Welcome, one and all, to the second day of the Ultimate Fanon Con! I'm your host, CaT, bringing you the results for the Alien Design Contest! Let's see how our contestants did!

Fifth Place

Primal's Entry
Luxeps was the sole species of the planet Pericortex.


Luxeps used to wear tall, white containment suits resembling a linemen suit. They had long arms and legs with a stripe running down them, connecting to a collar. They had an unremovable helmet, with a visor displaying waves resembling electrical waves to display emotion. They had two cables on their back that connect to generators on the chest, resembling electrical wires. These cables were able to detach from the generators to direct stored electricity. They had a sunken disk on the center of their chest, where they could dial their maximum electrical input and output.

Their true form was composed of electricity, taking on a skinny yellow humanoid shape with a blue outline. Due to the instability of this form, they often disperse.


Luxeps were defined by their tendencies to take risks upon being challenged. Due to an inability to back down from challenges, they seek fights to prove themselves. This had led to a gladiatorial society, where they participate in and gamble on fights. Despite their irrational behavior, the species shows good sportsmanship due to their strong sense of honor shaped by wanting to prove themselves.

Their devotion to proving their honor had led to a rejection of those deemed “weak,” or unable to take risks. Those who are considered weak or lose in gladiatorial fights were sent to the center of their home planets, Pericortex IV, to support the planet’s electrical needs.

Their behavior has become well known for being irrational. Many Luxeps have taken fatal risks that had led to the destruction of their planet and species. This fatal flaw was common due to society urging them to take those risks, egging on many Luxeps.

Luxeps did not eat or drink anything, not requiring it. Instead, they’re replenished by absorbing electric charges. If they did not have enough charge, they would short-circuit.

Home Planet


From the outer layer, Pericortex IV was a clean, white planet with yellow circuitry-like patterns and many buildings. Despite Luxeps’ irrational behavior, their urges to take challenges had led to an advanced planet. There were many buildings that littered the planet, the most prominent being the Dome.

The Dome was a large electromagnetic surrounding a construct resembling an Amphitheatre. On the inside, there was a large battlefield where groups of three participated in combat. Due to a lack of concern for danger, audiences’ seating were open, exposing them to the harms of fights.

On the inner layer of the planet is a yellow electromagnetic field, resembling a power generator. Luxeps who lost fights or refused to partake in challenges were sent to the inner layer in order to power the home planet. This is seen by the yellow circuitry-like patterns on the outer layer, connecting to the inner layer’s generator.


Due to Luxeps’ strong electrical powers, they attract lightning storms on occasions. Lightning storms were celebrated as a sign of good luck, due to replenishing the species’ electrical charges.


Pericortex IV was the home planet of the Luxeps, having been rebuilt four times. Due to the dangerous gladiatorial fights, the planet was rebuilt in order to upgrade the maximum electrical capacity on many occasions.

The planet had met its demise through long-term repeated blackouts. This was caused by lacking enough charge in the inner layer of the planet, which sustained it. Due to blackouts, Luxeps could not recharge themselves and so could any risky actions that required charging led to a permanent shut-down.

Powers & Abilities

  • ’’Electrokinesis’’: Using stored electricity, Luxeps were able to conduct and manipulate it. This most commonly manifested in the form of ranged attacks or electrical punches, however they were able to apply it into other forms. This included techniques such as electrical propulsion, electrical telekinesis, electric constructs, and more.
    • ’’Electrical Absorption’’: Their powers worked through electrical absorption. With their center dial, they were able to manipulate how much they could absorb and release through their electric cables.
    • ’’Electrical Redirection’’: Due to their powers working through absorption, they could only redirect electricity and not generate it.


  • ’’Short-circuit’’: By exceeding the input / output chosen by the center dial, this led to short-circuiting the containment suit until it could be recharged. Exceeding the maximum input / output allowed, often marked at ten million volts, this would destroy the containment suit.
  • ’’Containment Suit’’: Luxeps’ containment suits were sensitive on the outside. Sustaining enough damage would led to short-circuiting, often due to damaging the inner mechanisms of the suit.
  • ’’True Form’’: Their true form is known for being unstable, requiring a containment suit to ground it. If a Luxeps were to not have one, they would disperse and search for any nearby electric conductor.


