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Host's Opening Speech
Ello everyone and welcome to the Official Ben 10 Fan Fiction Fall Fanon Con: 2014! I'm your host, Brandon 10, and yes it's finally here so I hope you didn't forget. As for me, I was just erm... preparing. Yes, that's it.

Anyways, if you're new to Fanon Con, Fanon Con is about sharing upcoming ideas about your work including series', video games and even films. This fall, we hope to have a great Con like always. I'm excited to be the host of this Fanon Con in fact this is my first time hosting.

So let's move on to the actual Fanon Con with its awesome entries and amazing presentations. To all those involved in making an entry and/or are presenting, Good luck. For everyone else attending, have an awesome Fanon Con!

--Brandon 10, the host of Fall Fanon Con 2014!


Cartoon44's Entry

Hey guys! Welcome back to the BatCon! Wait, they're not calling it that? Really? Dang. Well, I'll just call my lawyers after this.

Anyway, today I'm going to be bringing a major update to a series I haven't been working on for a while... Total Drama Omniverse, or Earth-58. No, it's not Bellwood... I just needed to keep you all distracted while I began developing Total Drama Omniverse for a better, more organized series. Yes, I'm bringing it back with episodes every week! These past few months have been just the amount of time I needed to work on the season. The episodes will also have a change in writing format.

Here is an exclusive sneak peek of "Give a Man a Fish":

Ben: Contestants, I’d like to make an announcement!

[Nobody hears Ben.]

Ben, in confession box: Okay. People are probably not going to like this, but what the heck. I’ve already pretty much starved them. Sue me.

[Ben transforms into Echo Echo.]


[Echo Echo blasts soundwaves so high pitched it sends contestants flying.]

Lego: MY FOOT!

[Echo Echo transforms back to Ben.]

Ben: I’d like to make a couple of announcements today. First off, we’re opening up a brand new breakfast option. If you’re looking for an actual quality breakfast, the loser from last night’s episode gets to pick who to exile onto one of the most dangerous alien planets in the galaxy. If they can survive the entire night, they get ‘quality breakfast’ in the morning. Heh heh.

Maximus, in confession box: I’m cool with that. It’s not like it’s any different than from what we have to deal with every day anyways… right? Right?

Ben: That starts tomorrow! Let’s hope you’re all still hungry… and for my second announcement, if you already haven’t caught on, we’re going to Piscciss Volann, home of Ripjaw!

Swamp: Ripjaw?! Ripjaw?! Just breathe… relax… hey, I think I’ve gotten over it… yeah… Piscciss sounds nice. But Methanos would be better, of course. When are we going to Methanos? I hope we go there soon… I REALLY hope we do… why in fact aren’t we going there now? Doesn’t everyone like SWAMPFIRE? HUH?! HUH?! HUH?!?


[The scene cuts back to the kitchen.]

Ben: I’ve left you clues this morning, so you could probably figure it out with the water in your pillows, the water in the elevator… heh heh… anyway, at Piscciss I will tell you all what your two tasks are. If you can even hear me… you guys haven’t even said anything since I came here… what are you guys, deaf?

[The camera zooms in on Jack, a ringing noise plays.]

Jack: What?

Jack, in confession box: What’d he say? What?

Ben: The shuttle leaves in twenty minutes! Let’s hope you all know how to swim…

[Ben leaves as everyone just sits there as if they didn’t hear anything.]

I hope you guys liked the sneak peek! Thanks for reading my submission, see you at the Winter Fanon Con for more!

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN! (Wall - Blog - Contribs)

Ulti's Entry
What's up, BTFF? :D Ulti here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys spoilers for Ben 10,000: Omni-War and Ben 10: Nueverse!

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

As you all know, this series is being rebooted. Before you say or think anything, let me put this out there. I am sad to leave the old POTO, but I'm excited for all the improvement I can make. Besides, all old episodes will be untouched.

Below are the main villains for each season.

