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Host's Opening Speech

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Fanon Con so far! To end it off, we have the main blog. If you don't know what this is: users show off anything put on here, like series, movies, etc, in case you're rather new to the wiki and/or Fanon Con in general.

Well, here we go!

--Admin Team, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2018!


Alan's Entry
Hi. So, if you've been looking at the BTFF Discord or just seeing my semi-sporadic edits and posts on the wiki, you'll know I'm currently working on yet another project in my over 100 project arsenal. A soft reboot to the original canon, known as Ben 10: Time's End. It should've been expected of me to do something related to that when I signed up for Fanon Con. And I'm bringing you two things. The first of which is a quick first look at the first episode of the series, The More They Stay the Same Part 1. Here you go:

[The scene opened up in front of a four-story, yellow brick building. In front of it stood a blonde haired police officer next to Ben Tennyson. Ben was wearing a black leather jacket with green details, a white undershirt, and blue jeans. Ben looked down at the Omnitrix and activated it, scrolling through the icons until he found the one he was looking for, and then pressed down on the core. His entire body chaged to a bright, glowing red. A skin-tight, black and white suit covered most of his body. He looked up as his eyes changed to be completely green, and yellow eyebrows sprouted from above them. A big, clunky, grey suit formed around him. The helmet of the suit closed onto him and the three openings in the helmet lit up with red energy as the sequence ended.]

NRG: I hope I'm wrong on this...

[Looking up at the building through the three slots in his faceplate, NRG could see a white aura around the building.]

NRG: Damnit. That's not ideal.

Officer Curry: What's not ideal?

NRG: This building is completely surrounded in background radiation.

Officer Curry: Should we be worried about that?

NRG: The background radiation itself? No, not particularly. But what caused it... This background radiation was caused by time travel. Whoever or whatever did this moved the building through time.

Officer Curry: Without any regard to those inside?

NRG: I think there was plenty of regard for them. With time powers, they easily could have just slowed time to do this undercover. Whoever this is wanted to make a scene.

Officer Curry: Trying to get your attention.

NRG: It wouldn't surprise me.

[Rook stepped out of the building and approached the other two.]

NRG: Did anyone know anything?

Rook: Unfortunately, no. The safe was located on the uppermost floor, and anyone here who knew what was in it is no longer alive.

NRG: Go figure.

Rook: However, I did manage to find trace amounts of extraterrestrial DNA from within the safe.

NRG: Which species?

Rook: Chronosapien.

NRG: Temporal background radiation around a building that has a safe containing something that had Chronosapien DNA on it. I don't like this.

[There was a rumbling heard out of seemingly nowhere. Everyone turned to the water where the noise came from, and one of the mutated, purple and grey To'Kustars dubbed "Way Bads" appeared out of seemingly nowhere. From NRG's point of view, it had the same white aura as the building.]

Officer Curry: Didn't you people take care of those things?!

NRG: It's not from this time, it has background radiation! [turns to Rook] Make sure everyone here stays safe, I'll handle the Way Bad.

[Rook nodded as NRG ran and jumped into the water. A green flash was seen beneath the surface.]

Rook: Everyone! I must ask that you back up and remain calm!

[With everyone backing up, Rook placed down the Prototool, which then generated a large, orange barrier between the city and the Way Bad. Near the Way Bad's foot, Ripjaws shot up out of the water and quickly pressed the Omnitrix. In another green flash, Ripjaws was wrapped in tan bandages, changing into Snare-Oh. He shot his bandages up at the shoulder spike of the Way Bad, and pulled himself all the way up.]

Snare-Oh: Tell ya what, you promise to go down easy, I'll use Clockwork to change you back to how you were before... This. Deal?

[The Way Bad swatted Snare-Oh off of him, only for the latter to shoot bandages from his back to the elbow-spike of the Way Bad.]

Snare-Oh: I'll take that as a no.

