Welcome to the Summer Fanon Con, hosted by Batman >:D

Ben's Entry

It's Ben10fan3 here!

Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse (A New Series) and Ben 23: Alien Force will have new episodes soon! Ben 10: Team of the Wiki is on hiatus so far. We may have some new characters and aliens coming into Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse! Here are some of the new aliens!:

1.Sol R.S. Tim 1. BN - 101010 2.End R. Ten

More news will come soon!

Hopefully Season 2 of Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse will come out next month.


Max's Entry

This is my second Fanon Con. EPIC INTRO TIME: MOTHER FATHER- Oops...wrong intro.

Ben 10: Adolescence

The new Omniverse themed series has taken off in my new "Earth-28". It's sequel, the equally dazzling series Future 10. Meh, you say? No preview for you!  

Future 10

I am horrible at making future series, and please...please don't rage in agony at my (probably) terrible series. Sorry, the sadist part of me took over. Anyway, I really do stink at doing this stuff, and this is just my own trial at  

Ben 23

It's active now, and the first season finale is over! Now, Ultra3000 and Lego Master have joined the team, so now it's really getting exciting, with Ultra's expertise in writing! This is Max, signing out! (AGAIN)--Eon: The Chrononaviagator! Give it to Me. Paradox: You know very well that is never going to happen Eon. Eon: Then I'll just have to take it from you. 12:11, June 29, 2013 (UTC)
Ulti's Entry

Hello, friends! I will be giving you updates on Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, POTO's sequels, Ben 10: Omni-Generation and Ben 10,000: Omni-War, Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed, 10 and Beyond, and lastly, Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Season 3 is currently in its twelfth episode, and we have two more seasons to the finale, in which Evil Ben gathers quite a bunch of villains for intergalactic domination.

Let me spoil a few things for you. In Stuck With The Newbies, not only will Ben gain new aliens, but when he gets back his old ones, the aliens who have infinite forms without ultimates will get new powers! Sometime in season 4, the Corrodium will corrupt the Infinimatrix, turning the aliens into mutants.

Ben 10: Omni-Generation

There will be no hiatus between the last episode of POTO and the first episode of BTOG. Ben and co will be one year older than the prequel. BTOG will feature a few more infinite forms. Let me tell you something about the new main villain. Technically, he has a personality that is a mixture of the main villains from the canon series. He's relentless like Vilgax, vicious like Khyber and strategical like the Incurseans. He has a big plan, even bigger than Evil Ben's.

Ben 10,000: Omni-War

We wanted to do this now because we want to show how Ben goes from 10 to 10,000, from awesome

Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed

Season 1 is currently at its eighth episode. Sometime in season 2, there will be a plot connection between Dr. Psychobos and Elena, and let's not forget, Khyber's new sidekick will be going under custody soon (spoilers).

10 and Beyond

Expect a lot of Plumber-y stuff in this series. I can't say much, but there'll be something shocking along the series, such as Ulti and Toon's DNA being corrupted (spoilers).

Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse

This used to be Water's, but he let me adopt it because he said he was busy. Anyway, this series focuses on Be , Alan, Rook and a new character, Maryana. A new threat named Cyber-Hide rises, in hopes of taking the Ultomnitrix for himself. Ben and Rook both have a crush on Maryana, so you'll never know who she really wants to be with.

As for 11-year old Ben, he's done being too dependant on one alien after the destruction of Feedback, but is it really that easy, even when there's one alien with a problem?

Hope you liked it. If you have any ideas or reviews, feel free to share them at Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Reviews and Ideas) and Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed (Reviews and Ideas) for POTO and BTHU, or their respective forum pages.

UltiEpic! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 08:42, June 11, 2013 (UTC) --User:UltiVerse

Tammar's Entry

Hey everyone, this is Tammar and this is the first time I'm in Fanon Con.

Tammar 10

The series recently returned from 2 months of hiatus and I've got a lot of twists planned. Season 1's main villain is The Pack, which is led by Van Kleiss. The Pack is set to return in more seasons. As for season 2, a new villain team will debut as an arc villain. The only thing I can reveal now is that this team fights in a classical way, with swords. As for the video game, it is set for release in July. A movie is also being in early development.

