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Host's Opening Speech

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con so far! To end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

Well, here we go!

--Admin Team, the host of Spring Fanon Con 2018!


Brandon & Bat's Entry
Welcome to the second shared Fanon Con entry with Brandon 10 and Bat24, which will be representing both Brandon 10 and Mutant Drake.


We're very excited to bring you some big updates for our shows. I usually take over but Bat had decided to co-op this Fanon Con with me this time around so we'll be splitting the entry up. I'll go over the Brandon 10 stuff on my own, of course, and the rest will be divided between the two of us. We look forward to going over what we have to offer.

Brandon 10

I've been going over the same piece of news for the past couple of Fanon Cons in regards to Brandon 10 as it is still on hiatus with a new season in the works. Last Fanon Con had gone into that more-so than the others. However, I'm here to give an actual release date for the upcoming Season 4, which will still be the final season of Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero. So get ready for the Ultimate Hero to return with even more adventures on April 14th! It'll be included as part of the Brandon 10 Week event.

Originally, a special event was supposed to be announced and be presented during the last day of Brandon 10 Week but, because of delays on other projects, it had to be set back. However, a special trailer has been made with hints towards the upcoming special so stayed tuned for that. More details will be released during the Fanon Con presentation.

Also expect more art for Brandon 10 based on the upcoming episodes and possibly new episodes of the second season of the Brandon 10 reboot.

Mutant Drake

MD left off on a major note. After an alien invasion has wrecked the city and Drake had just finished exploring the nation, discovering new Mutants that he now calls friends, Season 3 is opened to whole range of new oppertunites for us to explore. During Season 2, we wanted to set up new elements that we could expand on later and now the time has come to do so.

Bat: Well, I think that you can expect the heroes to have a new status quo.

Yeah, like I said, the ending for Season 2 pretty much changed a lot of things for our characters and how they'll be doing things. Speaking of characters, Season 3 is planned to be more character-focused with stories relating more to the characters than the action and what not. Sure it'll still have fighting, explosions and drama, but a story isn't any good if the characters fall flat. We'll also be introducing some new characters and even new additions to the new team. Who can we expect? We'll find out soon enough. But what else can we say about the characters?

Bat:  Drake will be adjusting to being the leader of a vigilante team, and is still mourning John's death.

That last part being an important factor in Season 3 but mostly Drake's character development. As for Kate, she too will get development but how she progressed since the season 2 finale will be left to intrepretation for now.

Ryder is also still producing episodes, with some delays, but once that's done, Mutant Drake will start development and, hopefully, have an early release with upcoming episodes arriving soon.


Since both Bat and I have put our efforts together to bring this Fanon Con entry, we thought it'd be cool to put together upcoming content from both shows into one special trailer. So here's a special trailer dedicated to the upcoming Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Season 4 and Mutant Drake Season 3.

Brandon 10/Mutant Drake Special Trailer

The trailer opens up in space, showing off the cosmos.

Voice: Brandon. (pause) There is more to this than what you could possibly understand.

Brandon, voice over: I know. I've seen it.

Brandon is then seen standing in a forest, looking out at a large green volcano in the distance.

Brandon, voice over: Other worlds.

Brandon is then seen standing before a rift in a military base.

Brandon, voice over: Other dimensions.

The scene then fades into darkness.

Voice: No. There is more to the universe, something... beyond.

Brandon is then seen in a void, of some kind.

Brandon: ...Show me.

The scene then cuts to Bellwood where the Interceptor can be seen coming down for a landing.

Brandon is then seen with his arms around both Coco and Sarah.

Brandon: Oh, it's good to be back!

Sarah: You need to take this seriously, Brandon.

Brandon: As long as we're together, we can take on anything.

A helicopter is then seen flying towards a military base.

Armed soldiers raise their weapons and aim ahead of them but General Gates steps out, in front of them, holding up his arm.

General Gates: Lower your weapons!

Inside an office, a sharply dressed man is seated in a chair.

Man: Everything is going according to plan.

He smiles.

Coco: What are you so afraid of?

Brandon: I don't know. I just don't want to see the people close to me hurt again!