  • Season 1: Ben-21.
  • Season 2: Vilgax.
  • Season 3: Zs'Skayr.
  • Season 4: Undecided.
  • Season 5: Will be revealed in due time.

The villains will appear more, and with bigger plots too.

Ben 10,000: Omni-War

With Ahmad becoming a new co-writer, he suggested that we have one long season, followed by a movie, and then a sequel. To give you guys a taste of the story arc, Maltruence and his Chronosapien army are working with the Plutonians. Why? Well, Chronosapiens manipulate time, and Plutonians manipulate space, giving Maltruence a seemingly promised dominion over everything. Besides the main villains of the series, The Faction will also make an appearance.

Ben 10: Nueverse

In this series, Ben won't be using any canon aliens. The Omnitrix is also supposed to be more futuristic, and that will be proven soon enough. ;) Kevin will most definitely appear in Season 1, and he'll be working with a certain group of people who are also working with Vilgax.

That about wraps it up for this Con. See you next time! :D

Shades's Entry
The Rooters will air in March 2015.

Ben 71: The Aftershock will be a mini-series in January 2015.

The 10-Files might come back to the wiki.

Ben 71's Mother is dead.

Max might return as a To'kustar shifter in Aftershock.

Azathoth, and several other Old Ones will appear in Ben 71: The Planet Wars' series finale.

Ben 71: Negiverse, will take place 5 years after the events of Planet Wars.

Negativetrix: Origins will air around 2016.

Shadie will have a baby in Shades' second season premiere.

Street's Entry
What's up, fellow wikians? :) Street here with my entry for Fanon Con. I'm gonna give you guys an introduction and spoilers to/for my brand new series, Alienated: A Hero Reborn!!!

"A regular teenage student in Bellwood High, Ben Tennyson, is paired with Rook Blonko to wield the most powerful device in the entire universe: the Omnitrix. Now with the power of the Omnitrix the fate of the Omniverse lies in his hands. During his adventures, Ben meets the creator of the Omnitrix. Along the way, Ben must confront the most powerful mutant of all time, Aggregor, as well as many of the canon franchise's villains, such as Dr. Viktor and Darkstar. Eventually, Ben is forced to form an unlikely friendship with the creator of the Omnitrix and his agents of S.E.C.T, one that will help Ben to become a better hero."

So that is the basic plot for the series, the series premiered on 20th August. You can find the pilot here: Consequences (Earth-61)

If you have any questions or suggestions about Alienated then you can ask or express them on the official discussion thread for Alienated. You can find the discussion thread here:

That about wraps it up for this Fanon Con. See you next time! :)

Ahmad and Charbel's Entry
Hello! This is Charbel and Ahmad speaking! Here we come to introduce the upcoming mini-series of the 40: The Last Splixson Franchise.

I am a Hunter... My hand was made for the trigger.

We see a side-pan of a face, with green eyes.

I have killed boatloads of animal species. I exhausted their possibilities. No thrill left in them, no real danger. Hunting was beginning to bore me!

Camera pans to show a huge field of corpses.

But I had no wish to go to pieces...So, I asked myself why the hunt no longer fascinated me. Simply this: Hunting had become to easy. There is no greater bore than perfection. No animal had any chance with me. This is no boast;it is a mathematical certainty. Instinct is no match for reason.

The camera zooms out to show a figure with green eyes, a permanent scowl, and high cheekbones. He holds a crossbow.

I wanted the ideal animal to hunt...

Pawthorne leaps off a branch, and swings.

It mush have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason...

Lightning Edge dashes forward towards the screen, leaving an electric trail.

Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure.

AmpliFire points his palm towards a figure, and emits a sound blast.

I am strong. Why should I not use my gift? If I wish to hunt, why should I not?

Fred ties a rope, and leaps off a building in another shot. We see a closeup of his blue eyes.

This quarry is one of a kind...

The Figure lays atop a building, observing a city.


Fred duplicates, and highfives.

And diverse...

Fred slaps down the Novatrix, transforming into an unknown alien.

And now I have entered the ultimate game of hunting...

The Hunt for The Last Splixson...

