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Host's Opening Speech
Welcome to the main blog of Fall Fanon Con 2019! Not too many people signed up this time, but eh, what can you do. We hope you guys had fun regardless. See you in the winter for the next Con!

--CaT, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2019!


CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Fall 2019 Fanon Con!

Project Deca


Only three episodes left to go. By the time the next Fanon Con rolls around, the series will more than likely have aired its final episode. That being the case, I've put together a little...trailer? Presentation? Eh, I dunno. Something for it.

Final Arc Promo

For the past nine months, Project Deca has explored multiple Earths as both a celebration of BTFF's history and a story of its own.

"My job, in basic summary, is to preserve things." Attai replied. "I don't see the same meaning in them these people do, but it's something they seem to think is important. That being the case, I'm going to preserve that meaning, even if I don't understand it. If that means I have to fight to protect it..."

Attai shot fireballs through several fruit monsters surrounding Heatblast, Gwen, and Kevin.

"Then I guess I'll just fight like hell."

"I'll give you the Omnitrix!" Ben said. "Just don't kill him!"

"Ben, you moron!" Attai snapped. "What are you doing?! You can't just give up the Omnitrix like that!"

"I'm no good as a hero if I don't try to save everyone!" Ben yelled back. "I'm not giving up... I'm just doing everything I can!"

"Well, you're a Chronian, aren't you?" Terox leaned up against the wall with a smirk. "You've got time."

"It's not me I'm worried about." Millennia summoned the Dekigotocam and started fiddling with it. "Besides, whether they realize it or not..."

Millennia snapped a picture of the meeting room, then dropped the Dekigotocam, with the device fading away before it hit the floor.

"Everyone runs out of time eventually."

"How much faith do you have in 'being the good guy'?" Ubermensch said, still marching forward. "How strong is your resolve when it comes to being better than us?"

"Than who, the Nazis?" Attai scoffed. "Uh, pretty goddamn strong. Get to the point, you edgy fickfehler."

Ubermensch suddenly stopped and ripped his hand away from his face, revealing his features in full detail. Attai's eyes widened as he instinctively recoiled from what he saw. Looking back at him was a carbon copy of his own face, wearing a calm, knowing smirk.

"You're 'better than me', hm?" Ubermensch stared Attai down with a piercing glare. "I don't think that's quite right, do you?"

"Now I just feel stupid." Attai muttered under his breath, then pointed towards Xargon. "Everyone I've met has been fighting for their own ideals; their own meaning. I don't have a meaning of my own yet, but until I do, I'll keep fighting to protect theirs."

Attai summoned a card for the CataloGun, ignoring a stinging pain behind his left eye.

"You asked who I was earlier." Attai said. "I think I have an answer for you now."

"Oh?" Xargon raised an eyebrow.

"My Attai Zehn." Attai stated, running the card through the gun's side slot. "And I'm here...for more than just my job!"

"Everyone lived." Ben stated firmly. "It was difficult for me to get out of my own head and accept other people's ideas, but because I did, everyone was saved. Including the person I was trying to kill."

"You-" Devil Watcher started.

"You said we were a lot alike earlier." Ben interrupted. "Maybe we used to be. Thing is, even though I might look like some naive kid, I've had to do a lot of growing up because of situations like that. You've never even tried."

"Oh, so you finally figured out that Timewalkers can leave pocket dimensions." Terox clapped sarcastically while wearing a condescending smirk. "Now, I'm dying to know. Who- or what, I'm not picky- came out of that little diversion of mine? What are you going to do now?"

Attai stayed silent for a few seconds before looking up at Terox with a glint of renewed confidence in his eyes.

"We are- I am Attai Zehn." Attai declared. "And I'm still going to do my job."

Terox's smirk widened into a shark-like grin, which then transitioned into full-blown hysterical laughter.

"Alrighty then!" Terox hissed giddily. "Let's see what you're really made of!"

"The hell is that supposed to be?" Terox raised an eyebrow.

"My completed body, I think." Attai quickly identified his new form, then shook his head. "No, more than's been influenced by the Archives. This is a merging of everything I've scanned...everyone I've met."

Attai raised the CataloGun and pointed it directly at Terox.

"A complete work of art..." Attai mused. "Gesamtkunstwerk."