[Snare-Oh swung up and landed on the Way Bad's arm, then jumped off of it just before the Way Bad could crush him. He then turned around and shot bandages out, wrapping the Way Bad's hand to his arm. Still attached, he swung down, his feet skidding across the surface of the water, then swung up and detached himself, being eye level with the Way Bad. He shot out bandages from his chest, blinding the Way Bad. Falling down, Snare-Oh shot out bandages from both his arms and his back, wrapping up the Way Bad's legs. With them wrapped up, Snare-Oh swung himself back up to the top of the Way Bad. A ripping sound was heard. Snare-Oh looked and saw the bandages on the Way Bad's hand/arm was beginning to tear. Snare-Oh reinforced them with bandages from his back before using those in his hands to wrap around the Way Bad's head fin, then, with those around the fin still attached to him, he jumped from the Way Bad into the water, pulling the giant down with him. As the Way Bad fell into the water, a massive wave shot towards the street, only to be blocked by the barrier set up by the Prototool. Soaking wet, Snare-Oh pulled himself out of the water onto the streets, where the civilians were cheering at his success.]

Rook: I was not expecting you to take that approach.

Snare-Oh: Audience loves a surprise.

[Snare-Oh looked up and saw a person on top of the building just as they turned to walk away. They were decked out in an all black outfit, comprised most notably of a long overcoat and a helmet covering up all of their facial features. Snare-Oh quickly shot up to the top of the building, but the person was nowhere to be seen. He was kicked down by the figure suddenly appearing from above. Just before Snare-Oh could wrap them up, they disappeared again. As Snare-Oh went to get up, he was grabbed by the neck by the person, who then spoke in a raspy, masculine voice, amplified by his helmet/mask.]

Person: I'm going to give you this choice once. Stay out of my way, or perish with the others.

Snare-Oh: Others?

[The person was then kicked to the side by Rook. As Snare-Oh got up, he wrapped up the mysterious person in bandages from his chest and pulled him closer.]

Snare-Oh: If you wanted me to stay out of the way, then you shouldn't have gotten my attention.

[Struggling, the person managed to cloes his left fist, and Snare-Oh's Omnitrix flashed red just beforfe changing him back into Ben. Freed from the bandages, the person kicked down Ben and punched Rook away, and then disappeared. The two sat up, obviously confused, looking at each other.]

Ben: This is... not how I wanted to spend our last day on Earth before the galactic road trip.

The second thing I'm going to give you for Ben 10: Time's End is the design of Sandbox, one of the three still unseen aliens teased by Kenny in Ken 10, and the alien who replaces Bloxx in the new continuity.

Sandbox 2018

Sandboxx is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shakaralramal from the planet Yataghayarun. His body is comprised of an organic, sand-like substance that can shapeshift and also change density, being able to shift from sand to sandstone.

Brandon and Bat's Entry
Welcome to the third shared Fanon Con entry between Brandon 10 and Bat24, which will be representing both the Brandon 10 and Mutant Drake franchises!


Brandon: Ello, guys! Speaking of my behalf, I'm a little surprised to actually be here. I didn't expect to be doing a Fanon Con entry for the Fall this year but, considering how busy we've been, I figured now is as good as a time as any to share some upcoming news about our shows.

Bat: Hello everybody, how are you all doing? I am very excited to show you what me and Brandon 10 have been working on this year.

Brandon 10

So Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero has been on a little hiatus for quite some time but I'm eager to announce that Season 4 will be back soon enough with some more episodes.

When we last left off, there was quite a major cliffhanger with the mysterious Mr. C to be revealed as the Conqueror and- with such a massive hold of power and influence- he was able to turn Brandon's run as a legendary hero into a criminal through the people's eyes. Now it's up to our hero to reclaim his identity and remove his returning rival from power.

This next set of episodes will throw us into the next story line in the season which we be set around Brandon and his team being on the run from the Conqueror and his forces- which includes the police, government and many others. I won't get too into how the season will be set up so that you guys can enjoy the upcoming episodes but expect a different story that still pushes off from what was set up in the last five episodes.

There will be some new characters joining the ranks as well as the return of some previously introduced characters. Speaking of characters, this story line will also have an effect on our main characters that will carry over into the remaining of the season. I hope to continue to emphasize more on the characterization of the main team through how they react to the things occurring to them and how they will have to adapt to their new situation.

