changes his wallpaper. It's always his car. Probably the only other thing he loves more than himself, aside from money. Gwen glares at him.

Ben: And you, of course! Obviously.

Gwen: Hmph. So, if that's not his wallpaper then- why is there an image of Kevin on his screen? Is that important?

Ben: Well, for one thing, it's not an image. The eyes blink and he even moves his head every once in a while.

He looks up from the screen and thinks for a moment.

Ben: Call me crazy but I think that's Kevin.

Gwen: Okay, you're crazy. Obviously, that's Kevin.

Ben: No, I mean. Our Kevin. You said he left his body, right? Well, what if he went into his phone?

Gwen: Well, we have seen weirder things... But why his phone?

Ben: Everybody has a phone, Gwen. That's why everyone else in the park ended up the same way.

Gwen: Except the children and animals. Okay, that makes sense except we have phones and we didn't end up like that.

Ben: Yeah, but we weren't using our phones at the time.

Gwen: So everyone who used their phone just became blank? That's nearly everyone on the planet!

Ben: Okay, now might be a good time to get some back up. Call the Plumbers, we're going to need all hands on deck for this.

Gwen: With the phone that'll make me a blank?

Ben: The Plumber Badge-

Gwen: Uses the same frequencies. It might just have the same result. Unless, I change the frequency to broadcast, like a radio. I can get a message out and they can relay it. Ben: Alright, get on that. I'll try to gather up anyone else who hasn't been affected. Ben activates his Omnitrix and slaps down the column. He undergoes a transformation sequence and soon becomes Fasttrack.

Fasttrack: FASTTRACK!

Fasttrack then runs and collects the children, and even the dog. Elsewhere in the park, some other people look at the people they were with, confused and scared, before a blue blur runs by, collecting them one by one. Near by, a central area of the park is seen where Fasttrack runs to, sorting out the people he has gathered.

Fasttrack: Look, everyone. I know you're dazed and confused, although I now realize gathering you at super speed might have made you even more dazed and confused, but I'm going to do everything in my power to get your loved ones and anyone else who had become blank back to their normal selves. But in order to help them, I need you guys to stay put or, at the very least, stay out of danger. We don't know what the rest of the world is like for certain and what you can be exposed to. So please, try and keep together and keep safe. Some of the citizens nod in agreement while others are still shaken up about what just happened, especially the children. Fasttrack nods and then speeds off, returning to Gwen.

Gwen: I just sent the message, nobody replied yet. You don't think-

Fasttrack places a hand on Gwen's shoulder.

Fasttrack: There has to be someone out there. We can't lose hope, Gwen.

Just then, the Plumber's Badge beeps in a certain pattern.

Gwen: Someone got the message! They're replying in Morse code, I think.

Fasttrack: Can you make it out?

Gwen: I'll try. I haven't practiced in a while but- I think I can... (listens to the pattern) They're requesting help but their facility to save to enter. Then some coordinates.

Fasttrack: Then there's no time to waste.

Fastrack lifts Gwen up from the ground, taking her into his arms.

Gwen: Hey!

But before she can dispute further, Fasttrack takes off. The scene changes over to a Plumbers Base in the desert, with Fasttrack's blue blur speeding towards it. They then stop before the doors, Fasttrack putting Gwen down. Gwen fixes up her hair and glares at him.

Fasttrack: What? We were in a hurry. Anyways, this looks like the place. You've ever been to this base before?

Gwen: No. But I've heard about it. It was originally designed to be in Los Soledad but since the site has been active again, they decided to build it out here where the operations wouldn't be bothered.

Gwen flashes her Plumbers Badge over a scanner at the large metallic door but it doesn't respond.

Gwen: Scanner isn't working, it's like the entire base has been shut down.

Fasttrack: Or taken over.

Gwen: So... any ideas on how to break into a Plumbers base?

Fasttrack: The security systems must be lowered, including those friction-repelling features.

Gwen: So, what does that mean?

Fasttrack: It means, I should be able to do this.

Fasttrack grabs Gwen by the shoulder and starts to vibrate his body, and hers, at an intense speed. He then walks ahead with her, both of them phasing through the door. Inside the facility, Fasttrack stops phasing and lets go of Gwen, who holds her head. Fasttrack reverts back to Ben.

