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Host's Opening Speech
Hey guys and welcome to the Spring Fanon Con 2015! For those of you who are just checking this out, fanon con is a special event and tradition on BTFF to share your projects whether they're in development or just letting people know what's to come. We've got a decent amount of entries this season, so there isn't a doubt that you won't find something to enjoy. For those who have entered, we recommend you check out other entries!

The Writing Contest will be published soon by Ulti, so be sure to look out and stay tuned! becausei'mbatman. i'msorryihadto

--Cartoon44, the host of Spring Fanon Con 2015!


Ulti's Entry

What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys spoilers for Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, and the Omniverse: Forgotten Memories franchise!

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

The third episode, Barrage, will soon begin. Thanks to Lord of Omniverse, the series is now available in Portugese.

Omniverse: Forgotten Memories

Two prequels to The Troublesome Two are being planned.

Amalgam Kids

This 10-episode miniseries follows Kevin, Manny, Helen, Alan and Pierce as they are trained by the Rooters. They go on missions to satisfy Proctor Servantis' thirst for power. Compared to my other series, the episodes will be relatively short, maybe as long as an episode of Ben 10.5. There are some continuity differences between this series (and by extension, the entire timeline) and the canon franchise.

Kevin-Argit: The Journey

The series begins days after the finale of AK. As you would expect, this follows Kevin and Argit after their memories have been erased by the Rooters. Stranded on an unfamiliar part of the Null Void, they must put aside their differences to do something that has never been more difficult; survive.

That about wraps it up for this Con. See you next time! :D


Static's Entry

Hey guys, My second Fanon Con, and I made a logo for it
I don't have much to reveal as I made Updates & Announcements Blog recently, please take a look at it once.
Now without anymore trash talk I'm gonna straightway give you what I've got here
Let's Begin With my Favorite, the very first Episode of

Next comes the poster most horrifying next project of mine
Zebra (2016 Film)

Last but not the least a teaser to a upcoming Zero Episode which is gonna be freaking AWESOME!
101 2160

Before I end I'll like you know that the first few scenes 9of Ben 10: Virus Protocol has released, and rest would be released eventually, it's one of the most difficult wriitings & is very close to my heart.

I also upgraded Static's 3D Art Shop page so you might just take a look

There are many announcements that I have but now's not the right time so don't forget to checkout my panel in the next Fanon Con for more exciting news!
THE END (That's all folks! and Bunny chews a carrot)

Jack's Entry

Hello, Ben 10 Fan Fiction Community. 2015 is a fresh start for many users and so, things like Fanon Con can thrive. This is my entry for Spring 2015 Fanon Con. *sigh* I miss presentations. 

Crazy Angry Alien Tiger

CAAt logo

Not munch new information. Check out the discussion thread!

Here is a sneak peek for episode two-titled "Harvested Evil": 

Her vision is fuzzy. She feels the Déjà vu from before. This time, she felt like she was hungover with her head pounding. She turns to see Vulkanus sitting beside her. She feels heat underneath her and sees a fire. She turns and sees she is roasting, tied to a stick. Vulkanus was wiping his knife with a rag.

[Vulkanus]: Cleaning blades was always a hobby of mine.

Gunny begins moving her shoulders, resisting her demise.

[Vulkanus]: Don't try. The ropes will break and you'll ignite. I doused you in gasoline. We plan on eating you.

She continues to struggle. Vulkanus calls over a pickaxe alien.

[Vulkanus]: This sacrifice is for the Collectimus. For the Annihilarg. We crave you my master.

The pickaxe aliens repeat. Vulkanus picks up the pickaxe alien next to him and slits his back all the way down. Vulkanus laughs as Gunny shrieks as the dead alien's blood is poured onto her.

[Vulkanus]: We shall devour this sacrifice in our masters glory!

The pickaxe aliens cheer. Gunny faints.

Gunny is on her bed, decades ago as a child. She listens to her father argue with her newly crowned brother, emperor of their tribe. He slams the door and sits next to her. Her brother holds up her chin, seeing the innocence in her eyes. He smiles before brutally slapping her. She begins to cry and holds her palm where she was slapped which was tinted red and stung her. Tears streamed from her eyes.

[Brother]: Shut up!

