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If you have issues taking constructive criticism and any sort of pointing out of flaws in your work, I suggest you walk away now. XD

I'm going to do in-depth review-critiques of people's series. I'm going to start with 3, depending on how easy these are I may open more later. Only one series per person, please. If I have not read your series before and it's a massive series, to save time I'll just read the latest 5 episodes to see your latest style of writing (because writing tends to evolve over series and stuff), as well as the Pilot.

Remember, I will be pointing out the bad stuff about the series as well. If you know you can't handle that, I suggest you don't sign up for this. I'm going to keep this constructive, but if the criticism hurts your feelings in any way, I apologize in advance. I'm just trying to help your writing improve in the future, and trust me, there's not a single person on the planet who can't improve in their writing. :3

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Completed Reviews


Question for Ben by Brainultimatedragon is, without a doubt, hilarious. This brand of humor is based in spontaneity: not randomness per say, just the unexpected, happening so much that the expected becomes unexpected and the unexpected expected and therefore unexpected and you really just don’t know what to expect anymore. Although in my opinion his crowning humor achievement lies in the totally consistent in his masterful use of the overly long running gag. WUZZUP indeed. X3

Now, one thing that the author needs to work on is writing mechanics, mainly with the placement of spaces. Personally I think it would be best if the people talking had colons after their names rather than dashes, but at least there should be a space after every dash. As well as between every sentences. That alone will make it look loads better.

As for the content, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the fight scenes. They feel a little… out of place. (Also Brian never seems to lose any battles, lawl.) I feel like Brain should either make the battles more funny in general and less serious win-or-lose type of thing, or just have less of them overall. My opinion is that the questions and dares should be the focus of the show.

Now, another thing I love about this show is the interactivity. The dares really add a lot, allows people to engage in the show and like it just that much more. Plus because things aren’t just coming from one person’s brain, it adds lots of variety and extra lawls. Plus, the show actually ends up being educational to an extent when it comes to other people’s series. Overall, great series, highly recommended.