Plumber Force

The movie franchise is set to debut in August with The Green Virus. The movie does not have much information revealed, but I can reveal that the main characters will have some dramatic moments. I can also reveal that the story won't end in this movie and it is slightly going to be continued in the sequel. The franchise will also include some appearances from Ben 10 characters. It is canon to the main timeline of Ben 10.

The Omni-League

The Omni-League is confirmed to debut this July after months of announcing it.

The Omni-Camp

I'm announcing a new series here at Fanon Con. It is going to be called The Omni-Camp. It is a comedic series featuring the Omnitrix aliens in a camp setting which is inside the Omnitrix. It features them training and dealing with their social lives.

And this is all I have for Fanon Con. Hoped you liked the announcements! Spiderman 2Tammar | Talk PageREXScooby-Dooby-Doo-scooby-doo-23983895-445-415 --User:The Tammar

Earth-251 's Entry
Hello and welcome to the first ever joint Fanon Con Submission, presented to you by Cartoon44, Paperluigi ttyd, Sci100 and The Awesome Jack!
We have a lot to talk about in this presentation so let's get started right away. First let's just go over our agenda:
  1. Energy Revolt: Update and Discussion (go to)
  2. Tiger Rage: Update and Discussion (go to)
  3. Heroes: Update and Discussion (go to)
  4. The Hunter 2: Official Reveal (go to)
  5. The Black Knight 2: Official Reveal (go to)
  6. Phase 2: Update and Discussion (go to)
  7. Closing and Final Thoughts (go to)

And without further ado, let's move on...

1: Energy Revolt: Update and Discussion
Energy Revolt is the third film in the BTFF Cinematic Universe. In my opinion, a film this great would be good with critics and get a lot of box office money. This films tells how to move on, to just adapt to changes, as Lauren did.

There is Lauren Genare, a female protagonist who must learn to adapt to human culture and save it from itself. Her two partners in the secret English government base is MI6 agents Kyle Blino and John Slytric. Then, we have our favorite government friends in the world... Shane Leon and Chris Phillips! Shane Leon have major roles in this film which will help bring out their character before Heroes comes out. Shane shows Lauren his files on her except the once concerning Project: Heroes.

With good girls are bad guys. The BTFF Cinematic Universe (with the exception of the show-off film The Hunter) is beginning to somewhat have a formula. A main antagonist/bad guy in Part 1, another bad guy in Part 2, and then both in Part 3 or so on. The first antagonist is rebellion leader General Mod of Anodyne. He is trapped in the Null Void where after awhile learns of Lauren and transports her there where he is ended up killed with his rebels having an unknown fate.

The main evil doers in this film is the global terrorist group, CHAOS, led by murderer Bisectia and two other terrorists, Gregovich Howard and Terrence Smoke. They target the Queen of England for publicity so they can unravel their real plan, world domination. Bisectia is interested with Energy Revolt at first so he can steal her powers, but ultimately wants her dead.

Overall, this is a pretty good action film with inspiration of Man of Steel, Skyfall, Ben 10, and finally Iron Man 2. I hope you all liked it as I worked my hardest on it.

The film shall be released Sunday, June 30th, cheers. Writing is almost done and last casting decisions are made with revisions on the writing.

Energy Revolt

JUNE 30th, 2013


2: Tiger Rage: Update and Discussion

Tiger Rage is the fourth film in the BTFF Cinematic Universe. I have to say, even though the film is not nearly as long as The Black Knight or The Hunter, it is still a great film with lots of great characterization, emotion, and epicness. It's like Rath got his own movie.

We have Ryan Reckno, the main character who must control the beast within himself. Then we have Heather Collider, his hot girlfriend who lives with him in Cairo. Then, we have our favorite government friends in the world... Shane Leon and Chris Phillips! Both of them, espically Shane Leon have major roles in this film which will help bring out their character before Heroes comes out.