He slaps her again. A bad bruise remains an indenture on her face. She fears it might leave behind a scar. He then leaves the room. Her mother comes in. Gunny knows she's been weeping because her makeup was uneven. Her mother was a professional, elegant woman. Gunny knows she likes to look official. Her mother begins to retell Gunny's favorite story in an effort to cheer her up.

[Mother]: Long ago there was darkness. The Contemelia created us with the Slimebiotes, creatures that can adapt to anything. However, things were not easy. A evil Contemelia called Collectimus turned on his brothers and slaughtered them. The remaining ones were forced to inbreed to continue their species to survive. He created the Annihilarg to destroy universes but the remaining Contemelia were able to put him into hibernation for billions of years.

[Gunny, slightly sobbing]: Is my brother like Collectimus?

The mother sadly looks away. She turns to the door as the father screams and blood pools into the room. The mother clutches Gunny in fear. The brother creaks open the door, dagger in hand. The mother pulls out a pistol.

[Brother]: You won't shoot me.

He takes a step forward the mother clicks the pistol. The brother stops. He then takes another step. The mother fires. It hits him under the shoulder. Blood flows down his chest. He charges as his mother fires again and misses. He digs the dagger into her head, slicing it in half. Gunny shrieks in fear. The brother smiles before leaving the room. Gunny starts a fire, knowing what she must do. She takes her mother's golden jewelry and melts in, creating a pot of molten gold. She balances it on the door hinges. Hours later, Gunny is asleep. The brother was ready to kill her for the power. He slowly twists the knob and opens the door. The molten gold falls onto his face. His shriek pierced the night as Gunny grabs the pistol from her dead mother and shoots the remaining round at her brother. He drops dead. She begins crying and runs away, never to return to her home planet.

Cosmic Savior: Genisis 


There is a page about it on the wiki. Check it out. Production begins April 1st until July 30th where the first season will be completed. The release date is being pushed back until November. The first episode will focus on a retired crook named Xylene scoping out a mysterious device from the Creator, who mysteriously vanished decades ago.

Ben 10: OmniHero


Here is the first few scenes of the first episode, with the tentative title, Prologue:

Suddenly, a guard bursts into the Grand Hall, out of breath and blood streaking down his forehead.

[Guard]: My lord, the outer gates are broken and foreign soldiers are charging the city!

[Vilgax]: Send out the troops! Psyphon, prepare the R.E.D.S.!

[Guard]: My grace, with your help we shall destroy the intruders with ease.

Vilgax dashes out and is startled to the darkness. When he realizes the truth, he turns to Psyphon.

[Vilgax]: Evacuate the citizens! This warship could destroy us into oblivion!

Psyphon nods before turning and flies away. Vilgax draws his sword and leaps up in a single bound closer to the Warship. A pod lands down and steam surround it. The warship begins dropping bombs. Explosions rock the floor. Vilgax falls to the ground. He leaps up and slices a missile in half. However, the wreckage is too much. Skyscrapers collapse. Buildings crumble. Craters form. Vilgax watches as a family with young children explode into nothing. Out of the pod comes a unusual Appoplexian. The Appolexian has Petrospaien hands, which seems odd to Vilgax. Vilgax draws out his sword as the Appoplexian demolishes multiple R.E.D.S.

No matter, he thought to himself, I kill him anyway.

Vilgax charges and slices at Jadan, which is the Appoplexian. Jadan's arm deflects the sword and with his free hand he smashes Vilgax in the gut. Vilgax stumbles back. Jadan morphs one of his hands into a pointed edge to face off with Vilgax's sword. Jadan does a backflip and kicks Vilgax in the face then whacks him with the butt of his sword. Vilgax grabbed Jadan by the neck and smashed him into the ground. Jadan growled and swings at Vilgax, managing to dice off a tentacle. Green ooze slimes out of the wound and Vilgax cries out in pain. Jadan jumps up in the air and spins, whacking Vilgax with multiple hits to the face. Vilgax spits out a tooth.

[Vilgax]: You may break my body, but you can't break my will.

Vilgax lazily swings and misses. Jadan, with his fast reflexes dodges this and pierces Vilgax through the chest. Vilgax gasps and falls to the ground.

[Jadan]: You work for me now.

The Freaks

Freaks logo

Another reboot of an original series of mine. Production begins August 2nd through November 1st where all eight episodes of season one will be completed and released in April of 2016. The show will be horror-themed so be ready for this. I'm really exicted about it. 

