Welcome, one and all, to the second day of the Fall 2020 Fanon Con! I'm your host, CaT, bringing you the results for the Alien Design Contest! This contest's theme was Emergency! Let's see how our contestants did!

Fifth Place

Skye's Entry
Unknown Alien.jpg
General Information
Species Malacostracea
Home World Peracarida
Body Humanoid Isopod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Reflexes
Sharp Claws
Hydrokinetic Constructs
Strength Detection
Emergency Exit
Power Boosting(via Emergency Exit)
Healing(via Emergency Exit)
First Appearance TBA

Exo-Shogun is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Malacostracea from the planet Peracarida.

It was made for the Summer Fanon Con 2020 Alien Design Contest.


Exo-Shogun looks like a humanoid isopod with pink flesh protected by white exoskeleton. His head is colored purple and is shaped in a curved way, but near his singular eye there are golden markings. He has a singular black claw at each feet. On the sides of his stomach there are 3 pair of small claws which are retractable and quite dexterous. On his shoulders there are special plates which spews a unique type of water. His big pair of arms is longer and have much larger forearms. These large forearms both have three overlapping, armored plates on the back and two black claws. Each plate have greenish, triangular markings. On the big pair of arms there are three purple claws. He wears a armored loincloth and black and green silken pants.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers & Abilities

Exo-Shogun is a powerful transformation which combines all his enhanced strengths to deliver a devastating blow.

Using the water stored in his body he can generate weapons, ranging from swords, bows, bo staffs and even harpoons.

His sharp claws can cut through even the strongest material.

He can detect the strength of his adversary using his singular eye.

If the opponent is too strong for him to take on, he'll "panic" & run away.

The ability called "Emergency Exit" resets his strengths to zero, but boost extraordinarily his teammates in all types from physical strength to speed, dexterity, etc.

While under the Emergency Exit buffing, the teammates are healed of any kind of wounds immediately.


If he's caught with his strengths being zero or not having any allies nearby, he'll not be able to fight back.

He becomes a support alien until the stronger threat is defeated.

Species & Planet Information

Peracarida is a rocky planet with glistening ocean, seas and warm lagoons. Tide pools are one of the most common place on the planet, where mainly plant life is located. The lagoons are warm cause of the fact in the locations where they form, the layer of sand and earth is closer to small magma pockets warming the water, causing the lagoons to become intergalactic spas.

The only sapient species on the planet are the Malacostracea, a race of honorable warriors which battles skillfully with their eight arms against pirates which want to take over their planet. It said they can cleave seawater right in two. The species started out as bottom feeders but slowly evolved to domination, building coastal cities specialised in fishing. They are omnivores and they're not picky in what they eat, but their diet mainly consists out of seaweed and native fish species they catch by using their hydrokinetic ability to generate harpoons.


  • Exo-Shogun was based on the pokemon Golisopod.

Aight I'm just gonna be upfront here and say this one gets last place because all it did was yoink a Pokemon and give it a redeco. I will say I do kinda like the redeco, but we're judging based on creativity here.

I know you mostly just make aliens based on characters from existing franchises, but I'd recommend trying to create your own original aliens if you're at all interested; you have a lot of potential.

Fourth Place

Choco's Entry
Name: Hormongency

Appearance: Hormongency has two modes. Normally, he'll just resemble a human with just muscles instead of skin, but under stress his muscles will tense up and inflame, causing the muscle to grow and swell in accordance to the amount of cortisone he has in his body

Powers: in standard mode, he carries his biotech gun, with pus like bullets built into them. They function similarly to an actual gun, but it only works on organic life. 

In Stress mode, however, they acquire a certain amount of strength, enough  to be  able to either fight the enemy one on one, or be able to make a hasty retreat 

Abilities: Super human strength and speed that, while not up to the levels of Humongosaur or XLR8, are good for an emergency to buy time for back up

Weaknesses: The amount of bullets one has during the time they have the form is limited. Meaning they can run out and be forced to retreat or switch to another alien.

In stress mode, if the situation makes the user too stressed in this form, this can result in the cortisone over flowing and cause it to weaken the muscles and break.