And then we have the bad guys. The BTFF Cinematic Universe (with the exception of the show-off film The Hunter) is beginning to somewhat have a formula. A main antagonist/bad guy in Part 1, another bad guy in Part 2, and then both in Part 3 or so on. The first villain is Daniel Aprion, who later goes by an alisas. (Give you a hint. When you see a new agent in the film, spell their name backwards). Daniel Aprion is the director of the FBI who gets involved in the Ryan Reckno case. As fate would have it, the two are childhood rivals and hate each other's guts. Daniel soon learns this, " Tiger Rage " beast and becomes obbessed with discovering the truth and getting that power.

The other main villain is General Mitch Case. He later takes control of the FBI and uses it to attempt to destroy the FLA and have Shane Leon trialed for treason. This will go from fighting Shane Leon to actually killing FLA agents.

However in a big first, the villains will... oh wait. Paper's telling me I can't tell you. I guess that means.... SPOILER ALERT. NO COMMENT. DEAL WITH IT.

Anyways, we have Ryan Vs. Daniel, Shane Vs. Case, and FLA VS. FBI. The FBI being the bad guys? Huh. You don't see that everyday. Anyways, I can't wait for you guys to read this " shorter " film.

Now to the updates. Well actually, not that much. We have completed writing the film, and are currently finishing up the post-credits as well as revising. We're also double checking the cast and seeing if we can squeeze any more Heroes references we can get so your inner comic book self can go " THIS IS SO AWESOME I CAN'T WAIT ". The film comes out on July 14th, 2013.


[Ryan]: Hah, those are some of the best days... It's usually when we accidentally blow ourselves up...

[Brovost]: Ha, nonetheless you've advanced my research tenfold... Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do half the stuff we've done together... Appoplexians... A truly amazing race to study... They're so similar to tigers... If only we ever found a living one...

[Ryan]: Yeah, that'd be the day...

[It cuts to black before showing another scene. ]

[Reporter]: And now to our top story... The FSB are reporting tonight that a scientist was killed en route back to his house in Northern Russia. Police say that Dr. Mikhail Brovost was heading home after work when--

[Ryan, furious]: NO!

[Heather]: LISTEN!

[Reporter]: --flipping his car and killing him instantly, an autopsy revealed. Police say whatever attacked him may or may not have left tracks in the snow, and if it did they were covered by fallen snow. Police say they have already begun an investigation into the incident and will report more information when they have it.

[It cuts to black again before showing another scene.]

[Ryan sits down at the counter and then plays the movie file. It is a recording of Brovost.]

[Brovost]: Dear Ryan. I know you are the only one who will ever find this, so it is safe to say that I can address it to you.

[The alien rushes up and then punches Ryan and knocks him back onto the floor. The gun is knocked out of his hand. The dial is shown switching; it lands on "gamma." The alien runs at Ryan and kicks him in the back, making him slide off the floor. He slowly gets up and then avoids a punch from the creature. ]

[Brovost, voiceover]: In the time between we discovered the dead Appoplexian in the wilderness and about two weeks ago, I successfully brought the creature back to life….

[The creature doubles back with his other hand and knocks Ryan through the wall into the next room. He moans, but the creature is relentless. He punches through the wall and and then begins to approach Ryan, but he grabs up and is able to dive out of the way of being tackled by the alien.]

[Brovost, voiceover]: I'm afraid I have created a monster, and I am truly sorry for what I am putting you through... If I am standing by you when you watch this, then please do not kill me, but if I am not, then it will already be too late. Thank you.

[The camera cuts to a night. Ryan is sitting at the edge of his bed. Heather is sitting next to him. Ryan is drenched in sweat and he looks very weak. He leans back on the bed and Heather lays next to him. She holds his hand in hers again. Ryan can be heard breathing heavily.]

[Heather]: Are you sure you're okay?

[Ryan]: I... AH!

[He drops to his knees. Heather leans forward and looks at his face. It has begun to turn orange. Heather grabs his hand.]