Ben 10: UltiVerse

UltiVerse logo

Begins production in June 2015 and season one will be released by January 2016. The plot wil remain as the original except it is after the road trip hinted at the end of Omniverse. The theme won't be as dark as some as my other works, but not as light as Omniverse. It will be similair in tone to Ultimate Alien and Alien Force. Rook has a crucial part for the few first episodes. 

Ben 10: Power Saga

Power Saga

Production begins November 1st, 2015 and ends January 1st, 2016 when the first season will be released February, 2016. Power Saga is a retelling of the Omniverse timeline with more concurrent themes to that of UAF. It's more of a hard reboot then a retelling and will explore Rook's past. Ben has paranoia issues and decides to not trust Rook but he realizes the truth too late.

Jack 10: Power

Jack 10 logo

Production began January 28th, 2015 and will continue until September 11th where all four episodes of the miniseries will be released. Episode one deals with the aftermath of a lifelong pet and the eventual depression and running away of Jack, leading him to find a mysterious pod that connects into his body.

The OmniLegends

Omnilegends logo

Production begins September of 2015 and end sometime before December 31st which is the current release date. This is the story of Max Tennyson, his relationships, his stories as an astronaut and the path towards being a Plumner. Then, the second half deals with his extensive training with Magister Labrid, his heroic sacrifices and the moment up until his grandson Ben gains the all-mighty Omnitrix. There will be twenty-six episodes. 

Law Enforcers

Law enforcers logo

Begin production June 2016 and complete season one by September. Release November 2016. This is a Secret Origins type series dealing with each episode focusing on a different Plumber. Right now, there is an uncertain amount of episodes but expect ten at the least possible amount. 

Ben 10: OmniChronicle


Begin production April 2016 and complete by July 2016. Release in August 2016.

Ben 10: Mortals

Ben 10 mortals

A reboot of Ultimate Take Over where Ben claims Ascalon for his corrupt need for power. All eight episodes will be released January 2nd, 2017. This focuses more on the emotional corruption as well as the effects his actions have for his lover, his cousin, and his friend. It is confirmed that Julie is the main character.

Heroes United 2

Heroes United 2 logo

Production begins March 2016 and will end by October 1st, 2016 aiming for a October 10 (10/10) release date. This sequel has the escape of Alpha, a cult obsessed with cannibalism, and well, everyone is transported to the magical land of Finn and Jake. However, they are a different Finn and Jake you may know. In this version, after the war which separated the Ice King and Marceline, things go a lot darker. We'll learn the new origins of the darkened warrior and his sidekick, a shape-shifting talking dog who was mutated by an psychopathic scientist and cut off Finn's arm. If you watch Adventure Time, just know that my version is closer to the Farmworld timeline. 

Generator Rex is also dealing with problems. A mysterious warlord who calls himself Tok'el speaks of an event called Convergence in which his world will merge with Bens. The two worlds manage to survive, but Ben and Rex are on the run as Providence and the Plumbers are in a war. Meanwhile, they must follow Tok'el where he attempts to wreak havoc next, Finn's world. 

Tok'el manages to create a few allies, specifically Alpha who spawns Delta, a lifeform that adapts to any situation with ease. Ben, Rex, and Finn are truly in despair as Convergence looms closer. 



Episode I is to begin production in May 2015 and finish in December 2015 for a special release concurrent with the Force Awakens. The first movie focus on Ben's uprising as a master but the corruption within the Council. 

Years in the Void

Years in the void logo

The sixteen episodes will begin production in February 2016 and will be completed by August 2016 for a November release date. Kevin, Argit, and Kwarrel are confirmed as the Protagonists with Morgg and OTTO as the antagonists. 


Oliver 10 logo

All twenty episodes will be released by January 2017 with production beginning in June 2016.

This series follows a boy who ran away from his family at age eleven, taken in by members of a gang, learned the rules of the street, but all this changed when a dying alien in the cosmos sends down a mysterious circular object in which Oliver finds and it morphs into his chest, wires conneting into his entire body internally.

Armed with ten mysterious monsters, he sets out to do good.

NOTE: Please ignore the 10 in the logo. This was a mistake on my part. It should not be there. I will update it later.

Ben 10: A Hero's Life


Begin production January 2017 and finish by May 2017.

It's a twelve episode miniseries where an eleven year old Ben gets trapped with Ben 10,000 and their dynamics must change for the greater good.