Luxeps is a combination of ‘’lux’’ (Latin for ‘’light’’) and ‘’anceps’’ (Latin for ‘’risk’’, ‘’peril’’)

Pericortex is a combination of ‘’peril’’ and ‘’cortex’’ (an outer layer of an organ or body part, in reference to the home planet’s layers). Its structure is based upon the Latin translation of ‘’peril’’, ‘’periculum’’.


  • The creator took inspiration from the Pokémon Electivire and the Ben 10 alien Echo Echo in creating the physical appearance of the alien species.
  • The alien species and their home planet were made as a nod to an egg’s outer shell and yolk.
  • The behavior of the alien species is based upon the phrase “egging someone on,” to encourage someone to do something (typically with a negative connotation).
    • This inspired a gladiatorial planet, as gambling was common in Ancient Rome.
    • Due to the self-destructive nature of the species, this inspired the idea for them to be an extinct species.

This is an alright alien on its own, even if it does feel a bit like a nerfed NRG, but it really doesn't have anything to do with eggs other than some aesthetic references. I appreciate the effort put into the lore here, but I do feel like this is the weakest of the entries.

Fourth Place

Beast's Entry
Membrane is the Omnitrix's sample of a Subterranean Polymorph from the planet Viscosia.

(Editors Note: Sorry if it's not coded or tagged correctly, WiFi's out in my home and I'm typing this in my car in front of a Starbucks 40 minutes before work, so your boy's doing his best; I'll edit it when I both have time and Internet again.)


Membrane has the general appearance of a normal Polymorph such as Goop. However, their gelatinous form seems a darker shade of green, less reflective by nature and more rounded than the more commonly found Polymorphs.

The most prominent difference between the Subterranean Polymorphs and their better-known counterparts is the rocky sphere they tote around with them wherever they go and even reside


in, usually ranging from 3-6 feet in diameter and made up of a range of colors, from green to sometimes red, and rarest being blue or purple.

Membrane also houses a “pseudo-skeleton” within themselves, being made of a build-up of rocks and minerals from continued exposure to their rock sphere. Their eyes are sharper and take up a larger area of space around the head, and the Omnitrix resides within the ribcage of the pseudo skeleton.

Powers and Abilities

  • Membrane retains most of the ability of Goop, while also possessing some new capabilities thanks to the sphere and the rock inside of their body. Membrane can still change his shape and density at will, as well as regenerate either out in open air, or within the confines of their rock sphere.
  • With control over this thick sphere of rock, Membrane finds himself protected by an extra layer of defense over his already nigh-indestructible gelatinous form when he recedes into it. This sphere is capable of surviving extreme heat, cold, and battering, able to resist molten lava or fall from hundreds of feet. When Membrane recedes into this sphere, their pseudo-skeleton melds onto the sphere until they reappear next. 
  • The rock sphere has the ability to add more filaments and minerals to the skeleton developing within Membrane, and if he so chooses and has the time, can recede into the rock sphere to “develop”, gaining a more complete skeleton with defensive capabilities. 
  • Membrane is still able to generate slime from his body, but from within the sphere, can fire it from as many of the holes made as he pleases, becoming a sort of “slime bomb” when rolled into the middle of a group of targets. 
  • Membrane can still make himself acidic, much like Goop. The acidic touch of Membrane is not enough to eat through the rocky sphere however, being made of the tough, tempered rocks of Viscosia. 
  • Membrane still possesses enhanced strength and can fire himself out of his sphere like a cannon towards a target, or roll his sphere using the weight of his body at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. 
  • Using the rock from his pseudo-skeleton, Membrane is able to prop his form up without the use of an antigravity projector. He can also form himself into a living weapon, bludgeoning targets by bunching all of his “bones” into one area like a wrecking ball, or firing them out of his body like a turret.
  • The ability to pull the Omnitrix from Goop’s body is removed, now that Membrane’s Omnitrix is located in a less vulnerable position.