"Because that's not all there is to it!" All Star Cosmic began glowing even brighter. "The world may be dark, but there's good in it you couldn't even begin to imagine!"

Space began warping around All Star Cosmic's body, directing light from hundreds of stars directly into their core.

"That good is what we fight for!" All Star Cosmic yelled. "We'll protect it with everything we have! Even in the face of tragedy, we'll keep on moving forward! That ability to continue life against all odds is what gives us our strength! That perseverance..."

All Star Cosmic charged at the Anti-Life Entity, who responded with a charging attack of its own.


But as we reach the last quarter of 2019, the story begins to draw to a close.

"Well, we all have our faults." Paradox said. "Regardless, it would be most beneficial if you could resolve the situation on Earth-1010 as soon as possible. All things considered, you may even encounter Terox."

"Oh, please." Attai scoffed. "What are the chances of that happening?"

"Terox has a supernatural habit of popping in at just the right time to ruin things for me." Mig noted wryly. "I think it would be weirder if he didn't show up."

"There is no possible way this could get any dumber." Attai huffed.

At that moment, a purple tabby cat with magenta stripes and blue eyes walked out from behind the corner of a nearby hallway.

"Oh, but it CAN get dumber!" The cat announced.

Guards and military officers trying to breach the command office were beaten down and dragged away by hordes of Nikon'ali and humanoid vegetation. Attai tossed the cards he was holding away and sat down at the Fuhrer's desk, tapping his fingers together for a moment until he found what he was looking for: an emergency announcement system.

"Attention, all personnel and citizens of Reich-controlled Europe." Attai began, briefly checking to make sure the broadcast was indeed being transmitted to all Unendlich Reich territories. "My name is Attai Zehn. As of now, I am in control of the Reich's central command. If you want it back..."

Attai leaned back in his chair, putting in one last statement before closing the line.

"...Come and take it from me."

The end of an era swift approaches.

Are you ready for the next decade?

The future is closer than you think.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ebomnitrix's Entry
E-10 Horizons Fanon Con Opening 2

[Everything was black for a moment until green electricity began vertically surrounded the area. A white light appeared in the middle of the screen until it eventually blinded the area. We zoom out from Ethan's anticipated look, as we zoom out to his full body as it revealed he was in a blue background with particles swiftly flying towards the screen. As Ethan zoomed out, he raised his arm over the Omnitrix and slammed down, with a green light blinding the screen.]

[The E-10 logo appeared with the Omnitrix surrounding the 10. Eventually it spelt out Horizons and a green light swirled below the logo, and created the number 2.]

E-10 Horizons - Season 2 logo

[The entire logo glowed green, and zoomed into the screen, blinding the scene with a bright light, then fading to black.]

Ebomnitrix: Welcome to the E-10 Fanon Con Presentation. I hope you guys are enjoying this season's Fanon Con, and the new season of E-10: Horizons. By this point, we've only released the first two episodes as a sneak peek while we're working to get more art and new music made for the series. E-10: Horizons will go on a two week break to allow Wattpad and Ao3 to have the episodes officially released. This also means I'll probably edit the episodes to include the new ending song for this season. In the mean time, E-10: Horizons will return with more episodes starting October 18th and will air the remainder of the first half of the season until Christmas Break. Until then, I'm going to show you guys a sneak peek of at an all new episode coming later this Fall. I'll see you at tonight's Discord Presentation and as always, Stay Gold!


E-10 Fanon Con New Episode Sneak Peek

[The setting took place outside a warehouse at nightfall. Soon, Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki had arrived on their motorcycles. They parked their vehicles, and stepped out of their cycles. Nikki grabbed her radar, and it suddenly went off. Nikki raised it in the air as she detected large amounts of energy.]

Nikki: Lieutenant Steel was right. These energy levels are off the rail!

Ethan: C’mon, let’s take a closer look.

[A group of red hooded figures were blocking the entrance. Meanwhile, Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki sneakily ran to the back of the building. Ethan walked into a corner to notice something. Nikki walked past Ethan.]

Nikki: What? Why are you stop-

[Ethan grabbed Nikki’s mouth and pulled her back to the corner and stopped the others from moving.]

Ethan: They got the back entrance blocked, too.

[Hannibal looked up to notice there was an open window.]

Hannibal: There’s a window up there!