[Heather]: Ryan, calm down...

[Ryan, mid-transformation]: Agh, get away...

[Heather]: Remain calm... We'll get through this...

[Ryan, angry]: NO, GO AWAY...

[It cuts to black before showing a scene. ]

[Daniel]: I'm here because I was assigned to this mission... But I'd much rather like to talk about why you're here...

[Ryan]: I'm here because I was somehow turned into a mutated tiger rage monster...

[Daniel]: Tiger is right... Rage is right... Mutated I'm not so sure...

[It cuts to Shane Leon and Chris Phillips in an FLA Base. ]

[Chris]: Sir, its from the President of the United States. He's ordered you on Air Force One at Las Vegas on the trip towards Washington D.C.

[Shane relents, and gets off of the chair, and towards the door. It cuts to him at the airport walking towards Air Force One with a suitcase in one hand. It takes off into the air before cutting towards Shane walking towards General Case. ]

[Shane]: Case.

[Case]: Leon.

[It cuts to the scene later on.]

[Shane]: I fought we settled this when the FLA was formed, Case. The FLA deals with matters that the governments of Earth can't handle, for example extraterrestrial matters.

[Case]: You rampaged into the Oval Office seeking permission to enter Russia in an undercover mission to get that humanoid thing that hit Russia in Februrary. You met with the MI6 Agent that fought againest the alien terrorist group CHAOS, and you did what? NOTHING! Nothing about the Everson City Incident. You've been monitoring whoever the Hunter is for months now, and yet you haven't brought him in. He is a criminal! He should be arrested for his crimes. Just like Reckno.

[It cuts to a later scene. ]

[Jerray takes the third gun and starts shooting at the third car, with 2 more FBI cars following. A military helicopter shoots at the Heather/Jerray car. Heather screams as she makes a sharp turn. Jerray misfires as the gun shoots at a cafe and other buildings, shattering the windows. Everyone inside duck down, screaming in terror as the glass flies everywhere. The car chase continues as one of the FBI agents throws his gun away and shouts. ]


[Garth puts his arms down, and grabs a grenade from his belt without Case noticing.]

[Garth]: Only if you do one thing...

[Case]: What would that be?

[Garth]: Go to Hell.

[Garth throws the grenade, as Case jumps down. The grenade explosions behind them, as Case fires his gun. It cuts to a person standing in a hallway as everything around him explodes. ]


[SWAT Commander, into a radio]: Only engage if they leave the river...

[Down below, a red beast gets up and shakes off as Ryan stands up. They charge at each other, but the red beast once again gains the upper hand and grabs Ryan by the arm, slamming him into the water before throwing him to a building on the side.]

[SWAT Commander, into a radio]: ENGAGE!

[Two helicopters move in and begins to fire their machine guns at the red beast. He roars at them and then jumps at one, ripping its propellers out and then throwing them at the other helicopter. It explodes as the other one drops to the ground.]

[It cuts to another scene. ]


[The FBI agents charge at Shane. Dozens of FLA agents who were waiting in the alleys around the building dive out and head for the FBI agents. A massive fight begins between the two groups as the SWAT helicopters fly overhead. The FLA agents create a border in front of Shane and Case before going black. ]

[Ryan, voiceover]: Yeah... An Appoplexian only has one weakness... It's very own brain...


JULY 14, 2013


3: Heroes: Update and Discussion

Heroes is the fifth film in the BTFF Cinematic Universe and at last... the final film in Phase One! Before I begin I just want to say... it is a HUGE pain in the ash when you have deal with three other authors who have other creative differences and other creative ideas for the film. However, this film is all about working together and overcoming differences in able to accomplish. It's going to be one of our greatest works.

We have Drake Daniels from THE BLACK KNIGHT, the alien knight who fought againest a dicator with a hunger for blood. In the end of the film, it was discovered that Klingvonia was Anur Tranysl, Regina was killed by Titus the Vladat, and both him and Drake were frozen (yet kept alive) for over 200 years. Drake later crash landed on Earth and met Shane Leon, thus becoming the first hero to join the FLA.

