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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 16 July 2016

Year of Unity - Updates/Policies

Hey guys, first off I want to apologize again for the lateness of this blog. The blog was supposed to release two weeks ago, but due to things spiraling out of control I was unable to release it for a bit. Since we're halfway through the summer already, we thought this would be the perfect time to release another Year of Unity post. As for the topics within the blog, I'm hoping to cover some of our new policies as well as some updates to the wiki.

  • 1 Kindness Policy
  • 2 Main Page Updates
  • 3 Resources
  • 4 Areas of Improvement

First off, the community guidelines have been updated with a brand new addition known as the Kindness Policy. Overall, in regards to issues that have occured prior to this policy being put in place, we felt this would be best suited t…

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 2 June 2016

Year of Unity - Where We Are Now/A New Era

Hey guys! As today marks the half way point of 2016, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss the past, present, and future so far regarding the Year of Unity. I also noticed we haven't had a lot of updates on this year, besides the occasional maintenance posts, so I'll try and sum up what I've got (so bear with me if this seems like a news post for a bit) as well as fill you guys in with what's to come for the remainder of the year.

  • 1 Community Team Changes
  • 2 ​Wiki Improvements
  • 3 ​Wiki Additions
  • 4 ​Year of Unity In Check
  • 5 The New Era of Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki

Being the most recent topic, I'd first like to acknowledge the recent demotions over the past few days including Sci, the official last wiki bureaucrat, and Bry and Jack, our two las…

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 7 April 2016

Spring Fanon Con 2016: Creative Writing Results

Hey guys, welcome to the Creative Writing contest, part of the Spring Fanon Con of 2016! Two users had signed up for the contest, Steven and CaT, and the objective was: Show your creative side as you try to write something funny to make us all laugh out loud. It can be a poem, a story, or anything in between.

Here are the results:

Unfortunately, Steven did not end up submitting an entry for the fanon con.

That wraps up this Fanon Con's contests! Make sure to be on chat tomorrow for the first round of presentations! Thanks guys!

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 23 September 2015

My Birthday!

Hey guys! Today as you can tell from the title of this blog, my birthday is today. Unfortunately, usually I'd have a party or something of the sort, but a cold that I've had has evolved from a stuffy nose to a a full blown cough. It's gotten worse so right now all I can do is rest. :/

But today I want to thank all of you for being there as a community. Be as it may that this is a birthday blog, this is also a blog for other topics I've wanted to get off my chest for a while. I've made really, really great friends here, I've met awesome people and that's something I won't forget and probably can't forget. This is not my official last birthday here, but I'm predicting in a year or so I'll begin having to make some final decisions which is not …

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Cartoon44 Cartoon44 27 March 2015

Spring Fanon Con 2015

  • 1 Amalgam Kids
  • 2 Kevin-Argit: The Journey
    • 2.1 Crazy Angry Alien Tiger
    • 2.2 Cosmic Savior: Genisis 
    • 2.3 Ben 10: OmniHero
    • 2.4 The Freaks
    • 2.5 Ben 10: UltiVerse
    • 2.6 Ben 10: Power Saga
    • 2.7 Jack 10: Power
    • 2.8 The OmniLegends
    • 2.9 Law Enforcers
    • 2.10 Ben 10: OmniChronicle
    • 2.11 Ben 10: Mortals
    • 2.12 Heroes United 2
    • 2.13 OmniBlade
    • 2.14 Years in the Void
    • 2.15 Oliver
    • 2.16 Ben 10: A Hero's Life
    • 2.17 Aggregor Against the World
    • 2.18 Ben 10: Rise of Hex
    • 2.19 Mission Apocalpyse 
    • 2.20 Ben 10: Multiverse
    • 2.21 Ben 10: Omni-Alien
    • 2.22 Ben 10 Franklin
    • 2.23 Ben 23: Twentiverse
    • 2.24 The Bounty Hunter (Franchise)
    • 2.25 Mad Ben: Warpath
    • 2.26 New Projects
  • 3 John Smith 10: Omniverse
  • 4 Ryder 10
  • 5 Jane Smith 10
  • 6 Movie
  • 7 Brandon 10
  • 8 Other Brandon 10
  • 9 Other Stuff
  • 10 Previews

This 10-episode miniseries follows Kevin, Manny, Helen, Alan and Pie…

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