Background: Hormongency is a member of the Cortisans from the planet Cortistress. A planet that, on the outside seems like a deserted uninhabited planet, actually holds a secret society of muscle and sinew based lifeforms. These beings specialize in Biotechnology. Although they are notable for making biotech guns that were similar to their biology, they also secretly modified themselves with nanotechnology to regular their stress at certain levels, due to the stress of the world they lived in 

This one is like

just a dude.

It's not bad, but it's not particularly unique save for the pus bullets, and if 'pus bullets' are the best thing about an alien, I can't really justify placing it higher. Good effort, though.

Third Place

Felipe's Entry
General Information
Species Vespinas
Home World Uberk
Body Humanoid Wasp
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Healing
Body Part Restoration
Disease Detection
Medicine Manipulation
Temporary Invincibility
Poison Absorption
Poison Immunity
Stinger Protrusion
Paralysis Inducement

Vaccneedle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vespinas from the planet Uberk.


Vaccneedle is a humanoid wasp who's body is primarily yellow. He has four white rings on his torso, his arms are black with three white rings on them, white hands with four fingers, his legs are black with five white rings on them, his feet are white with three fingers and he has a white stinger on his backside. He wears a long lab coat that ends on his knees and is buttoned, with transparent wings on his back that appears from a hole on the coat, red long gloves that end on the middle of his forearms, light brown pants, he has two yellow antennas on his head, his head two white rings, one on his forehead and the other on his neck, his eyes are yellow and the symbol of the Omnitrix is on his left arm.

Powers and Abilities

Vaccneedle's main ability is healing others. By shooting a white beam from his hands at an injure person, he's able to heal their wounds and enhance their strength.

He can use this beam to restore lost body parts. Also he can use this beam to cure others from several diseases and poisons.

He can detect diseases from someone by using his antennas to sense them.

He's able to create medicines to help others who have some kind of disease on their bodies.

By shooting a red beam from his hands at someone, he and this someone's body becomes reddish, their eyes are glowing in yellow and they become temporarily invicible for 10 seconds. When they're invicible, their strength, defense and durability increases and they are immune to any kind of attack.

By stinging his stinger on someone like doctors putting vaccines on people, he's able to extract poison from their bodies and because his body is immune to poisons, he isn't affected by them.

He uses his sting when need to defend himself, by slashing the opponent with it or stabbing them. When he stings them with his sting, their bodies paralyze for 3 minutes.

He's able to crawl on walls.

Thanks to his wings, he's able to fly.


His healing isn't permanent and those who were healed can be injured again.

He's only able to heal one or two person at a time.

He can't heal those who arer dead and can't revive them. But as long they have a hint of life on them, he can heal their wounds and maybe revive them.

He can only heal non-fatal wounds.

He can only restore some body parts, he can't restore lost organs or lost heads.

His medicines can unintentionally have side-effects and they only cure diseases, not injures.

Like said before, his invicibility only last 10 seconds and after that, he and the other one turn back to normal.

He can get stucked if he pierces something with his stinger.

He won't be able to fly if his wings are hit by water or he falls on water.

Species & Planet Information

The planet Uberk is a technological advanced planet that is very known in the universe. It go the nickname "Planet Hospital" because it's usually visited by other species who need to go to some hospital and they usually go to Uberk, where its species, the Vespinas, help the patients.

The Vespinas, a race of humanoid wasp Aliens who act as doctors on the hospitals on their planets. Many Aliens from different planets visit they to ask for help when they have some disease, are sick, have some injure etc. The Vespinas are peaceful Aliens who's only goal is to help others and they only fight if it's necessary. Both male and female Vespinas colaborate to help their patients, identifying what their problem is and finding sollutions to they.


His name combines Vacc from vaccine and needle.


  • The outift he uses was inspired by Medic from Team Fortress 2. Also from Medic is his temporary invisibility, a reference to the ÜberCharge.
  • This Alien was made for the Fall Fanon Con 2020.

I have the same problem with this entry as I do with Skye's entry in that you basically just yoinked an existing character for it, but it gets extra points for at least trying to make it unique by incorporating wasp elements and having some decent lore.

Second Place

Grounder's Entry
General Information
Species Adjutor
Home World Responsum Primus
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power Bestowal
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein

Bestowaway is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Adjutor from the planet Responsum Primus.