  • Whenever Membrane develops more, their more Polymorph-ic qualities are diminished in exchange for better defense. 
  • Like Goop, Membrane won’t be able to reform if he’s being attacked fast enough, or barred access to the inside of his rock. 
  • Their rock removes most of the mobility and fluidity that Membrane has, as while they can effortlessly dodge and meld around their rock, they can’t separate from their rock without consequences listed above, so the ability to fit between small spaces or under doors is limited, as long as they can somehow stay tethered. 
  • Much like the Anti-Gravity Projector for Goop, if Membrane is separated from his rock sphere, they will be rendered almost immobile, save for their pseudo-skeleton. However, moving with the pseudo-skeleton is clunky and difficult for the usually fluid Polymorph, and while they might be able to move some distance back to their rock, it won’t be for long.

Species and Home Planet

Membrane is a subspecies of the more commonly found Polymorph, found deeper under the rocky surface of Viscosia. This sect of Polymorph are subject to the always moving currents of magma under the surface, so to anchor themselves in a fixed position, they morph around select pieces of the igneous rock found there and form it into a tight sphere. Once fully formed, with only the most minimal cracks open to freely move inside and outside, they latch onto this sphere much like a hermit crab would a shell. They are able to push around this sphere on the surface, or freely float along the streams of underground molten rock, much like cars along a freeway.

The rocks seem to be made from a much denser form of peridotite, with bits of solidified magma poking out in various places for self-defense. There are various exit points for the Polymorph to appear from, all hidden well by being as small as possible for the Polymorph to be able to enter while keeping predators out. While inside the rock, however, these Polymorphs begin to absorb the material of the rock into the primordial soup that is their body. Their bodies unwillingly gestate within the confines of the sphere the longer they find themselves within it, forming the beginnings of bones and a skull within the gelatinous forms of their bodies out of the rock they’ve taken refuge in.

While still more solid than the Polymorph’s body, these bodies of rock are not hindered from stretching along with it, setting back into place when the Polymorph returns to a comfortable shape. The rock inside of it will continue to accumulate the longer a Polymorph is inside the sphere, and just how far the development of this rocky skeleton would continue should a Polymorph stay within the sphere. ​​​​​​​

Now, this is a really nice idea for a form variation of a canon species, but like the entry below it, it's just got almost nothing to do with eggs. Even the entry itself refers to it as being more like a hermit crab.

Third Place

Reo's Entry

Eggs Benedict is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Oraprobello from the planet Bellum II.

It was made for the Spring Fanon Con 2020 Alien Design Contest under the theme of "Egg".


Act 1

Eggs Benedict Act 1 resembles a large chicken egg. It's brown in colour and about the size of a chair. It has 6 holes in it that appeared to have been punched out. Two holes on the front reveal two large eyes with dark pupils. The 2 holes on the side are made for hands, which are rather slim and covered in scales. The fists have four fingers with webbing between them to assist in swimming. The two holes near the bottom of the eggshell are made for legs. The legs, unlike the hands, are more bulk and muscular, made for running. The legs are also covered in scales all the way down to its tridactyl feet. All of his extremities are a beige yellow colour.

The Omnitrix symbol is small and resides on the outer shell in the area where a nose would be.

Act 2

The Second Act of Eggs Benedict greatly differs from the first. It looks somewhat like a 6 feet tall bipedal Ankylosaurus. However, unlike the dinosaur, Eggs Benedict doesn't have a tail. Its back is covered by the remains of his former eggshell. Parts of the degraded eggshell also cover his shoulders and elbows with bits of it integrated into its skin. Its skin is grey with just a hint of green and like his previous version still covered in scales. The Skin on his chest has over time become even more durable now being covered with extra layers of scales. Eggs Benedict is very buff and muscular. 

Its face, while keeping the horns similar to the Ankylosaurus, has two front-facing eyes. They're not as large as its first forms' eyes, and now look rather squinted at all times. Its moth isn't packed with sharp teeth, instead, its teeth resemble those of a cow.

Eggs Benedict possesses 3 holes on both of his palms. The Omnitrix symbol is located on its chest, right where the neck starts.

Act 3

The final form of Eggs Benedict could be described as 2 meters tall green Yeti. Fur covers most of its body. Its fur is grass green to help him camouflage in trees. Act 3 has glowing green eyes. While not particularly buff, its extremities are muscular and its body is overall fir and athletic.

Its Omnitrix symbol is located on its chest.

Powers and Abilities

Act 1

In Act 1, Eggs Benedict doesn't have many abilities. Its main power is its indestructibility. The outer shell is very durable and can withstand most attacks. It is able to hide inside its shell for protection.