The series premieres with the end of Goodbye and Good Riddance except, Vilgax is killed. This alternates the timelines and so a different future is in store for Ben and well, Ben. A darker path is confirmed as Ben is sent in the aftermath of the Limax War where future Ben is in a bad state mentally, fearing for his grandfather's life. 

Aggregor Against the World

Aggregor Against the World

The eight episode event will be released by November 2015 with production beginning in October. This details Aggregor's dealing with the Rooters while Ben and co. were on the roadtrip after their escape. It is confirmed the Rooters have a new lineup, with the only original member being Swift returning. 

Ben 10: Rise of Hex

The rise of hex

The twelve episodes will begin production December 2015 and be released February 2016. Following the episode time heals, Ben and Gwen form a rebellion against Charmcaster and Hex. 

Characters include Cooper, Lucy, Alan, Manny, and Helen. Of course Ben and Gwen also. 

Mission Apocalpyse 

Mission apocalpyse

Special eleven episode event will begin production January 2016 for a June 2016 release date. It details a plan by Albedo to destroy Galvan Prime but accidentily lands on Earth, wiping out 99% of plant and animal life with only a few survivors remaining and no technology. Albedo goes on a trek to Earth to bask in his glory but falls in love with Julie, causing Ben to go mad and deal with the remaining survivors who have resorted to Cannibalism. The inspiration for this is the novel, The Road. 

This focuses on how aliens react to human nature natrually tearing apart their onw home. 

Ben 10: Multiverse

Ben 10 multiverse logo

March 2017 production until June 2017 for July release date. It follows an alien-hating Earth outcast Ben Tennyson and in a state of depression, travels through the Multiverse where an old friend of his, Professor Paradox. He learns the truth and adapts to alien requirements. 

Ben 10: Omni-Alien


June 2017 until October 2017 release date. The series is a buddy cop type feel as  a prequel to Omniverse where Ben is assigned to work with Rook who eventually does become his parnter. 

Ben 10 Franklin

Ben10Franklin logo

The production will begin sometime in the second half of 2017 with a release date for December 2017.

Ben 23: Twentiverse

Ben 23

Production begins October 2016 and releases season one by March 2017. There is a new synopsis but further details are being kept underwraps.

The Bounty Hunter (Franchise)

Bounty hunters

Each of the series in here will be a miniseries leading up to a team up. Production begins in June of 2016 and will be completed for all the miniseries by July of 2017. 

Mad Ben: Warpath

Mad ben warpath logo

A full blown two season convergence series featuring the brattiest alternate Australian Ben, Mad Ben! Production starts December 2016 and ends June 2017 so both seasons can be completed and all thirty episodes can be expected to be released in July 2017. Learn his origins, his mentorship with Maltruant, his life in an Apocalpytic wasteland and relationships with other characters. 

Season one focuses on his birth until his fully masters with Omnitrix.

Season two deals with fear, hope, and rebellion. 

New Projects

I am announcing new projects for 2018-onward work. However, do not expect logos or development until AT LEAST 2016 or 2017. Nothing this year, Here is the tentative list:

  • Galaxy Wars
  • OmniLegion
  • Power of 10
  • Z Squad (reboot of Ben 10: Invasion of Zombies)
  • Kenneth: Goliath Hero
  • Prime (reboot of well, no spoilers but coughcoughcough)
  • 10: Unseasoned Hero
  • Zenith (google the definition of the word for understandment) (Crazy Angry Alien Tiger sequel) 

--User:The Awesome Jack

Dioga's Entry

Hey guys! Here's my plans for the next few months.

John Smith 10: Omniverse

With John Smith 10, the origins and plans of the Intellectuary are finally revealed. However, it may be too late for John to do anything about it.

In the past several months, I've been doing specials preparing for my Time War arc and preparing for a major crossover with several Alternate Johns. While the Time War won't have a major part in Omniverse, the Crossover will occur in Season 7. This may or may not occur before the Summer Fanon Con.

Ryder 10

The last two seasons of Ryder 10 focus on the battle with the Esoterica. The prophecy given by the Forever Seer will come to past, with more added to it. The Area 51 arc will be finished.

Jane Smith 10

Jane's life is thrown upside down. Even more than it was in the last episode that aired before this. That's all I can say.

My inspiration for this was the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. To me, she wrote that story like, "How can I mess Katniss up even more?" That is what happens to Jane.