We have Tyler Kane from THE HUNTER, the human vigilante who fought against the alien drug trafficker Wolf while seeking revenge after the killing of his fiance. At the end of the movie, Wolf's boss is shown to be planning with three evil minions, and a whole lot of that plan to go around.

Plus, we have Lauren Genare and Ryan Reckno, as you just read about in the previous sections of this submission.

When Area 51 is attacked by SPOILER REQUEST NO COMMENT, Shane Leon will have to gather these four heroes to save the world from a threat that could end everything. From the post-credits of The Hunter... we introduce a villain so evil, so powerful that even Shane Leon gets nervous when he discovers his true idendity. Who this mysterious villain is? SPOILER REQ- Okay you get it.

Then, we have Titus, the Vladat from THE BLACK KNIGHT. Frozen inside a tube, Titus is a very dangerous enemy with powers that even Drake, the only person to fight him doesn't know about. When the enemy attacks, Titus will prove to become a critical part in his evil, diabolical and cruel plot.

But that's all we can tell you. After all, this is by far our biggest, baddest, most awesome project we've ever done, and it is going to be EPIC.

As of this release, the entire plot for the movie has been figured out, but who is going to write what is still being determined. The movie is currently in pre-production, with about 2/3 of Part 1 complete, having been written by Paper. So far... Well, that would be a SRNC.

Heroes is released on July 28, 2013, so stay tuned!

--Paper and Sci
4: The Hunter 2: Official Reveal
The Hunter 2, as many of you already know, will be the first movie in Phase 2 of the Cinematic Universe. I am proud to announce that it is know going by a new name: its official name. From now on, there is no more The Hunter 2, there is only The Hunter: Angels and Demons.
Let's talk about some of the ideas I've had for the second, and even for the third movie in this planned trilogy. Obviously, the starting point is the one question left over from The Hunter, that being why Rachel let herself die, and why Wolf killed her in the first place? Now, to answer when this question will be answered, the fact is that I've decided to push the answer off until The Hunter 3, because there is actually another, more relevant story that must be told in THAAD.

And that is, frankly, and unfortunately, a SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT. (SRNC)

But that doesn't mean I can't give you some information about characters. Obviously, we will see the return of Tyler Kane, having been previously seen in The Hunter and Heroes. He has saved the world from SRNC and returns home to Everson City. Anne Murray, Zach Stone, who both have minor roles in Heroes, also return, along with Tom Berry and Scott Bozak. One of the most important new characters in the mix is William Murray, Anne's father and the CEO of MurrTech. The FLA will also play a role in the movie, and two new agents will be introduced: Jason Wright and Talia Carter. Chris Phillips and Shane Leon may also return, but this is uncertain.

The villain, however, is brand new, as Wolf was killed at the end of The Hunter. And continuing on with a pattern in the Cinematic Universe, there is one villain for Act I, another villain for Act II, and then both villains for Act III, although this time, the villains couldn't be any more different.

The first villain is an evil scientist who works for SRNC named SRNC. At the beginning of the movie, he is conducting experiments using SNRC in SRNC. Tyler is sent on a mission to stop him, and from there, things get very risky, including SRNC.

Too much SRNC? Don't complain, at least I'm telling you about this villain.

The other villain on the other hand is a complete SRNC. No information. No name obviously. Maybe a hint? Think about the title of the movie, then think about what's usually associated with evil, and you'll be on the right track.

One last thing I want to talk about is when exactly the movie takes place: approximately one week after Heroes. Once you see that movie, you may get some more hints about not just one, but both of the villains, as well as their plans.

5: The Black Knight 2: Official Reveal
The Black Knight 2, as many of you already know, will be the second movie in Phase 2 of the Cinematic Universe. I am proud to announce that it is know going by a new name: its official name. From now on, there is no more The Black Knight 2, there is only The Black Knight: Shadows of the Past.