Ben: You alright?

Gwen: Just a little dizzy. Next time, warn me before you do something like that.

Ben: What can I say, I'm spontaneous. Come on, let's go see the guy who contacted us.

Ben and Gwen make their way further into the Plumbers Base, unknowing of the fact that they were being watched by security cameras. The security footage is then relayed back to the alien ship's monitor from earlier.

Alien Voice, in a hissing manner: Humans...

Back in the facility, Ben and Gwen continue walking ahead, finding themselves in a large room with a dome-shape. There are several monitors as well as an elevator column in the center of the room. In the room, there are several fallen Plumbers of various different species, some however just stand where they are.

Ben: They're- the same... so who sent the signal?

Gwen: I don't know but I may be able to sense them with my mana.

Gwen places her finger tips against the sides of her head, concentrating with her eyes closed. She then opens them with a gasp, revealing her pink eyes.

Ben: Found something?

Gwen: Yes. A few lifeforms actually.

Ben: Great, but uh- where are they?

Gwen: That's the strange part. It feels like they're in this very room.

Ben looks around then scratches his head. A green drip then falls before him, splattering on the ground. Ben looks down, seeing the splat soon disintergrating the metallic floor. He then slowly looks up, seeing Ssserpent on top of the main computer, looking down at them. He then leaps down, as if they eat them.

Ben: Eep!

Gwen then turns his head, surprised by Ssserpent's appearance, taking a step back and readying herself with mana discs.

Gwen: Ssserpent!

Ben: Last time we fought I kicked your snake tail butt back in TerraPiscciss.

Ssserpent: Yesss, and I'm not the only one!

A blaster being loaded is then heard, catching Ben and Gwen's attention. They turn around, seeing Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk, armed with his signature blaster, and Clancy, even more mutated than before.

Gwen: They must've been the base's prisoners. When the security systems shut down-

Ben: The cells opened? Yeah, kinda put that one together.

Ssserpent: Kill the Humansss!

Sparklefunk takes aim and fires with Gwen deflecting the blasts with her mana shield. Sssepent wraps his arms around Ben, hoisting him into the air.

Ssserpent: You're going to make a very tasssty, sssnack!

Ben: When will you learn? I'm not on the menu!

Ben kicks Ssserpent in the face, buying him the time to activate the Omnitrix. He smacks down the central collumn and transforms into Diamondhead.

Diamondhead: DIAMONDHEAD!

He then smacks Ssserpent away, forcing him to let off of him. Diamondhead then turns his attention to Sparklefunk and Clancy, both of whom are ganging up on Gwen's shield, which starts to break. Diamondhead then slams his fist into the ground, creating a diamond structure that knocks the two back and away from Gwen, who lowers his shield, conversing her strength.

Diamondhead: You alright?

Gwen: Fine.

Diamondhead: Don't worry Diamondhead will take care of these guys without any problems.

Gwen: Thanks for the offer but I can take it from here.

Ssserpent leaps forwards with another attack. While Diamondhead turns, surprised by the attack. Gwen extends her palm out towards Ssserpent and conjures her mana around him, trapping him in a mana sphere. Clancy then flies over, spewing out a wave of insects from his mouth and hands. Gwen looks ahead, worried, however, Diamondhead steps up and flicks out crystalline projectiles from his hands which seem to phase through the insects. Instead, they wind up piercing through his wings and pinning him to the wall. Clancy then struggles to move with the some of charging footsteps, shifting his focus. He looks ahead and, through his pixely insect perspective, Diamondhead can be seen charging forwards then- in an instance- Clancy is knocked out. Diamondhead then stands over his hanging body, still pinned to the wall, until a blast hits him in the back. Diamondhead turns his head and sees Sparklefunk still firing at him. Diamondhead takes the blasts as he approaches Sparklefunk, who keeps on firing even when Diamondhead is now standing only a couple of feet away. He then reaches out, taking the blasts against his hand, and grabs the tip of the blaster, crushing it without any resistance. Sparklefunk then look down from the crushed blaster to Diamondhead. He makes a worried noise before Diamondhead strikes him with a hard head butt, knocking him out. Diamondhead then reverts back to Ben and turns to Gwen, still holding Ssserpent. He continues to lash out against the mana sphere until he runs out of air and simply passes out. After a short moment, Gwen lets him out as his body hits the floor. Her pink eyes revert back to their normal form.