The other ability Eggs Benedict possesses at this stage is the ability to run fast. It's nowhere near the speed of a kineceleran, but it's able to run at the speed of around 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometres per hour. It's not capable of maintaining this speed for long, so it usually contacts inside its shell and rolls down hills and declines.

Dues its large eyes, Eggs Benedict has a large FOV allowing him to see incoming enemies and other threats. Besides its great FOV, its vision is rather sharp, being able to see small details in the distance as well as up close.

Act 2

The protective shell on its back protects it from many attacks from behind. The extra layers of scales on its chest protect him from frontal attacks. It requires this protection due to its destructive and brute attack method. Thanks to its muscular and buff body, the creator possesses enhanced strength and use its fists for close-range attacks. Instead of having a strategy, Eggs Benedict just smashes everything in its path to deal with its enemies.

It has a method for long-range attacks as well. It is able to construct bullets out of a mixture of the scales on its chest and bones in its palms in order to shoot its enemies from a distance using the three holes on its palms.

Act 3

This version of Eggs Benedict is extremely agile and flexible. Besides that its capable of powerful leaps from tree to tree using both its legs and arms. While not quite as strong as Act 2, Act 3 also possesses enhanced strength.

To a degree, this version has an enhanced intellect, using strategy in battles as well as problem-solving.

Act 3's most important power, however, is static electricity. During its movements static electricity builds up in its fur and it is able to collect it and store it or simply redirect it to a different part of its body. Eggs Benedict often uses this in battle, avoiding the attacks with agile and fast movements, thus building up the charge while its enemy tired out and then simply electrocuting them to finish them off.


Act 1

Eggs Benedict isn't capable of fighting its enemies in Act 1, it can only block their attack or run away. Since it can't maintain its speed for too long, a faster-moving enemy can easily catch up.

The durability of its shell is not infinite, so its shell will break eventually at which point the Omnitrix will revert its user to its original form.

Due to its mouth being covered by its shell, most of the sounds the alien makes are muffled and can rarely be understood by others.

Act 2

In its transition, Eggs Benedict has lost its enhanced speed and enhanced vision. And while it still retains some of the original durable eggshell on its back, the shell has lost its strength and is a lot more easily breakable.

Act 2's brute force method of attack can lead to him sustaining a lot of damage as well as accidentally destroying nearby objects or its allies. Since it doesn't plan out its attack, it could very well end up fighting an opponent that is invulnerable to its attacks only to tire out and be defeated.

Not only did it lose its speed, but it has become slow. Quick and agile movements are not its thing. It deals with the situation in front of him, believing its back is indestructible when indeed it's not. 

Its bullets are not endless. While it might have enough scales on its chest to creat them, the bones in his palms don't regrow as fast. Using these bullets too much could lead to its bones being broken in a fistfight afterwards, since manufacturing the bullets makes all of his bones weaker in order to sustain the existence of bone in its palms.

Act 3

While Eggs Benedict is evasive and can dodge incoming attacks, its body is no longer as durable as it was before, therefore any injuries can further limit its movements and ability to dodge attacks which can lead to a defeat.

Its stored up static electricity can damage its body or release on its own if there is too much stored up.


Oraprobellos are a war-loving species. They live in the form of city-states, which is each controlled by an Order. Some orders control multiple city-states, however, war is waged constantly over who controls what. Due to the destruction of their first planet Bellum I, Oraprobellos have gotten less destructive. They wage their battles away from the city-states and other valuable territories.

While Act 2 Oraprobellos are used as soldiers, since the destruction of Bellum I, they have started using more of their own strength instead of artificial weapons.

Act 3 Oraprobellos are the ones that mostly make up an order. they use their enhanced intelligence to not only make war strategies but also plan the growth of their city and manage resources. Some Act 3 versions act as spies and assassins. Others however often distance themselves from society completely saying that war is meaningless.

The first version of Oraprobellos are either educated to eventually becomes Act 3 citizens or are being trained to fight and survive to later live as Act 2 soldiers.

Very often males are living in the second stage while their female partners live in the third stage. Act 2 soldiers that evolve to Act 3 usually announce themselves as worthy of being in an order.