In fact, there is going to be a new character dynamic with Brandon and another character that I'm most excited to work on. I'd go into it in more detail but with the story pod only consisting of five episodes, I'd like to leave most of it for you guys to enjoy.

Mutant Drake

Mutant Drake has been on quite the hiatus but soon development will start for the upcoming third season as soon as the first season of Ryder has come to an end. While we have been talking about the next season of Mutant Drake quite a bunch in our previous Fanon Con entry, we would still like go into a bit of detail about what to expect for the upcoming season.

After the events of the Season 2 finale, a team was formed to protect the city from alien invasion. And now that the city has been saved, there will be more dangers and newer threats that this new team will have to deal with. But while new relationships were formed, older ones had perished and characters like Drake and Kate will have to deal with their loss in their own ways.

There will also be plenty of new characters in this upcoming season; lots with Mutant abilities, some without but still more than capable of carrying themselves through the intense situations this season will bring. And, as mentioned in our last entry, there will plenty of character moments and storylines surrounding many individual characters. Rather than making it feel like a character is crossing over into Drake's story, they will have their own stories to tell; with some stories even crossing into one another and blending it with other ones. Adding to that, however, there will also be plenty of character dynamics especially within the new team. You'll see friendships blossom and others wither.

Concerning Ryder, yes- it's still delayed on episodes. But, we should get through the season before the end of the month. We feel like these latter episodes will have more emotional impact with the characters and the finale leaving a powerful impression of not only Ryder and Kelly but the rest of the Mutant Drake Universe as well. If you're not checking Ryder out, don't worry- Mutant Drake Season 3, while will refer to some Ryder events and characters, won't require you to actually read every episode of the series. Now, since Ryder is still going on, even though it's final episodes should be arriving soon, it's hard to talk about Ryder's future, if it has one. But, we're glad to say that there is indeed a future for Ryder as it will recieve a second season. We hope to have both Mutant Drake and Ryder air episodes alongside each other at one point- with MD getting a head start, of course- in order to flesh out our universe and make it feel just a little bit more connected. Season 2 will be bigger and take the characters in a new direction.

Hopefully, by the next Con, we'll have more information to give, if both seasons don't come out by then anyways.


Not much on the trailer side of things but here's a little tease at the sixth episode of the fourth and final season of Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero, Renegade.

Brandon: We have nowhere to go, no resources to use and no one to help us. We're on our own.

Sarah: So what now?

Coco: Di-Did he really just win?

Brandon: He didn't win and we're not giving up. Everyone might be against us right now but that doesn't mean we stop being heroes!

Brandon: Who are you?

There's a girl in a green and grey uniform with a mask covering her face standing before Brandon.

Masked Girl: I'm here to help. Trust me.

Brandon and the girl turn their heads and sees more men approaching them. The girl turns back to Brandon and, although it's somewhat hard to see because of her mask, smiles at him. She then turns back to the men and charges ahead. She slides underneath one guy and swings her foot around, knocking him over. She then gets up and strikes another one in the back several times, causing him to fall over forwards. Brandon stands there, watching in awe.

Brandon: Who is this girl?

He then shakes off his surprise and rushes back into the fight.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining us this time around. It's been a blast coming up with some of this stuff and we can't wait to share this with you guys when the time comes. Whether it's Brandon 10 or Mutant Drake, we hope that you enjoyed our shared entry and we'll see you guys next time!


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CaT's Entry
The following content is still in production and may differ heavily from its current form in the final product.

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, AKA CaT, and this here is my submission to the Fall 2018 Fanon Con!

Star Spirit Imaginate

Uhhhh not much to talk about here just some episode titles for ya

Season 1

  1. We Didn't Start the Fire
  2. Grav Situation
  3. Black Moon
  4. Sparked Off
  5. Laws of Emotion
  6. Ablaze
  7. Blood in the Water
  8. Rise to Power
  9. Ends of the Earth
  10. Scales and the Hunter
  11. The Past They Destroyed
  12. The Future We'll Create

Season 2

  1. Next Stage
  2. Deadly Rotation
  3. The Programmed Purpose
  4. From Another World With Love
  5. Winds of Change
  6. Ascending Judgement
  7. Reasoning of Resolution
  8. A God's Confessions
  9. Killer's End
  10. Consequences of Justice
  11. Those We Want to Protect
  12. A True Star Spirit

okay that's it bye

BTFF 10th Anniversary Project

Here's something I've brought up here and there but never announced proper.