Ben: I guess it was a trap then.

Gwen: No. I also sensed someone in the lower levels.

Ben: Another prisoner?

Gwen: Could be. We'd better be ready for anything.

Ben gives her a nod and the two move out. The scene then skips ahead to the lower levels of the facility which Ben and Gwen can be seen walking through. They then arrive at a door. Ben tries to open it manually but it's no use.

Ben: Looks like I'm going to need some extra muscle.

He prepares to activate the Omnitrix but the door unlocks on its own. Ben turns to Gwen who looks just as surprised as him.

Ben: Nevermind, I guess.

Gwen: You think someone's waiting for us on the other side?

Ben: I don't know. It's like you said, we have to be ready for anything.

Gwen: Right.

Gwen readies herself with her mana discs while Ben activates the Omnitrix, scrolling through the available transformations until he stops at Rath. He then uses his other hand to reach for the door console. He turns to Gwen.

Ben: Ready?

Gwen: ...Ready.

Ben then activates the door lock and hovers his hand over the Omnitrix. The door then opens uneasily and the two enter the room. However, their stern expressions are replaced by ones of shock.

Ben: I don't believe it!

Gwen: Cooper?

Before them, Cooper stands, with large cords wrapped around him, but blank eyes and slightly open mouth. The room itself, looks like an engine room or a data storage. Cooper appears to be connected to some of the machines there.

Cooper, weakly: Hey guys... 

Gwen: Who- Who did this to you?

Cooper, weakly: I- I did.

Ben: Why?

Cooper: There was an attack earlier. The Plumbers didn't think nothing of it because it didn't seem harmful but my technopathy allowed to sense that something was wrong. Before it happened, I hid myself in this room and connected myself to the Internet. I tried to create a firewall to prevent the virus from spreading but- but-

Ben: Wait, a virus?

Gwen: That was the attack?

Cooper: Yes. (takes a breath) It was designed to absorb the lifeforce from anyone connected to the Internet in any shape or form.

Ben: I guess that explains the phones and all of the technology in the base. But if you're connected to the Internet, how come you weren't affected?

Cooper: I am affected. But I'm fighting off the effects, trying to stay connected so I can stop it from completely downloading Humanity.

Ben: That means we still have a chance to save them.

Gwen: Even so, we don't have a way of entering the Internet and stopping the virus.

Cooper: You can. The simulator has built-in virtual reality. If you can get connected to it, I can transfer your consciousness into the web so you can defeat the virus head-on.

Ben: That's as good of a plan as any.

Cooper: Hurry. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

Gwen: We should get going.

Ben: Right.

Gwen: Thank you, Cooper.

Cooper: Anything for you, G-Gwen. (groans in pain) But please, hurry. There's not much time.

Gwen nods and follows Ben outside of the room. The scene then cuts over to a training room of some kind, with several exercising equipment. Ben and Gwen race past them and approach a simulation room. They enter the room and put on the virtual reality equipment.

Ben: Y'know, I always wanted to try this out but they said it wasn't a video game.

Gwen: It's not, this is highly advanced scientific equipment.

Ben: Funny, Rook said the same thing. That is, before I installed Sumo Slammer Smackdown onto it.

Gwen: Come on, we have to hurry before the virus takes over.

Ben: Alright. Get ready to surf the web.

Ben places his helmet on. It then activates, transferring him into the virtual world. Ben then examines his virtual body, made up of green code. Gwen then starts to appear besides him, in blue code.

Gwen: Whoa...

Ben: I know right.

Gwen: Alright, this is a little jarring but we can still do this.

Ben: Yeah, it's not like we haven't done this before. Get sucked into a video game and fight for our lives.

Gwen: This isn't a video game, Ben.

Ben: Sure it is. We beat the final boss, we beat the game and save the day.

Gwen: And if we don't or fail to do it in time...

Ben: Game over, man.

A hissing then heard. Ben and Gwen turn around, seeing a large spider-like alien creature before them.

Alien: Who dares enter my realm?!

Ben: So you're the one behind this. Why are you doing this besides y'know being evil and stuff?

