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Ello everybody. Brandon here with a special update blog for my series, Brandon 10. As most of you know, I have started a new series after my latest one has come to an end so I intend on making plenty of improvements to not only my writing but down to organization, production and more in order to make my series much better.

In writing, I will focus on adding more detail to the series as it is the best way to have a visual experience while reading besides pictures and videos. I also noticed that detailed series are better to read. I will also focus more on character development throughout the series and the theme to an episode.

The pages will be more organized now as biographies and such will be shortened down to need-to-know information only to not give away too many spoilers. I will also be using charts and instead of list pages I will be using series/<page> pages (as requested by a friend of mine); this way there will be a list containing content that do not have pages.

After so long, I will finally edit the Original Series pages and use a category for myself as a user and the series in general (perhaps). There will be an OS Reboot so the edits will tie in with that. But for now I will focus on Ultimate Hero.

Animation software is needed in order to produce 3D art for video games and movies and I need to learn how the music program (special thanks to another friend of mines) works in order to make theme tunes and soundtrack but it should be soon hopefully. Not promising anything though. I might be getting a new computer soon so my posters will look far better.

Comics will be posted in black and white since colouring takes way too long (I mean I'm still on Issue One. Come on!) and scanned properly. I owe you guys a lot of books so I'll get on that as soon as I can. There will be no more shorts at least for now. 

And that it's for now. Remember, if you want me to improve something about the show or if you have a comment or something just tell me in the Legacy Discussion or if its for a certain show you can comment in their perspective discussions. Tell me what you think about the update in the comment section below. 

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