The wiki's tenth anniversary is coming up next year, and to celebrate that, I'll (hopefully) be writing a series to celebrate it. This series is called:


Plot Summary

Attai Zehn, a man with no past, is recruited by Professor Paradox to travel between worlds and scan key events to create backups in the mysterious Cosmic Archives. Initially seeing this as a tediously boring task, Attai finds himself opposed by forces from the worlds he visits and worlds beyond.


  1. Team Player
    • Attai arrives in the world of Team Tennyson in the middle of an invasion by Veggie King, an event he finds almost insultingly ludicrous. Things get more complicated once Timeking shows up, annoying Attai to no end.
  2. Three's a Crowd
    • Attai arrives in the world of Ben 10: Multi Trixes and deals with a plan by Eon to create the AllPowerTrix.
  3. MEGA Disappointment
    • Attai arrives in the world of BTUAM and fights Purponite, a corrupt Anodite seeking to strip everyone on Earth of their physical bodies and absorb their life force.
  4. Youth is Wasted on the Young
    • Attai arrives in the world of Young Plumbers as the ancient demon Rigon breaks from his eons-old prison and attacks the Plumber's Academy.
  5. To Protect and Get Served
    • Attai arrives in the world of Protector of the Omniverse and finds a Ben Tennyson that's lost his fighting spirit after the death of his universe's Azmuth. As it turns out, the event Attai needs to scan can't happen unless Ben decides to fight again, putting him on a time limit to help get Ben back on his feet.
  6. That HoE Over There
    • Attai arrives in the world of Heroes of Evolution as the mysterious hacker 4chan takes over all technology in Bellwood and attempts to kill Ben with it. But like, edgily.
  7. Expand Horizons (Part 1)
    • Ryan Gosling's single mother is murdered by the Cupboard Mutant and Knife Mutant, prompting him to seek revenge. Things get more complicated when his own mutant powers awaken and Attai comes into the picture.
  8. This Does Not Expand Horizons (Part 2)
    • Ryan is recruited to KafKo by Chris EX and receives the Hybrider Belt, which allows him to use his powers without losing control of himself. Then the Space Nazis invade and shit gets weird.
  9. Starman
    • At the tail end of Libera Me From Hell, Kucorbian is about to kill Theodore and Nova, which will result in the universe being reset. He fires his last attack. As the smoke clears, Attai stands where it was supposed to have hit. The real fight begins now.
  10. Over the Revolution
    • Attai Zehn arrives in the world of Reboot Revolution expecting a relatively easy scan, but finds the universe's timelines scrambled together in an unnatural fashion that's going to make his job a lot harder.
  11. TBA
  12. TBA

How Does This Work?

Since it's basically impossible to get permission from everyone who's made a series that features in this thanks to half of them being gone, each series universe visited in Project Deca will be considered completely separate from their original universes. For example, Earth 1010 itself will not be visited, but an alternate counterpart of it, Earth 1010-A ('A' = 'Alternate', obviously), will. The only exception to this will be Earth 83, which I can do whatever I want with since it's, you know, mine.

As for the series visited, you'll notice that most of them are the past Featured Series of the Year. Since there was no Featured Series before 2011, I picked Ben 10 Team Tennyson as 2009's representative (it being the first series on the wiki) and Ben 10: Multi Trixes as 2010's representative (it being an extremely popular show at the time).

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day!

Ebomnitrix's Entry
E-10 Horizons Fanon Con Opening

[At nightfall outside Ethan's house, the entire was surrounded in a red light as a pod came crashing towards his backyard. Ethan was staring from afar. We zoom up to his face where he made an intimidated look and reached his arm for the sky. A badge came flying out of the pod and morphed onto his wrist, creating a watch-like device.]