Alien: I've been strategically conquering worlds for decades. All of the worlds have been consumed in the web of the Arachra and the rest shall fall prey to our web as well including Earth. After disabling it's main source of communication, Humanity no longer stands a chance against our kind.

Ben: Yeah? Well, not if we have anything to say about it.

Gwen: Are you even sure about that? This virus might be too much for us. Not even Cooper could handle it.

Ben: Yeah, on his own. We're a team, and we don't need the Internet to beat this thing. We have enough communication between us to get the best teamwork action!

Gwen: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Ben: Now let's squish this bug.

Arachra: FOOLS! You can not defeat me!

Gwen: Like he said, we can as a team.

The two of them then charge forwards the Arachra. The Arachra then fires dark webbing from its hands at the two who dodge successfully. Ben just checks his arm which has a blank render of the Omnitrix made up of code.

Ben: Uh- I don't think I have a working Omnitrix in this!

Gwen: Yeah, and my mana doesn't work well against technology!

Ben: Forget it! We don't need those. Just remember what Ishiyama taught you.

Gwen: But this isn't a-

Ben looks at Gwen who then sighs.

Gwen: Okay. Let's beat this boss.

Ben smiles but is hit by the dark webbing. He remains stuck and immobile.

Gwen: Ben!

The Arachra laughs. Gwen, looking quite upset, uses her hand and karate chops through the webbing, the code in her arm soon taking the shape of a blade. The Arachra then looks rather surprised and weakened by this attack. Gwen then helps Ben up with her other arm.

Ben, looking at his arm blade: Nice upgrade.

Gwen: Thanks, it's the latest version.

Ben: Look out!

Ben pushes her out of the way as more dark webbing shoots out towards them. Gwen then looks the Arachra and throws his code blade, which soon transforms into a large shuriken. The shuriken slices through several the Arachra's dark tendrils. Another few come up from behind, attempting to attack Gwen, but Ben stands in the way and summons his own blade, spinning it in his hands, shredding at the incoming dark webs. Gwen summons another weapon made her own code, a bow, and uses it to shoot any more incoming webbings.

Gwen: I'll hold it off.

Ben nods and runs forwards. Gwen aims her bow and fires another arrow. Ben notices and leaps up, using the arrow as a boost to get up even higher. He then brings down the code blade and pierces the virus in the head, it lets out an agonizing scream. Cooper then materializes before Ben partially.

Cooper: Ben! You'll need this! Hurry!

He tosses an Omnitrix token over to Ben who raises his arm up. The token then collides with it, bringing form back to the Omnitrix. Ben then activates it and slams down the central column, undergoing another transformation sequence. He then transforms into Upgrade.

Upgrade: UPGRADE!

Archra: A Galvanic Mechamorph! NO!

Upgrade: Sorry buddy, but it looks like I'm shutting you down!

Upgrade then morphs his arm with the code blade, upgrading it into a cooler-looking rendition and unleashes a wave of green energy through the sword which destroys the Archra virus. With a blinding white light, the fight comes to an end. Ben and Gwen remove their virtual reality helmets and look around as power returns to the facility. He rush outside and, later, find themselves in the command center where the life forces emerge from the screens and enter the bodies of the Plumbers, returning them back to a lively state.

Ben: It worked!

Gwen: That must mean-

Gwen whips out her own phone and dials in a number. A moment later, the call is answered.

Kevin, over the phone: Gwen?

Gwen: We did it, Kevin!

Kevin, over the phone: Did what? What- happened exactly?

Gwen: Lots, we'll explain when we get back there.

Ben, remembering something: Cooper!

Ben then bolts back out into the halls. Kevin, over the phone: What's going on?

Gwen: I have to go. I'll call you back, okay? The scene cuts to the data storage room where Cooper is on his knees, still connected to the machinery and leaning against one of the large cables. Ben enters the room and goes to Cooper.

Ben: Hey! Hey! Cooper, come on... (sigh)

Cooper then coughs and looks up at Ben, who sighs in relief.

Cooper: What happened? Please tell me Gwen kissed me. Ben: We won. We beat the game.

Cooper: Cool... ugh. I think I'm going to take some downtime and stay away from computers for a while. Maybe pick up a hobby like knitting. Or I can go back to playing my role playing board game.