War is what drives most of the species technological advancements.

Evolution Process

Evolving from Act 1 to Act 2 takes time. Eventually, the Act 1 creature is able to hatch from its shell. At that point, the creature requires a vast amount of nutrients and energy, so it feasts because the creature starts rapidly growing. If the creature is prepared mentally, this process could be initiated by the collapse of its shell by an outer factor. Even with the accelerated growth, it still takes time for the creature to grow to its full Act 2 size.

Evolving from Act 2 to Act 3 is harder. While the process is a lot quicker, the mental state that one has to be in in order to evolve is hard to reach for some. The physical side of the process involves all of the scales on the creature's body to fall off and to be rapidly replaced by fur. It's not just the fur that grows, but the creature itself. Its muscles need to be relaxed and made flexible, therefore it can be a painful process. A lot of the energy that was previously stored in the muscles and other parts of the creature's body is also sent to the brain to make it more active and capable. So the creature also loses some of its mass. 

Home World

Bellum I

Bellum I is the planet that the Oraprobellos originated on. The planet was mostly covered in a type of jungle forests. several savannah types of biomes existed further north or south from the centre of the planet. In the poles, however, there was an icy desert which is completely uninhabitable for the Oraprobellos. Many theories existed that a subspecies had evolved to survive in this climate, but died along with the rest of the planet.

The planet's destruction was brought upon by its main inhabitants - The Oraprobellos. Thrilled by war Act 3 members of the species actively worked on creating new and even more powerful weapons. Eventually, a nuclear weapon was created. This allowed a certain order to rule over pretty much the retire planet but it was only a matter of time until a rebellion of opposing force would get their hands on a similar weapon. And that is what happened. The nuclear war destroyed the planet. Thankfully a space travel system had already been started and some of the inhabitants could be saved and transported to a new planet later titled Bellum II to restart the species.

Bellum II

the second home planet of the Oraprobellos - Bellum II - is a lot less covered with jungles and instead has countless deserts. Having taiga-like biomes in the north and lower south parts of the planet, the species had quite a lot of new to discover on this new planet.

Their previous planet's destruction brought an era of peace to the species for a while until the planet was once again populated enough for different orders to start their fight. Learning from mistakes, weapons of mass destruction are banned and are no longer in use.

Bellum II is suffering from pollution dues to Oraprobellos arriving. Due to the high concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere of Bellum I, a lot of inventions used oxygen in order to function. Bellum II is not as rich with oxygen and the planet risks an oxygen crisis in the future.

Act 1: Very egg-like.

Act 2: Still somewhat connected to eggs.







Seriously speaking, this alien's definitely kind of a mixed bag for me. It sticks to the theme better than the last two entries but none of its powers are particularly unique and Act 3 just throws me for a loop in general.

Second Place

Skye's Entry
General Information
Species Tamagoraptor
Home World Terradino
Body Humanoid Oviraptor
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
Egg Generation
Sharp Spurs
First Appearance TBA

Egg-A-Raptor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Tamagoraptor from the planet Terradino.

It was made for the Spring Fanon Con 2020 Alien Design Contest.


Egg-A-Raptor is a humanoid alien with features of an Oviraptor. His body is covered in gray features with crimson accents. Along his arms there's feathers which give the appearance of wings (despite the fact he can't fly). It has a long, slender neck which ends with a very avian looking head, his beak is yellow and surprisingly he has teeth. His legs are covered in feathers except his scaly feet which ends in black sharp talons. He also have a long flexible tail which ends with a fan of crimson feathers. On his head there's a golden crest and in front of the crest a lot feathers which gives the appearance of a combed sideways hairdo. He wears black and green shorts and a simplistic black and green sash across his chest (going from his right shoulder to the left side of his lower back).

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his sash.

Powers and Abilities

Egg-A-Raptor is very fast and agile.

He has sharp claws and talons that can leave deep scars and marks on different objects.

Behind each of his feet there's a sharp spur which despite being kind of small it can still cause serious damage.

But the most unique ability his species has, it's the egg generation. On each of his palms there's an opening which an egg is formed, these eggs can have different effects from explosives, gooey traps or even hatch minions.


Strangely if his feathers gets wet or worse soaked he get very lethargic, standing in one spot, not moving at all becoming an easy target.