Fred looks on in fear, as the Figure stands before him, nocking an arrow.

Coke's Entry
Presentation only--no submission.
Paper's Entry
I'm sure everyone is used to it by now. I will only be talking about Earth-19 at this Fanon Con. I've got a slew of announcements to get through, so I'm going to get started right away.

First things first: the end of Season 1 is almost here. By the weekend of the con, there should only be 2-3 episodes remaining in the season, and with my new schedule of every other week, that means the season finale will be right at the beginning of November. It's going to be an thrilling conclusion to a thrilling season, with everything you've come to expect from YPG being in full force: action, comedy, romance, and completely predictable plot twists.

Second things second: if Season 1 is ending, does that mean we're going to see another hiatus before Season 2 starts? Absolutely not; in fact, here is the tentative episode list for the beginning of Season 2:

G201. Life, the Universe, and Everything

G202. Descendant of Chaos

G203. The Write Way

G204. The Hunting of the Scribe

G205. Crimson Bow and Arrow

G206. Forge

G207. Road to Elysium

G208. Master of the Universe

G209. Time Out

G210. Brothers and Sisters

For Season 2, I might make it so that I finish the next episode before releasing the previous one, but this isn't a given. Season 2 will be 26 episodes, and...

Yes, there will be a third Young Plumbers series, with the tentative title of Young Plumbers: Prime. Given my current schedule, it won't begin until very late 2015, so I have quite a while to prepare for it.


Brandon's Entry
Brandon10 Logo

This is the Fanon Con entry for Brandon 10.

Ello everyone! Brandon 10 here and its Fanon Con again. I almost forgot about it this time around but here I am. So let's begin with the awesome news I have for you.

Brandon 10

So Brandon 10 has a new series added to its legacy, Ultimate Hero, which is about Brandon using the Ultimatrix to save the day with new aliens, classic aliens and even Ultimate aliens. Now with this new series, I will, of course, add new stuff and a lot of new stuff. There will be more planets, more villains, more characters and yes more aliens. However, the season isn't finished yet so we still have two more episodes until the break for Season 2. All I can say for the remaining Season 1 episodes is that you will finally get an answer to an unsolved Original Series question and there will be a lot of revealed information and secrets. As for the Season finale, it's going to be Ultimate.

For Season 2, it's still in development but there are some interesting concepts for awesome episodes. Depending on how Season 1 ends, Season 2 can go either way. Season 2 might start in January 2015 but there will be more information on that at the next Fanon Con in Winter.

Other Brandon 10

So for a while now, I've been avoiding mini-series and media for Brandon 10 like the Comics and Books Series but no longer. I have a scanner now and I decided to not color in the comics because it takes too long. By having scanning on a flat surface now, editing will look much better. Aside from that, a video game for Ultimate Hero is under production and will be released sometime in early November. The game will not only feature the new five aliens but the Ultimates as well. A film is being considered but not made official. As I mentioned in the last Fanon Con, I will personally be rebooting The Original Series however it is unknown when it will start and what the production rate will be and if it conflicts with the production of future Brandon 10 episodes. I would like to get started as soon as Season 1 of UH is done.

Other Stuff

Research and learning are going towards attempting to create animations, models and music for the wiki as this would be a major improvement for not just my work but everyone else's. Sadly, there isn't much production from the software/programs however I refuse to give up so easily.

I have put much thought into this but I'm considering on making a new series but one that has no connection to the Brandon 10 Universe. It has great ideas and concepts that don't apply to Brandon himself and has good potential. However, I seem to be booked and the amount of free time I have on the wiki which makes me bored easily can be easily replaced with work for Brandon 10. So it's not happening... yet.


Because of Season 1 still airing, there can not be any previews of Season 2; also because its not finished and ready for previews.

Did you like this Fanon Con?

The poll was created at 22:16 on June 6, 2014, and so far 5 people voted.

I'll see ya later. :D

Ahmad's Entry
Hello, for this Fanon Con, I'm going to announce the new Ahmad 15 movie, the live action film, The End of the Omniverse. To the right is a picture of Ahmad in the Live Action version.


