Name: Hormongency

Appearance: Hormongency has two modes. Normally, he'll just resemble a human with just muscles instead of skin, but under stress his muscles will tense up and inflame, causing the muscle to grow and swell in accordance to the amount of cortisone he has in his body

Powers: in standard mode, he carries his biotech gun, with pus like bullets built into them. They function similarly to an actual gun, but it only works on organic life. 

In Stress mode, however, they acquire a certain amount of strength, enough  to be  able to either fight the enemy one on one, or be able to make a hasty retreat 

Abilities: Super human strength and speed that, while not up to the levels of Humongosaur or XLR8, are good for an emergency to buy time for back up

Weaknesses: The amount of bullets one has during the time they have the form is limited. Meaning they can run out and be forced to retreat or switch to another alien.

In stress mode, if the situation makes the user too stressed in this form, this can result in the cortisone over flowing and cause it to weaken the muscles and break.

Background: Hormongency is a member of the Cortisans from the planet Cortistress. A planet that, on the outside seems like a deserted uninhabited planet, actually holds a secret society of muscle and sinew based lifeforms. These beings specialize in Biotechnology. Although they are notable for making biotech guns that were similar to their biology, they also secretly modified themselves with nanotechnology to regular their stress at certain levels, due to the stress of the world they lived in 

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