AdWell yes, I start those classic aliens donation. Okay, I want them to appear in, I don't know, maybe a movie or a special episode.

What I need is an alien that will be a replacement for the Original Series 10 starter aliens. Comment if you have some!

Donated Aliens

Scorch=Heatblast (Charbel)

Megashark=Ripjaws (Charbel)

Fastfloat=XLR8 (UH)

Dnimkaew=Four Arms (Omi)

Arachnophobia= Ghostfreak (Omi)

Fenrir= Wildmutt (Waiyenoo)

Earthstone=Diamondhead (Waiyenoo)

Malefic Parallel Gear=Upgrade (Kross)

ROFLcopter=Stinkfly (Omi)

Atomiquark=Grey Matter (UH)


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