Ebomnitrix: Hi, my name is Ebomnitrix

Kakapokid: Hey, I’m Kakapokid5

Runny: Heyo, I’m Runny

Prof Jake: Hello, I'm Paradox

Ebomnitrix: And its time to expand your Horizons!

E-10 Horizons logo

Ebomnitrix: So today, it'll just be me hosting the Main Blog, and here I'll be answering questions to some things you have been wondering about the show, and I will also be revealing some facts about what goes on behind the show! Without any further delay, IKUZO!


What is E-10: Horizons all about?

Ebomnitrix: Now, this is a question for those who haven't checked out the series yet. E-10: Horizons focuses on a set group of students who are attending this art school, called Horizons. Funny right? But when the main protagonist, Ethan, sets foot on campus, a lot of crazy stuff happens that change these students lives forever. Some of them will become friends with this superhero in training, and he makes everything that seemed impossible, become possible. For example, he managed to make Terence become a better person and throughout the show, he really starts to show some progress, or when Ethan helps push relationships between set characters. And it's not just about what he does, but what impact his new friends have on him. Ethan has always been this character who's been alone and has had hid his depression from people which is something I think a lot of people can relate to on here. And now he has these characters that help push him to become a better person, and that's something I think everyone needs in life, is friends.


What kind of character development does this series have?

Ebomnitrix: When we first started writing the series, I prepared the same way I did with a previous series (that did not air on here), and binge-watched a ton of anime. I wanted to be sure I could make the audience connect with these characters as close as possible by hitting them in places closer to home. The way these characters will develop will happen slowly episode by episode, because in reality it just doesn't happen automatically. We wanted to be sure that everything would happen naturally so that you can compare from what a character was like at the start of the season and then compare to see how far they've come. We also made it to where when the stakes were raised high enough that we'd drop an emotional bomb. Because in reality, you can only hold so much at a time until you eventually burst, and we do this in a way that can even drop tiny hints in earlier episodes before the big explosion hits. So, definitely pay attention to those small details, because I promise, you won't be disappointed.


Is Alice more than just a love interest?

Ebomnitrix: Absolutely! Alice was a character the group and I were working on as the series was first starting production. We decided to focus on a college student who's had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, which most people who start college, they've always had to change their majors or they haven't figured it out until they're around her age. So, I thought it would be fun to discover what kind of character she'll turn out to be as the series progresses. However, the reason Ethan and Alice are so close to each other, is because they're first years who instantly shared a bond and became friends. While that doesn't happen as often as it used to, Ethan's powers are part of the reason this happened, because now that she knows what's going on in his life, and how alone he's been, Alice can actually relate to that in ways that I can't talk about yet. So, yes, she's not a 2D character who exists just to serve as a love interest. You'll really connect with her and understand what kind of a person she is as the series progresses.


Can others help out with the project?

Ebomnitrix: Why yes they can if you talk to me and the crew members, we can talk it over. We are currently working for designers who have digital programs like Krita, FireAlpaca or MediBang that can draw on an anime-level. If we can also get animators, we hopefully will be able to animate scenes from the series, or even the OP and ED's so you can get the full Kekkan Sensen version you're looking for!

I'm also ready to announce we'll be working on an audio-drama for the series very soon that'll drop next year! So, we will be looking for long-term and very talented voice actors for the series.

We also don't mind adding additional writers, music composers and other people that can help!


What other kinds of aliens can we expect from your show?

Ebomnitrix: Nothing too crazy yet. As you know, we only have shown 9 of the aliens in Ethan's 10, and as promised, we do have a new alien that is coming up very soon. I can't wait for you guys to meet him!


What can we expect from upcoming episodes?

Ebomnitrix: Well, for this Fall, we have a lot more revelations that are about to be discovered. We also have a lot of stories to tell, and some other fun surprises I'll save for the Blog Presentation, so look forward to that ;)


Ebomnitrix: That's it for our Fanon Con Blog Presentation! We didn't have too much to present today, but the Discord Presentation tonight will make up for that! We'll have all sorts of things to show off, so please stay tuned for that! Until next time guys, Stay Gold!