Ben: Dude, you play Dragon's Eye too?

Cooper: Yeah. Look, when Gwen shows up, don't tell her I passed out. It definitely won't sit well with my super cool guy look I'm going for.

Ben: Just as long as you don't tell her I'm enter role playing games.

Cooper: Deal.

Gwen then enters the room.

Gwen: Cooper! Hey, are you alright?

Ben: He's fine. He held out pretty long against the Archra.

Cooper: Ah, well, it was nothing.

Gwen: I'm sure it was. Speaking of the Archra, do you think we'll see them attack again?

Cooper: I doubt it. Once everything and everyone is up and running again, I'll configure an actual firewall around the entire planet. No more alien viruses absorbing people through the world wide web ever again.

Gwen: Well, there goes our day. So much for getting away from our troubles and disconnecting from the world.

Ben: I dunno, we still got some time.

Gwen: What exactly do you suggest then?

Ben gives her only a smirk as a response. The scene then cuts over to Ben's house. Inside, Cooper can be seen wearing a dark cloak as he sits before a game board.

Cooper: Welcome all to Dragon's Eye. I hope you have prepared yourselves for the upcoming battle ahead as you and your team are about embark on a quest like no other. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Lucy and Hobble can be seen seated before Cooper, around the game board.

Gwen: Seriously?

Ben: Come on, Gwen. It'll be fun.

Cooper presents a die to Gwen. She looks at it hesitantly but then takes the die within her hands.

Gwen: Game on.

This entry feels like it adheres to the theme of the contest better than the other one, but that's about all I can say for it. The pacing is all over the place, the dialogue is weak, and the plot...exists. Not terrible I guess, but not very good either.

First Place

WTB's Entry
Evil's Technician:

"Come on, Jennifer! Run!" Clark yells, lifting up her exhausted girlfriend. The inhumane wails and shrieks of the rage-fueled creature drew near as Jennifer rose to her feet. Clark clutched onto her, running as the silhouette of the enormous queen alien became visible in the corridor behind them.

The two continued to run, their feet banging heavily against the metallic floor of the spaceship. Jennifer limped, her shin bleeding as the creature managed to take a piece of her leg prior. Jennifer whimpered from the burning flow of red seeping down her leg, staining her pantleg dark. However, the seemingly endless adrenaline pressed her to go on.

Both her and Clark dashed into the room, slamming their hand on the keypad behind them and locking the door right as the alien's glossy tendrils reached for the two. The metal door slammed down with the force of an anchor, sealing itself shut. Clark and Jennifer both gasped as the queen alien began to scratch and claw at the steel door, desperately wanting to bust through it.

The queen alien attempted to dig its hideously sharp 5-inch-long claws deep into the titanium wall keeping it away from the two victims she was so close to catching. Her numerous sets of purple eyes swerved and bugged out in anger, her rotating and flexing eyelids twitching. She looked down at one of her four left arms, seeing the hideous gash left on the top of her forearm from where she took a piece of broken pipe from Clark. Chunky mint-green blood oozed out as she planted one of her hands over the gash, trying to muffle the bleeding.

The sounds of Clark and Jennifer seemed to echo in her ears, the vibrations of their footsteps made every vein in her body swell up and pop out her skin. Her anger seemed to spill over as she began to hiss and growl, still banging at the now heavily scratched metal door.

"It's okay, precious. You were close, probably the closest I have today so far. You did good." That male voice echoed in her ears. It was in her head. She knew it. Her eyes started to dilate as she closed her eyes. She laid a hand over her prominent chest, feeling her out of control heartbeat. She breathed harshly, trying to let it settle down.

"Don't lose your adrenaline. There's a soft spot in the door. Should be near the lower left corner. If you punch a hole in it, you can reach to the keypad and open the door." The male voice said. Her head was pounding. Everything was hurting. The technician laid his hands on the keyboard, watching two monitors of the countless monitors, one showed the queen alien, looking for the soft spot in the door and the other showed Clark and Jennifer talking.

