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    Hello there!

    Prime and I are proud to announce a series we will both work on, titled Ash's Bizarre Omniventure!

    The first part of the series will be titled "Starash Voyagers", which I will cover in this blog!

    Ash's Bizarre Omniventure: Starash Voyagers tells the story of a young man named Ash. When the life of his mother is in danger, Ash must venture to the ancient, sacred lands of Khoros along with his grandpa and other allies to end the ancient curse of MalDIOnt, a rogue Revonnahgander with a mysterious power! But that's not all! Along their journey, they will meet other enemies that will try to get in their way! Can Ash save his mother and stop MalDIOnt in time?!?!?!?!?!?

    Ash and friends fight using Omnitrix Cores-like device that were pas…

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    Wow, my last blog was a year ago and the last blog before that was 3 years ago.



    I haven't visited this place in a while. Aaaaand I haven't written anything in a while.

    Sooo let's get to the point.

    When the hell will this thing update?!

    When I feel like it, and that's literally it. You can expect more stuff coming, though! We still have the remaining 8 Prototypes to introduce, and after the Prototype arc is done we will move on to a new one.

    This is still a thing, guys.

    The latest episode is, surprisingly, almost done! Unsurprisingly, I'm too lazy to finish it! There's also this really gruesome scene I wrote for some reason and I'm trying to tune it down a bit so I can post it here, I guess.

    Yeah, I have too many ideas or something.

    The …

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  • Brianultimatedragon


    May 6, 2014 by Brianultimatedragon

    It's that time of the year again.

    So uh...yeah. Tomorrow's my birthday and stuff. (For me at least).

    Give me presents.

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    Ben 10 Memes

    November 4, 2012 by Brianultimatedragon

    Sooo Ancy and I are making some Ben 10 memes :D I'll post them here.

    New memes everyday, if I feel like it, of course ;D.

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  • Brianultimatedragon

    So I found a link to So Long and Thanks For All The Smoothies.

    It's in English.

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