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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 5 March 2015

I'm Back

OK, so for the past two weeks, most of you guys know what's been going on regarding me getting hacked by who we know as Ancy. For those of you who are just learning, Ancy had replied under my account and strangely... under my IP. The next day, I was unable to login and unable to request a password. Because of the recent events, it all added up that Ancy had changed my password and e-mail. Thanks to my friend X, I was able to let some people know what's been going on.

However, I had two e-mails attached to my account and he had only removed one. The other one, I added in about two years ago so I completely forgot about it up until now. So, I was able to request a password from this e-mail and get back in. I do still have a risk of Ancy getti…

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 22 September 2014

My Birthday

Hey guys! Well, as some of you may know (I hope none of you because that would be creepy) it is my birthday tomorrow and I plan to have a party on the Injustice Fanon Wiki chat at 6:30 PM EST, feel free to show up any time in the next 2 hours of that time or so. The party ends at 9:00 PM. If any of you live in a different time zone, go here to convert EST to whatever time zone you live in:

In case you're wondering, everyone is invited just like last party. ;)

There will be events at the party so be sure to bring some snacks and maybe some marshmallows and graham crackers for the campfire ;D

Thanks guys!

...because I'm batman...

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 26 August 2014


Hey guys, I just wanted to announce my inactivity on the wiki starting tomorrow on BTFF. (No, this is not a rip-off of Sci's blog) School is about to get a lot harder and I've decided to put all my attention into my studies, even if it means I can't work on here. I might be back on school vacations, but I need as much time to make sure my grades are the exact way I want them to be. There's still a chance I might come back which is why I said inactivity, not leaving. When I come back to school, I'll decide if this decision is completely necessary.

Bellwood and Total Drama Omniverse will not be closed down and as for my chatmod status, I want it to stay until I confirm my leave.

If I can't come back, I want to say goodbye, but I'll get into mor…

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 6 January 2014

Return of TDO

Hey guys! I just wanted to say to everyone that TDO has returned from inactivity as of today because Among The Stars is officially done! (long wait, yes, I know) I will be posting it this Sunday (1/12/14) to keep a normal schedule (mostly since I can't come on alot on Mondays)

There were a lot of factors as to why the episode didn't finish, and I just needed a break for a while, but now I've begun writing again and I'm ready to stay with my schedule.

I hope you guys enjoy what TDO has to bring coming soon!


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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 23 September 2013

My Birthday :D

Hey guys! Yeah, as you've seen from the title, today's mah birthday :D

I'm going to have a party tonight at 7:00 PM EST at the Injustice Fanon Wiki chat. (This is not ripping off Sub's blog, I want to have a party too :P )

If I can't make 7:00 PM EST, updates will be made. So if I'm not there, check the blog to see if I updated the time.

But yeah...

Happy Birthday to me! :P

[Change of plans. Party will be at 5:00 EDT.]

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