==John 23: Megaman At least one episode will air by the end of April. At least three episodes will air to set up for the major crossover in John Smith 10: Omniverse.


I have a plan for a movie, being GIR: Generally Idiotic Robot. It may or may not air. The stuff that is up above will have more priority in being created than this one.

These are my plans for the next few months, either during the spring or summer. --User:Dioga Beta

Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and it seems to be time for yet another Fanon Con. This entry came in pretty late but it's better than never. So let's just get right into this, shall we?

Brandon 10

We are currently in the sort of middle of Season 2 for Ultimate Hero. There are a total of five new aliens in Season 2 including Flex, Size Man and Telecraft which means there are only two more to go. Now that its Spring, its also close to April which means Brandon 10 Week will be arriving to BTFF for its second official year and, of course, I'll be making a special episode just for the occasion however unlike before, where episodes had references and such while the original plot seemed to be far from anything birthday worthy, this year will have quite the anniversary episode. The episode for the 4th anniversary is titled, The Three Brandons, and will be posted on April 10th, 2015. I'm not going to give away any information about the episode at this moment but I hope the title itself is enough for now. The Season Finale, unlike Season 1's, is a two parter titled, The Dark Dimension Part 1/2.

Other Brandon 10

After Season 2, which apparently ends in May rather than the estimated April, there will be a UH film in development and released in June. If Summer Fanon Con arrives before then, I'll give a preview. As soon as Season 2 is over, Brandon 10 (Reboot) will be making a come back with back to back episodes; they will be shorter and more wittier than my regular episodes because I still need to write for Season 3 during the UH break.

Other Stuff

In other news, I have plans on making a new series, unrelated to Brandon 10. It will be about a teenage boy who uses his alien powers to stop mutations and save the day while trying to fit into society as he searches for his unknown past. More details will be released later on as how it will fit into my writing schedule will be worked out.


About this... I realized that the next Fanon Con is probably in June which is the same month as the future UH film so... I might as well give a preview now and if Summer Fanon Con comes before the film is released, I'll give a special sneak peek there. But for now, he's a teaser trailer for Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero's first film.

The Following Preview has been APPROVED for


By Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wikia

Bellwood, during the day, is seen.

Voice: Earth,

Cut to black. Transition to space where Earth is seen in the distance.

Voice: -Your time has come.

Cut to black. Transition to Uniformed Men are seen watching screens and monitors which are projecting static.

Voice: For you will face me,

Cut to black. Transition to the face of a dark figure with glowing eyes.

Voice: And suffer the consequences.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Studios

A green car is seen driving down a slope at fast speeds.

A figure with a green jacket and black hair is seen approaching a man from behind.

Voice 2: Thank you for stopping by.

General Gates is seen standing in front of a board.

General Gates: I have to tell you the situation is dire.

An electric field is created in a facility.

General Gates' Voice: We really need your help on this.

Brandon is seen sitting at a table.

Brandon: Oh it is so Hero Time.

A cosmic beam impacts with the Earth while dramatic/epic music is playing.

Sarah's Voice: You can't do this alone, Brandon.

Brandon is seen in his car with the steering wheel in his hands.

Brandon's Voice: I know...

A tank is seen driving down a road.

Brandon: But I can't put the ones I love in harms way.

Amy hugs Brandon.

Brandon hits the steering wheel with his fist three times.

The dark figure strikes Coco in the face.

The Interceptor is seen flying above.

Brandon: Nothing will ever be the same again.

Brandon 10: TBA

Fade to black. Crusher is then seen facing off against a figure who stomps his foot down. This cosmic creature then roars as an attempt to suppress him. Crusher then growls and smacks his Ultimatrix symbol. Ultimate spikes then launch out and cling onto Crusher as he starts to evolve into a bigger, bulker and more rock like creature as the view circles around his back to show the growth of the boulders on his back. When the view comes back to the front, Crusher opens his eyes which are a brighter green and he reveals himself to now be Ultimate Crusher who roars louder than the creature straight at the auidence.

Are you excited for the new Brandon 10 film?

The poll was created at 21:07 on March 27, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.

And that seems to be my entry for Spring Fanon Con 2015; the first Fanon Con this year. Hope to attend for even more Cons this year with even more content and previews and such. Well that's all for now and I'll see ya later. --User:Brandon 10

CaT's Entry

Welcome, one and all! I'm ChromastoneandTabby, and this here is my very first submission to Fanon Con! We've got some interesting stuff to go over, so let's get to it already!