"YOU! What are you doing?!" The technician shrieked at another monitor, showing a horribly burned serial killer gripping an ax in one of his scab-covered hands. He had cornered his ex-girlfriend, finally about to put her out of her misery after she reduced him to a loner. A smile curled onto what he had left of his blistered lips, revealing his dark-yellow blood stained with crimson after he tore a jugular vein out of her boyfriend's neck. He stared at her with one beady bloodshot eye, the other lost in the inferno. "Showing mercy, Terrance? Feeling bad for the person who disfigured you?! I will not permit that! KILL HER!"

Terrance obliged, splattering the woman's thick dark-red blood everywhere with a slash of his ax, tearing into her face and blinding her in one eye. She had one eye like him. She was almost even with him now but not enough. Her agonizing scream was cut down with another swing as Terrance slashed her throat, leaving her gasping and gurgling. Terrance performed a third slash, burying the hatchet in her scalp and putting an end to her.

"Perfect. You did well, Terrance." The technician said. He leaned back to his office chair, seeing the twisting and turning wall filled entirely with a web of monitors. Countless villains straight out of horror movies were seen such as possessed voodoo dolls with tiny knives, the classic masked slashers, mutated behemoths, sentient humanoid-shaped machines gone rogue, and creatures not from this world, straight from space, another dimension, or even hell itself.

This was his job. He was the technician. He was the man behind the monitors. The severed voice in all of their heads.

They all had their motives. They wanted revenge for their death or deformation. They wanted back to a lover, friend, stranger, or even family member that did them wrong. They wanted something they had that belonged to them. They were the nightmares out of your sub-conscious.

They all had their weapons. The hatchets, the machetes, the knives, the claws, the tendrils, and maybe even their own brute strength. Some even got creative and used other devices for slaughter. The technician enjoyed their creativity. Killings were king in the technician's world. None shall be spared... but they can be saved.

"Why must the heroes always win? For the deeds they did. They don't deserve to survive. They deserve to suffer." The technician mumbled to himself. "They brought the horror. The chaos. The madness. The inhumanity. A majority of them created these little life-taking creatures. The creators shall die at the hands of its creation."

The technician turned around to see what he called "The Killers of The Century."

They were his favorites. The most popular, infamous, and well-known killers that can't be put down so easily. The technician cackled himself, seeing the small wall of those eight monitors. He almost burst out laughing when he saw a plague doctor-masked serial killer throw a machete straight through the back of a fleeing person, impaling right through him and coming out his chest before he hobbled slightly and eventually collapsed with a thud. The thrill brought joy to the technician. The blood shed by them is his gasoline. His motivation. It fuels him.

The technician turned to another wall to what he called "The Bombing Killers."

They were decent halfway but down right bad. They were unlikable, not in a threatening or a malicious way but in just a downright confusing and idiotic way. They had generic, basic killing methods and only went off the good old cliched characters. The male stoner, the over-attractive couple, the nerd. You name it. This wall had what seemed like thousands of monitors and a majority of them were the only ones the technician didn't come up with. A worthy killer in this wall is a rare gem to find. A simple stab isn't going to satisfy him. A throat slashed slowly until the head is decapitated? A shotgun blast leaving someone's entrails dangling out like spaghetti pouring out of a blown-open soup can? Someone being slowly dismembered with a paper trimmer blade?

That's the carnage. That is what he wants. They provide it to him.

The technician turned back into his chair to face the main wall. The new recruits straight out of horror and terror. Terrance definitely passed. A sequel for him shall be made for him. It's a shame they want him to die at the end for justice on killing his ex-girlfriend. It's ridiculous. It's unfair. It's horrible. It's downright disgusting. Humans are such frail, selfish beings that are afraid of death. They scream and wail when they are shot, stabbed, cut, or bruised. They're weak insects. All of them. Only the inhumane can put them to their eternal sleep six feet under the earth's uppermost layer.

The web of monitors. The web of evil. Flickering and flashing. The bloods spilling, the bones breaking, the flesh ripping, the veins tearing... He watched it all.

The scariest monster. The more bone-chillest creature. The stealthiest alien. The most restless undead spirit.

It's the one behind the scenes. The one you can't see. Even in the darkest night or the brightest day.

The black angel with wings of metal.

Evil's technician.

A lot of this entry feels try-hard and nonsensical, but it gets first place by virtue of having a unique premise, some okay detailing, and some good substance to it.


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