Bestowaway is a pinkish Humanoid with white chest armor and shoulder pads. His aqua hair is spiked up and he appears to wear shades.

Powers and Abilities

He can bestow superpowers upon others, even those that already have powers. Any power is available except for omnipotence and the like. He can also take away bestowed powers, even if he did not bestow them.

He has encyclopedic knowledge of all superpowers ever, so he knows how to give them.


He can not give himself or any other Adjutor any powers at all.

He can only give people one powerset. He must remove the one he already gave them to give them another.

Other people with potenkinesis can remove the powers he gives.

Species and Planet Info

Bestowaway is a Adjutor from the planet Responsum Primus. Adjutors are commonly a benevolent species known for helping intergalactic crises. They also have made several species with the intention of being specifically useful in dangerous situations. Some these are the species of Pyxl-Loaf, Atomix, and the Weatherheads, though the Weatherheads have defected.


  • Bestowaway comes from bestow and stowaway.
  • Adjutor is Latin for helper, just with an accent over the u.
  • Responsum Primus is Latin for first response.


  • This alien’s design was originally a design I made for another alien, before having been scrapped and used for this guy.

I'm not gonna lie, you had me on this one until the design. Everything else is pretty good, but the design loses you some points for just being a red-skinned elf man. Okay as a fantasy creature design, but not a very good alien design.

First Place

Jay's Entry
This was created by JayTVStudios. Please do not use any art on this page without permission, as it is against the rules. If it is an alien or character, ask permission before adding it into your fan fiction.

Muscle Mussel is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mussumasse from the planet Gunclintia.


Muscle Mussel has a mussel-like appearance.

Muscle Mussel has a lavender shell shaped like a rock. He has two small ribs on the left side of his face. His shell is rounded with a large crack in the left side, where his large arm comes out of. There is an opening on the front of his shell which is shaped in a triangle, where his two eyes are seen. He has yellow skin, and a large yellow arm which is stored inside his body.

Muscle Mussel wears the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.


Muscle Mussel's voice is muffled and high-pitched.


Muscle Mussel warps Jay's personality to become paranoid, and will attack anyone who startles him. Due to this, he considers him an "emergency only" alien.

Powers and Abilities

Muscle Mussel has an extremely powerful "arm", which comes out of the crack of his shell. His strength is large in comparison to his size, as he is capable of carrying more than fifty times his body weight.

Muscle Mussel's arm is elastic and stretchy and can reach great lengths.

Muscle Mussel possesses an immensely durable shell which can withstand almost all types of attacks. His nervous system is not connected to his shell, making sure he will not feel pain from his shell being broken.

Muscle Mussel can breathe underwater thanks to his invisible gills.


Muscle Mussel can barely move. His only way of movement is pulling himself forward with his arm, so if it is subdued, he will become immobile.

While Muscle Mussel has a tough shell, his face and crack are weak spots and can be easily hurt.

Muscle Mussel's paranoia causes him to become unstable, which makes him an emergency-only alien.


Muscle Mussel comes from muscle, referencing his strength, and mussel, referencing his appearance. His name also takes on the fact that both of the aforementioned words rhyme and are pronounced similarly.


  • Muscle Mussel, along with Clammunition and Biggest Fan, are what Jay describes to be one-use aliens.
  • Muscle Mussel fits the "emergency" theme because he is an emergency-only alien due to his paranoia.


Mussumasse are a relatively peaceful species and rarely venture out of the caves that they reside in due to the frightening sand blasts of the Clomoclamo. They like to move around their caves, which act as homes, and arm-wrestle to settle bets.

Gunclintia is the same planet where Clammunition's species, the Clomoclamo, reside. It looks quite empty and lonely, but it is actually infested with many clam and mollusk-like species which either camouflage as greenery or rocks and hide in caves. It is very rocky and mostly underwater.

Good name.

That aside, this alien is the most unique entry in this contest in my opinion. The design and powers might be basic, but they're at least interesting enough that I can say "oh yeah that's an alien" when I look at it; if you ask me, that might be one of the most important parts of creating an alien in the first place.


Congratulations to Jay for winning, and thanks to everyone for participating! That's it for the second day of Fall Fanon Con, folks! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for when we announce the results of the Character Creation Contest! Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Fanon Con!

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