Ahmad, now 14, must put aside all his struggles in order to save the whole Omniverse from the wrath of the alpowerful demon Aljabron, and his servants.

Yes, that's all. Deal with it.

Reo's Entry

So... Fanon con, huh? Let's start...

Reo 19

Reo 19 has been frozen for some time now, sory baout that. Anyways , unlike last time, i'm not giving you spoilers, instead i'm telling you this one thing: Reo 19 is now officaly a part of Powerful Lords: Origins (look at the Powerful Lord entry for more info)

Ben 23: Heroverse

I need a new owner. I have explained it all in this Blog. You guys can sign up in the comments of that blog or just message me.

UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

The Second season has started with already 4 eps, and i don't remember if i have told you this or not, but from now on The UPOTU eps will be different. They will be twice as long and have bit different style. Also, i will now reveal some info from The Secret PT 1. The list of Enhanced Aliens (The Original Team)

  • MultiVersus (Dimension 52)
  • Agility (Dimension 43)
  • ShadowFlame (Dimension 42)
  • Mantaray (Unknown Dimension)
  • Frost (Dimension 75)

Now here's the second team

  • MultiVersus (Dimension 52)
  • NegaBoost (Dimension 68, now destroyed)
  • ShadowFlame (Dimension 42)
  • Skyter (Dimension 29)
  • Frost (Dimension 75)

Also, Agility and NegaBoost are Borther and sister (Don't gasp yet!) Now, this is also been confirmed, UPOTU is a part of the Power of the Lords Series (More info in the Powerful Lord Entry)

Albedo 10: Negaverse

Well, i'm gonna try the same format as the new UPOTU, so the episodes will come out slowly. Any spoilers? Well... Episode 6 will be more like the canon aka Albedo will be considered as a threat becouse of Ben... Aslo an idea provider would be good! :p So message me

Ahmad 20

Huh.. Sorry guys, but well i'm getting kinda bored of writing this series. I'm planning a meeting for us. Probably after that the episode will be changed. the meeting is on the 1st of October. Zs'Skyre: The High Ecto Lord episode might be removed and deleted (Don't gasp yet!!)


Yeah.... I've been busy latley and haven't done anything with it. Let me just tell you that i have a lot of plans for it. Here's an inpostant thing. The series was inspired from Inteligence, if anyone has heard of it. So yeah, i will probably rewatch the beging of it and then start on the episodes. untill i strat i will try to create the characters.

The Chronicles of the Five

Some of you might have seen on my userpage a red link nammed The Chronicles of the Five. It's a miniseries taht i work on when i'm bored. It's curently in the first ep and on virt, but i'll guive you what i have so far:

The Episode begin on Kinet. XLR8 is running. He speeds up. Suddenly a siren goes off.

XLR8: Oh no! Not Again!

XLR8 starts to run faster. It can be seen that There are 3 more kinecelerans running after him. They all are in Blue and with clothes and helmets.

Kineceleran Cop 1: Stop right there!

XLR8 looks back and ceaps running

Kineceleran Cop 1: I'm warning you, if you don't stop right now, we will use force!

XLR8 then turns. So do the cops. Thye ceap on running

Kineceleran Cop 1: This is your final warning! Stand down and you will not be hurt.

XLR8 just ceaps on running. Then the 3 cops stop and point blue lasers at XLR8.

Kineceleran Cop 2: Fire!

They Shoot lines that connect to XLR8's back and then they electrocute them. XLR8 falls down to the ground. The cops walk to him.

Kineceleran cop 1: Look who we got here!

Later that day. XLR8 wakes up in a prison cell. he looks around and sees 5 more aliesn in cells.

XLR8: Who are you guys?

A Petrsosapein: My name's Diamondhead!

XLR8: What you're in for?

Diamondhead: I destroyed some guys shop.

XLR8: Oh?

Diamondhead: That over there is Shocksquatch. he darined the citys energy.

