WATCH THE ARTIST WORK! I will be livestreaming my work on TriWuzzo soon, at about 11 EST. Here is the link to the livestream channel:

NOTE: I am officially closing requests, I will not be taking any more. Okay, because I've been getting so many requests lately and am in a sketching mood, I thought I'd open up requests. :3 Now, I don't know how long its going to take for me to get these colored, so be patient if you get one. There were two people who asked already today, so they get spots, but I'm going to add another two.

  1. For mike10trillion: Stryker with Fire (Done)
  2. For Omernoy121: Dark Hole (Done)
  3. For Ultimatehero: Sharpmind (Done...ish. I may have gotten some details wrong.)
  4. For Evolved To'kustar: TriWuzzo (Done)
  5. (Special Birthday Slot) For User:Turu17: Pink and Borg (Done)

By the way, limit to 1 character per picture. Unless you're okay with it being only a pencil sketch and not colored, then you can have up to 3.

Completed Pictures

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