Hey guys, first off I want to apologize again for the lateness of this blog. The blog was supposed to release two weeks ago, but due to things spiraling out of control I was unable to release it for a bit. Since we're halfway through the summer already, we thought this would be the perfect time to release another Year of Unity post. As for the topics within the blog, I'm hoping to cover some of our new policies as well as some updates to the wiki.

Kindness Policy

First off, the community guidelines have been updated with a brand new addition known as the Kindness Policy. Overall, in regards to issues that have occured prior to this policy being put in place, we felt this would be best suited to handle future conflicts. Within the kindness policy are the rules and guidelines, as well as suggestions from us to help establish a kinder setting to Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki.

Alongside that, negative behavior that goes against this policy will be tolerated less than it has before.

Main Page Updates

As per the results of the first round of polls, a main page renovation/update is now in consideration. However, we would still love any requests as to what you would like to see changed.

Polls will also now be updated on a weekly basis, starting today, so make sure to vote, as we appreciate all feedback on how to improve the wiki.


This is particularly an update from last blog, as we still are working towards updating and renovating the user resources. More and more will be added soon.

Areas of Improvement

The wiki itself has still maintained a healthy state overall, but as always, there is room for improvement. This also includes my performance as admin, as I have realized I haven't been doing the best I've been capable of. I've also realized this wiki is not entirely together as it should be, and if you guys have any suggestions on what you would want to see done to unify the wiki other than what has already been put in place, we are open for suggestions. It has been noticed from poll results that many users would like to see more focus on the community. Whether it be user conflicts, wiki events, or something related to the updates listed above, please comment below.

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