A Loban wakes up.

Loban: Looks like we have a Newbie here! I'm Blizwolfer. But you can just call me Blitz.

XLR8: I'm, XLR8!

That's all That i have about This series

PLanet Chaturn: Under Attack

Wel.. I have writen a part of it. Well The part is the message from Sci taht he sent out to everyone. Here it is.

Recently, there’s been a series of circumstances. Over the last (blank), users have been on chat, then there’s been glitching, followed by the user leaving a final message of panic, and then disappearing from chat without even a message saying they left appearing. Since then, the users have not answered our messages. I know a lot of people are concerned about this, and I’ve contacted Community Central. For now, I recommend we all stay off chat. Users are not to be alone. If you see someone is on chat, then go on yourself, tell them to get off because of what’s happened, and leave. If there’s no one there, then leave as quick as possible and report the user on there to us. If you see reported users on chat, don’t go on. The following users have had this happen to them, and their situation is unknown: User: Party King [Insert User Name Here] [Insert User Name Here] [Insert User Name Here] [Insert User Name Here] [Insert User Name Here] [Insert User Name Here] I highly stress that you do not go on chat for any reason unless you want to make sure that someone gets off. Wikia Community Central has not responded as of yet, but will. In the meantime, take this precious time off-chat and use it to prepare for the anniversary. We have a lot to do, and not a lot of time. If I learn anything else, I’ll tell you all. Tl; dr: Stay off chat, its dangerous.

Alos, the message was writen by sci based on my previous concept. Ans Sci has also officaly a part of this movie (After a long fight with Ahmad, that ended kin a tie and a speach, i won!)

The End

Well this is the end. Sorry for Negaverse and Heroverse. For some reason i'm not so much into these series and thus i don't want to write them. Anyways, Have an ice nice day!


The Powerful Lords's Entry

Hello, our future victimes!

Powerful Lords: Origins

It's a series by me, Ahmad, Flame, hopefully Charble and kinda Bry :P It folows the Young Lords as they become the terrible threat we know them as today. This series will have 5 seasons each concentrating on one of the lords. It all happens in Dimension 51 of Earth-666, probably.

Power of the Lords

Just like PLO, this series is written by the lords them selves. This series will go trough the 91 years that are left for the lords, and UPOTU is a part of it. The Series will involve multiple other series in it, like Epic Nova, UPOTU and maybe UTLH (spoiler). The Series ending has technicly already been written, but it will be rewritten. After this series probably will come the new UDE series thing. The 1st ep of that is already done :P

Power of the Lords

POTL is a sequal to PLO that follows the rest of the Powerful Lord lives as they conquer the dimensions. The last episode of this series is written, but will be rewritten.. This series also invloves some already running series like UPOTU, Epic Nova... There's alos a very imporant part of this series called "Into 0blivion" , and yes the 0 is there for a purpouse.

Other ideas

Currently we are still deciding about stuff like the dimension of Epic Nova. We are also in progress of making a full history of each dimension.

Minor Lords

Yes, the Powerful Lords have well They're not minions, they are just are Minor Powerful Lords. And this Fanon Con we reviel to all of you their identities.

  • Hydro Hazard/Ulti
  • Dark Mazaroid/Lego
  • ???/Brandon
  • ???/Sync
  • ???/??? (once was going to be Zane)

This list isn't confirmed as there are only two of these persons who have agreed to be a Minor Lords, and they are Ulti and Sync. We hope that the rest also agree to be Minor Lords. If not, we'll look for new ones.

Powerful Lords Movie

Amm... It might not even happen, you know. There is such a chance. If it does happen it will take place between PLO and POTL.

Ahmad and Reo's Entry


This Con is created By Ahmad and Reo for a new project, made by us. Read below what it is.

What is Deen 14?