Let's talk about some of the ideas I've had for the second, and even for the third movie in this planned trilogy. When I wrote The Black Knight , I gave Drake Daniels and Regina Vivia a happy ending. That is till I killed off Regina, sent Drake and Titus into an unknown world and made everything take a dark turn for the worst. However, the only reason I did that is because I HAD to set it up for Heroes. He had to be on Earth otherwise, he couldn't be in the film. However, in this film now that he's on Earth I can establish anything I really want. That is I can have a bad happening or a good happening, and it won't change a ton.

The first thing I want to start off with is that Regina will not be Drake's last love. He'll also find love in Heroes, but after you read one of the next few films... based on a character's personality you'll understand why things didn't work. Another issue is.... so everyone on Klingvonia/Anur Transyl is dead, how to make them important in the next film? Well while that issue will also be adressed in The Black Knight 3 it'll also be important here.

The first spoiler is that all of your favorite characters from The Black Knight - Regina, Caesar, Charles, Richard, Lord Darzon and the sick Vladat himself, Titus will be in the film. How? Drake will be getting re-occuring nightmares that involve these characters and the events of The Black Knight and Heroes. A theme in this film will be letting go of the past.

However since they will only be in nightmares, we need a whole new cast of major important characters. And guess what? We can do that! Introducing Victoria, Angela, Luke Jerray, an untitled pastor, Roxxane Wartz , and other important characters. Plus if you noticed that there was a Tiger Rage connection in this submission, you might find out who else is also returning.

Now there's the thing you're all waiting for. THE VILLIANS. Introducing... former cop and current Mayor of Stonewick City, Eric Malum. What he wants... SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT. SO DEAL WITH IT BEACHES.

Then we have a mysterious person named The Shadow who continues to wander around the city stealing things.

And then finally, we are introducing into the WHITE KNIGHT. But what he also wants and who he is... SRNC. (you should have figured out what this means by now). I also would like to warn audiences by saying this: The Black Knight was already a bit risky with the morals it had in it. This will be taking things to an extreme. None of the mature themes in this film are my beliefs, but rather what I choose to put into the film. These films include but are not limited to: Religion, Lust, Sexuality (not like its being talked about in Supreme Court stuff), Hate, Beliefs, and... hinting at possible sexual assult. However the sexual assult will not be described (millions of people sigh in relief) but just hinted at.

One last thing I want to talk about is when exactly the movie takes place: approximately one year after Heroes. Hopefully you enjoy the film and can't wait for more.

6: Phase 2: Update and Discussion
Blue Web Discussion
Blue Web is the third movie in Phase 2. Self explanatory, the movie focuses on Blue Web, who is secretly Spencer Murphy. The antagonist is Red Devil. His plan will not be released yet, but I can confirm it is linked to the origin of Blue Web.
Shockwave Discussion
Shockwave is the fourth movie in Phase 2. It is a film that uses the Korean War as a major story element, and no, it is not a ripoff of Captain America. This movie will have the three part format, like many other films in the group. At this time, the writer for the film is still unknown. The only spoiler I can give is the name of the main hero: Thomas Gallager.
As for the other films in Phase 2: Energy Revolt 2 and Heroes 2, they are currently in development and little is known about them; that said, we have absolutely nothing to tell you about either of these two films.
7: Closing and Final Thoughts
Release Dates
Here are the tentative release dates for all movies through the end of Phase 2:

  • The Hunter: Angels and Demons: August 18, 2013
  • The Black Knight: Shadows of the Past: September 29, 2013
  • Blue Web: October 27, 2013
  • Shockwave: November 24, 2013
  • Energy Revolt 2: December 22, 2013
  • Heroes 2: January 26, 2014
Thanks for reading the longest Fanon Con submission ever. You can ask us questions at anytime at our official thread located here. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions as well, and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.
--User:Paperluigi ttyd, User:Cartoon44, User:The Awesome Jack, User:Sci100
Jack's entry