Figure: A darkness is coming, hero. And only you can stop it.

Voice: You are not ready for this power.

Brandon: I have to be. I need it.

Brandon stands before a cloud of darkness.

Brandon: The world needs... an Ultimate Hero.

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero Season 4

The trailer continues with a shot of the reinnovated Murphy Tower.

Danny: Okay, gear- check. Cool bros- check. Awesome music...

Danny turns his head to look over at Jake, who is checking his alien device.

Jake looks up and sees Danny looking over at him.

Jake: (shakes his head) No, no. We are not doing the music thing again.

An explosion then occurs and the team can be seen charging into battle to tune of an electronic-rock tune.

Fionna, in a suit, blasts an enemy with a fire blast while Jake, in his suit, fires a beam of energy from his alien device.

Danny, as the Speedster, runs forwards and Emmett, as Leviathan, crashes down on some armed men.

The scene is then plunged into darkness and fades into a shot of the city, where Drake is watching from the top of a rooftop.

He is then seen attacking some criminals in an alley way, in a somber tone.

Emmett: This isn't getting any better, Drake. You have to move on.

Drake: I don't think I can, Emmett. I have to do what he wanted me to do.

Drake is then seen, in his Vigilante armor, watching over the city once more.

Drake, voice over: I have to save this city.

Emmett: You don't have to do it alone.

Drake turns to walk off.

Drake: This is something I have to do on my own.

A building then explodes, sending out a wave of energy.

A man looks down at his arm, it mutating before his very eyes.

Man: What- What's happening to me?!

Jake: Something happened. People are getting powers, becoming Mutants. We have to find out how this happened and make sure this situation doesn't get out of hand.

Drake turns his head, looking back.

Jake, voice over: We need to work as a team.

Drake then starts to look down.

A girl is then seen, firing energy from her hands.

Emmett, dressed in a suit, falls down to the floor as glass blows everywhere.

An armored figure steps into a room.

Danny runs extremely fast, pushing his own limits.

Drake: This team isn't going to work if you keep secrets from the rest of us.

Fionna: We all have secrets, Drake.

The scene is plunged into darkness once again.

Fionna: What are yours?

The scene then fades to show Drake standing before a forest of some kind. He turns his head and look at it, in surprise.

Voice: ...Welcome home, Drake.

Mutant Drake: Season 3

Brandon is then seen, dropping onto the ground. He looks up, readying his Ultimatrix.

Drake enters a room, angered, and activates a new form.

Brandon: This world has been through a lot; invasions, armies, tears in reality. But it needs a hero.

Drake: I've been through a lot, I guess. We all have been. But the city needs to be saved. And it's counting on us.

A vortex is then seen.

The Jumpjet is then seen flying around it, just barely avoiding a blast from it.

A blast then shoots out from the vortex, crashing into the streets of the city.

Drake walks forwards, approaching a cell of some kind.

Drkae: Who are you?

Inside the cell, Brandon stands looking back at Drake.

Brandon: I'm you're only chance at saving this world.


An alarm sounds. Brandon turns his head to a monitor as he stands with Fionna and other members of the team.


Drake hangs onto the wing of the Interceptor as he flies at high speeds.


A shadow then grows over both Brandon and Drake as they stand in the street.

Brandon, turning to Drake: So any more more bright ideas?

Drake: We save the city-

Brandon: We save the universe.

Brandon and Drake both dash forwards; Brandon activating the Ultimatrix while Drake activates one of his forms.



Brandon and Drake are then seen walking through the base together.

Brandon: So let me get this straight- you used to jump around rooftops in a hoodie?

Drake: It was tacticle. What's with the green jacket?

Brandon: It's stylish...

Drake: Right...

Brandon: Shut up.


Final Thoughts

Yep, it's finally happening! Like I mentioned before, more details will be in the presentation so be sure to look out for that. Well, that seems to be it for now. I hope you all enjoyed our Fanon Con entry, as well as the other ones too. Have an awesome Spring Fanon Con, everyone!