Deen 14 is currently planned to be a 3 serie franchise that concetartes on a buy named Deen Green who lives in the time of Ben 10,000. The series starts with a series named Deen 14: Origins, but it's a prequal for the actual first series which is named Deen 14: The Evolution aka DFTE. DTE takes place 5 years after the canon episode Ken 10 and one year after Deen 14: Origins. The series is followed by Deen 14: Ultimate Chronicles/DFUC. So here are the current main characters for DFTE.

  • Dennis "Deen" Green: Hero with virtually no important power, of course, save for his Evolution device, that allows him to change his evolutionary status and turn into alien forms of five evolution levels (No spoilers about those yet)
  • Annie Strike: Daughter of the legendary Ky Strike, Annie is a powerful martial artist, with incredible agility, that has the ability to envelop her body in fire and control it to a vast degree, in human form. She can shapeshift into a dragon, wherein she can breath fire, Phoenix, wherein she is made of fire, and a Firewolf, wherin she can envelop her body in fire and do combat.
  • Agredecer "Agrad" Grace: Partly evolved Cerebrecrustacean, has underwater breathing, levitation,  lightning, electro-magnetic forcefields. etc. He is intelligent, and usually plans stuff for the team.
  • Leonardo "Leo" Bolt: One of King Leon Bolt VI's sons, sent to this dimension for reasons, with very few authorital importance, but he is still worthy. Leo, unlike his other siblings, chose this name to be unique. He has his joking atittude and signature optimism, He wields his short sword with radiates Noir Mana.

There's alos a 5th unknown character, a female. Alos some fammiliar names, huh? That Ky Strkes in an alternate one. The actual one is already dead before the new Earth-666 was created.

  • Deen's Playlist:
    • AmpFibian
    • Big Chill
    • Rath
    • Way Big
    • Four Arms
    • Terraspin
    • Water Hazard
    • Heatblast
    • Cannonbolt
    • XLR8
    • Grey Matter
    • Clockwork (replacing eon)
    • Diamondhead
    • Wildmutt

Here's a little Scene by Ahmad:

A robot explodes. Inversed Heatblast shoots a freeze ray, and freezes an entire pile of robot debris. They break the ice with an explosion, and regenerate. Inversed Heatblast forms a giant ice sledgehammer and swings it. He hits the robots, and the sledgehammer shatters. Inversed Heatblast lands on his feet, freezing the ground. The robots shoot lasers at him, and he conjures a thick ice wall. The wall shatters, spikes going everywhere.

Inversed Heatblast: This is annoying!

Annie (offscreen): You're telling me?

We pan to see Annie, with a giant fire whip. She swigns it, capturing three robots. She leaps up, shifting to a Phoenix. She showers the robots with flames, melting them. She reverts o human form, diving towards a fourth robot. She envelopes her leg in fire, and lands onto it, blowing it up. She lands on the ground, sweating. She wipes her forehead.

Agrad: Wow, she's hot.

Leo: Pun intended?

Agrad frowns, then smiles.

Agrad: Of course.

His expresion turns to alarm, as he flips Leo aside, firing a humungous lightning bolt. The lightning pierces through a robot, shattering it.

Inversed Heatblast: Guys, we need to get out of here. There are too much robots!

Agrad: I'm on it!

He runs to Inversed Heatblast's side, and summons an electro-magnetic shield for them. Leo envelopes his body in Noir Mana, and dashes forward, tearing through a robot and stopping next to Annie. Annie swipes her hand horizontally, an enormous fire wave tearing through several robots.

Leo: Where to?

Inversed Heatblast: ANYWHERE!

Leo grins, and a Noir Mana cloud teleports them all away. They teleport out on top of a sky scrapper. Inversed Heatblast's symbol flashes red and he reverts.

Deen: Man, this was messed up.

Leo: Its like a wave of coconut ice cream.

Annie: What made you think that?

Leo: Duh, because I teleported us on top of the "Ice Cream Force, Inc" company building.


Well that's all you get to know for now. Stay Tuned for Deen 14: The Evolution!

Looks like that's about it for Fall Fanon Con 2014 but there will be many more in the future and I hope to see you all there. I'm Brandon 10 and it's always Hero Time! See ya later. :D

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