Hex: So give me that stone, boy! And I may just let you live.

[Ethan popped up the watch’s core and AmpFibian was selected.]

Ethan: You’re gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

[Ethan slammed down and it blinded Hex in a flash.]

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Ethan spun around with his arms raised in the air as 3 cloth like tissue grew onto Ethan’s body. It created an electric pattern as two pairs of tentacles grew on both parts of his body, first his left then his right. Eyes then opened out from his head and stood back, revealing to be AmpFibian. The background faded behind him.]

Hex: Enoi Inspiratione!

[Hex launched a large energy blast. AmpFibian ducked for cover, and the energy surrounded AmpFibian’s entire body. The energy turned blue and AmpFibian launched it back at Hex. Hex was thrown back into a bookcase. He looked up and saw AmpFibian was charging with electricity.]

AmpFibian: Had enough, old man?

Hex: Combibo Potentia!

[Hex launched another blast at AmpFibian, and AmpFibian begun to absorb it.]

AmpFibian: Shoot me all you want, dude. I got all day to absorb your blasts.

[AmpFibian soon felt like the life was being sucked out of him.]

AmpFibian: Hey! What’s going on?

[AmpFibian’s electricity turned red as the electricity began flowing into Hex’s body.]

AmpFibian: I can’t move…

[AmpFibian began falling to the ground as he continued to grow weaker.]

Hex: That’s because I used an energy siphoning spell that can not only free people from their shackles, but can also absorb your energy.

AmpFibian: Hey! I’m the energy feeder here!

Hex: Not anymore.

[AmpFibian then ran out of power and transformed back into Ethan, taking deep breaths. Hex kicked Ethan into the ground and took the stone back. He then wrapped it around his neck.]

Hex: I’ll leave you alive today. But rest assured, if you ever cross my path again, I’ll make sure you suffer a slow and painful death.

[Hex blasted Ethan out of the building, with blood spilling from out of his mouth and his body covered in bruises. Ethan looked dead in his eyes and fell to the ground. Hex smiled and walked away as Ethan slowly shut his eyes.]





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ProjectCarthage's Entry
ExOS Logo

CARTH: Hey, name's ProjectCarthage, but you can just call me Carth. I'm the creator of Ben 10: ExOS.

So what is ExOS? The series is essentially what I think would happen if Young Ben had never met Ben 10,000, and grew up to be the Original Ben 10,000 instead. I came up with this project in the middle of another project I was working on, "Ben 10 Retrofitting ".

Originally inspired by an artist by the name of Elmike9 , the intent of "Ben 10 Retrofitting" was my interpretation of aliens from Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse, and even the Reboot, redone in the OS style. Then when I made my original (2017) "OS Teen Ben and Gwen", is when the first seeds of what would become ExOS were planted. Since then, I've been working on designs, plotting out the story. And for Fanon Con, I have a special preview of the first episode. Enjoy!

And now, for a sneak peek of the upcoming series: Ben 10: ExOS!

From  HELLO AGAIN, BEN 10: PART 1 - Written by Carth and RunnyRelic

[Scene fades in as the TV in the Rustbucket flickers on, tuned into Bellwood Local News. The audio has a slight radio effect as if being played through a speaker.]

[Text on screen: SIX YEARS AGO]

REPORTER: Good evening, everybody; This is Will Harangue with Bellwood Local News on Channel 10. Speaking of Ten, I'm here tonight with our newly found hometown hero, Benjamin Tennyson, who somehow saved Bellwood twice within just two days! So, Benjamin, why don't you tell the audience a little bit about yourself?

BEN: You can just call me “Ben”. Anyway, what’s up everybody? My name’s Ben Tennyson. The superpowered kid who saved the town. Twice. 

HARANGUE: Indeed, and how exactly did you do it?

BEN: Well, about three or so months ago, I left with my Grandpa Max and dweeb of a cousin Gwen on a road trip for the summer. That first night, a pod from space crashed down and landed right in front of me. And inside, was this…

[Ben holds up his wrist, revealing The Omnitrix]

BEN: The Omnitrix. One of the most powerful devices in the universe. It allows me to transform into several different kinds of aliens. I started off with just 10, but I think I have about 20 now? I get new ones from time to time, so if you see might be in for a surprise!