Terence: Great, how are we supposed to get up there?

[Ethan pressed his fingers against the wall, and static electricity attached them to it. Terence turned to Ethan as he smirked. Ethan began to climb up the wall.]

Terence: You just had to show off, didn’t you?

[Alice, Hannibal and Nikki attached their fingers to the wall and began to climb up with him. Terence groaned and followed them up. As the five climbed up the wall, Ethan first snuck into the window, then later Hannibal, and he helped Alice and Nikki down. Terence snuck through the window and fell to the ground.]

Terence: Ow!

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki: Shhh!!!

Terence: Not even bothering to help me in, I see how it is...

[The five were standing on the upper level as they looked down below to see a group of red hooded figures making a weapons deal with some shady figures.]

Cult Member: Do you have what we’re searching for?

Black Market Salesman: Oh yes. Morty! [Snaps]

[Morty opened the trunk of their car and pulled out a briefcase. He walked up to them and opened the briefcase, revealing the Torrential Rattles. The Cult Member gazed at it and reached out his hand. Morty closed the briefcase.]

Black Market Salesman: Nah-uh-uh! You gotta give me the money first, or are we going to have a problem.

Cult Member: You know, I could just blast you and walk right out of here with a free artifact.

Black Market Salesman: [Laughs] I see you like to play dirty. So do I. [Snaps]

[The shady figures aimed their guns up in the air, and the Cult Members raised out their arms, with energy circling their palms. There was a moment of silence between them. Ethan looked down to see a set of stairs before him. Ethan passed Hannibal, Terence and Nikki and quietly made his way toward the stairway. The black market salesman laughed and set his weapon down.]

Black Market Salesman: You’re a wild funny man. Alright, I’ll give you deal, you can give me 75% of what we originally planned and I’ll let you off the hook. Deal?

Cult Member: I’m good with that.

Cult Member 2: Me too.

[The cult members, the black market salesman, and Morty walked toward each other, preparing to exchange. Ethan was hiding in the shadows behind a couple objects. Ethan tapped the button off the Omnitrix and the core popped up. He turned the dial from XLR8 to Ghoulseye to Lodestar. Ethan raised his arm up in the air.]

Ethan: And I’m good with Lodestar. So I can go on home and get out of here.

[Ethan slammed down and a green light blinded the screen.]

[GOOP TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball spun to the right side of the screen. Ethan’s face began to squirm as it appeared to be melting. The same happened to his left hand. We cut to Ethan melting into the ground as his skin turned a bright green as a small UFO entered the transformation and it lifted his body up into the air, forming it into a blob-like creature. Goop raised up his arms to strike a pose. The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Goop. Goop raised his arms up as a white light surrounded Goop’s body.]

Goop: Huh?!

[GOOP OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began to grow out from his Omnitrix and surrounded his chest. Yellow electricity went down the rest of his torso as he grew a spinal cord. Goop’s shoulder began to mutate to grow lizard-like skin as muscle formed on his body. The rest of Goop’s arm changed. Goop’s head changed as he grew a mask around his eyes. Goop’s UFO changed as yellow electricity formed around the sides, growing to be a sharp electrified razor disc. The bottom of the UFO had also changed slightly, as it opened more vents, allowing yellow energy to shoot out from it. We zoom out from Goop’s new body as he raised his arms out and struck a pose.]


[A white light blinded the weapon salesman and cult members. They turned over to see the light fade behind them. We shifted to over to see the light fading from Goop’s body.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Uh oh…

[Hannibal, Terence, Alice and Nikki were watching from above.]

Alice: We better get down there.

[We shift back to the lower level with the other salesman panicked.]

Black Market Salesman: Gah, What the hell?! Kill that thing!

[The scene cuts to black.]

E-10 Returns! Biggest Night of Action - Short Promo (2019)

Scene 1: [We cut to the group riding their motorcycles down the road at quick speed.]


Scene 2: [Ethan sprung over as he activated the Omnitrix and slammed down.]


[Alice raised her energy sword and sliced the flesh zombies in half.]


[Terence raised his out his palm and unleashed a bright white light to blind the dealers.]


[Omni-Splicer Diamondhead created an energy rope and swung it towards the Circus Freaks.]


Ethan: Time for a good ol' fashion beatdown!

E-10 Horizons - Season 2 Promo





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