Tech 10: Rebooted

Tech 10: Rebooted is still going, with it's first two-parter recently being released! For those who don't know what the series is yet, it's a rebooted version of my old Tech 10 continuity, starring more characters, new aliens, and much, much better writing. Let's get on with the presentation, shall we?


Newest Episode

The two-parter Fatal Light, which aired on February 22nd, 2015. These two episodes advance both the characters and the story, introducing a new villain and more mythos.


The Tech 10: Rebooted soundtrack is out now, including nine original music tracks created for the show! You can find it for free here!

Video Game

Production on the video game has reached something of a hiatus. Don't worry, the project isn't quite dead, just stuck in Development Hell.

Future Events

Some things I'm planning for the future of Tech 10. (Warning: Spoilers! [Duh])

  • Dethrouge's true nature!
  • The return of Xr. Nullamor!
  • A new rival!
  • Tech's 'origin story'!
  • How the Plumbers came to be!

And so much more!

Not Applicable

Not Applicable is still chugging along, (very) slowly, but surely! For those not in the know, Not Applicable is a series centering around Napoleon Eldridge and his adventures wielding Swarm 1, a swarm of nanobots with unknown power. To the presentation!

Newest Episode

Fright Another Day, which aired on October 23rd, 2014. This episode was written as a Halloween special, and actually won the Halloween writing contest! It introduces a new villain with the ability to absorb people's souls, along with a few new functions of Swarm 1.

Video Game

Yeah, this one's on hiatus too. Sorry people, but I don't really have a lot of free time anymore. I'll work on it when I can, but it'll be a while.

Future Events

  • The morbid truth behind Swarm 1!
  • The Zenturi's true intentions!
  • Gratuitous fight scenes!

And a bunch of other stuff too!

13 (Miniseries)

13 is an upcoming miniseries based around the life of Lucius Raivent, head of the Raivent criminal empire. As it is still in the planning stages for the most part, I won't say too much about it here, but expect a bit of a departure from my usual tone of writing. The first episode is up as a special preview, essentially kickstarting the plot. Go check it out if you haven't already, and tell me what you think!

Other Projects

Not too much to talk about this time around. I just wanted to note that my art shop is still open for business if anyone's interested. I'm also considering opening up a music shop, but only if enough people are actually interested.


This is where anyone who cares enough about my work to give some some input! Here are some polls:

Tech 10: Rebooted

Have you read this series?

The poll was created at 00:43 on March 22, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.
If you have read the series, did you like it?

The poll was created at 00:45 on March 22, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

Not Applicable

Have you read this series?

The poll was created at 00:43 on March 22, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.
If you have read the series, did you like it?

The poll was created at 00:45 on March 22, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.


Have you read the preview episode of '13'?

The poll was created at 00:52 on March 22, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.
Would you be interested if I opened up a music shop?

The poll was created at 00:52 on March 22, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.

In Conclusion

That about finishes up my section for the con, and I hope you're looking forward to the new material! Have fun at the rest of the con, and have a good day! --User:ChromastoneandTabby

Alan's entry

I don't have a trailer for this, but I decided to give a bit of a preview of a fight scene to an episode of The Alan 10 Adventures. Here ya go:

[Eye Guy fired lasers from the eyes on his shoulders. A Galvanic Mechamorph went around the first two, then opened his torso to allow the third one to pass through him. Eye Guy’s eyes widened. He backed away a bit, then then turned and ran off from the Mechamorph. Eye Guy climbed up a building using the windows and awnings. Once up there, he stopped and panted. The Mechamorph hovered in front of him.]

Mechamorph: Give me the Simplicitrix!

Eye Guy: Eye’ve got a better idea. How about you CHILL out?

[Eye Guy put up his hands and then shot lasers from the eyes on his hands, which froze the Mechamorph upon impact. Eye Guy smirked, which was short lived. The Mechamorph blasted out of the ice, then created a cannon on his arm. He pointed it at Eye Guy, blasting him back through the walls of buildings. Eye Guy landed on the ground, grunting. The Simplicitrix began beeping and flashing, transforming him back to human. Alan got up and rubbed his head.]

