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Ello everyone! Brandon here with a special blog this time. As some of you know already, today is April 9th which is actually Brandon 10's Anniversary! Well my anniversary for being on the wiki. And in addition to that, my series' anniversary is on the 15th which makes them about a week away. So to celebrate my two April anniversaries, I begin to start of the new Brandon 10 Anniversary Week! Similar to a certain other's special week dedication, I will be posting new material based on myself and my Orginal Series between April 9th and 15th.

Here's how its going to work out:


I will do some art services with the program I use for Christmas and Halloween Aliens. However I will not make a seperate blog for the services so just leave a request in the comments such as what type of picture you want. Since its spring, I'll see if it has a Spring cateogory or if you just want an alien blue or something.

There will also be a Brandon 10 Art Request Service. Unlike my regular services, I will be making pictures for Brandon 10 at your request. It's like asking for a certain pose or scene but with my characters and stuff.


On Thursday, I will finally make some threads for the Original Series and the Main Series for Brandon 10.


Like on usual fridays, I will post a new episode for Brandon 10: Alien Force. But to celebrate Brandon 10 Week, It will feature many references, cameos and more of a reveal on what the past was like.


I will be very busy on Saturday but I will try and attempt to release an awesome new toyline. It's kind of small so if I can I'll just add in some OS Trading Cards.


Going back to the time of the first ever live action movie, I will release a design on Tempus as an offical picture hasn't been uploaded yet.


Continuing the Alternate Chaos Movie Streak, I will put up a Brandon 10: Alternate Chaos DVD. But if that's not enough, we'll just need MORE DVDs! or something.


And finally, last but not least, three awesome things will be released on Tuesday; the actual anniversary of Brandon 10! There will be the official release of Brandon 10 Comics with the first issues featuring Young Brandon and Freezefire. There will also be picture and poses of Original Series characters, aliens, villains and etc including Young Coco, Twisty and even Rocks. Not to mention my event poster!

I couldn't really think of any other way of celebrating my 3rd Anniversary. Once again, thank you to all of those who have helped me become the person I am today with two series, two mini-series, co-writer of at least two-ish-nevermind and that's just awesome. Thanks fans and friends and BTFF!

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