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My newest series, Ben 10,000: Omni-Wars is a dark thriller and a spin-off to Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse. It goes into the deep origins and the reasons why Ben became Ben 10,000. The first season is about the Plutonian Revolt and season 2 is the Limax war. Ulti is co-writing and maybe Lego also. There will be many aliens. Check it out. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben 10 Franklin is not cancelled, just on hold while I work on Energy Revolt. I am in the works to get in a very special episode in time for fourth of July, maybe or maybe not. Depends on my schedule. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben 10: The New Generation is a reboot to the Original Series with a spin to it. I've been working on the designs for it. Stay tuned for updates. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben 23: Twentiverse has potential, and it will reach for those goals. To Diamondface, I will not copy your work. Twentiverse is already planned out. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My works of the Forever Knights Franchise is on hold. I write the series Knight of the Mask. Knight of all Evil is cancelled but will be rebooted as three movies. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Negaverse will continue in 2014 due to lack of ideas and time. That is all. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a sneak peak for the BTFF cinematic movie, Energy Revolt.

Gunshots rang in the ears of Charles Genare, the father of a missing child a soldier of higher ranks in the Hungarian army. Battles brewed around the city, forcing the Turkans to retreat as the Hungarians advanced. Lauren, Charles beloved daughter, was kidnapped by the Prime Minister, Sir Istonuel. Breaking the city wall, the Hungarians divided up int squadrons, Charles being in Beta Squad.It was now street to street combat, the smell of corspe swallowed up the city and washed it down with the smoke of fired cannons, longing to rest.

Charles shot down two men, hidding behind a barell when shot at from a rooftop sniper. Eerie screams of dying men are heard. Soon gorilla attacks erupted, retreating back to the squadron seconds after. The turkans were forced into their base.

"They have the data files." a Hungarian soldier yelled. "You two, with me." Charles hollered.

"We've reached the safehouse." One of the soldiers told Charles. Charles nodded. The three soldiers searched the building. They found the Turkan soldier departing quick as a cheetah, filled with fear. He, the Turkan soldier that is, shot down one of the two soldiers Charles assigned with him. The two of them run out of the building, boarding their Jeep. They chased down the Turkan with all the files. The Turkan shoots a Hungarian officer, taking his motorcycle and zooming off.

The Turkan jumps of the bike, running to the train station. Charles coninued to run after him, but the other soldier was falling behind.

"Keep up." he called to the soldier. The train started with Charles and the soldier not yet on it. They climbed to the roof top and jumped from cart to cart. They duck down between carts, entering one. The crowd inside take a glance then give no other interest.

"Where is he?" The soldier asked.

"I don't know." Charles replied.

There's a rumble on the rooptop. "Come on, we just came down from there."

"Let's hide." The soldier suggested.

"That's probably a good idea." Charles responded.

The Hungarians send another squadron after the train. They were driving at illegal speeds, catching up to the Turkan soldier. The Turkan soldier entered the cart, pistol in hand. Charles shot at the Turkan soldier, revealing himself. The Turkan fired his six rounds muttered a curse in his language than ran atop of the cart again. The Hungarian soldiers fired at the Turkan soldier. The turkan soldier ran to the caboose of the train. Charles chased after him.

The soldier from before yelled to the train, "I have the shot. Genare get out of the way." It was to late. The melee battle was over, the Turkan shoved Charles in the way at the last possible second. The bullet ripped through his chest, going through his body into the Turkan soldier's. Charles gaspd, falling off the train into the river.

"Man down!" The soldier screeched, feeling horrified that he killed one of the most important men ever. "I-I, t-this is my fault." He stuck the gun into this mouth, clicks back. BOOM.

That sums up my Fanon Con, if you have any questions just let me know. ;)

--User:The Awesome Jack

Paper's entry

For announcements related to the BTFF Cinematic Universe, see that submission.

With my main submission being about the BTFF Cinematic Universe, I'd just like to give a few quick updates about YPG.

  1. No comics: there will be shorts instead
  2. Episode 6 is currently being written
  3. The movie is about halfway done
  4. YPROTS writing will start soon

And that's all. Stay tuned for more!


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