Welp, that's all you can see until the series starts, or until I release another scene. --User:Alanomaly

Toon's entry

Hello BTFF and thanks for checking my submission out! I have a lot in mind for the presentation that I've been just edging at the bit to tell you guys about, so let's get started without any further hesitation!

The Evolution: So to the people who checked out this series, the first episode was released in the first week of January as a sneak peek for what's to come. The Evolution is still under production, and the official release was pushed some months away. I'm not entirely sure when it will return, but I am hoping for a late Spring or early Summer release, but again, I'm not completely positive when it will release so keep your eyes peeled for more info! As The Evolution is returning with its second episode, "Evolution", I thought I'd give you guys a trailer!

And now... a sneak presentation of the all new episode coming soon, "Evolution."

[A black screen is shown as pure silence fills the background.]

Man, VO: We're barely beginning... and you're nothing but a freak...

Victor, VO: What else could you possibly do next? It's over...

Man, VO: If you don't co-operate with us, then we blow up a bridge. And that won't be the end of it.


Victor, VO: What is this?

Man, VO: You didn't think we wouldn't take precautions before starting our human trials for an ultimate soldier project? With the power that you were given, you didn't think we would create a failsafe in case something like this did ever happen? 

[Cut to a flaming streak zooming over to a dock underneath the end of the bridge with Duncan.]

Duncan: Victor... that was you? What else can you become?

Victor: I don't even know... this is all new to me...

[Cut to Christopher Trent as he meets Victor and Duncan underneath the bridge.]

Duncan: He met me back at the department an hour or so after you were kidnapped. He's going to help us end the mystery of the crash.

Victor: You know what happened?


[Scene cut to the police department as the police go over footage from an explosion.]

Policeman #1: Any casualties?

Policeman #2: None... we're getting reports of a speeding man on fire that saved everyone before the plunge.

[Transition to the Honda as Victor, Duncan and Chris trail behind three rogue army trucks.]

Duncan: So what's the plan?

Victor: We grab the hostages and go.

[Victor speeds out of the car as he transforms into Speed-Demon. Transition to the rest-stop as Duncan and Chris pull over to secure the saved hostages.]

Chris: Cool.


Hope you guys enjoyed that! In other relative news, I would also like to announce that a crossover is in the works, coming towards the end of mid-season. This crossover will be one of many, as the characters from the other series will be appearing on occasion.

Total Drama Omniverse: This is in development hell with a prolonged hiatus. I'm not sure when it will return, so I'm sorry to those who were looking forward to this.

Prototype: Genesis: I am currently working on this with Sif, we hope to get a release sometime this Summer.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my submission once again and definitely stay tuned for further information because there's a lot to come soon! I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN! (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 19:56, March 22, 2015 (UTC)


Lsvel's entry

Hi there BTFF! Its me Lsvel, also known as Ls to give my entry for both my mini-series and series which are Ten Nights At Bezera's and Ben 34 (Series) respectively.

Ten Nights At Bezera's

Season 1

  • Sif dies, resulting him to return as a alienatronic in season 2.
  • At the end of season 1, Two alienatronics will be destroyed. The two alienatronics are Extrap and Ratics.
  • As for Echo, he will be the future manager and owner.
  • Echo becomes the manager because the previous manager is murdered by Extrap .

Season 2

  • The second event, takes place 10 years after the first event.
  • The alienatronics are later kept in boxes, preventing them to move around.
  • The people who had survived in season 1 have a chance to return in the morning shift.

Ben 34 (Series)

Gwen Tennyson

  • It is later revealed that Gwen survives the blast.
  • Gwen looses her right hand.
  • She later receives a robotic hand.

Hayes Tennyson

  • Hayes later tries to absorb Kevin Levin's power to get the power of the omnitrix
  • Hayes will try to attack his brother, Maxwell Tennyson.
  • Hayes is the one who saves Gwen.

Kevin Levin

  • Kevin Levin 15 year old plumber.
  • Kevin makes his first appearance in season 2.
  • Kevin will never be evil, like the Ben 10 original series.

Max Tennyson

  • Max send a team of members including: Kevin Levin, Manny, Pierce to join Ben,Ulti and Gwen.

Ben Tennyson

  • Ben sees his altered future where he looses the omnitrix but does no realize that the universe he saw was altered.
  • Ben unlocks 4 new aliens.
  • Ben decides to call the omnitrix Hero Gear.

The End

Thanks for reading. See ya later then! ---User:Lsvel

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