Name: Mega-Anum

Species: Chronian (Time Traveling Cyborg)

Appearance: Unlike the more organic Eon, Mega-Anum is more cyborg in appearance, with a clock in his torso, and bronze metal on his robotic parts. He appears robotic in nearly every part of his body, except for his head which has a frail and pale human head, aged to extremities. On top of it, he wears a headgear with a small silver clock on it. 

Powers: Like Eon, Mega-Anum has Time related powers. Though unlike Eon, instead of aging someone, He instead provides time illusions, messing with other's perception on time. He can use this as an advantage to trick people with their perception of time, by freezing a certain area in a moment of time

Abilities: He has the ability to Time Travel, as well as freezing time in an illusion to trick people

Weakness: Beings like Professor Paradox, Eon and Chronosapiens who have Time related powers themselves can see past the Charade

The illusion only lasts as long as he is awake and near the area. If he leaves or gets knocked out, it disappears

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