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Ethan's Entry
Sup guys, it's Ebomnitrix back for another Fanon Con. Last Spring I made a few promises to make some announcements, well.. since then, a lot has changed more than I thought could change, so I'm gonna say this quickly before we get to the main announcement.

I can't say anything about Fandom Heroes right now, the future for that comic series for now will remain unknown. As well as the other comic series I announced titled "Adventures!" won't be launching any time soon. Also you maybe wondering where is the current E-10 series at? Well, as I've said there's been production issues, and now its to a point where I've decided it's going on a long term hiatus, I can't confirm if I'm gonna finish this series or not, because there's a lot planned that I would like to do. However I won't be making anymore episodes for that series as of the point, does that mean the E-10 franchise is over officially? No. But this does mean the series I worked so heavily on since 2016 is now over.

However, I have some big news to announce that I would like to announce, but I have to some things for the presentation this Friday on Discord, but for now... Here's your first look at what's next for E-10...

E-10 - Kekkan Sensen (Promo Version)

E-10 Horizons logo


[The trailer cuts to the chorus.]

[Ethan was floating in mid-air towards the campus, as he screamed from the top of his lungs.]


[Ethan's backpack started transforming into a giant metallic backpack.]


[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Lodestar.]


[Lodestar aimed his arms at the robot and launched magnetic waves.]


[XLR8 stopped his cyclone and the robber began falling to the ground. XLR8 caught him in time and set him down gently. The robber took a deep breath with relief but to his surprise, XLR8 struck him with an uppercut and it knocked him into the ground.]


[Ethan cheered with the group staring next to him.]


[A plant monster emerged from the school's gymnasium.]


[Echo Echo stood still as clones started running out of him.]


[Wildmutt roared and shook his head.]


[Alice grabbed Nikki and the two jumped from the red energy blast.]


[Hannibal and Terence ran beside Ethan.]


[Lieutenant Steel cocked out his gun.]


[AmpFibian surrounded his tentacles around the plant monster and began to electrocute it.]


[Alice gave a smile at the group.]]


[A giant missile blasted out from the warehouse, with Four Arms hanging on the side to it.]


[Black tap shoes finished tapping to the beat of the song.]


[The crowd, including Ethan, Alice, and Hannibal cheered for Nikki.]


[Ethan raised the Omnitrix core up and slammed down, emitting in a flash of light.]


E-10: Horizons, a new kind of series that will be the more fresh-take version of any E-10 series to date. For starters the 10 has been altered to have many Ben 10 and BTFF favorites. We will also have a new cast of characters that will have no relation to any of the previous cast or the Team 10 characters. This is 100% fresh and new and I promise that tonight I will be able to announce more!

Until then, let me know your thoughts on the polls below and I hope you enjoyed Spring Fanon Con, 2018. Oh and here's a poster, hope you like!

E-10 Horizons Poster


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Jack's Entry
Aphelion logo

Coming Soon...

The series first arc is subtitled: Imperial Age. That's because Ben and co. are facing off against the New Galactic Order, a malignant force aimed at stripping the Galactic Union of its power and taking over reign of the Galaxy. The Galactic Union is basically the federal government of the galaxy. It's made up of the Galactic Senate and ambassadors from each planet.

The New Galactic Order is led by Chancellor Jadan, with his Empress Looma and the heir to the throne, Cincurus. Jadan's ranking officers are Lord Astraeus, Lord Kobir who are both sort of his right hand man as they are almost rivals I'd say. Under them in the power rankings are General Perses, and General Tarr. Another officer is Commander Cullu, who plays a pivotal role in the storyline. And then, the forces of the New Galactic Order are referred to as Imperials, with Jadan keeping the Elite Imperials near him. The Elite Imperials are basically the royal guards of Jadan. They are lethal.

Ben is 26, Gwen is 26, and Kevin is 27. The last canon episode was when Ben was 16. Many events happened in the 10 year span. Things have changed.

In the gallery below is one of the new fanon aliens Ben has. His name is Cullcussion, and I'm not revealing his powers yet, but feel free to speculate based off his design.

This is just a small update. Expect very big things for summer fanon con 2018. That's gonna be the big one.

Enjoy some NEW designs:

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