HARANGUE: That’s right Bellwood, all of those aliens you’ve been seeing on the news? That’s this kid right here! So Ben, how about you tell the viewers who that squid-like creature was that attacked yesterday?

BEN: That was Vilgax, he’s kinda arch-enemy? He’s some sort of intergalactic warlord or something and wants the watch for himself. He’s been after me since I got this thing!

HARANGUE: Interesting. So, what else have you dealt with over the summer?

BEN: Aliens, robots, bounty hunters, magicians, freaks, mutants, crazed scientists, the occasional criminal...I’m like this full-time hero, almost 24/7. And I’ll be here to protect Bellwood if any of those guys come along and try to wreck the place!

HARANGUE: You heard it here first, everyone. Ben, Ben 10. Bellwood’s own super-powered Hometown Hero. 

BEN: “Ben 10”, huh? I like the sound of that!

[Audio echoes out and Visuals fade out]

BEN (Voice Over, Present Day): That was a long time ago. A lot has happened since then.  [Several scenes appear of events that have happened between when the Interview happened, and the Present Day. Scenes including Ben fighting Dr. Animo as Arctiguana, meeting the daughter of a Plumber, fighting an evil Galvanic Mechamorph. And Finally: A silhouette of Vilgax towering over Ben on his hands and knees, with two bodies to either side: An adult male and adult female.]

[Suddenly, it snaps to Ben, with an anguished expression. A green flash consumes the scene, as it cuts to a large alien figure tearing Vilgax apart. This scene then zooms out to reveal Ben’s eyes in the present day, snapping out of his flashback and noticing he’s about to run his bike into a bush.]

BEN: Whoa!

[Ben quickly halts to a stop, as he breathes heavily for a few seconds. A car drives by,]

BOY: Yo, Tennyson! You okay?

[Ben looks up to see his former bullies: Cash Murray, and J.T., stopped in a car beside him.]

J.T.: Need a lift?

BEN: Oh, hey guys. Thanks for the offer, but where I’m going isn’t far from here. 

CASH: Alright, man. Say, how’s the move going? 

BEN: It’s...going. Listen, I’ve gotta check in with Grandpa. Talk to you guys later.

[Cash and J.T. wave as they drive off, Ben continues in the direction he was headed.]

BEN (Thinking): During that fight with Vilgax, my house was destroyed.  I’ve since had to move in with Grandpa in the Rustbucket. And to think, this wouldn’t have happened had I never found the Omnitrix. Sometimes I wonder how things would be if I had taken it off at some point…

[Ben rides past some kids who get excited as soon as they see him.]

Kid 1: Hey, is that Ben 10?!

Kid 3: It is! Turn into something!

Kid 2: Yeah, like Four Arms, or Eye Guy!

[Ben just smiles and waves as he rides by.]

BEN (Thinking): ...however, finding this thing all those years ago has its upsides…

[Ben rides by a couple holding a baby, they scowl at him and hold the child close, almost as if trying to protect it. Ben doesn’t visually acknowledge them.]

BEN (Thinking): ...And downsides.

[Ben continues to ride on into Lot 11, where the Rustbucket is parked. He stops suddenly when he finds The Rustbucket in shambles.]

BEN: ...Oh man...Grandpa! 

[Ben runs inside, frantically looking around the destroyed RV. There’s no sign of anybody, not even Max. He finds a strange food dish, still warm.]

BEN: Octopus Casserole, huh? Well, he was definitely here earlier. Maybe he left a note…

[Ben checks around again, in search of what might resemble a note. He notices that his bed is made up perfectly, he pulls up the edge of the small mattress to reveal a note.]

BEN: Bingo.

MAX (Voice Over): Hello, Ben. If you’re reading this, it means I’ve left for an important mission -- something big has come up, and The Plumbers are going back into action. Take the keys out of the glove box, round up your cousin, and head to the old Hardware Store. Further instruction will be there. Love you. Max out.

BEN: Well, looks like it’s hero time.

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