His spurs can get torned from his body giving him pain.

Similar to diurnal birds he can't see in the dark.

Species and Planet Information

Tamagoraptor was once believed to be a thieving species which steals from other Terradino inhabitants' eggs that they ate. It was later revealed that the eggs they "steal" are actually theirs which they got it back from real thieves.

Tamagoraptors are one of the numerous species which hail from the planet Terradino, alongside Vaxasaurians, Pturbosaurians, etc.

Tamagoraptors have a distinct sexual dimorphism. While males are brightly colored, the females are all gray and are missing the fan of feathers the males have at the end of their tails, also missing the feet spurs.

Females lay about 40 eggs which they defend with savagery, but due to multiple predators that have a taste for eggs, Tamagoraptors developed their egg generation ability. Sometimes they make fake nests which they fill with either gooey traps eggs or explosive ones.


  • The hairdo Egg-A-Raptor is actually random, which differs each time Neon transforms.

I can't say this alien has the most unique design, but the idea of using an Oviraptor alien for the egg theme is very nice and the egg power pulls it all together, even if it does feel a bit too much like some other standard "trick bomb" powers.

First Place

Atom's Entry
Humpty Dumpty/Eggstremis is an alien created for the 2020 Spring Fanon Con Alien Design Contest. The theme of the contest was "Egg".
Humpty Dumpty / Eggstremis
General Information
Species Ovumentropteroid
Home World Avgora
Body Egglike
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Entropy Containment
Entropy Manipulation


In his Humpty Dumpty form, the entropic energy is safely contained within its body and reversed. 

  • His body can absorb and store entropy from his surroundings
  • He is able to restore decayed objects, organic and inorganic.
  • Can turn substances like fluids into more "solid" constructs (
    therefore making them more ordered). He could use this ability defensively and offensively.

Weaknesses #1

  • Objects are only restored for a limited time and will inevitably return to their original state (the universe always pushes towards disorder).
  • He is unable to restore objects if their entropy exceeds the negentropy he is able to generate from his body.
  • His shell body is not particularly durable.
  • He is not able to restore parts of his body.

In his Eggstremis form, the shell of his body has been cracked, revealing the entropic core stored within his body. In this form, his abilities are:

  • An aura of entropic energy generates around his body. His surroundings begin to decompose and fall apart. Objects surrounding him transform into the state where their entropy is maximum.
  • Living beings cannot come into its proximity without disintegrating or very rapidly aging.

Weaknesses #2

  • He has very limited control over the entropic energy radiating from his body and can only direct the entropic energy very slightly.
  • Is unable to revert to his previous form
  • The calm, peaceful demeanor he had in his previous form is replaced with a maniacal and destructive persona.
  • The en

Species & Planet Information

They originate from a dimension called Avgora, located outside of the main universe. Being a complex and energetic closed system, their dimension had begun to cease functioning and was on the brink of collapse once it had reached maximum entropy. 

Most of the species were wiped out in the ensuing chaos. The survivors were able to evolve and adapt to their crumbling environment. Their bodies became literal entropy sponges. In time, a violent pathway between their dimension and the main universe would open. They would use their newfound abilities to vent their dimension's entropy into the main universe. Avgora would stop crumbling.


In science, Humpty Dumpty has been used to explain the second law of the thermodynamics that describes the process known as entropy.

Something very structured like Humpty Dumpty is said to have low entropy, thus when he falls off the wall and gets all splattered about, his entropy increases.

Now I will say I'm not the biggest fan of this design since it is quite literally just a Ben 10 Humpty Dumpty.


The concept behind this alien's powers and the reasoning for it looking like Humpty Dumpty is GOD-TIER.

Taking the scientific use of Humpty Dumpty as a demonstration for entropy and using it as an alien concept is absolutely genius and the only thing that makes me mad here is that I never thought of it myself (double shoutout to him not being able to revert to his first form that's just the icing on the cake here). You can say I'm biased towards science stuff (which I am) but I'm sorry, I just can't compromise on this one, boys. It's too Gucci.


Congratulations to Atom for winning, and thanks to everyone for participating! That's it for the second day of Spring Fanon Con, folks! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for when we announce the results of the Character Creation Contest! Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Fanon Con!

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