Ello guys, Brandon 10 here with some awesome news. As you guys know, I joined the wiki on April 9th/10th 2011. If you didn't, know you do. And tommorow happens to be April 9th 2013. So that makes this my second anniversery! :D

I never realized how quickly it would come the first time so to make it up, I'm going to add Brandon 10 stuff all week! 2 or 3 new episodes, a few Brandon 10 Shorts and a whole lot of pictures.

I would just like to thank BTFF and all of the users here for making me who I am to this day. I wouldn't be here without any of you guys. After all I've been through since 2 years ago, I know for sure that there is a whole bunch more to come. :)

Brandon 10 ANNIVERSITY2.png

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